Sun Dome Character Creation for Runequest Glorantha

Below are my version of the rules RQG for character creation for Sun Dome characters.

With cults and professions the common ones can be chosen at any time. For the rarer ones I would suggest consulting the GM before hand as they are rare and may have a bearing on the game.


The culture surrounding most of the Sun  Dome temples is a Heortling sub culture, which aspires to emulate Dara Happa Culture but also reflects many of the aspects of its surrounding culture as well.

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Mundane & Background Spirit Magic for RuneQuest

Though not everyone agrees I have never considered the spirit magic list within any version of Runequest to be exhaustive, they are just list of Spirit Magics which are most applicable to game play.

Magic is not extraordinary  in Glorantha and is something most people practice as a day to day principle. The concept that magic is a rare thing for adventures and powerful characters only  is something which in my opinion is alien to the world of Glorantha and belongs in other (lesser) fantasy universes.

I have always thought there have been numbers of minor charms, spells and incantations used by mundane folks to make their lives easier and more prosperous. Below I give a table of those i am making available in my games. All of the spells below works off standard spirit magic rules.

They don’t create or permanently alter reality, but they do recall, communicate , enhance, restore or temporary change the state of items, in the same way most spirit magic does.

Most of these will not have significant game usage for combat and adventurers, but I think that noting there existence and defining them adds colour to the game world, and allows refs to drop some nice npc’s effects in from time to time.

Due to the temporal nature of spirit magic these may need to be used multiple times in day for some key tasks and thus day to day life can be spiritually as well as physically  exhausting.

Sometimes in long processes such as crafting the magic rituals are enacted at the key moment or most difficult and delicate work so they can have effect over the whole process though the spell is not active for that long.

Also many of these spells have very specific uses and as such non adventures can use up a lot of their free charisma with more mundane spells form this list rather than the standard battle magic listed in the main rulebook.

However some may have PC usage and PCs should be able to access these id they desire and have the right cult connections. However i’ve tried to make the more useful spells very specialised.

I have blatantly pilfered the list of feats from HQ Storm Tribe book. This has lead me to reference minor  cults not yet references in RQG but I am happy to go with them for the time being.

