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New Common Runequest Runespell

A short post here, for a new common runespell which is available to the vast majority of cults. It’s designed as a game mechanic to allow priests and other NPC’s to give magical aid to players in a setting specific manner.  However players may find a creative and interesting use for it.

I’m sure a gamemaster could just handwave it, but some of us do like the system to have a consistent mechanic for much of what NPC’s do

It would be referred to as Orlanths blessing, Ernelda’s blessing, Foundchilds Luck, Stormbulls Fury or other deity specific deviations.

**Deity Name** Blessing
Variable, Temporal, Stackable,

This runespell is cast upon another cult member by the spellcaster. It calls forth the blessing of the specific deity to allow its follower to act in accordance with the deity’s character. It cannot be cast upon oneself.

For the duration of the spell it will give 5% point bonus per point of spell on all rolls which concern the use of any cult skills, spirit magic, rune magic spells or inspiration with cult runes and virtues. It does not affect spells and skills given by associated cults.

These bonuses can be stacked on top of other more specific spirit magic or battle magic bonuses.  It is often cast in conjunction with extension.

This spell is rarely used by adventures and tends to be the domain of priests, chief priests and high priests. It is not usually cast upon lay members.   

Why Balazar is my favourite Runequest Location?

Older gamers and long term Runequest fans are all very aware of the beloved, classic and awesome RPG Sandbox Griffin Mountain, and the land of Balazar which it describes. More recent converts to the cause may be less aware as the latest release of Runequest has focused almost exclusively on  Dragon Pass though rightly so. However this classic location without a doubt is my favourite Runequest campaign setting, and the following notes try to get to the bottom of why.

Where and what is Balazar?

For those of you not in the know, Balazar is a land to the North of Dragon Pass and to the east of the provinces of the Lunar Empire. It is a land of semi-nomadic Hunter gatherer clans. It is dominated by large citadels which are virtually the only permanent settlements, around which its human hunter inhabitants gather into three distinct tribes. The Elder races loom large with trolls and elves dominating the adjacent Elder Wilds, the Dwarves hold up in their city of Greatway to the south, and colossal giants roaming through the mountains far to the east.

The land has a sparse open wild feel to it, population centres are rare and small, unlike Dragon Pass it is not the central crucible of the hero wars. Heroes exist but are more modest than Argarath, Hareck and Jareel; its people are primitive, traditional, and possibly more innocent.

So Why?
It is this land that has long been my favourite Runequest setting and i’m about to try to articulate why I love it so much. Let me be clear, I’m not saying it’s better than other Gloranth settings, it’s just one which I prefer.

The first reason I would like to put forward is personal bias, the greatest campaign of my youth took place in the setting, my favourite most defining PC was and is based there. I had no poor and difficult gaming experiences in games based in Balazar. I am utterly and completely 100% biassed and that’s OK.  Our experiences often define out likes and dislikes, and I have many pleasant experience in playing and running games in Balazar

The setting is unique. Glorantha is a distinct and interesting setting within itself, but Balazar is a unique land within that setting. Wild, pared down and with its own distinct flavour, I cannot think of any other games written to be played with a neolithic hunter gatherer setting.

I love the scale of Bazalar, not in terms of miles and hexes, but Griffin Mountain was an intimate setting, the cast list was relatively small and players could interact with most of the movers and shakers in the region.

However, it is also a wild setting with an immense physical scale, the sense of wilderness, the unknown, an amount of space that you could drop a lot of things into without changing the feel and lay of the land. Its remoteness also means that whatever the players are doing will probably be the most notable activity in that locale.

Player centrality is something I think a game requires, if your players are hangers on to the stories of central and important NPC’s, just bit part players in their own game, the priorities of both the setting and the ref seems wrong.  In the Balazaring setting it is almost guaranteed that your players will take centre stage, and become driving characters within the story

Balazar is not defined by the Hero Wars in the same way as Dragon Pass is, it will be affected by going on in Sartar and the Lunar Empire but the setting is not defined by it. The story which will play out in Balazar is one of the storytellers and players’ invention. The sandbox format is key to allowing alternative and unique stories to be told without expectations of being on or off canonical storyline. 

