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Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 1

After Clint Hills brilliant posts on the big rubble (see here) I have risen to challenge and started to create some miscellaneous encounters and plot hooks with a Balazar feel. I also did first come across these kind of encounters in Griffin Mountain many years ago.

The following are ideas for one off colour encounters or maybe hook and starting points for a whole story or campaign theme. I would suggest not rolling using random dice rolls in gaming session to select but perusing the ideas and choosing what would work for your group, or using these ideas just to spark your own.

I have intentionally left many loose ends and unexplained details to allow some creativity from both players and GM.

1. The Lost Child – Repeatable, Balazar
A small Balazaring human child can be found alone, crying and wandering in the wilds. The child is about 2 years old and understands the Balazaring tongue but is not able to speak yet. Continue reading Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 1

Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 2

The next set of miscellaneous encounters which may be found in Balazar numbers 11 -20.

11. Lost Pack Beetle – Repeatable, Anywhere
A tired , drained but fully laden pack beetle of a troll merchant is mooching and hiding in a shaded corner. It’s owner or guards are nowhere to be seen. If approached it will attempt to ram players, knock them over and run  away. However if chased it will soon tire as its in an exhausted state.

There are a large range of troll goods which are mainly disgusting,  but may include something useful or appealing to for humans.

Continue reading Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 2

Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 3

The next 10 miscellaneous encounters for Balazar;

21. A Localised Frost – Repeating, Anywhere
A heavy and unseasonal frost falls in the night. Characters wake numerous times in the night with teeth chattering, and the sounds of distressed animals calling out in the night. Even in the night the whiteness of the frost can be seen spreading. Those who watch carefully maybe able to see white figures floating through the night, the frost emanating from there silhouettes.

The players will gain no power or recover from any wounds that night, they will have to make a constitution (or stamina) role to not be significantly fatigued for the next day.

The next morning the frost covers a area with a radius of a couple of miles. The players will also discover a wild animal standing still which has been frozen completely solid, with a terrified look upon its face.

22. High Falls – Once, Anywhere
The players find a beautiful waterfall where a stream plunges 60 foot into a deep pool, behind the waterfall is a cave which is secluded and dry apart from it the rainiest of seasons. Continue reading Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 3

WOD:Glorantha – Balazaring Character Archetypes

Seeing as I have got the character definition a system just about started I thought id start to stat a few things up with as a test, below are the archetypes for the Balazar region.

These are quick stats for generic people you may meet and a nice place to start from if you are building more fully rounded NPC’s. I will fill out a few more types later in other posts but here some balazaring archetypes top start with.

From this point on all NPC’s and encounters will defined by WOD:Glorantha and maybe links to RQ6 encounter generator and any subsequent incarnations.

Archetype –  Balazaring Hunter, Foundchild initiate

Nature:                  Varied
Demeanour:        Predator/Traditionalist/Wanderer/Survivor
Physical:               Strength  2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental :                 Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:                     Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                  Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2,
Skills:                      Archery 3, Crafts 2 , Melee 2, Stealth 2, Survival 3
Knowledge’s:      Culture 2, Medicine 3, Myth 1, Spirit Lore 1
Essence:                 2
Quintessence:     7
Willpower:            3
Runes:                    Fire 1, Death 2, Harmony 2,
Spirit Magic:        Beast Call 2, Disruption 2, Mobility 2,Speedart
Rune Magic:        Pact foundchild 4
Virtues:                  Vigor 3, Trust 3, Generosity 3
Backgrounds:     Cult Status 1,  Dogs 2, Family 2, Destiny or Past Lives 2, Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:  None
Gear:                       2H Spear 3pt, Hand Axe 2pt, 1 pt furs