Name(s) Cost Effects Frequency Most Common Sources
All Mothers Song 1 Makes a nursing baby settle and sleep Common Ernalda, Chalana Arroy
Awaken, Rigsdals Voice 1 Wakes all sleeping friends within 15 meters Unusual Rigsdal, Elmal
Bare Pain, Bears Pain, Bulls Hide 2 Caster is able to act and ignore pain modifiers Unusual Gustban, Odayla, Urox
Berens Saddle Var +5% per point for ride skill Unusual Elmal, Redalda
Bless Cow, Uraldas Touch, Eriatha’s Hands 1 Bless a cow so she produces increase milk cast just before milking Common Uralda, Eiriatha, Banatar
Blessed Greeting Var +5% to initial social rolls on meeting a new person Common Issaries, Chalana Arroy,
Call Animal, Call Mount 1 Calls an animal known and friendly to the caster( Mount, alynx & dog) over a relatively short distance Common Heler, Dog Brother, Redelda
Call Mist 1 Call a mist out of a climate and weather suited to it Rare Heler
Call Wyter 1 Opens Communication with the Clan Wyter Rare Orlanth, Elmal, Daka Fal, Lhankor Myh
Calm Animal 1 Calms a disturbed but usually docile domestic animal such as a bull, oxen, horse or dog Common Uralda, Eiriatha, Dog Brother, Redalda, Elmal
Calm Stranger Var +5% on all roles to calm strangers down and avoid combat Unusual Chalana Arroy, Issaries
Clamber Var +5% per point for climb skill Common Heler, Foundchild, Lanbril
Comfort Song 1 Removes pain from the ill injured and dying Common Chalana Arroy, Ernalda
Count Money 1 Allows the fair and accurate counting of money Unusual Issaries
Cover Tracks 1 Covers all visible tracks from a normal human, does not affect scent Unusual Founchild, Odayla, Lanbril
Crones Wisdom, Elders Sight, Chieftains Wit Var +5% empathy boost for empathy or insight based rolls Rare Asrelia, Ernelda, Orlanth
Decipher text(Language) Var +5% per point boost on read rolls Unusual Lhankor Myh
Detect Fish 1 Detect the presence and location of fish in the water Common River & Sea Gods
Donodars Voice, The Players Fingers Var Boost to entertainment roles +5% per point Unusual Donadar
Find Child, Vingas Call 1 Will locate and summon children related to the caster withing with a 50m radius Common Vinga , Ernalda,
Find Shallows 1 Finds shallows and channels in unknown waters adding +15% per point so sail skill when navigating shallows Unusual River Gods, Sea Gods
Follow Trail Var +5% per point when tracking Common Foundchild, Odayla, Yinkin
Haze 1 Induces a euphoric high on the caster or willing recipient -20% on all skills rolls, but character is immensely happy Unusual Eurmal, Lanbril,
Heal Plant 1 Heals Damage to plants from parasites, disease and drought. Unusual Ernalda, Aldrya
Helers Shield 1 Waterproofs a character from the discomfort(but not risk) of rain or snow Unusual Heler, River Gods
Hide Scent Var Ads 5% per point to hiding from animals that detect by scent Unusual Foundchild, Odayla, Yinkin
Humakts Word, Sages Oath, Virgins Truth, Lights Righteousness Var Make a truthful oath more convincing +5% modifiers for each point to relevant social tests Unusual Humahkt, Lhankor Myh, Vinga, Yelmalio
Knock Down 2 Overcome power to knock a foe off their feet Unusual Maran Gor
Know Lineage 1 Allows a shaman or sage to know to ancestry of any individual from his or her people group Rare Lhankor Myh, Daka Fal
Lovers Delight Var Intensifies the pleasures of sex, +5% per point of seduction and other rolls involving sex. Common Uleria, Yinkin
Magastas Pole 1 Gives the caster an innate sense of where they are in relation to magastas pool Unusual River & Sea Gods
Makers Song (trade) Var +5% for the craft role for relevant craft per point of spell Common Issaries, Gustbran, Banatar, Asyrelia
Matron’s Sigh Var Improves first aid rolls around midwifery & birth Common Ernelda, Chalana Arroy
Ogres Stare, Bullmans Breath Var +5% on all intimidate rolls per point of spell Unusual Eurmal, Urox
Open Doorway 1 Opens None Magical Doors of Normal Size Common Issaries
Otters Tail, Mermans Tail, Var Improves swimming rolls by +5% per level Common River Gods, Sea Gods
Plowsharp, Furrow, Turn Ground, Banatars Blade, 1 Allows a plow to move smoothly and deeply through the ground, giving deeper planting on the affected land and a better harvest at the end of the year. Common Ernalda, Banatar, Grain Goddesses
Predict Weather 1 Predict the broad weather pattern the area the caster is standing in the next 24 hours Unusual Heler, Orlanth
Quantify Goods 1 Allows a correct understand of quantities if goods Unusual Issaries
Quick Knot 1 Ties a normal knot in any suitable non living material Unusual River Gods, Sea Gods
Recall Knowledge 1 Brings hard to recall information back into mind Rare Lhankor Myh
Repel Parasites, Dostars Crop, 1 Drives insects and other parasites away from crops, needs casting regularly to keep crops free. Common Ernalda, Banatar, Grain Goddesses
Repel Vermin 1 Drives rats and other small vermin away from food stores. Needs casting regularly to keep them away Common Ernalda, Banatar, Grain Goddesses
Scribes Quill Var +5% for transcribing and copying texts Unusual Lhankor Myh
Sense Thief, Garzeens Sense 1 detects someone with the intent to steal valuables or other possessions Unusual Issaries
Sober Up 1 Sobers self or target up instantly Common Banatar, Rigsdal
Speakers Glow 1 Cast a subtle light around a speaker or leader that draws eyes to him Rare Yelmalio. Elmal, Yelm
Vim 1 Renews energy and extends time for Physical action by 4 hours per day Unusual Chalana Arroy, Ernelda, Uleria

Expanded Character Heirlooms for RuneQuest Glorantha

One of the nice features of RQG has been the family heirloom table on RQG pg . However due to size available in the book we have a limited table with 20 options, which means that quickly many characters will have exactly same items. I found this out testing 3 or 4 characters and checking through the pregens.

Thus to enhance the variations and options we have extended that list out to work on a  d100 roll and have subsection for matrixes. The aims to give a much higher degree of variation in what can be found and to save refs having to come up with variations on the fly.

*There is room for more variations so if you wish to make suggestions in the comments I will be willing to add more over time. This will probably be amended after the GM book comes out as it may have more options.