One of the best and most difficult things about Glorantha is the depth and scale of the world’s law, it can be intimidating to even long-time RQ and Glorantha fans. The Balazar setting has a simplicity and a limited lore base that can be picked up and read though in a couple of hours( i may have altered that slightly), games can be run with little reading, but you still get the feel of a complete and immersive setting.

So for players or storytellers new to Glorantha, wanting to try an aspect not as detailed or as intimidating as Dragon Pass it’s a great place to start, and then characters can be moved over the mountains to more complex settings as players start to understand the world in a deeper way.

I like slow burn long campaigns which take their time and players can pace to suit their preferences. Balazar has a velocity which suits the playing style you want, without being bound to any external timeline. If your game in Balazar wants to spend the first 2 years just looking at clan life and players being rustic hunters that’s completely fine and your won’t feel pressured to get to certain milestones by certain dates on the fear of missing out on Key events.

I adore that Griffin Mountain is a sandbox setting, possibly the defining RPG sandbox setting. Nothing linear, giving complete freedom for players and storyteller.

No none of the above make Balazar better than other Gloranthan settings, i’m aware that many things that make Balazar ideal for me, wouldn’t be the preference of other players and refs. Runequest Glorantha has been written to intentionally put the Hero wars at the centre of the game, and that style of play will captivate many and is at least equally valid, so please don’t think I criticise.

Balazar just suits me and my style of play better, and I have many wonderful memories of the setting.  For some the rich, complex and multi layered lands of Dragon Pass suit, for others post apocalyptic Prax scratches an itch or the classic adventures paradise(?) which is Pavis fulfils a need. I love all of them, but for me Balazar is the palace in Glorantha which is my forever home.

If that has whetted your appetite can I recommend the wonderful Griffin Mountain which is still available from Chaosium and my own companion Back to Balazar which is available of Jonstown compendium and brings Balazar up to 1625 and uses the RQG ruleset.

NPC’s Domio & Katalin- Redrock Orlanthi

These are two characters that didn’t make the final cut for Back to Balazar. They were intended but as the book grew, I had to make compromises and these were never fully written up, though mentioned in passing.

On there own and dropped into different settings they can be useful supporting NPC’s in any clan based campaign,with tweaks to history and relationships, but for the full effect and context they should be used with Details in the Back To Balazar supplement.


This couple were part of the Redrock Clan, but have intentionally distanced themselves from the group led by Lan Stromson. They now dwell in one the few stone houses within the Citadel of Trilus. They stepped back from a life of adventure, conquest and violence. Subsequently they seek to raise their family in peace and a relatively safe environment. Relations with the rest of the Redrcok clan are still positive, but strained, with most of the clan understanding but feeling let down by their choices.  

They maintain excellent relations with the other Lightbringers and good relations with all in Trilus. They are notable figures on friendly terms with the Royal Family, and well respected at the Llightbringers hall.

About 5 years older than most of the other surviving members of the Clan, the couple were responsible for leading the group down into Balazar, connecting them with the Trilus Orlanthi and participated in the raids on Festering Isle and Griffin Mountain amongst others. However after the debacle at Tashford which saw the clan fractured and beaten, they returned to Trilus to look after their own, as well as Lan and Rahkals’ children. 

Residing in Trilus since that time. They have been living off substantial savings, supplemented by Domio providing occasional weapons training for the King’s troops, the Orlanthi and anyone else who can pay. They prefer a life of peace to that of violence and adventure, thus Domio will now only ride out with Torath s party if severley pressed. They were central to the Redrock’s clan as it regrouped within Trilus, but refused to leave as the rest of the clan headed for the Dangerground in 1624.

They are the parents of two girls Senka 9, Mishka 5 and two boys Timik 7, Oushka 4 who are friends with Yalarings youngest Mel and Gan-Gan amongst others. The players are very likely to encounter the family at the Lightbringers Hall, around the Citadel and even in the Royal Palace.

It is rare that they will initiate interaction with the characters, but if the characters do they will be polite, kind, helpful and supportive to Orlanthi and Balazarings until given reason not to be. Lunars will be treated with caution and suspicion, but can win them over. How players treat their children can be a key into developing a good relationship with the couple.

This couple could be a good source of advice, mentorship, common sense, and information to a party of adventurers. They are also well connected in Trilus, with the Redrock clan and across Balazar.


