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Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 1

After Clint Hills brilliant posts on the big rubble (see here) I have risen to challenge and started to create some miscellaneous encounters and plot hooks with a Balazar feel. I also did first come across these kind of encounters in Griffin Mountain many years ago.

The following are ideas for one off colour encounters or maybe hook and starting points for a whole story or campaign theme. I would suggest not rolling using random dice rolls in gaming session to select but perusing the ideas and choosing what would work for your group, or using these ideas just to spark your own.

I have intentionally left many loose ends and unexplained details to allow some creativity from both players and GM.

1. The Lost Child – Repeatable, Balazar
A small Balazaring human child can be found alone, crying and wandering in the wilds. The child is about 2 years old and understands the Balazaring tongue but is not able to speak yet. Continue reading Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 1

Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 2

The next set of miscellaneous encounters which may be found in Balazar numbers 11 -20.

11. Lost Pack Beetle – Repeatable, Anywhere
A tired , drained but fully laden pack beetle of a troll merchant is mooching and hiding in a shaded corner. It’s owner or guards are nowhere to be seen. If approached it will attempt to ram players, knock them over and run  away. However if chased it will soon tire as its in an exhausted state.

There are a large range of troll goods which are mainly disgusting,  but may include something useful or appealing to for humans.

Continue reading Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 2

Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 3

The next 10 miscellaneous encounters for Balazar;

21. A Localised Frost – Repeating, Anywhere
A heavy and unseasonal frost falls in the night. Characters wake numerous times in the night with teeth chattering, and the sounds of distressed animals calling out in the night. Even in the night the whiteness of the frost can be seen spreading. Those who watch carefully maybe able to see white figures floating through the night, the frost emanating from there silhouettes.

The players will gain no power or recover from any wounds that night, they will have to make a constitution (or stamina) role to not be significantly fatigued for the next day.

The next morning the frost covers a area with a radius of a couple of miles. The players will also discover a wild animal standing still which has been frozen completely solid, with a terrified look upon its face.

22. High Falls – Once, Anywhere
The players find a beautiful waterfall where a stream plunges 60 foot into a deep pool, behind the waterfall is a cave which is secluded and dry apart from it the rainiest of seasons. Continue reading Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 3

Lunar Patrol – NPC’s or Pregen Characters


The following group has really been written as a test of the character creation system, for NPC’s and as pre gens for a game I may run in the future. However if a ref has a need of a detailed and interesting lunar patrol for interaction, or recurring NPC’s these guys may make an interesting group.


The core of the group area half crescent(different terms for file) from a mercenary company  of Peltasts called the Sons of the Moon, who usually recruit and operate in Vaunch and Holay and are often hired by the provincial army.  They are currently being rotated through Balazar on garrison duty.

These mercenary’s are lunar worshippers and are loyal to the Empire, they are also a cohesive unit and have been working together for some years, like most units they are prone to resent outsiders. Continue reading Lunar Patrol – NPC’s or Pregen Characters

Twisted Giants of the Elder Wilds

Two twisted giants write ups, well one and one that formed into something a little different in the write up;

Annis the One Eye

This 7 meter tall ‘Giant’ has only moved into the Elder Wilds region in the last 30 years. Originating from Near the Blue Moon plateau, something has drawn this beast towards the Elder Wilds.

His skin is made of rough armoured grey plates and most of the  time he walks on all fours placing his weight on the back of his forearms like a oversized Gorilla. His face sports one lidless eye and no other features, and the palms of his forearms contain two gaping mouths similar to those of Krashtkids.

He has the chaotic ability to discorporate and attack other giants in spirit combat, if he wins he forcers the giants spirit into his old body anda chaotic taint and he then starts the process of corruption upon the new body. The giants of giant land know this and are both hunting him but scared to confront him.

He is actually being drawn to chaos holy ground and plans to make ritual sacrifice there for more chaotic features .

He is escorted by a pack of broo who have decided to follow him since he has entered the Elder Wilds region. he finds them useful annoying but amusing at the same time and has tolerated them for the moment.