Archetype –  Balazaring Raider, Foundchild initiate

Nature:                 Varied
Demeanour:       Predator/Traditionalist/Wanderer/Survivor
Physical:               Strength  3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental :                 Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:                    Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                 Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3,
Skills:                     Archery 3, Crafts 2 , Melee 3, Stealth 2, Survival 3
Knowledge’s:     Culture 2, Medicine 2, Myth 2, Spirit Lore 1
Essence:                2
Quintessence:    7
Willpower:            4
Runes:                    Air 1, Death 2, Harmony2,
Spirit Magic:        Beast Call 2, Disruption 2, Mobility 2,Speedart, Bladesharp 2
Rune Magic:        Pact foundchild 4
Virtues:                  Vigor 4, Trust 3, Generosity 3
Backgrounds:     Cult Status 1, Dogs 2, Destiny, Family 2, Past Lives 2 Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:  None
Gear:                       2H spear 3pt, Hand Axe 2pt, Heavy Furs or leathers 2pt

Archetype –  Balazaring Gatherer, Hearth Mother Initiate

Demeanour:         Traditionalist/Wanderer/Follower/Survivor
 Physical:               Strength  2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Mental :                  Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Perception 3
Social:                     Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                  Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2,
Skills:                      Archery 2, Crafts 3 , Melee 2, Stealth 2, Survival 3
Knowledge’s:      Culture 2, Medicine 3, Myth 3, Spirit Lore 2
Essence:                 2
Quintessence:     7
Willpower:            3
Runes:                    Fire 2, Life 2, Man
Spirit Magic:        Beast Call 2, Disruption 2, Mobility 2,Speedart, Bladesharp 2
Rune Magic:         Pact Hearth Mother 4
Virtues:                  Resilient 3, Trust 3, Compassion 3
Backgrounds:     Cult Status 1, Destiny, Family 2, Past Lives 2 Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:   None
Gear:                        2pt spear, 2pt knife, 1 pt furs or leathers.

Archetype –  Balazaring Citadel Warrior, Yelamlio Initiate
Nature:                  Varied
Demeanour:        Bravo/Cavalier/Traditionalist/Preditor/Survivor
Physical:               Strength  3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental :                 Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:                    Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                  Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3,
Skills:                      Archery 3, Crafts 2 , Melee 3, Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledge’s:      Culture 2, Medicine 2, Myth 2, Spirit Lore 1
Essence:                 2
Quintessence:     7
Willpower:            4
Runes:                    Fire 2, Death 2,  Truth 1,
Spirit Magic:        Protection 2, Disruption 2,Speedart,  Bladesharp 2
Rune Magic:         Pact Yelmalio 3
Virtues:                   Vigor 4, Trust 3, Generosity 3
Backgrounds:      Cult Status 2, Destiny, Past Lives 2, Status 1, Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:   Geas -Never trust a foreigner,
Gear:                        2h Long spear 3pt, Battle Axe 3pt, 3pt Light Scale, Medium shield 1pt

Archetype –  Balazaring Pig Farmer, Yelmalio lay member
Demeanour:         Follower/Curmudgeon/Traditionalist
Physical:                Strength  2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Mental :                  Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 2
Social:                     Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                  Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2,
Skills:                      Animal Care 3, Crafts 2 , Commerce 2, Melee 1
Knowledge’s:      Culture 2, Medicine 2, Myth 1, Divine Lore 1
Essence:                 1
Quintessence:     4
Willpower:            3
Runes:                    Fire 1, Truth 1, Life 1,
Spirit Magic:         Endurance,  Heal, Becalm
Rune Magic:          None
Virtues:                   Vigor 2, Trust 4, Generosity 4
Backgrounds:       Cult Status 1, Family 2,  Property 1, Status 2, Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:   None
War Gear:               Knife 1pt,  Club 1pt, leathers 1pt