Human Balzaring, Male 32, Initiate of Orlanth

Unnerving, Insightful, Obtuse, Smart, Distant

A slight build and quiet demeanour, mask an intensity, quirkiness and restlessness in manner, that mean many people find Domios company disconcerting. He draws the eyes and holds the attention of those in his company, but he does not put them at ease.

A deep thinker, who is creative in his solutions to many issues and engages in intense bursts of creative energy before again settling into the background. Highly intelligent Domio enjoys bemusing and confusing other people, as his brain jumps quickly from one subject to another, he will happily embarrass the pretentious or ill informed. When comfortable and engaged he is charming, warm. articulate, funny and can unleash a devastating but good humoured wit. But those moods can be short lived.

His opinions are sought after by many Torath, King Yalaring, Lan, and Quintas have all sought his views, critique and  guidance on various issues.  He sees himself as a realist and his opinions are at odds with the Orlanthi virtue of honour, often advocating practical solutions others will see as dishonourable or immoral.

He is haunted by the amount of death he has seen and the amount he has dealt. Though understanding the violent nature of the world, he now seeks to avoid placing himself in violent situations when he can, but as a weapons master this can be difficult. He has no cause or dreams beyond raising his family in peace and prosperity, he is cautious of men with causes to kill and die for.

When in a situation he finds too uncomfortable or dangerous he will withdraw, without word, explanation or warning, heeding not social expectations. It then may be many hours or days before he seeks the company of others.

Though he has spent many years living in the wilds and is an accomplished hunter and woodsmen,  Domio now prefers life within the citadel and ventures out in the wilds rarely.


STR 14   CON  14 SIZ 12    INT 18   DEX 16

CHA 13 POW 17 Hit Points:15     Move: 8


Runes & Passions: Air 77%, Darkness 67%, Movement 84%, Illusion 63%, Devotion (Orlanth) 64%, Love (Family) 88%, Patience 89%. Illumination 14%, Hate Chaos 73%

Rune Points & Spells : 7 Orlanth – Dark Walk, Divination, Flight, Heal Wound, Lightning, Shield, Wind Words.

Spirit Magic: Befuddle, Disruption, Healing 4, Bladesharp 4, Silence

Magic Points: 17 + 9 + 6

Damage Bonus: +1D4

Spirit Combat Damage: 1D6+3 

Medium Shield76%1D6+1612

Armour: Usually none , but owns Heavy Scale Hauberk,(5pt), Light Plate Vambraces & Greaves (5pt), Closed Helm (5pt)  .

Skills: Animal Lore 72%, Battle 59%, Climb 55%, Dodge 87%, Hide 88%, Homeland Lore Balazar 78%,, Insight (Human) 86%, Meditate 74%, Move Quietly 87%, Jump 67%, Listen 84%, Peaceful Cut 76%, Orate 74%, Ride 82%, Scan 94%, Sleight 78%, Spirit Combat 79%, Survival 74%, Track 86%  

Languages: Balazaring 74%, Tradetalk 48%, Satarite 24%, Stormspeech 48%

Magic: Power Storage Crystals POW 9, POW 6. The following spirit charms: Detect Life, Detect Enemy, Demoralise, Hide Scent, Knockdown


Human Balzaring, Female 31, Initiate of Orlanth & Hearth Mother

Independent, Wise, Nurturing, Sharp Tongued, Judgemental

Though warm, loud, friendly and gregarious with her friends, Katalin will be guarded and distant with strangers on their first meeting. She will be polite but will examine them to determine both are a threat and are worth my attention. 

She is the daughter of Rauel the former chief of the Redrock clan ,older sister of Rahkal and the Matron of the Redrock Clan. She is very defensive of her sister and her children, as well as being  maternal over all of the Redrock Clan. Holding a dislike for Lan for his treatment of her sister and his children. Her decision to remain in Trilus was for the safety of her children, she misses her sister and the rest of the clan and wishes they had not joined Lan in what she sees as a dangerous and unnecessary misadventure out in the wilds.

Though she has had 4 children Katalin maintains the toned physique of a warrior and much of the beauty of her youth. She sheares delicate features with her sister, but her eyes carry a gravity weariness which speaks of weight, responsibility and pain.