Heirlooms & Artefacts

Roll d100
1 – 2 You have an ancestor worshiped as a hero by your cult. Gain Devotion (deity) or Loyalty (temple) or add +10% if already possessed. You also get +5% bonus to your Orate and +5% to your Reputation.
3 – 4 You have a famous hero as an ancestor. Add +10% to the Orate skill and +5% to your Reputation.
5 – 7 You have been entrusted with a written history of the clan dating back several generations which has been maintained by various writers, + 3% reputation, + 5% homeland lore, + 10% read /write own language
8 You have a written history of your tribe dating back several generations and which has been maintained by various writers, + 6% reputation, + 10% homeland lore, + 10% read /write own language
9 You have been handed a written history of your temple dating back several generations which has been maintained by various writers, + 3% reputation, + 5% cult lore, + 10% read /write own language
10 – 11 You have a Prize Bull worth 5 times current market prices for a normal animal, gain * 20% on yearly herding rolls for any herd he has serviced.
12 – 15 An ancient treasure map showing route to place, 2 weeks from characters homeland at the GM’s discretion its is marked as treasure, lair, grave, tomb, or not at all
16 An awakened small animal (SIZ 2 or less, such as a cat, a lizard, a bird, etc.) with 3D6 INT and 3D6 POW. Otherwise it is normal for its species. The animal knows 3 points of spirit magic of the player’s choice. It can speak the adventurer’s language and serves as a loyal companion, but is otherwise independent. See the Glorantha Bestiary for additional information on such creatures.
17 The character is watched over by ancient ancestor INT 2d6+6, POW 3d5, and CHA 3d6. Is only able to act near family lands or other significant locations. will know 5 spirit magic spells.
18 – 19 The character has a minor spirit bound into a item. POW 2d6, CHA 2d6. No spells learned as yet.
20 For both good or ill ,your mount is an awakened animal with 3D6 INT and 3D6 POW. Otherwise it is normal for its species. The animal knows 3 points of spirit magic of the player’s choice. It can speak the adventurer’s language and serves as a loyal mount. However expect more independent behaviour, banter and interaction than usual for a mount, See the Glorantha Bestiary for additional information on such creatures
21 – 23 A pot of Woad (see Rune magic spell Bless Woad, RQG Page 322), 1D6 points of potency.
24 – 25 1D3 pots of Rhino Fat. Each pot contains enough to add 1 point of armor to all hit locations, which can be worn below clothing and armor, though the smell is quite pungent. One application takes ten minutes to apply and lasts one hour, though the smell of rancid meat lingers.
26 – 28 A bronze or ceramic votive image of your god that adds +10% to the Worship (deity) skill.
29 – 32 1d6 healing potions that heal 1d10 points of damage each
33 A finely-made musical instrument, imbued with magical properties (add +20% to Play Instrument when used).
34 A expertly made and enchanted crafting tools, +20% to relevant craft skill.
35 A finely crafted and enchanted saddle for a your cultures riding beast which gives +20% to ride skill.
36 – 42 Magic POW storage crystal that can hold up to 1D6+3 magic points or serve as a spirit binding matrix (see RQG page 249).
43 – 54 Magic POW storage crystal that can hold up to 2D6+3 magic points or serve as a spirit binding matrix (see RQG page 249).
55 – 56 Magic POW storage crystal that can hold up to 3D6+3 magic points or serve as a spirit binding matrix (see RQG page 249).
57 – 58 Superior Weapon – One weapon you own is of superiors quality which allows it to inflict one more point of damage than usual.
59 – 60 Superior Armour – One piece of armour you own is of superiors quality which allows it to absorb one more point of damage than usual.
61 Rune Weapon – One weapon you own is made out of enchanted rune metal that reflects your culture history and cult
62 Rune Armour – One piece of armour you own is made out of enchanted rune metal that reflects your culture history and cult
63 An ingot of iron or some other pure Rune metal weighing 1D3 ENC. If enchanted, the metal could be forged into a weapon, piece of armour, or other object. The item will have half again the number of hit or armour points, and each point of ENC provides a 5% chance that the wearer/user cannot cast magic, or that magic spells cast on them will have no effect.
64 – 88 You have a matrix – See spell matrix subsection below
89 – 98 Select a cult spell and then refer to spell matrix subsection
99 Choose your result on this table.( but not any sub tables)
100 Roll twice. If this roll comes up again, roll twice more.