If Gon Orta hears of his whereabouts he will hire any group of heros powerful enough he comes across to track down and kill this abomination.

Annis is not actually a giant but a spirit of corruption which has been gifted with the ability to posses giants bodies. Killing its current host body will not destroy it but force it back to Spirit Plane where it will bid its time before it can return again.

Annis has a particular dislike for gentled giants and wishes to posses those more than any other.

Nature:  Corrupter
Demeanor:  Monster
Physical: Strength  9*, Dexterity 1, Stamina 11
Mental : Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Perception 4
Social:  Manipulation 3, Appearance 0, Charisma 1
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 1, Brawl 3*, Intimidation 3
Skills:  Melee 4*, Survival 2
Knowledge’s: Medicine 3, Myth 1, Spirit Lore 4
Essence: 2
Runes: Chaos 6, Spirit 4, Movement 2
Spirit Magic: Spirit Block 4, Heal 3,
Higher Magic: 8pts from ; Corruption, Blessing of Chaos, Fear, Madness
Virtues: None
Backgrounds: Followers 3
Flaws & Merits: Extra health levels * 5, Natural Armour 4 pts, spirit combat attack

blue wood pic


Formerly a 10m giant, but is now very slowly shrinking and melting away. He was previously a Gentled Giants and a disciple of Gon Orta til about 30 years ago Granny Keeneyes lured him to festering isles and he was corrupted by her magics and the proximity of the chaos well at the bottom of the lagoon.

Has since taken the form of a shambling oozing giant humanoid mess, with Gorps like creatures coalescing on its torso and limbs and sliding off in its wake. He currently stands at 8 meters in height and is slowly loosing body mass.

If engaged in combat  he emits a vociferous odour and characters must make stamina roll to be able to approach to attack, he is also capable of launching Gorps as missile weapons 4 times a day, is capable of fully regenerating damage bit must ‘use’ of one its Gorp attacks to do so.

Rasulan is not a creature who has embraced chaos he has just been corrupted by it, he is not particularly evil or vicious, he knows that his nature is an affront to Glorantha, he is just not ready to end yet.

He  tries to find uninhabited regions to skulk off into to hide from all, but even in the Elder Wilds he cannot be far from everyone all the time. However when hunted, pressed or attacked he defends his megre life with a vicious rage that comes from deep within.

Hated by trolls who  call him ‘stink’ and actively hunt him, but he has so far killed 3 Zorak Zoran war parties which have tracked him  down. Since which point there has been a fair bit of hunting, but not a lot of finding going on.

Nature:  Survivor
Demeanor: Loner
Physical: Strength  8*, Dexterity 1, Stamina 8
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 1, Perception 3
Social:  Manipulation 1, Appearance 0, Charisma 1
Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 1, Brawl 3*, Intimidation 4
Skills:  Missile 3, Melee 3*, Survival 2
Knowledge’s: Myth 1, Spirit Lore 1
Essence: 2
Quintessence: 6
Willpower: 6
Runes: Earth 1, Disorder 2, Man 1
Spirit Magic: Heal 2, Slow
Higher Magic: None
Virtues: None
Flaws & Merits: Extra health levels * 5, Throw/Create Gorp, Stink, Regeneration, Acid Touch

New Giants Encounters of the Elder Wilds

Three new wild giant encounters to add to the setting.


Standing at 10 meters tall ripper is well over 100 years old. As name would suggest is a violent and angry giant. The has a known range in the more mountainous areas of the Bear Hills and Woods.  He wears little in the way of  clothing and but has taken the time to fashion a pine tree into a passable wooden sword.

He is well aware of Elves, trolls and humans in the proximity. Due to previous encounters with Zorac Zoran trolls who called him a chaos monster before attacking him. Ripper has developed a deep almost pathological dislike of Trolls.