Through the myths and legends she has learned many stories of the cult of Ernelda and would be interested in worshipping the earth mother, but there are no priests to teach her and no cult to join in Balazar.


STR 12   CON  15 SIZ 11    INT 15   DEX 16

CHA 16 POW 16 Hit Points:15            Move: 8


Runes & Passions: Air 77%, Earth 67%, Movement 71%, Life 63%, Devotion (Orlanth) 64%, Love (Family) 88%, Hate Chaos 76%, Hate Trolls 73%

Rune Points & Spells : 6 Orlanth – Analyze Magic,Heal Wound, Mist Cloud, Restore Health, Shield, Wind Words

Spirit Magic: Awaken, Befuddle, Detect Life, Dispel Magic 4, Disruption, Fireblade, Protection 3

Magic Points: 16 + 12 + 8

Medium Shield76%1D6+1612
Comp  Bow93%1D8+128

Armour: Usually none , but owns Light Scale Hauberk,(4pt), Light Plate Vambraces & Greaves (5pt), Open Helm (5pt)  .

Skills: Animal Lore, Dodge 76%, First Aid, Ride 87%, Hide, Insight Human 78%, Listen 78%, Manage Household 73%, Move Quietly 67%, Plant Lore 65%, Survival 64%, Scan 84%,  Spirit Combat 56%, Track 62%, Treat Disease 45%

Languages: Balazaring 82%, Tradetalk 44%, Satarite 16%, Stormspeech 41%

Magic: Power Storage Crystals POW 12, POW 8. Matrix of Healing 6 in silver broach. The following spirit charms: Bear Pain X 2, Countermagic 4, Farsee, Mobility, Second Sight

Myths & Tales of Balazar

Here are suggested titles for myths, tales and stories of Balazar to expand upon for your campaign. 

They will be told to children and over campfires late at night, sometimes they will be acted out by members of the clan. Some are sacred, some are folk lore, some morality tales for children and some are just funny stories to pass an evening. Many stories are well known across Balazar, others are known only to your clan, some are known across multiple clans with different names and details.

  • Ancestors of the Hearth Fire
  • The Grey Owl & the Midnight Stag
  • The Black Bear of Bent Mountain
  • Three Flint Arrows for an Shaman’s staff
  • The White Hound and the Infant
  • Brother Dog and long hunt
  • The Child and the Pup
  • Foundchild and the Tigers Claw
  • The Chief, Gelert and the Wolf
  • The All Mother makes the first fire
  • The Calm Nymph and the Angry Bear
  • The Child lets the embers die
  • The Lady hunts the Hunter
  • Votank tracks the Lady of the Wild
  • Votank and Drunken Giant
  • Votank sleeps through the seasons
  • Tulani jumps the River Seronde
  • The Elder and the long rain
  • Foundchild blinds the unnamed demon
  • Faragi riddles the Dryad
  • Mazra speaks the Forbidden Name
  • Blueface hides a giant
  • A lost Elf at Sea
  • Having the Trolls for Dinner
  • The Wise Giant confounds the Red Wyrm
  • Taka rides the Angry Boar
  • The Ghost of the Weeping Willow
  • Baskus and the Black Eel
  • Trilus Burns the Dwarf Lords beard
  • Okki tricks the Chaos Goats
  • Wings on a spear’s point
  • The Red Witch and Old Shaman
  • Gobi the Hungry eats the Bison
  • Two halves of a rabbit’s tail
  • Three red berries for a hunters heart
  • A dryads song stills the soul
  • Three dwarves and a lonely goat
  • Talka dances on a trolls nose
  • The hunters blood melts the ice
  • Fresh Blood for the Dirty Old Crow
  • The Fool of Elders Rock
  • Listening for the ghosts of Firepoint
  • Singing calms the Dwarf of Flinthill
  • Healing of the Hearth Fire
  • Three days from Redwyrm
  • The Otter of Taksmound
  • Three angry giants topple the stone
  • Balazar and the Griffins Claw
  • The Lady of the morning mists

Have fun making these into something more substantial.

Random Encounter Motivations

An extract from something i’m writing for the forthcoming Balazar 1625 Jonstown Compendium supplement that has much wider application. So I thought i’d share it.

