Balazaring Character Creation for Runequest Glorantha

Below are my version of the rules RQG for character creation for Balazaring characters.

With cults and professions the common ones can be chosen at any time. For the rarer ones I would suggest consulting the GM before hand as they are rare and will create a close proximity to significant location, events and NPC’s which may have a bearing on the game.


The Balazarings are a hunter gathering people found only in the land of Balazar to north of Dragonpass. The vast majority of Balazarings are clan based people, who are semi nomadic within their clans traditional hunting grounds.

However 3 citadels do exist which have the most basic rudiments of civilisation within them.  These are the centres of the three tribes of Balazar, which are loose confederations of clans of differing levels of loyalty and engagement

Most nomadic Balazarings are hunters, they do not ride beasts, herd or farm. Though hunting Dogs are a ubiquitous feature of Balazaring life.  Metal tools and weapons are rare. Stone, leather and wood are the main materials of choice.

Religion is centred around the worship of Foundchild, but Balazarings have a deep rooted shamanic tradition and many small individual spirit traditions can be found in Balazar and are often associated with local spirits and clan totems.

Citadel dwellers have more of the trappings of civilisation, with pig farming, pottery, more metal, trade, tax and full time warriors. Yelmalio is the traditional God of the citadels, but in recent years the worship of the seven Mothers and the Orlanthi pantheon have become know in two of the citadels.

People will find the Balazarings to be a conservative and backward people, but deeply rooted in family, clan and tradition. But they will usually be found to be open, kind and hospitable if not given reason not to be.


+10% on Fire, Moon, Earth or Air (players choice)

Cultural Passions

  • Love Family 60%
  • Loyalty Clan 60%
  • Loyalty Tribe 60%

Character Creation

  • Use quick creation rules on page 29

Cultural Skills

  • Animal Lore +5%
  • Climb +15%
  • Customs (Balazaring) (25)
  • Jump +15%
  • Listen +10%
  • Peaceful Cut +15%
  • Scan +10%
  • Sing +10%
  • Speak Balazaring 50%
  • Spirit Combat +20%
  • Survival +10%
  • Track +10%

Cultural Weapons

  • Dagger + 5%
  • 1- H Spear +15%
  • Javelin +15%
  • Sling +10%
  • Self Bow +10%

Common; Foundchild, Seven Mothers, Yelmalio, Daka Fal

Rare; Issaries, Orlanth, Chalana Arroy,

Common; Hunter, Warrior, Herder (pigs), Crafter (Tanner, Leatherworker, Potter, Brewer, Carpenter ), Assistant Shaman

Rare: Crafter(Redsmith, Mason, ) Merchant, Noble, Priest

4 thoughts on “Balazaring Character Creation for Runequest Glorantha

  1. Don’t skip Brother Dog and Helpwoman/Hearthmother in the cults section. I’d be adding Dogspeech as a basic cultural language skill for the Votanki too.

  2. I’m prepping up to run GM in RQG and this is really useful. I’m also curious why there’s no dog training skill or mention.

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