The Elves and runners of Bear Hills have been known to antagonise Ripper and let him chase them into groups of nearby trolls, therefore using him as an unwitting ally. The outcome is invariably the same, a combat in which the trolls fair badly and Ripper will use a number of trollkin as missile weapons. A tactic which is rarely effective but that Ripper enjoys. However when he gets hold of larger trolls or other creatures, ripper will rip them asunder and hurl the remaining parts at their demoralised foes.

As such trolls, elves and humans avoid Rippers range as much as possible, leaving him to his own devices.

Ripper is also not the brightest of Giants, and for some reason he perceives humans as potential giants if they would only grow at a decent rate. He is usually fascinated by them, thought he encounters them rarely. However when he is annoyed, grumpy or hungry ( as he often is ) they can still be the subject of his ire, or appetite.

Rippers only friend is Bunscoto the Giant who will visit him every couple of years.

Nature:  Loner
Demeanor:  Survivor
Physical: Strength  14*, Dexterity 2, Stamina 12
Mental : Intelligence 1, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:  Manipulation 1, Appearance 2, Charisma 1
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 4*, Intimidation 4
Skills: Crafts 1, Melee 4*, Survival 2
Knowledge’s: Medicine 3, Myth 1, Spirit Lore 1
Essence: 2
Runes: Earth 1, Disorder 2, Man 1
Spirit Magic: Slow, Heal 2
Higher Magic: None
Virtues: Vigor 4, Trust 1, Generosity 1
Backgrounds: None
Flaws & Merits: Acute smell, Extra health levels * 5
Gear: Large Wooden sword – 6 pts weapon

glacier pic

Kanbra Lizard Rider

At 6 meters a relatively young giant who enjoys the wild and solitude. He doesn’t care much for company people or civilizations, avoiding giant land and shunning troll and human civilization when he can.

Kanbra has set his goal of riding a thunder lizard. To this end he follows different packs of thunder lizards round the north plain. Often trying to mount one of them,  sometimes succeeding but never staying on for more than  a couple of minutes. Most of the thunder lizards on the north plain now know his scent and have become wary of him.

He is a young lithe and relatively dextrous giant with the range of motion and speed of movement which would not be uncommon in a human.  He like to climb, jump, run and otherwise amuse himself  with exercise.   Her has even develop camouflage skills and can hide himself in the wild in ways which would be surprising for a giant of his size.

The elves of the Eorling wilds watch him from afar amused by his antics, but view him as a potential threat to their forests.  As such they have dispatched a runner to act as his playmate and keep him away from the Aldyami Forests.

Nature: Daredevil
Demeanor:  Daredevil
Physical: Strength 8*, Dexterity 3, Stamina 8
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 2
Social: Manipulation 1, Appearance 3, Charisma 1
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 4, Brawl 3*, Intimidation 2
Skills: Crafts 2, Melee 3*, Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledge’s: Medicine 3, Myth 1, Spirit Lore 1
Essence: 2
Quintessence: 7
Willpower:  3
Runes:  Air 1, Disorder 1, Man 1
Spirit Magic: Co-ordination 2, Farsee
Higher Magic: None
Virtues: Vigor 4, Trust 2, Generosity 2
Backgrounds: Ally 1
Flaws & Merits: Acute smell, Extra health levels * 3
Gear: Furs – 1pt, Giant Club – 4pt

Kosa Tol

Kosa is an 8 meter tall giant who is one of the larger guardians of then Troll Temple complex at Blackspire Gorge.

Is part of the Trang tribe of trolls and a full initiate of Kygor Litor. He joined the tribe over 60 years ago and is a well known and well liked part of the tribe.

He wields a large metal spike club, and wears dinosaur hide armour made for him by the tribe. He rarely is called upon to fight and the threat of Kosa Tol is enough to settle many internal disputes or scare off most threats.

Kosa is loyal to the Great Old Mother and the leaders of the Trang tribe and very much sees the trolls as his people.  He is particularly friendly with a older troll priestess called Sur Mais and her family, it was Sur Mais who brought him into the tribe all those years ago.