Adding Spice to Encounters

If as a gamemaster you are looking for something to add an extra twist or nuance for an encounter, we list several different motives for interactions which can add variation to stop encounters becoming too familiar. Maybe even make a random encounter the kernel of a major plot

Friendly Interactions

  • They want to befriend the party
  • They want to bless the party
  • They need to deliver message to the party
  • They have a desire to educate the party
  • They want to exchange knowledge or news
  • They want to offer healing to the party
  • They want to help the party in practical ways
  • They wish to inform the party of some news
  • They mistake the party for known friends
  • They want to protect the party
  • They require protection and aid from the party
  • They remind the party of an oath or promise
  • They wish the party to protect a child/priest/old person
  • They require healing and/or aid
  • They want to prophecy over the party
  • They want to buy, sell, or trade Items
  • An individual wants to woo, court, or seduce a member of the party
  • They wish to warn the party of nearby danger

Neutral Interactions

  • They seek to avoid the party
  • They want to beg from the party
  • They want to boast to the party about feats they have accomplished
  • They wish to criticse and disapprove of the players for their actions or beliefs
  • They wish to preach to or convert the players to their religion
  • They want to delay and distract the players
  • They are infectious with disease
  • They feel they need disarm the players or neutralize their threat
  • They issue the players with a formal challenge
  • They seek to stoically ignore the players
  • They seek to introduce themselves to the players
  • They are lost and may or may not admit it to the players, (dependent on gender)
  • They wish to search the players because they are looking for a missing item
  • They wish to dishonestly direct the players towards a hostile foe which is pursuing them

Hostile Encounters

  • They want to eat the players
  • They want to drive the players away
  • They want to enslave the players
  • They want to kill the players
  • They want to humiliate and insult the players
  • They want to follow the players
  • They want to extract information from the players
  • They want to con the players
  • They want to haunt the players
  • They want to rob the players
  • They want to frame the players for an ill deed
  • They want to toy with the players, before killing them
  • They want to arrest the players
  • They want to con the players
  • They want to turn the players against each other
  • They want to curse the party
  • They want to sacrifice the party to their Gods
  • They want to extract a bribe from the players

Fearful Interactions

  • They flee from the players
  • They hide from the players
  • They engaged in an ill thought through and panicked attack on the players
  • They panic around the players
  • They surrender to the players
  • They off the players bribes and tribute
  • They offer one of their own as a propitioniary sacrifice or food to the players
  • They freeze, shake, and cannot react meaningfully to the players
  • They act submissive to the players
  • They try to scare the players with a show of inappropriate bravado

Ristarl the Searcher

This post is a sample character from Rubble Runners Vol 2 which can be found here .

Relic Hunter & Wildsage, Rune Priest of Lhankor Mhy Male, 43, From Nochet Resident in Pavis  


Clever, Intense, Creative. Lighthearted

Ristarl is a travelling Wildsage who has come to Pavis.  He believes the Rubble has opened now the Lunars have left and that there is opportunity from profit, knowledge, and fame. He seeks to exploit this opportunity with his wife and business partner Tarelis a follower of Issaries.

A charismatic man. He has ragged features, long hair and unkept beard. But what stands out about him is his restlessness, intensity, and personal energy. Both a trained sage and rugged adventurer he has told himself that this is his one last expedition before he settles down to a more subdued life. However, he is also aware has said that before.

A scholar and expert on the Empire of Wyrms Friends and is very keen to experience of the buildings, relics and artifacts of the EWF in which can be found in the Rubble.

The local Lhankor Myh priests and the sages at the Pavis temple are very frustrated at his presence, believing that he is encroaching within their territory. Neither will publicly act against him, but also neither see the need to make his stay in Pavis a comfortable experience.

He has developed a strange understanding of the world through an understanding of the dragon rune, he has become Left-handed in the process, but tries to hide it with strangers.

Has developed a way of using the find air spell to locate previous unfound rooms and chambers in ruins and complexes which is novel and has made him a good treasure seeker with the ability to find chambers previously undisturbed for centuries.


