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Back To Balazar – Campaign Write Up Part 2

The Journey

The use of fast horses up the daughters road, and then following the good roads on the south bank of the Black Eel River made for quick safe travel.

Players discussions centred around what did they about their employer? why would a rebel sword lord of Humakt turn up at an obscure lunar outpost 12 years after his disappearance?, what was the link between the two? and if they were going to be eaten by dinosaurs?

They decided that their employer probably had given birth to a child of someone important and been paid off, they had no idea about where Krogat had been, but after  some thought they mused with the idea that their employer maybe Krogarts daughter.  Thinking back Eimar was able to pick out some hints of a Western Pelorian Orlanthi accent disguised under Xara’s very  polished lunar demeanour.

As regards the dinosaurs Reader informed them it was a serious possibility, the rest were not sure but they carried on anyway.

Arriving at Holay Fort their contact was waiting for them, some petty cash for expenses, 2 boxes of pigeons for messages, a new set of horses and some trail rations, all ready for them to leave next morning, someone was throwing money at this little venture.

Balazar was different, the road was barely a  game track. There was no sign of farms or herds, actually no sign of anything but trees, long grass and rolling hills really. In the day it seemed silent, though at night noises which are unusual for this city bred party kept them awake as they feared dinosaurs coming to eat them.

Two days into their trip towards Elkoi sitting adjacent to the path are large group of what the players assume to be locals. A larger group milling behind three older gentlemen sat waiting next to the trail.

They are hailed in stilted Pelorian and after  the local clan declare their allegiance to King Glyptus and  to the ‘Great Red Mother’. They address Vaughne  and say that they wish to make a complaint against the followers of the Great Red Mother. Vaughe just looks confused until Aelia steps forward.

It transpires that the ‘Great Wolf Clan’ has had its hunting grounds spoiled by ‘foul pig men’ who  claim to server both  King Glyptus and Red Goddess and are under the protection of the Empire.  The was also a  fight were one of the clans young braves was killed and has been subsequently eaten by the intruders.

The clan are demanding the King and the ‘Great Red Mother’ sort the issues out and make reparations to the tribe, as they are loyal and makes sure that there youngsters  pay proper homage and are not following the teachings of Namara. (players being players completely miss that plot element) .

Much smoothing of the Elders bruised egos is done, explanations are made that the characters don’t work for the king or directly for the ‘Great Red Mother’, but they will pass this important message on as soon as they arrive in Elkoi.

Just before dusk the players sense they are being tailed, they spot 3 young locals and hunting dogs  presumably from the Great Wolf Clan stalking them. After one poorly thrown javelin from the hunters, some bold intimidation from Vaughne and a couple of befuddle spells the potential fight is calmed down and youngsters sent on their way tails between their legs.

Arrival In Elkoi

The players arrive and Elkoi to be struck by  number of things its smell, its busyness contrasting to the surrounding lands, and the size of old citadel. Reader points out that it had to be that big to protect the locals from dinosaurs.

They approach the Lunar compound first, passing through the newly constructed gate to see a small courtyard, with recently constructed lunar temple and barrack blocks and army building filling the rest of it. The guards weren’t that bothered as they were obviously from Holay , had a quick check of them but told them to go across the compound as the garrison commander would want to see them.

A few minutes later they were ushered to see Euryptus the Bold. The short grizzled warrior starting to ask who they were? and why they were here? But the conversation quickly turned to events on the road in, and the story of imperial tusk riders eating the local tribesmen.

Much swearing happened ‘Von Enkorth’ whoever he may be, was a ‘no name tosspot of a meddler’, King Glyptus was ‘good for nothing useless lard arse of a king’, and the party were left feeling that Euryptus thought himself the only competent man in all of Balazar.

Even when asked about the temple Euryptus could only say he liked the old priest before she died.

‘Von Enkorth’ was sent for, and the conversation, Euryptus seemed to calm down and the questions focused back on the party.  They asked about Krogat and Euryptus claims to know nothing about such a person and says he has never been in Balazar.

