Back to Balazar – 1625

Balazar 1625 is a companion to the classic Griffin Mountain Supplement which pulls a lot of the Balazar(not Elder Wilds) material on this site together into a cohesive and consistent whole for an ambitious Johnstown compendium publication.

Back to Balazar, by Jon Hunter, Barry Blatt & Frank Montellano: This ambitious book refreshes the RuneQuest Classic Griffin Mountain for campaigns set in 1625 using the RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha rules. It includes extensive new details about life in the neolithic Balazaring hunter clans, including adventurer creation (with brief Family History) and several example clans with suggested campaign arcs for each. It fleshes out relationships between the Citadel Kings and their neighbouring clans, and updates the timeline lightly but effectively: Good King Glyptus of Elkoi is no more, Dykene is in the grip of an ailing paranoid dictator, and the Votanki clans are in open revolt. Lead author Jon Hunter has curated his “Back to Balazar” blog for many years, and his book is a treasure-trove of ideas for RuneQuest game masters wanting to return to the glory days of Griffin Mountain. “

Nick Brooke

“Back to Balazar makes the classic sandbox Griffin Mountain (by the legendary late Jenelle Jaquays) shine anew for the new RQG ruleset, and updates things for the almost decade that followed. This book nicely complements Harald Smith’s Edge of Empire, by the way.”


Content Includes;

  • Intro –
  • Full Balazar History 1617 -1625
  • The Clans of Balazar
    • Demographics
    • 4 Full Clan Descriptions
  • Balazaring vs Votanki
  • Clan Life & Culture
  • Character Creation for RQG
  • Balazaring Names
  • What the shaman taught me, views of a Votnaki
  • What the my father taught me, views of a Hunter
  • Whats the high Priest Taught me, vies of a citadel guard
  • Shaman of Balazar
    • Spirit Traditions of Balazar
    • Shaman Taboos
    • New Shamatic Abilities
    • Spirit magics of Balazar
    • Sacred sites of Balazar
  • The Cult of Balazar full write up
  • Trilus
    • Dynasties
    • The citadel in 1625
    • Prominent clans and leaders
    • Tribal Politics, Leadership and Policies
    • Temples & Religious
    • Tradesmen
    • Quintas Ven Ortlas Group
    • Lightbringers Hall
    • Companions Of Yalaring
    • Updated Trilus NPC’s
  • Elkoi
    • The citadel in 1625
    • Prominent clans and leaders
    • Tribal Politics, Leadership and Policies
    • Cyrields traders
    • Cyriel & Marusa
    • Sons of the Moon
    • Seven Mothers Temple
    • Bravins Balckshields
  • Dykene
    • The citadel in 1625
    • Prominent clans and leaders
    • Tribal Politics, Leadership and Policies
    • Yelmalio Temple
    • Dwarven Yard
    • Updates Elkoi NPCs
  • New Rumours for 1625
  • New Encounters Section
  • 50 Additional Special Encounters
  • NPC archetypes & stats
  • Mini Scenarios
    • Succession of King Skilfil
    • Redrock Clan
    • Namaras Encampment
    • Kassactas Lair
    • Return of Eryptus
    • Tusk Riders Raiders
  • List of Defined/Noted Clans
  • Relationship Chart