A great fan of trollball who has been known to desert his post to go and watch a  game. He will talk for hours to anyone who will listen to him on the subject. Though he  is well known for being biased in favor of Trang teams and therefore isn’t allowed to referee the games.

Gon Orta has offered to teach him the wisdom and ways of the Great Giants and Kosa is considering the offer, but his tribe are not keen on him leaving for that long.

He visits the castle most years as the trolls use Kosa to clear the way through the snow for the first caravan into giant land every sea season. He gets on well with the other giants there and has little trouble following Gon Ortas rules.

Nature: Reveller
Demeanor:  Bravo
Physical: Strength 10*, Dexterity 2, Stamina 9
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 2
Social: Manipulation 1, Appearance 3, Charisma 2
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 1, Brawl 4*, Intimidation 4
Skills:  Melee 4*, Survival 1
Knowledge’s: Culture 2, Medicine 3, Myth 1, Spirit Lore 1
Essence: 2
Quintessence: 8
Willpower:  4
Runes:  Darkness 3, Disorder 1, Man 1
Spirit Magic: Co-ordination 2, Bludgeon 2, Darkwall, Heal 2
Higher Magic: None
Virtues: Vigor 3, Trust 3, Generosity 4
Backgrounds: Cult status 2, Status 2, Allies 2,
Flaws & Merits: Acute Smell,Extra health levels * 4
Gear: Dinosaur Armour – 4pt, Giant Maul – 5pt

*Note giants can only use there strength up to there melee skill for attack dice pool, so effective there dice pool is twice there melee stat. Full strength is used on damage dice pool.

Tusk Riders in Balazar: How to use them.

I published this nasty group of Tusk Riders about a month ago and got comments which suggested they were a little over powered and would make a mess of anything found in Balazar.

Both of which were true, but hadn’t phased me as these guys are not designed to be one (or many) combat encounter, but are designed to be a campaign plot theme. However seeing as I had not stated as such its very understandable that readers had not understood this.

descent pic

Background Principles

I have a number of thoughts as regards major plot which will be going on in the campaign setting;

  • Not everything going in a campaign setting on is at the players power level or is their business.
  • What the players can’t cope with shouldn’t come knocking down their door.
  • Things are in motion whether the players react or not
  • There should be a couple of believable safety valves to stop players directly getting involved with plots well beyond their power levels.
  • Ongoing ripples and consequences from these larger plots should be creating an impact on the lives of the characters.
  • All plot should aid in revealing parts of the story which are interesting to the players
  • As characters grow in power they are impacted more by higher level plots & foes
  • Solutions to campaign level plot require allies and politics as much as stats and powers

I would define the tusk rider as this type of  ongoing major plot device, which add background colour and teaches them about the campaign setting whilst the players can deal with their own plot.

For example,

My characters are a small party of Lunar fixers and hired help on their way to Elkoi. They are met by a Balazaring Clan who claim to be loyal to the Lunars and King Glyptus but have suffered at the hands of the Tusk Riders. The players are requested to pass this message on the Lunars in Elkoi, with complaints  about the actions of these lunar agents. This message is delivered and some political wrangling happens just at the periphery of the characters vision.

This slight interaction very quickly tells the players the following facts about the campaign setting;

  • The lunar administration is divided
  • King Glyptus is Weak
  • Some balazaring clans are Loyal
  • Halycon Von Enkorth is playing a high risk game

It could also create a whole storyline of being sent to molify the aggrieved clan without fighting the Tusk Riders, or being sent to rebuke the tusk riders on behalf of the empire.

Also an event as large as the tusk riders arriving in Elkoi lands  has a number of knock on effects, and could have more especially if Halycon sets the tusk riders in the rebel clans in Elmwood.