STR 11       CON  14    SIZ 12      INT 17     DEX 15 CHA 14     POW 18    

Hit Points: 14               Move: 8

DEX SR:  2                    SIZ SR: 2

Runes: Water 60%, Truth 95%, Harmony 67%, Man 78%, Dragon 24%

Rune Points: 8

Rune Spells:  Analyze Magic, Knowledge, Mind Read, Translate, Truespeak, Clever Tounge, Restore Health, Find Air

Traded Runespells: Path Watch, Lock

Spirit Magic: Farsee, Detect Magic, Detect Life, Detect Undead, Detect Trap, Extinguish, Fireblade, Befuddle, Demoralise

Magic Points:  43 (18 + 11 + 14)

Passions: Devotion Lhankor Mhy 87%, Loyalty Temple 69%, Hate Authority 68%

Reputation: 31%

Spirit Combat Damage: 1D6+1

Right Leg1-46/5
Left Leg5-86/5
Right Arm13-156/4
Left Arm16-186/4
Large Shield721D6724

Armor: Heavy Scale Hauberk, Plate Greaves & Vambraces, Closed Helm

Skills: Evaluate 67%, Cult Lore Lhankor Mhy 94%, Dodge 65%, Draconic Lore 78%, Homeland Lore Pavis 71%, Homeland Lore Esrolia 93%, Celestial Lore 38%, Read Write Esrolian 93%, Read Write Old Pavic 45%, Read/Write Auld Wyrmish 54%, Dodge 65%, Jump 74%, Charm 56%, Customs Esrolian 67%, Customs Pavis 54%, Library Use 54%, Insight Human 65%, Spirit Combat 65%, Listen 58%, Scan 63%, Search 89%,

Languages: Esrolian 87%, Tradetalk 48%, Heortling 67%, Old Pavic 46%, Auld Wyrmish23%

Magic Items: Large Iron shield, POW Storage Crystal 11pt

Treasures: 45L carried with him, Letters of Credit worth 2400L with the Issaries Temple, 650 L of jewelry.

Ransom: 800L from Tarelis or 1250 from Nochet Lhankor Mhy temple

Seeker –Allied Spirit,

INT:  15 POW:  14 CHA: 13

Spirit Magic: Heal 4, Shimmer 4

Associates & Contacts

  • Tarelis – (Rubble Runners 2 pg 19) Is both his lover and his business partner. He loves her deeply but worries about the age difference and how much she will love him when he no longer turns her a healthy profit.
  • Hoftakt IronBeard – A quiet polite, reserved, educated and discrete individual. Hoftakt makes the perfect bodyguard for man of Ristarls Tastes. An esrolian yelmalian warrior who never served with the Sun Dome Templars, has looked after his master’s safety for the last 7 years.
  • Kalste the Beardless – This young man works as Ristarls apprentice and personal servant. Embarrassed by his inability grow a proper beard, he is forced to wear a leather beard like a female sage. He is a somewhat lazy and dishonest individual out to line his own pockets at his master’s expense.
  • Kenyr Quickstep – A charming and pleasant young lady who Ristarl employs to gather information about the rubble from local bars, adventurers, and other miscreants. A native of Nochete she is finding Pavis more difficult to navigate than she expected.
  • Broosta – Responsible for exploring, retrieving, and recording the history of the rubble for the Pavis and Lhankor Myh temples. She finds Ristarls presence an affront and will find a way to be offended and upset by anything that he does.
  • Wind Whistler – A Yelm worshipping venerable Wyrm that hunts the Zola Fell Valley and vultures’ country. Ristral has conversed with him numerous times over the years, but now goes out of his way to meet with him every season.

Plot Hooks & Encounters

  • The players are hired to guard Ristral on one of his rubble expeditions the rubble. pay is good but loot shares are poor.
  • The players are hired by Taleris to protect Ristral from a similar group of hired thugs employed by rivals in either the Pavis or Lhankor Myh temple.
  • Vega Goldbreath wants the players to find everything they can out about Ristral, as she sees him as a draconic threat.
  • Vega Goldbreath wants Ristral kidnapped and taken to Sun County for questioning.
  • Priest from either Pavis/Lhankor Myh temple want him Ristral to leave town. The players are hired to help him decide to leave. A similar group will be hired to protect him from the PC’s.
  • Players are sold a scroll by Ristral, which outlines a long forgotten Heroquest that will give a Yelmalain worshipper a magical advantage over the draconic.