If you rolled a random matrix select by rolling on the following table to select the spell for the matrix.

Random Spells

Roll d100 Spell Points
1 – 2 Befuddle 2
3 – 6 Bladesharp var
7 – 9 Bludgeon var
10 – 11 Coordination 2
12 – 14 Countermagic var
15 – 16 Darkwall 2
17 – 18 Demoralize 2
19 Detect Enemies 1
20 Detect Life 1
21 – 22 Detect Magic 1
23 Detect Spirit 1
24 – 25 Detect Gold 1
26 Detect Silver 1
27 Detect Gems 1
28 Detect Water 1
29 Detect Trap 2
30 Detect Undead 1
31 – 32 Dispel Magic var
33 – 35 Disruption 1
36 Distraction 1
37 – 38 Dullblade var
39 – 40 Extinguish var
41 – 43 Fanaticism 1
44 – 45 Farsee var
46 – 48 Firearrow 2
49 – 51 Fireblade 4
52 Glamour 2
53 Glue var
54 – 58 Heal var
59 – 60 Ignite 1
61 – 62 Ironhand var
63 Lantern 1
64 – 65 Light 1
66 Lightwall 4
67 – 69 Mobility 1
70 – 71 Multimissile var
72 – 73 Parry var
74 – 77 Protection var
78 – 79 Repair var
80 Rivereyes 1
81 – 82 Second Sight 3
83 – 85 Shimmer var
86 – 87 Silence 1
88 Sleep 3
89 – 90 Slow 1
91 – 93 Speedart 1
94 – 95 Spirit Screen var
96 – 97 Strength 2
98 – 99 Vigor 2
100 Visibility 2

Cult Spells

If you rolled a matrix with cults spell, choose a cult spell of your liking, ( I may suggest tweaking your learned spells at this point as well as its more than reasonable to expect your character would not have learned a spell he had a matrix for ).

Matrix Strength

If you spell is variable you can choose to have a 2pt matrix or roll on the table below roll for spell strength

01 – 25 1 point
26 – 75 2 point
76 – 90 3 point
91 -100 4 point

Matrix Design

The value of the physically item the matrix is usually significant  and is calculated by rolling 2d6 and multiplying by 100L.

Once that has been attained choose values from the attributes below that create and interesting and unique item, that reflect the choice of spell and the value. The list below is descriptive only feel  so feel to deviate and be creative.

Item Type: Arm ring, Armour, Bangle, Bowl, Buckle, Cloak Clasp, Coin, Crown, Helm, Jug, Ring, Figurine, Gemstone, Image, Mask, Musical Instrument, Necklace, Pendant, Ring, Rod, Staff, Shield, Stone, Tooth,  Torc, Weapon

Material:  Agate, Amethyst, Ash, Bone, Brass, Bronze, Cedar, Ceramic, Copper, Crystal, Ebony, Granite, Gold, Hardwoods, Jade, Lead,  Marble, Obsidian, Oak, Onyx, Pewter, Pearl, Silver, Yew

Decorative Styles & adjectives:  Burnished, Carved, Ceremonial, Crude, Guilt, Enamels, Copper, Gold,  Silver, Painted, Patterned, Polished, Rough, Wood Inlays, Uncut

Designs:  Bear, Bull, Butterfly, Claw, Column, Crone, Deer, Dog, Eye, Face, Fang, Finger, Figure, Fish, Frog, Hag,  Hand, Head, House, Knotwork, Lizard, Lion, Mask, Moon, Nymph, Phallic, Pyramid, Rune, Scorpion, Shadowcat, Skull, Star, Snake, Sun, Tooth, Temple,  Tower, Troll.  Visage, Weapon, Wheel, Woman


Yorath the Housecarl , roles 74 which gives him a random matrix  a role of 53 makes that a glue matrix and a role of 45 makes that matrix a glue . He roles 3 on 2d6 and this determines the matrix is worth 300L. The player reading the list decides a carved wooden hand, made out the wood of a gum tree imported from Teshnos would make a great and interesting host for the matrix. The ref decides gum trees in Teshnos can be a thing in his Glorantha and OK’s the item.

Derek the Merchant roles a 93 which means he has a Cult Spirit magic  matrix, he decides he would like a Countermagic matrix from the Issaries  Spirit Magic spell list. He choose to take a 2pt Matrix. He then  roles 9 on 2d6 and the item is worth 900L. Then player  chooses to a full helm, made of Iron for his item. The ref considers this ‘blagging the system’ and asks him to think again.  He finally selects an ash staff, with  cult runes inlaid with silver &  gold, Which the refs is willing to sanction.