  • Accelerates the loss of loyalty from Elkoi clans
  • Heightens tensions between Trilus and Lunars
  • Destabilises the reign of King Glyptus
  • Heightens tension between Erpytus and Halycon
  • Brings Toraths Orlanthi out onto the west plain out to fight the threat
  • Creates 2 or 3 seasons of skirmishes and instability out on the west plain

So am using them to create a sense of movement, politics and threat whilst the players are still in the mindset of “That is dangerous let’s not go near it.”.

When I want to introduce direct interaction with them to campaign I will look to do the following to ensure we do for maximum game fun;

  • Players encounter small rides of appropriate power.
  • Players encounter them in the presence of potential allies for a stronger ride.
  • Players get the chance to ambush a stronger ride.
  • Tusk rider will be keen to taken on softer targets than the players without good reason.

Hopefully these initial encounters lead to a series of more direct encounters with the tusk riders in small groups which may be more challenging.

WOD:Glorantha – Balazaring Character Archetypes

Seeing as I have got the character definition a system just about started I thought id start to stat a few things up with as a test, below are the archetypes for the Balazar region.

These are quick stats for generic people you may meet and a nice place to start from if you are building more fully rounded NPC’s. I will fill out a few more types later in other posts but here some balazaring archetypes top start with.

From this point on all NPC’s and encounters will defined by WOD:Glorantha and maybe links to RQ6 encounter generator and any subsequent incarnations.

Archetype –  Balazaring Hunter, Foundchild initiate

Nature:                  Varied
Demeanour:        Predator/Traditionalist/Wanderer/Survivor
Physical:               Strength  2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental :                 Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:                     Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                  Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2,
Skills:                      Archery 3, Crafts 2 , Melee 2, Stealth 2, Survival 3
Knowledge’s:      Culture 2, Medicine 3, Myth 1, Spirit Lore 1
Essence:                 2
Quintessence:     7
Willpower:            3
Runes:                    Fire 1, Death 2, Harmony 2,
Spirit Magic:        Beast Call 2, Disruption 2, Mobility 2,Speedart
Rune Magic:        Pact foundchild 4
Virtues:                  Vigor 3, Trust 3, Generosity 3
Backgrounds:     Cult Status 1,  Dogs 2, Family 2, Destiny or Past Lives 2, Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:  None
Gear:                       2H Spear 3pt, Hand Axe 2pt, 1 pt furs

Archetype –  Balazaring Raider, Foundchild initiate

Nature:                 Varied
Demeanour:       Predator/Traditionalist/Wanderer/Survivor
Physical:               Strength  3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental :                 Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:                    Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                 Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3,
Skills:                     Archery 3, Crafts 2 , Melee 3, Stealth 2, Survival 3
Knowledge’s:     Culture 2, Medicine 2, Myth 2, Spirit Lore 1
Essence:                2
Quintessence:    7
Willpower:            4
Runes:                    Air 1, Death 2, Harmony2,
Spirit Magic:        Beast Call 2, Disruption 2, Mobility 2,Speedart, Bladesharp 2
Rune Magic:        Pact foundchild 4
Virtues:                  Vigor 4, Trust 3, Generosity 3
Backgrounds:     Cult Status 1, Dogs 2, Destiny, Family 2, Past Lives 2 Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:  None
Gear:                       2H spear 3pt, Hand Axe 2pt, Heavy Furs or leathers 2pt

Archetype –  Balazaring Gatherer, Hearth Mother Initiate

Demeanour:         Traditionalist/Wanderer/Follower/Survivor
 Physical:               Strength  2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Mental :                  Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Perception 3
Social:                     Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                  Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2,
Skills:                      Archery 2, Crafts 3 , Melee 2, Stealth 2, Survival 3
Knowledge’s:      Culture 2, Medicine 3, Myth 3, Spirit Lore 2
Essence:                 2
Quintessence:     7
Willpower:            3
Runes:                    Fire 2, Life 2, Man
Spirit Magic:        Beast Call 2, Disruption 2, Mobility 2,Speedart, Bladesharp 2
Rune Magic:         Pact Hearth Mother 4
Virtues:                  Resilient 3, Trust 3, Compassion 3
Backgrounds:     Cult Status 1, Destiny, Family 2, Past Lives 2 Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:   None
Gear:                        2pt spear, 2pt knife, 1 pt furs or leathers.