“There are some foreign Orlanthi in Trilus, and there was a Humakti Duck thing, but he got slaughtered by trolls a few years aback. But no Humakti in Balazar since then, defiantly none in Elkio I would know. Anyway Krogart … you don’t mean the warrior for Aggar? Right bastard he was…..” The party were then assailed with old campaign stories from the  “Aggar campaign of 1608 or was it 1606?” … Euryptus was kept talking by the Eimar and confirmed a number of stories they had heard about Krogat already, and a few others from the campaign that seemed fanciful.

Euryptus wanted to know who their employers was who thought a Humakti was in Elkoi, but the party demurred to say, and after a while seemed to accept the fact.

A knock on the door ended the meeting as he was told that Von Enkorth was due, he wished them all the best, asked to be informed if they found a  Humakti Sword lord lurking in Elkoi out of sight, suggested they stay at the Kings inn in the main citadel, before warning to stay of trouble.

They left as an uptight young lunar gentleman dressed in black swaggered across the courtyard, with 4 mercenaries in to as bodyguards. The party looked at each other and said yeah he was right……

Off Panel – Lots happening

Halycon Von Enkorth has hired tusk riders as mercenaries and brought them to Elkoi lands, this is causing a major headache for Euryptus, and has reheated along lasting dispute between the two of them.

Euryptus is wanting lunar citizens and allies onside with him. Most of his interaction was an act to make that happen and maybe be recruitment them to him camp further down the line.

Euryptus has a good idea who Krogat may but has not told the party as he wants to see how they perform. He also tells Halycon of the characters questions to watch what happens and to see if his suspicions are confirmed.

WOD:Glorantha  Tests

Lots of social and research rolls going on and working fine. Battle magic system got some light testing and worked fine.

Back to Balazar Campaign Report – Part 1

I decide i’d like to talk through the campaign that currently running as it happens. It is of interest because it test runs the setting, the NPC’s and the WOD:Glorantha system. I have a few sessions to write up, but here are the first parts;

The Party

Five  years ago they would have the street gang of West Market in Fillichet. Now they have grown up and life has moved on, well it has for most of them . As a group they are hired help or ‘fixers’ sorting out issues for merchants  in and around the West Market.

The party members are;

Eimar is a confidence girl, communicator, investigator and tease. Specialising  in information and  negotiation. Rarely deep in trouble but never really out of it either.

Isolde moves around the edge of organised crime in West Market, can get stuff cheap. Can sell stuff fast, no questions asked. Knows the right people to get a dirty job done on the quiet. Want some someone tailed, and item ‘recovered’  she can usually sort you out.

‘Reader’ or Bayan spends much of his time studying in the Irripi Ontor temple, he has found himself book learning and more serious religion. A more thoughtful and cultured man in than in his earlier days, he is still uncompromising when blades are drawn.

Aelia was deemed to be moon touched. The priestesses of Deezola have her in as part of a mentorship group looking for the next generation of priests . She still keeps touch with her old comrades, and has plenty of free time as her mentor Princess Anderida is a very busy lady.

Vaughne is just  around to protect his friends and their employers interests. He isn’t particularly vicious or interested in any real agenda. Just don’t threaten or hurt his friends or he will have to stop you. Oh and by the ways he is as strong as an ox.

The last one never grew up. When was 14 the gang were liberating a few minor items from a caravan when he fell off the back of one wagon under the oxen and wheels of the next. He watches over his friends , does them favours, finds them stuff, keeps them together remembering the good days before the others had  to grow up. Death isn’t the most pleasant experience  but neither is it all bad.

The Hiring

The party receives a  message from a young runner ( boy not plant ), that Lady Xara from Xaras Spices would like them to attend her establishment tomorrow morning at 10:00am for business proposition which may be of interest to them.

The players jumped into research and from contacts about the market they were quickly able to establish that;

  • Xara was new to the market taking ownership of the property late last year
  • She is strikingly beautiful and has an eye for elegance in Kralori style which is in vogue at the moment.
  • She has significant wealth, but is not consider the best of traders
  • She has some contacts in the royal and temple district

Eimar was able to contact some friends from the royal district who were able to provide further interesting information.