Archetype –  Balazaring Crafter, Yelmalio lay member
Nature:                    Varied
Demeanour:          Architect/Follower/Perfectionist /Traditionalist
Physical:                 Strength  2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Mental :                    Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Perception 2
Social:                       Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                    Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2,
Skills:                        Crafts 4 , Commerce 2, Melee 1
Knowledge’s:        Culture 2, Medicine 2, Myth 1, Divine Lore 1
Essence:                  2
Quintessence:      7
Willpower:             3
Runes:                      Fire 2, Truth 2, Mastery
Spirit Magic:         Endurance,  Crafters boon, Glue, Repair
Rune Magic:          None
Virtues:                   Vigor 3, Trust 3, Generosity 3
Backgrounds:       Cult Status 1, Family 2, Influence 1, Status 2, Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:    None
War Gear:                1H Short Spear 2pt, knife 1pt leathers 1pt

Tasha Yarick,

Hearthmother Initiate, 17
Runes: Fire, Illusion, Communication
Threat Level **
Traits: Disarming smile, Calm, Brave, Dependable, Suspicious

A young Elkoi balazaring clanswoman , who is the Orlanthi balazarings Thrax’s Halfface main informer and contact in Elkoi.

Her mother  was killed some 6 years ago by Lunar soldiers on ’R & R’. She now works as a tavern girl in the Kings Inn in at Elkoi and has done for the past 2 years.

Thrax encountered her when she said she wanted to she wanted to join Orlanth and fight Lunars, which was never  going to be a good fit. He claims he will connect her with his friends her when ‘she has done this job for him’, but it is never likely to happen.

Tasha has no combat capacity but she has been taught to read and write some Lunar by Thrax. He thinks highly of her, and says she ‘has balls bigger than any mans’. He however struggles to know he will probably get her killed

She has  developed a love of gambling and sometimes can be found dicing with the soldiers in her leisure hours. She has a good understanding of what is going on in Elkoi and is sometime cocky and shows off to much what she knows.

Plot uses: Thrax will be the main employer in plots with Tasha, they could include the following

  • Players must meet to her to collect information or interesting items.
  • Players must ‘deal with’ someone who suspects her without arousing further suspicion
  • She is possible target of a rescue mission after being captured,
  • or a possible example of the dreadful cost of conflict and a follow up revenge mission.

If you have Lunar characters try a find the spy mission, then the decision of do you hand a defenceless 17 year old girl over to be tortured and die.

Thrax Halfface

Balazaring Adventurer and Scout, Lates 20’s
Runes: Air, Illusion, Movement
Traits: Bitter, Calm, Perceptive, Decisive, Generous

Two things are striking  when a person meets Thrax, the first is the mask he wears over half of his face and the acid burn marks visible underneath it and the second is his refusal to wear cult markings of any sort.

As regards his cult affiliations this is not  a matter he comments on, but he was known to be one of the Balazaring Orlanthi at some point in the recent past. he is a member of Redock clan and is working hard to help Lan establish a community at Swim Here.

His demeanour comes across a man who is in control, highly efficient, aware, friendly but highly dangerous if he decides to be.  Usually when people get to know him Thrax is positive, generous and funny, not many people see that side of him quickly. However sometimes his mood turn darker and he becomes a bitter man you seems to  feel that he has been cheated in life, or that he has done something to deserve a dark fate.

He dresses well and looks more like a rich tarshite warrior than a votanki hunter.  Often he goes my moniker of Anthon of Dykene, especially when travelling around Elkoi.

Thrax and Lan were close friends through there teenager years, and comrades in arms as young men. Thrax is a both a competent hunter and proficient warrior. However after the windsword was found they became more distant and some unspoken tension lies between them.

As well as being a competent warrior, Thrax is the scout and information master for the Redcock clan and for Lan in particular. He has a spy and information network which covers most of the major centres of Balazar and spends a lot of days in the saddle travelling between contacts.

He trades information with Torath and Pay as a matter of course, is open with King Yalaring when it suits both parties and occasionally deals with  Dykene and the Yelmalio temple through Starnia.

He often will hire people for little jobs where he gives little information about himself or the larger picture, people who perform well get brought into his circles. He has become a skilled herbalists who is very skilled in the use of poisons and antidotes.