Balazaring Character Creation for Runequest Glorantha

Below are my version of the rules RQG for character creation for Balazaring characters.

With cults and professions the common ones can be chosen at any time. For the rarer ones I would suggest consulting the GM before hand as they are rare and will create a close proximity to significant location, events and NPC’s which may have a bearing on the game.


The Balazarings are a hunter gathering people found only in the land of Balazar to north of Dragonpass. The vast majority of Balazarings are clan based people, who are semi nomadic within their clans traditional hunting grounds.

However 3 citadels do exist which have the most basic rudiments of civilisation within them.  These are the centres of the three tribes of Balazar, which are loose confederations of clans of differing levels of loyalty and engagement

Most nomadic Balazarings are hunters, they do not ride beasts, herd or farm. Though hunting Dogs are a ubiquitous feature of Balazaring life.  Metal tools and weapons are rare. Stone, leather and wood are the main materials of choice.

Religion is centred around the worship of Foundchild, but Balazarings have a deep rooted shamanic tradition and many small individual spirit traditions can be found in Balazar and are often associated with local spirits and clan totems.

Citadel dwellers have more of the trappings of civilisation, with pig farming, pottery, more metal, trade, tax and full time warriors. Yelmalio is the traditional God of the citadels, but in recent years the worship of the seven Mothers and the Orlanthi pantheon have become know in two of the citadels.

People will find the Balazarings to be a conservative and backward people, but deeply rooted in family, clan and tradition. But they will usually be found to be open, kind and hospitable if not given reason not to be.


+10% on Fire, Moon, Earth or Air (players choice)

Cultural Passions

  • Love Family 60%
  • Loyalty Clan 60%
  • Loyalty Tribe 60%

Character Creation

  • Use quick creation rules on page 29

Cultural Skills

  • Animal Lore +5%
  • Climb +15%
  • Customs (Balazaring) (25)
  • Jump +15%
  • Listen +10%
  • Peaceful Cut +15%
  • Scan +10%
  • Sing +10%
  • Speak Balazaring 50%
  • Spirit Combat +20%
  • Survival +10%
  • Track +10%

Cultural Weapons

  • Dagger + 5%
  • 1- H Spear +15%
  • Javelin +15%
  • Sling +10%
  • Self Bow +10%

Common; Foundchild, Seven Mothers, Yelmalio, Daka Fal

Rare; Issaries, Orlanth, Chalana Arroy,

Common; Hunter, Warrior, Herder (pigs), Crafter (Tanner, Leatherworker, Potter, Brewer, Carpenter ), Assistant Shaman

Rare: Crafter(Redsmith, Mason, ) Merchant, Noble, Priest

One off Special … Pavis NPC

Going back many years this is a version of the first RQ character I who I could call truly my own. Now polished, brought up to date and provided with both RQ and WOD Glorantha stats. I’ve dipped out of Balazar and to the mean streets of Pavis.

Often to be found quietly drinking and doing business in Gimpy’s in a evening, this unassuming figure could be of benefit to many groups of characters.

Tulina, Human Female, Aged 20,  Senior Apprentice of Lhankor Mhy

First impressions of Tulina depend upon where she is met. If about official temple business she comes over a diligent slightly stressed apprentice with many things to do and neither the time or the organisational ability to fulfil them all. Continue reading One off Special … Pavis NPC

Why use Miniatures in Glorantha?

In my last post I reviewed some Dark Age warrior figures by Gripping beast, amongst other things it created the feedback  of why? do people still use models at the table top?

Slightly odd questions, but I think fair ones. So if we are talking about using figures in Glorantha what is it that we will use them for;

  1. The main usage is to visualise the positioning and movement of characters and NPC’s in combat. It makes communication at the gaming table clearer and less prone to misunderstanding.
  2. To help create in players minds a defining visual look of characters and NPC’s
  3. Also it helps us visualise and define our world of Glorantha.
  4. Because it’s fun and some grown men (and women) still like playing with little plastic soldiers.
Orlanthi Fyrd Part Painted

What do I want from Glorantha miniatures?

What I want from my figures is best defined below;

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Using Ancient Miniatures In Glorantha – Review GBP Dark Age Warriors

This post is hopefully  the first in a series posts about using currently available 28mm ancient miniatures for Gloranthan Games( Runequest, Heroquest, 13th Age, etc ).