Archetype –  Balazaring Citadel Warrior, Yelamlio Initiate
Nature:                  Varied
Demeanour:        Bravo/Cavalier/Traditionalist/Preditor/Survivor
Physical:               Strength  3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental :                 Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:                    Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                  Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3,
Skills:                      Archery 3, Crafts 2 , Melee 3, Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledge’s:      Culture 2, Medicine 2, Myth 2, Spirit Lore 1
Essence:                 2
Quintessence:     7
Willpower:            4
Runes:                    Fire 2, Death 2,  Truth 1,
Spirit Magic:        Protection 2, Disruption 2,Speedart,  Bladesharp 2
Rune Magic:         Pact Yelmalio 3
Virtues:                   Vigor 4, Trust 3, Generosity 3
Backgrounds:      Cult Status 2, Destiny, Past Lives 2, Status 1, Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:   Geas -Never trust a foreigner,
Gear:                        2h Long spear 3pt, Battle Axe 3pt, 3pt Light Scale, Medium shield 1pt

Archetype –  Balazaring Pig Farmer, Yelmalio lay member
Demeanour:         Follower/Curmudgeon/Traditionalist
Physical:                Strength  2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Mental :                  Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 2
Social:                     Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                  Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2,
Skills:                      Animal Care 3, Crafts 2 , Commerce 2, Melee 1
Knowledge’s:      Culture 2, Medicine 2, Myth 1, Divine Lore 1
Essence:                 1
Quintessence:     4
Willpower:            3
Runes:                    Fire 1, Truth 1, Life 1,
Spirit Magic:         Endurance,  Heal, Becalm
Rune Magic:          None
Virtues:                   Vigor 2, Trust 4, Generosity 4
Backgrounds:       Cult Status 1, Family 2,  Property 1, Status 2, Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:   None
War Gear:               Knife 1pt,  Club 1pt, leathers 1pt

Archetype –  Balazaring Crafter, Yelmalio lay member
Nature:                    Varied
Demeanour:          Architect/Follower/Perfectionist /Traditionalist
Physical:                 Strength  2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Mental :                    Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Perception 2
Social:                       Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                    Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2,
Skills:                        Crafts 4 , Commerce 2, Melee 1
Knowledge’s:        Culture 2, Medicine 2, Myth 1, Divine Lore 1
Essence:                  2
Quintessence:      7
Willpower:             3
Runes:                      Fire 2, Truth 2, Mastery
Spirit Magic:         Endurance,  Crafters boon, Glue, Repair
Rune Magic:          None
Virtues:                   Vigor 3, Trust 3, Generosity 3
Backgrounds:       Cult Status 1, Family 2, Influence 1, Status 2, Witta 2
Flaws & Merits:    None
War Gear:                1H Short Spear 2pt, knife 1pt leathers 1pt

Tusk Riders in Balazar


Recently upon the word of the Aid to the Lunar Minister of Provencal Security concerning Balazar and its domains, Uhtan (Warlord) Ravic Deadman has been promised silver and hunting and raiding rights across significant land in Balazar, if he would bring a warband to support the work of the Lunar Empire for 2 years

Uhtan Ravic Deadman has brought 5 rides of Tusk riders north in his Warband, he knows the promises made are unlikely to be kept, but has little interest in land rights or hunting grounds. What he wants is the ability to raid, fight, bully and steal with the backing of the Lunar authorities. He knows this contract will go wrong but wants to cause as much harm and make as much profit as much as possible before it does.

Each ride of warriors is independent and only Ravics brutal personality keeps them together as a warband. The different rides will most often raid and work independently, but come together to camp in their hastily built stockade in the southern West Plain. Gold is paid to Ravic on a per job basis from Halycon and the tuskers riders are often used to  support Barons Blackshields.

