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Lunar Deserters – NPC’s for Balazar

The following three NPC’s can be found surviving out in the wilds of Balazar. They are deserters from the Sons of the Moon the mercenary company currently in garrison duty in Elkoi.

They will be somewhere between Elkoi and Trilus. They will be  avoiding obvious threats, official lunar parties, but looking for safety in numbers with other civilised or friendly travellers.

If players to not change the course of events it is likely these three will become retainers of Quintas at least in the medium term.

These NPC’s can easily moved and placed anywhere along the edges of the Lunar Empire.

Eshan the Wolf

Lunar Deserter, Initiate of Seven Mothers, Male 21

Eshan, is a lunar deserter the leader of this small group. Wandering the wilds of Balazar trying to work out what he should do next. He was a young talented half crescent leader in the Sons of the Moon, a mercenary company who were serving in garrison duty in Elkoi. He was tipped to be going places in the company before he deserted.

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Trolls & Trollkin WOD: Glorantha Stats – Part 1

Hi looking back at numbers of the Troll encounters, when i first started to put the site together. Decided I needed some WOD:Glorantha stats for the Trolls. It also allows me look at how the system will work for none humans so looking at a range of trolls below.

As with the Balazaring archetypes post use these stats for quickfire ‘off the cuff’ stats or a starting point for more detailed and bespoke characters.

For RQ players there is a post on how to understand and convert these stats on the fly.

Dark Troll Raiders

The trolls as well as being competent hunters, see raiding and combat as part of there role for there family and clan.  They will be more aggressive than a normal hunters and will seek to use there size advantage and strength advantage in melee sooner.

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Trolls & Trollkin WOD: Glorantha Stats – Part 2

Dark Troll War Leader

These dark trolls function almost exclusively as warriors and as such tend to be from the either the most civilised or warlike clans and tribes. As elite warriors they will wait for the skirmish to attack for a while before attacking with ferocious strength, when they will lead the charge.

Cult: Devotees of Zorak Zoran and/or Kyger Litor
Nature: Varied
Demeanour: Predator/Traditionalist/Bravo
Physical: Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5
Mental: Intelligence 2, Wits 4, Perception 4
Social: Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 4,  Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Dodge 4, Intimidation 5 , Subterfuge 2
Skills: Archery 2, Leadership 4, Melee 5, Stealth 4, Survival 4
Knowledge: Culture 2, Medicine 2, Myth 4, Divine Lore 5, Spirit Lore 2
Essence 5
Quintessence: 19
Willpower: 6
Runes: Darkness 5, Death 5, Disorder 3, Man 2
Spirit Magic: Bludgeon 4, Protection 4,  Fanaticism 3, Demoralise 2
Rune Magic:  Zorak Zoran 9, Crush, Berserker, Create Ghost,Create Zombie, Create Zombie,Seal Wound
Kyger Litor 6 Darksee, Blinding, Counter Chaos, Crush
Virtues: Courage 5, Self Control 4, Conscience 2
Backgrounds: Cult Status 3, Family 2, Destiny 2, Ransom 2, Resources 2, Status 3, Witta 1
Racial Abilities: Extra Health Level, Darksense, Light Sensitive
Equipment: two or three spirit charms (3 to 4pts), 5pt club/mace/maul, 2pt sling,  3pt composite leather & bone armour

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Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 1

After Clint Hills brilliant posts on the big rubble (see here) I have risen to challenge and started to create some miscellaneous encounters and plot hooks with a Balazar feel. I also did first come across these kind of encounters in Griffin Mountain many years ago.

The following are ideas for one off colour encounters or maybe hook and starting points for a whole story or campaign theme. I would suggest not rolling using random dice rolls in gaming session to select but perusing the ideas and choosing what would work for your group, or using these ideas just to spark your own.

I have intentionally left many loose ends and unexplained details to allow some creativity from both players and GM.

1. The Lost Child – Repeatable, Balazar
A small Balazaring human child can be found alone, crying and wandering in the wilds. The child is about 2 years old and understands the Balazaring tongue but is not able to speak yet. Continue reading Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 1

Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 2

The next set of miscellaneous encounters which may be found in Balazar numbers 11 -20.

11. Lost Pack Beetle – Repeatable, Anywhere
A tired , drained but fully laden pack beetle of a troll merchant is mooching and hiding in a shaded corner. It’s owner or guards are nowhere to be seen. If approached it will attempt to ram players, knock them over and run  away. However if chased it will soon tire as its in an exhausted state.

There are a large range of troll goods which are mainly disgusting,  but may include something useful or appealing to for humans.

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Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 3

The next 10 miscellaneous encounters for Balazar;

21. A Localised Frost – Repeating, Anywhere
A heavy and unseasonal frost falls in the night. Characters wake numerous times in the night with teeth chattering, and the sounds of distressed animals calling out in the night. Even in the night the whiteness of the frost can be seen spreading. Those who watch carefully maybe able to see white figures floating through the night, the frost emanating from there silhouettes.

The players will gain no power or recover from any wounds that night, they will have to make a constitution (or stamina) role to not be significantly fatigued for the next day.

The next morning the frost covers a area with a radius of a couple of miles. The players will also discover a wild animal standing still which has been frozen completely solid, with a terrified look upon its face.