When they came down from the North Thrax had a young wife called Marka, she like the rest of them was a survivor of a massacre and a refugee. Where others recovered Marka never did. She became disturbed and distant, seeking after answers where there were none.  She changed, during the Festering Isle quest it became apparent that the change was significant. She had embraced chaos*.

She left them and there were many discussions in the clan of whether she should be caught or killed, healed through magic or death. Thrax did what he felt he must and sort her out and pleaded with her to turn away from her bitterness and finding healing. She appeared to accept and kissed him. Her saliva burnt his mouth. She spat in his left eye and burnt it out. She licked all of one side of his face scaring it and she left him burned and tortured alone in wilderness.

Since that point Thrax felt no love for Gods, no trust in them. He acknowledges them but refuses to worship them.

He still seeks his ex wife for reasons and plans he does not know or understand. She is out there somewhere in the wilderness.

Thrax’s is other secret is that whilst Lan and Rahkal were apart, he had a ongoing relationship with Rahkal and feels deeply for her. This has never  spoken about by any of the three since Lan and Rahkal connected, but is an unspoken truth that all are aware of.  Also most people close to the three of them know and make a point of never mentioning it publically.

It is very possible if Lan was to seriously mistreat Rahkal feelings would be expressed and a fight would ensue.

*Ref note it is very possible that Marka is a new incarnation of Granny Keeneyes.

Nature: Plotter
Demeanour: Manipulator
Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 6, Stamina 5
Mental: Intelligence 5 , Wits 6, Perception 5
Social: Manipulation 5,  Appearance 0, Charisma 5
Talents: Alertness 4, Artistic 2, Athletics 5, Brawl 5, Dodge 5, Empathy 4, Intimidation 4, Streetwise 5, Subterfuge 5
Skills: Archery 4,Commerce 2,Crafts 2,Etiquette 4,Leadership 4,Mechanisms 2,Melee 5, Riding 4, Stealth 5, Survival 4
Knowledge’s: Academics 3,Culture 4,Investigation 5,Languages 4,Medicine 4, Myth 3, Politics 5, Divine Lore 2, Spirit Lore 3
Essence 6
Quintessence: 27
Willpower: 8
Runes: Air 5, Movement 6, Illusion 4, Disorder 3, Death 3
Spirit Magic: Befuddle 4, Bladesharp 4, Healing 4, Babel 3, Shimmer 4. Mobility 2, Countermagic 3, Disruption 3
Rune Magic: None
Virtues: Vigor 5, Trust 3, Generosity 4
Backgrounds: Allies 4, Artefact 3, Contacts 6, Destiny 4, Dogs 3, Influence 4, Mount 4, Ransom 5, Resources 4, Status 3, Witta 3
Flaws & Merits Curiosity (2pt Flaw), Cynical Nature (2pt flaw), Disfigured (2pt Flaw),Daredevil (3pt Merit), Hared Trolls – 2pt Flaw
Equipment: Quality Cavalry Horse, Fine Clothes, 3* Javelins -3pt, Iron Headed Battle Axe – 4pt, Kopis -3pt, Numbers of spirit charms, a range of poisons and antidotes.

For RQ players there is a post on how to understand and convert these stats on the fly.

Chalana Arroy Healers of Trilus

Dushi has four disciples working with her at the lightbringer hall in Trilus, they all live at the hall and have been or are full time apprentices. Cela and Wiliska have now finished their apprenticeship period. But Yanka and Inari are still  apprentices.

The lightbringers hall currently healers all comers, it takes limited payment in food, animals furs and local trade goods, this is supplemented with a grant from King Yalaring and various other donations. The use of powerful rune Magics may require extra  payment and negotiation .

All the healers are well known to the local tribes and have the requisite protection afforded to them by order of King Yalaring.