    It is a fake created to draw Vega Goldbreath into a vulnerable position, where Wind whistler can attack her.  It is believed with good reason that Vega will do all within he power to Gain access to the scroll, and she will attempt the ‘ritual’ at which point she will be vulnerable.

    If the players have been the source of the scroll for Vega they will be in the firing line whatever transpires.

Miniature Review: Runequest Glorantha Pregen Characters by Mad Knight

We have a quality set of Runequest specific PC character figures available for the first time since the Citadel box sets of the 1980’s years. Currently available on Kickstarter for £30.00 from Mad Knight Castings are a great set of 9 figures modelled on the pregens characters from Runequest Glorantha and there animal sidekicks.

I have set of the Runequest these figures provided for review, and will do my best to do give them the positive description they rightly deserve.

All the  pregens are available as a complete set comprising of  Yanioth, Sorala, Nathem with shadow cat, Vasana, Vishi Dunn with baboon sidekick, Vostor and Harmast, and the representations are directly based upon the artwork that can be found in the Runequest Glorantha rulebook.

The figures are great sculpts, cast in metal and in most cases reflect the delicate nature of the characters as depicted in the original artwork. Vostor is a more robust figure that reflects how the character has been drawn.

Sculpts are clear and the figures come well defined with either no or very little flash and no visible mold lines. The level of detail is excellent and I definitely feel that time has been taken to create miniatures that are interesting and challenging to paint.

The gender split with 3 female characters out of 7 is good, and the mix of priestess, sage and  warrior giving the figures good scope of usage. The 4 males figures with Lunar and Orlanthi warriors hunter and shaman cover a good range of uses but are themes that have been well worked before.

One of the infesting things for a guys who usually buys plastic figures mainly is the size difference between the figures, it is obvious the design team put thought and time in sizing these figures to reflect the stats in RQG books.

Vostor is a wide, solid and  chunky figure ( strangely reminding me of the first citadel paladin figure I bought in 1983.) Yanioth this tall and elegant, but a surprisingly weighty miniature. Vasana, Solara and Vishi Dunn are slighter, smaller more delicate figurers as befits their characters. Nathem is tall sculpt and Harmast is a slight but mid sized figure.

Vishis baboon and Nathems shadow cat are welcome additions to the set

I find the set of 9 very reminiscent of the Citadel figures boxes of the 1980’s. As well as being direct representations of the pregens they also are a nice cross section of character figures that can be found in Glorantha and I think can have a much wider usage.

If I was to have one criticism it would be that the face details isn’t as consistently of the same standard i’d expect from the plastic miniatures I usally buy, but I think the expectation that it would be in is unrealistic.  The standard and feel is very similar to or a slight improvement from the Mad knight Babeester Gor warriors I picked up in a kick starter last year.  

I’ve had a lot of fun trying to get these guys painted but seeing as they are works in progress. I will leave it with the excellent Mad Knight pics at the moment.

Also as part of this Kick starter are Humakti Ducks. Agimori Hunters and Pikemen, and the Lunar Standfast Regiment both mounted and on foot.

Also available of those backing the kick starter are many of mad knights previous releases including Lunar Assasins, Many varieties of Lunar Troops, Babeester Gor warriors,  Trollkin, Trolls, Troll Caravans and much much more.

The kick starter ends on the 22nd of April and can be found here. I would heartily recommend getting on board.

Dykene Timeline 1617 – 1625

Part 3 of the series of bringing he Balazar timeline up to 1625.

The aim was to create a citadel with a different flavour which was a religious dictatorship, with a capable religious king who had got so ill and paranoid he no longer knew friend or foe.

The old PC’s should be easy to spot but go with it, but I have hopefully stepped away from aren’t the old PC’s great vibe, and rewritten them as potential agent provocateurs, mentors, employers and antagonists to make other peoples games great.

So the 4th of this series will be the history of the Redrock clan.