Ravic does not believe that any of the Balazarings can stand against his riders and there are few that can. Small bands and individual  tusk riders travel north from the stinking forest time to time to join what is considered to be a successful war band.

broken land pic

Uhtan Ravic Deadman

A grizzled old tusk ride of some 35 years of age, he was been fighting and raiding since the age of nine and is still alive where few of his comrades are. Ruthless, violent, cruel, cunning and vicious he is everything a tusk rider leader should be.

He has travelled all over dragon pass, deep into Prax,  and has been north into Balazar twice before. The Uhtan has successfully lead his ride for over ten years now, but has taken his current title only for the past two. However he found little difficulty in raising five rides for the war band and is considered a successful leader.

Despite his cruelness and demeanour, Ravic is an incredibly bright individual who can see subtleties in situations and anticipate what will happen in the future very well.  This makes him cautious and he makes decisions defensively and always assumes he will be double crossed in any given situation.

Ravic is a powerful servant  of the bloody tusk and has bound spirits in hands taken from a Chalana Arroy priestess, an Issaries priest and a Orlanthi warrior. He rides beast of a Tusker which has been awaken by Ravics allied spirit and is known simply as Gore.

The deadmen

Ravics personal ride are called the Deadmen and they decorate their armour with the bones of humans, and there tuskers with the bones of various mounts so they often look like undead at first glance. There are about 30 tusk riders in the pack. The Uhtan keeps his  4 lieutenants in competition and conflict with each other, but if someone gets powerful enough to be  thinking about a challenge they are killed or thrown out of the ride.

Blood Rain

A ride of 18 tusk riders who are well travelled through dragon pass and down into Kethelia, they are experienced warriors and  are a highly efficient and effective unit.  They have been working with Uhtan Ravic on and off for 2 years now and have a good understanding with him.

The rides Athan is Snape Longeye, a particularly sly individual, who is fond of the ambush and the sneak attack. The rides name comes from the habit of hanging their prisoners upside down, and draining their blood onto the celebrating warriors underneath

A notable figure as well as Snape is ‘Draco the Wild’ an up and coming tusk rider of 14 years, who fights with the vigour of youth and experience of a warriors twice his age. A few in the war band mark him for either great things or a dagger in the back.

The Ironfist

A ride of experienced mercenaries who are much travelled, the ride contains 12 Tusk Riders who are known to worship both Zorac Zoran and the Bloody Tusk. This is their first time working with Uhtan Ravic, but both have good reputations  and expect the arrangement to go well.

The ride is named after a mystic item which the rides Atan wears, this iron gauntlet grants the wearer the power to catch an opponent’s weapon in combat.

The current Atan is Frac the Black, who took the group over 2 seasons ago after challenging the previous Atan. He is a fearsome warriors with nothing subtle about him.


The 8 tusk riders of this ride follow Atan ‘Raki the Cheetah’ a former Agimori from Prax who was captured and then survived tusk rider initiation over 10 years ago.

Due to Atan Raki  still feeling the needing to prove himself the Deathbringers are more intentionally cruel than other rides. They  also take more risks and have a much higher mortality rate. The surviving riders are very competent and ruthless warriors.

They have rode in Prax and the Stinking Forest previously and have only worked with Uhtan Ravic once before.


A ride of younger less experienced 16 tusk riders from the stinking forest, they are much less experienced and more arrogant than other riders. It is the first time they have followed Uhtan Ravic and he wouldn’t have taken them on if he could have got a more experience ride.

They are good time boys, who have only encountered battle on home turf with superior numbers to this point.  There Artan is a female tusk rider called Wispa who is a competent warrior but has to use  her powerful sexuality to control the ride.


Ride – A permanent group of 5 to 35 Tusker Riders  who follow an Atan and have family lies or connections.

Warband – A collection of rides lead by an Uhtan or war leader, this group is only ever temporary in nature and its continued survival is dependent upon the strength of its leader, the opportunity and the current success of the campaign.