Cela Calming Heart –  Balazaring Chalana Arroy Initiate, 23
Runes: Earth, Life, Harmony
Threat Level **
Traits: Calm, Patient, Diligent, Curious     

Cela is a physically delicate but emotionally strong young woman, she has been training and working with Dushi Sone for six years now.

Cela is due to undergo the rites which will make her an acolyte of Chalana Arroy at the next opportunity. She has been Dushi’s best student to date, and Dushi hopes she will be able to take her work over after she passes on.    

She is from the Blood Viper clan and has a long standing and delicate association with Garnst the Chaos Tracker. They are the closest each other has to family and she is one of the very few who know his full story. She is able to reach inside and touch his soul like no one else can. This connection has remained neither one thing nor another for as number of years now and is starting to concern her.

Cela gets on very well with two apprentices but Wiliska believes she should be Dushis right hand woman, so there is some friction between the two of them          

Wiliska Pineneedle – Balazaring Chalana Arroy Initiate, 24
Runes: Fire, Life, Harmony
Threat Level **
Traits: Honest, Pleasant, Passive, Dull

Wiliska has been with Dushi longer than any of the other current initiates feels she should be Dushis right hand woman, is jealous of Cela.  She is the younger daughter of a citadel guard.

She is faithful but does not take the initiative in things. Dushy sees here as a faithful servant to the temple and someone who will be important for years to come but not a potential leader or replacement.

She is a great cook and enjoys doing most of the cooking in the Lightbringers hall,  she is very keen on good  diet and believes most grains and breads are bad for the body. Thus she cooks mainly with meats and vegetables and fruits.

She also organises the practical issues of cleaning and repairs around the Lightbringers hall. The truth is the place would not function without her, but she lacks the spark of character to catch Dushis eye.

Yanka Redberry – Balazaring Chalana Arroy Apprentice 19
Runes: Earth, Life, Harmony
Threat Level *
Traits: Impulsive, friendly, humorous, selfish

Yanka is a young friendly redhead, with slight frame and pleasant manner. She is the daughter of a pig farmer, grew up in Trilus.

She is a social climber and party girl, who enjoys a drink at the stuck pig. She is friendly with a number of the Kings citadel guards and enjoys the male attention.

Dushi is disappointed with the attitude she shows to her family who she virtually ignores as she feels she is now above them. Both Dushi and Cela are trying to reign her behaviour in a little both in terms of her family and the her friendships with the guards..

However she is a very effective healer  and powerful magician with a strong natural tie to the life rune, Dushi has high hopes for her.

Inari Wrinkled Nose – Balazaring Chalana Arroy Apprentice 17
Runes: Fire, Life, Truth
Threat Level *
Traits: Introvert, stubborn, brilliant, clever

A quiet girl diligent in her studies who has learned to read some of Dushi’s books, and is gaining a wider range of knowledge because of it.

She has developed a friendships with both Quintas and Eleanor, and visits Quintas house often. She borrows books and talks in depth  philosophically with Quintas and as such is on the process of becoming illuminated without being aware.

Due to the close friendship with Eleanor, Eleanor has shared large parts of  her back-story and Inari hasn’ t told too many of the other healers yet.

Plot uses:

These are really colour characters but may be used to create ways in to plots with Quintas, Elenaor or Garnst or to introduce smaller character sub plots and complications. Such as

  • Two citadel warriors start a vicious fight over Yanka which she had encouraged, PC’s have to calm it down and then decide who inform about it.
  • Wiliska walks out on the cult in a sulk and players are sent to persuade her to return.
  • Yanka publicly embarrasses her father in the stuck pig tavern with, players witness and can respond.
  • PC’s asked to escort junior healer to clan, all kinds of stuff could happen.
  • Drunk Citadel Warrior hits on Inari in the stuck pig, he refuses to get that she is not interested , a scuffle then  breaks out when Quintas intervenes and is knocked to the floor.
  • Cela develops a friendship with a PC, who will then have to deal with a slightly unhinged Garnst as a consequence.