I’ve been wanting to look at using plastic historical figures from the ancient period in Glorantha, for a number of reasons;

  • Ancient era figures reflect Gloranthan humans to a much higher degree of accuracy than most fantasy ranges available
  • Costs are brilliant at about 50p a miniature, that’s much better value than anything available for fantasy figures at the moment in plastic or metal.
  • Plastics are much more ‘mod-able’ than metal figures, so conversion jobs should be relatively easy.
  • There are a fair selection of ancient figures in 28mm plastics available at the moment, and most have parts that can be swapped between sets without too many difficulties. this should allow for conversions and bespoke figures.

However here are a potential few drawbacks which I have to acknowledge;

  • Some ancient cultures are just too distinctive and don’t have Gloranthan equivalents ( eg Romans)
  • As we are not war gamers we don’t need units of 40 of 1 type of figure, so variation and flexibility within a box is essential.
  • The realistic nature of gender balance in sets of historical miniatures doesn’t reflect the more revisionist/modern gender balance found in most fantasy systems and Glorantha ( ie it is no good for female charterer models ).

But I believe careful product selection can mean we deal with the first two , but the third can only be worked round, but that doesn’t mean the historical route a bad option for male figures.

Gripping Beast - Dark Age Warriors Box
Gripping Beast – Dark Age Warriors Box, RRP £22.00

The guys over at Gripping Beast miniatures were good enough to provide a box of their Dark Age Warriors for review purposes. Continue reading Using Ancient Miniatures In Glorantha – Review GBP Dark Age Warriors

Mercenary Companies of Holay

When in worked potential mercenary companies that could be stationed in Elkoi I worked through a wider range of possibilities, and looked at a range of mercenary companies(smaller than regiment sized) working in the Holay region which the lunar government could send on garrison duty in Elkoi, or would just be in the operating in an around the province.

The Grey Lancers

A mercenary unit which traces its history back to the independent kingdom of Holay, and its place as an elite unit of the queens household. It is still is associated with nobility of Filichet and many younger sons of noble houses will serve a 7 year stint in its ranks.

Mounted exclusively on Grey horses, based out of Filchet. The five companies of 20 heavy cavalrymen are exclusively in the employ of the provincial army, it is rare but the provincial army may rotate two companies at a time through Elkoi.

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Lunar Deserters – NPC’s for Balazar

The following three NPC’s can be found surviving out in the wilds of Balazar. They are deserters from the Sons of the Moon the mercenary company currently in garrison duty in Elkoi.

They will be somewhere between Elkoi and Trilus. They will be  avoiding obvious threats, official lunar parties, but looking for safety in numbers with other civilised or friendly travellers.

If players to not change the course of events it is likely these three will become retainers of Quintas at least in the medium term.

These NPC’s can easily moved and placed anywhere along the edges of the Lunar Empire.

Eshan the Wolf

Lunar Deserter, Initiate of Seven Mothers, Male 21

Eshan, is a lunar deserter the leader of this small group. Wandering the wilds of Balazar trying to work out what he should do next. He was a young talented half crescent leader in the Sons of the Moon, a mercenary company who were serving in garrison duty in Elkoi. He was tipped to be going places in the company before he deserted.

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Personal Horror in Glorantha

Glorantha is not  primarily a horror setting as such, but many of chaotic and some none chaotic elements of it would fit into a horror game with ease. However my intention  in this article is not  to address traditional horror but rather the slightly different theme of personal horror.

The difference between the two is in classic horror the pc’s are protagonists and the horror comes from an external threat to them and the world.

In personal horror the element of horror comers from what the players character could become and the wrestling of the monster within, or even more horrifically being blind to it and failing to see the evil which you become.

A number of facets of personal horror games are;

  1. Personal horror has a protagonist that stands on an edge between hero & monster
  2. The game is used not to escape from but to take a critical look at ourselves and those around us
  3. We use this as an opportunity to explore the darker side of our nature and that of those around us
  4. A characters struggle to retain humanity, morality or higher self despite internal and external pressures

There can be many facets to this. In white wolfs  World of darkness  games the themes of desire, violence, vengeance,  power and control are all examined. Differently in each game, but if played well the games can give us an often frightening insight into aspects of us that we may not wish to even acknowledge in the real world.  ( Played badly they too often often ended up being super heros with fangs )

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