  • Xara was well known in the royal district 2 or 3 years ago where she was working as courtesan
  • She was friendly with a number of young men from noble and royal houses.
  • She disappeared about 12 months previously
  • She reappeared significantly richer and immediately headed over the west market where she set herself up in a less conspicuous line of business.

Armed with this information the party arrive at the establishment and are shown into a plush reception room, decked out in what they may assumed to be a Kralori style, they are offered spiced teas and wait for their host to arrive.

The host arrived looking as stunning and stylish as  was suggested, looking to be in her mid 20’s. The party perceived a number of detection spell being cast from behind the paper door in an adjoining room.

” I am seeking people who are loyal without being blind. Trustable without being scrupulous. Subtle without being deceitful. Can handle themselves without being excessively violent and have no spiritual fanaticism  or ideological axe to grind. I have been led to believe you fit the bill, am I right?”

Eimar agreed before Ailea could speak.

“The matter I wish to discuss, is delicate. I will need to know your interest is genuine and I would have your assurance of confidentiality?”

Reader nods.

“If this is not the case there will be consequences.”

The whole party agree.

” I wish you to find a man for me. By divination I believe I have his location which is a distance but not excessive. What I require is a group of people to go the location, find the man, establish some details of his situation without alerting him and then contact me. The rate will be a standard 7L day rate per head , with bonuses for successful information returned, legitimate reasonable expenses, I believe this first stage should take 3 weeks”

The party confirm their agreement.

“The man’s name is Krogat, he is described as a bear of man who was bearded, which must be grey by now. He will be in his late 50’s. He is Humakti Warrior and Sword Lord and to all intents and purposes he is not known to be a subtle man. My information tells me he has arrived in Elkoi in Balazar in the last few seasons.”

Ailea asks her interest in this Krogat.

” My interest is not your concern, neither is it anyone else’s. I ask that you keep my interest in this matter out of common knowledge.”

Eimar watches Xara closely reading her mood and intent. She quickly understand that Xara is emotionally involved in this mission and that it means a great deal to her, though she is trying to cover it up.

Reader is the only member of the group who has heard of Balazar or Elkoi, he informs the group of a primitive land to the east well off all trade routes, which is full of nothing but dinosaurs, dogs and primitive hunters.

Horses will be provide to meet her ‘factor’ at Holay Fort, who is arranging passage to Elkoi for them.  After a little haggling on price they agree to leave early the next morning.

Reader immediately heads to the library to see if there is anything known about Krogat. Research picks up his was one of Leaders of the Aggar rebellion of 1607. However he was an interesting chap about whom this was written in a Orlanthi text about the uprising.

” Krogat the True was born under Bear Mountain in Western Aggar some 58 years ago. He became a prominent clan warrior and well known sword thane, and worshiper of Humakt.

He was a giant of man, standing at over six foot four inches in height, and burly and heavy set. He was fierce in battle, honourable in life and a doting father of 3 girls.

He was well known for his Bravery and Honour, often sitting on clan and even tribal rings for a season or two.

In 1606 the region rose in just rebellion against its Lunar overlords, Krogat was one of the leaders of the uprising, though he fought hard and viciously against the Empire, he retained his honour. He would not fight against women and thus he escorted a number of priestess of the Empire safely to the City of 10,000 magicians.

However his foe was not as honourable, as the tribes arrayed themselves against the imperial army and their Sun Dome allies near Angry Lake, Broo’s poured out of Dorastor and raided the homesteads and farms of the tribes, the slaughter was immense.

Like many Krogart left the uprising to return to defend the villages and farmsteads from the attack from Dorastor”

Krogat disappears from written history at that point.

With this information the party prepare to head to Elkoi in the morning.

Next Instalment – The Journey & Arrival

In the Background Notes  

All background plot has not come to flight yet so i’m not going to publish spoilers

System Testing

The system worked great for character definition, Players were able to use the system to build and describe the characters that they wanted to play. Most knew the WOD storyteller system well , and time was only taken up with Gloranthan tweaks.