Trilus Updated Lightbringers

In this version of Griffin Mountain changes have happened as regards the Lightbringers hall in Trilus.

They are broadly speaking as follows;

  • Torath and Pay have got married and combined there teams.
  • Some of their original teams have joined the balazaring Orlanthi.
  • They have recruited some Balazarings into the cult and there team.
  • Bluebird is now with the Balazaring Orlanthi and not resident in Trilus to avoid Lunars.
  • Dushi Sones training of local Balazarings in the ways of Chalana Arroy is going well.

So now the current Lightbringer residents of Trilus are;

Pay and Toraths Orlanthi Group

Native Orlanthi

  • Domio – Redrock Orlanthi Acolyte
  • Katilin – Redrock Orlanthi Initiate

Chalana Arroy


  • Djimm Mith Pg 47

Lan Stormson

Stormkhan, Favoured of Orlanth, Balazaring Warrior and Chief of Men

Runes: Air, Movement, Death

Traits: Proud, Aggressive, Impulsive, Deep, Conflicted

Tall and wiry warrior, with long scraggly brown hair and unkempt beard, he wear iron chain over furs and leather, he rides a Praxian Bison, and is usually escorted by group of praxian Bullmen from the Bison tribe. He is a man in his late 20’s who is living life fully,  but who seems to be driven to achieve, to risk, to fight and to kill.

He is the current wielder of the Windsword.

Ten years ago he was just one of a number of young Votanki hunters who were part of the Redrock Clan. Today he is much travelled, a leader of men, the wielder of the Windsword, Heroquester, the killer of chaos, a hammer against the Lunars and is unfulfilled still striving and pushing for something that evades him.

Upon meeting Lan mist people are impressed with him and want to impress him. he has an energy and dynamism  that people find engaging, but after spending time with him the shine wears off and he just seems very self absorbed.  He strives to be great and as such often wounds many close to him.

He loves dogs and hunting which he considers a joy, he loves women and has made many bad choices in that area of his life. He dreadful husband to Rahkal his wife and a poor father to his three children. He loves them deeply but has not the emotional capacity to consistently express that in any meaningful way.

He is touched by Orlanth, and is a clear manifestation of what is good and what is challenging about the god.  As a younger man his only desire was to become a windlord. However when  his wife became one before him, he turned to the cult of Stormbull instead. Surprisingly he has never been afflicted by the cults spirit of reprisal.

Lan is currently trying to form a permanent community in the Dangerground close to Swim Here which comprises of warriors seeking a Lord, Orlanthi farmers who have travelled up from Pavis country on the promise of freedom and farming land, Bison riders from Prax who are checking out this green land to see if a larger group could prosper here and Balazaring hunters  who are drawn to his rising star.

He is finding it hard but old friends from the Redrock tribe and allies from elsewhere are drifting back to him, and as a community something is coming together.

Lan has a poor view of baboons and has put a price of a wheel on the head of every baboon brought to him, and 50 Wheels for Gareeki Chaz’s head.