  • Balazar as presented in the Griffin Mountain book
  • Remnant of the Redrock  clan of  Votanki Tribesmen arrive in Dykene
  • King Skilfuls Kamara son is kidnapped by Ghondol Holst
  • Son is rescued by Redrock Tribe


  • Increased raiding by broos in Northern Dykene lands
  • Redrock Tribe claim to have abated it by cleansing festering isle


  • Increase raiding by trolls in Bear Woods. Some clans leave traditional hunting grounds
  • Many Griffin allies of King Skillful murder by Redrock clan. Redrock clan outlawed in Dykene lands and flee to Trilus


  • Taklong Woodheart and the other priests move the main Yelmalio Temple in Balazar to Dykene
  • Praxinia the kings concubines murdered by poisoning.
  • Blueface’s death is reported amongst the clans, Dykene clans in mourning.
  • A former apprentice  of Blueface, Namara starts to gain popularity in some southern Clans, is declared outlaw in Dykene lands


  • Great winter reaches southern Balazar, Many southern Dykene clans migrate north away from traditional hunting grounds.
  • Dykene Citadel Warriors push into Dangerground to make it safer hunting territory
  • King Skillfull holds tribal conclave traditional hunting grounds suspended, clan hunting rights expanded into Dangerground.
  • Last visit of Joh Mith to Dykene.
  • Slyvanthi Brighteyes , Priest of Yelmalio disappears.
  • King of Imther pays Dykene to attack Trilus
  • Highbridge standoff where forces of Trilus and Dykene faced off. Trilus agrees to pay Dykene tribute


  • Worshippers of all Lightbringer cults are banned in Dykene
  • Great winter, Dykene Clans continue to  Migrate North.
  • Blueface the shaman reappears, in Dykene lands.


  • End of Great winter Dykene Clans revert to southern hunting grounds
  • Death of Tayclon Woodheart his follower, Kararni Twelvespear, New High priest of Yelmalio
  • King Skillful calls on all hunters to worship Yelmalio instead of Foundchild
  • Lan of Redrock clan set up permanent camp and fortification at swim here, with Praxian Bison Riders and Orlanthi refugees from Pavis area. Start to patrol and pacify Dangerground area
  • Zorack Zoran war parties raiding in Bear woods, Clans in Bear woods supported by Citadel Warriors and war parties from Swim Here at different times.


  • Dwarven Masons start to rebuild lower Bailey of Dykene
  • Redrock war band travels to from Swim Here to Trilus and back through Dykene lands. More Lightbringers gather at Swim Here including Eucleua Stromfollower .
  • King Skillfull sends large party of citadel warriors under Starnia to clear Redrock Clan from swim here. They met by mixed group of Orlanthi Warriors and Bison Riders. They retreat when realise they are outnumbered and would be overpowered.
  • Starnia exiled from Dykene for Treason.
  • Namara closes the Southwood to all but her followers, declaring the worshipping of foreign Gods(including Yelmalio and Balazar), use of metal , farming,  animal husbandry and sleeping in permanent building Taboo in Balazar. Kind Skillful puts price on her head
  • Battle of Shamans,  Namara casts Blueface down and spiritually binds him.


  • 2 clans of Elmswood Hunters migrate to Dangergound area
  • 2 Dykene dangerground clans start to seek protection Redrock Clan
  • Dykene increases size of Citadel Guard significantly
  • The Sundome temple at Ever-Victorious Glory agrees to exchange military aid to Dykene for 2 breeding pairs of Vrock Hawks
  • King Skillfil taken ill, ruling from sickbed, aids will not call for Chalana Arroy healers from Trilus

Citadel of Dykene in 1625

  • King Skillful is seriously ill.
  • His son Karazar is just turned 17,a young a studious devout man, but no warrior or leader is not ready to rule in his stead.
  • The Yelmalio cult is dominate within the citadel. High priest Kararni Twelvespear is one of the most powerful men in the tribe, especially in the citadel.
  • The citadel is subdued and fearful, ruled over with a strict Yelmalio moral code, with some zealots and some highly resentful.
  • Lower Bailey is still partially built, but the dwarves are making good progress

Tribe of Dykene in 1625

  • The tribe is fractured
  • With a larger group of very loyal Yelmalio worshipping clans, with high loyalty and are very supportive of the King and the priesthood.
  • Most non Yelmalian tribes are slowly and subtlety becoming more distant from the citadel.
  • A few  conservative south wood clans have moved to support Namara
  • A handful of clans in the dangerground have started to support the Redrock clan