Atan – Ride Leader loyal to no one, whose cooperation is earned or bought by a Uhtan

Uhtan – A warband Leader

Guttuz War Parties

Culture:  Mixed

Cults:  Zorac Zoran, Kyger Litor, Zong

Found: Bear Woods, Bear Hills

The Guttuz tribe is on permanent war footing at the moment, they are fighting the  Aldyami of Bear Woods, and pushing deeper into the woodlands. This fight is also bringing them into conflict with Balazaring hunters of the area, and some of the chaos emanating from festering isle. Also there is also some internal conflict with some clans unhappy with the new tribal leadership.

As a result of this most encounters with  the Guttuz will be predominantly violent.  Encounters can take a number of different forms.

Undead Raiders

The Guttuz are sending parties of animated undead into enemy territory with orders to destroy all non troll sentiment life they can find. They tend to comprise of a  small number of troll zombies and a larger number of skeletons which could be trollkin or human.

They will not negotiate, talk, use tactics, or ambush in anyway. They will just walk towards the party or other targets and try to kill them .

It is very possible that any corpses found in the troll side of the bear woods will be  reanimated at some point.

  Small Party Large Party
Dark Troll Zombie 1d4 – 1 2d2
Great troll Zombie 1d4 -3 1d3 – 1
Human skeleton 1d6 -2 1d6 -2
Trollkin Skeleton 2d4 2d4 + 4


Trollkin Raiders

Trollkin raiding parties are also being sent out, primarily to skirmish and kill, but also to set fires in the woods and engage in other acts of guerrilla warfare.

The skirmishing groups main targets are lone elves, runners, Balazaring women and children. They are trying to avoid conflict with groups warriors and inflict damage on more vulnerable targets.

The raiding parties will always be encountered at night, they will send scouts out before them and will usually know of the players first. Groups that seem weak or unprepared will be viable targets, stronger well guarded groups will be avoided, thought is possible night guards will spot the trollkin scouts as they leave the area.

If there were to attack the trollkin would skirmish concentrating most of their fire own on target will it goes down, then they move onto the next one.

  Trollkin Raiders
Superior Trollkin Leader 1
Trollkin Raiders 1d3 + 1
Trollkin Hunters 2d4 + 2
Watch Beetle 1d4 -1


Full War party

A full war party is a full gang of trollkin skirmishes with a group of trolls attached to it. They have been drilled in certain styles of fighting, and will use the same tactic in most situations. This group is mainly local hunters organised into a raiding party with one or two m,l       ore civilised Zorac Zoarn followers leader the party.

The Tribe will send a full war party out against a known target usually identified by trollkin raiders. Their targets will almost always groups of warriors of full communities of either humans or elves.

However they will be very happy to fight any random players they happen to stumble upon. The only exception this may be a troll party, but that may still turn into a fight.

The party travels with 3 trollkin scouts out front, and one to the rear. When combat is initiated the trollkin skirmish line will engage for 2 or 3 rounds with the trolls and zombies hidden out of site. They will then break and run back towards the group of trolls hoping the enemy will give chase.

At that point the trolls and zombies will charge( or stumble) into a hopefully disorganised enemy. If the opposition does not give chase the trolls will charge anyway. Finally the remaining trollkin return in flanking positions from which they attack with missiles or close for the kill.

This will be a very dangerous combat encounter for most parties and should be used scarcely because of such. Allowing the players to retreat early is always an option, or it the players are going down a counter attack by elves or hunters who have been tracking the war party may make for a longer game.

  War Party
Dark Troll ZoraK Zoran warriors 1
Dark Troll Raiders 1d3
Dark Troll Hunters 1d4
Great Troll Raiders 1d3-2
Great Troll Hunters 1d4-2
Great Troll Zombie 1d4 -2
Dark Troll Zombie 1d6 -2
Superior Trollkin Leader 1d3
Trollkin Raiders 1d3 + 1
Trollkin Hunters 2d4 + 2
Watch Beetle 1d4 -1