Nature: Architect
Demeanour: Bravo
Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 6, Stamina 5
Mental: Intelligence 4, Wits 5, Perception 5
Social: Manipulation 3, Appearance 4, Charisma 5
Talents: Alertness 5, Artistic 2, Athletics 5, Brawl 4, Dodge 5, Empathy 3, Expression 2, Intimidation 5, Streetwise 4, Subterfuge 4, Sense Chaos 5
Skills: Archery 5, Commerce 2, Crafts 2,Etiquette 2, Leadership 4,Melee 6, Riding 5, Stealth 5, Survival 4
Knowledge’s: Academics 2, Culture 4 ,Investigation 2, Languages 3, Medicine 3,Myth  5, Politics 4, Divine Lore 5, Spirit Lore 2
Essence 6
Quintessence: 34
Willpower: 7
Runes: Air 6, Movement 5, Beast 4, Death 5, Mastery 4, Eternal Battle 4
Spirit Magic: Bladesharp 4, Healing 4, Disruption 3, Speedart 2, Shimmer 4, Mobility 4, Farsee, fanaticism 2
Rune Magic: Pact Stormbull 9pt; Beserker, Summon/Dismiss Air Elemental, Face Chaos, Shield
Pact Orlanth 15pt; Bless Woad, Flight. Lightning, Shield, Wind Words, Wind Warp, Summon Air Elemental,  Increase/Decrease Wind, Dismiss Air Elemental, Detect Honor
Virtues: Vigor 5, Trust 4, Generosity 4
Backgrounds: Allies 4, Artifact 5, Contacts 3, Cult Status 5, Destiny 5, Dogs 3, Family 4, Homestead 4, Influence 5, Mount 4, Ransom 5, Resources 5, Status 3, Witta 4
Flaws & Merits Favoured By Orlanth -6pt merit,  Compulsive Speech -2pt flaw, Gall – 2pt merit,  Intolerance baboons – 1pt flaw, Killer Instinct – 5pt merit,
Equipment: Bison -with allied spirit,  Partial Iron Plate Armor & Furs – 6pt, Windsword ** Special** see below, Lance 4pt, Medium Round Iron Shield -3pt, 3*javelins – 3pt
Spirits: Trouble: Allied Spirit
Essence: 3 Quintessence:8 Runes:  Beast 1, Air 2, Spirit 2 
Spirit Magic: Spirit Block 4, Countermagic 4, Dispel Magic 4
Krugor the Axe: Ancestor
Essence: 2 Quintessence:6 Death 2, Earth 2 
Spirit Magic: Strength 3, Vigor 3
Windsword Iron Broadsword 4pt ( 5pt vs. chaos)
Guardian Spirit: Essence:5 Quintessence:12 Runes:Air 5, Law 5
Pact: 17 Summon/Dismiss Air Elemental, Flight, Extension, Impede Chaos, Face Chaos
Power Storage: 11

For RQ players there is a post on how to understand and convert these stats on the fly.

Plot Uses

  • If you running a Lunar based campaign this guys should be you key adversary, he will fighting killing ambushing and raiding Lunars at every opportunity and causing others to do so.
  • If you are running  a Balazaring hunters campaign this guy and his actions will make interesting political ripples which players will need to ally with , negotiate round or oppose.
  • If your campaign is Yelmalian based he will be a difficult customer and potential foe.
  • If your campaign is Orlanthi based he will be a rival, a friend or an employer.

Redrock Clan – An Introduction

Eight years ago the remnants of the Redrock clan travelled down through the Elder Wilds and into Balazar. They were really only a handful of young hunters and warriors and their families who were the survivors of a inter clan conflict on the borders of the Redlands.

Quickly taking to the worship of Orlanth the Redrock clan the preceded to tear up Balazar for the next 2 years, they  approached  there new faith with a zeal and an energy that put their foreign Orlanthi mentors to shame.

They killed the Ogre spy Gondol Holst, cleared out Festering Isle, stormed Griffin Mountain, fought the Lunars and recovered the Windsword. Then most of the clan went south to learn more about the ways of Orlanth, but things went wrong at the border and the clan separated.

In the last few seasons members of the clan have returned to Balazar with allies and followers and seem to be congregating out on the borders of the Elder Wilds. Currently most members of the clan are congregating with there followers at swim here back under the leadership of Lan.

The known adults of the Redrock clan are;

The Redrock clan are sometimes known as the Balazaring Orlanthi, others do belong to this grouping the leading lights and core members are the Redrock clan.

Those Balazarings of an older generation will be aware that a clan known of the Redfox clan whose leader Rauis worshipped Orlanth, were exiled from Dykene tribal lands and disappeared into the Elder Wilds some 12 years before  the Redrock Clan moved into Balazar. It is very likely that the two groups are closely related if not the same.