22. High Falls – Once, Anywhere
The players find a beautiful waterfall where a stream plunges 60 foot into a deep pool, behind the waterfall is a cave which is secluded and dry apart from it the rainiest of seasons. Continue reading Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 3

Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 5

The last of this series for at least a while, a note which should be  reasonably obvious but for repeatable encounters most will require some minor changes of details between incarnations.

41. Fight Club – Repeatable, Anywhere
The players will first encounter the body of a hunting dog, which was wounded by sling shots , and then crushed by a large club. Then 20 yards later the body of a trollkin pierced by a javelin and throat ripped by what looks like a dog bite.

Over the next 1/2 mile they find bodies of 2 more dogs , a hunter and 3 trollkin. A good tracking roll will allow the player to confirm that Balazaring hunters fought a skirmishing retreat against a party of trolls & trollkin.

Eventually there players will come to a clearing where the hunters made there last stand, 4 hunters lie with their heads caved in by a  large maul or club, 3 more hunting dogs and 3 trollkin  also lie dead in the clearing.

All the corpses look about  2 days old. A successful tracking roll will show a party of two dark trolls and 3 trollkin left the site after the fight.

42. Disused Dwarf Workings – unique, mountains
High in the mountains if one of the players makes a spot check they will see a cave which has odd regular lines in its opening. Upon further examination it leads to a cut stone corridor of dwarven design with 3 disused barrack rooms leading off it. Continue reading Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 5

Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 4

Hopefully these will maintain a nice flavour of Balazar. For the repeating encounters in all posts change the details and the form for each version of the encounter.

31. Brass Horseman – unique, plains

The players encounter a bronze statue of a horseman placed on plinth in the middle of open plains. The rider holds and lance aloft and is his style is pentian. He has a royal and regal demeanour.  Two herds of horses can be seen in close proximity to the statue.

Any players riding horse will notice that his horse suddenly seems more alert and to not be affected by any of the fatigue of the days travel.  In fact close proximity to the statue will remove all feelings of fatigue from any horse mounted or not.

The statue is of Sheng Seleris. Anyone seeking to damage to the statue will get a deep sense of foreboding as they approach it, this increases and they have to make a power(willpower ) role between every blow, a failed roll means they will run away till they drop from exhaustion.

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Lunar Patrol – NPC’s or Pregen Characters


The following group has really been written as a test of the character creation system, for NPC’s and as pre gens for a game I may run in the future. However if a ref has a need of a detailed and interesting lunar patrol for interaction, or recurring NPC’s these guys may make an interesting group.


The core of the group area half crescent(different terms for file) from a mercenary company  of Peltasts called the Sons of the Moon, who usually recruit and operate in Vaunch and Holay and are often hired by the provincial army.  They are currently being rotated through Balazar on garrison duty.

These mercenary’s are lunar worshippers and are loyal to the Empire, they are also a cohesive unit and have been working together for some years, like most units they are prone to resent outsiders. Continue reading Lunar Patrol – NPC’s or Pregen Characters

Twisted Giants of the Elder Wilds

Two twisted giants write ups, well one and one that formed into something a little different in the write up;

Annis the One Eye

This 7 meter tall ‘Giant’ has only moved into the Elder Wilds region in the last 30 years. Originating from Near the Blue Moon plateau, something has drawn this beast towards the Elder Wilds.

His skin is made of rough armoured grey plates and most of the  time he walks on all fours placing his weight on the back of his forearms like a oversized Gorilla. His face sports one lidless eye and no other features, and the palms of his forearms contain two gaping mouths similar to those of Krashtkids.

He has the chaotic ability to discorporate and attack other giants in spirit combat, if he wins he forcers the giants spirit into his old body anda chaotic taint and he then starts the process of corruption upon the new body. The giants of giant land know this and are both hunting him but scared to confront him.

He is actually being drawn to chaos holy ground and plans to make ritual sacrifice there for more chaotic features .

He is escorted by a pack of broo who have decided to follow him since he has entered the Elder Wilds region. he finds them useful annoying but amusing at the same time and has tolerated them for the moment.

If Gon Orta hears of his whereabouts he will hire any group of heros powerful enough he comes across to track down and kill this abomination.

Annis is not actually a giant but a spirit of corruption which has been gifted with the ability to posses giants bodies. Killing its current host body will not destroy it but force it back to Spirit Plane where it will bid its time before it can return again.

Annis has a particular dislike for gentled giants and wishes to posses those more than any other.

Nature:  Corrupter
Demeanor:  Monster
Physical: Strength  9*, Dexterity 1, Stamina 11
Mental : Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Perception 4
Social:  Manipulation 3, Appearance 0, Charisma 1
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 1, Brawl 3*, Intimidation 3
Skills:  Melee 4*, Survival 2
Knowledge’s: Medicine 3, Myth 1, Spirit Lore 4
Essence: 2
Runes: Chaos 6, Spirit 4, Movement 2
Spirit Magic: Spirit Block 4, Heal 3,
Higher Magic: 8pts from ; Corruption, Blessing of Chaos, Fear, Madness
Virtues: None
Backgrounds: Followers 3
Flaws & Merits: Extra health levels * 5, Natural Armour 4 pts, spirit combat attack

blue wood pic


Formerly a 10m giant, but is now very slowly shrinking and melting away. He was previously a Gentled Giants and a disciple of Gon Orta til about 30 years ago Granny Keeneyes lured him to festering isles and he was corrupted by her magics and the proximity of the chaos well at the bottom of the lagoon.

Has since taken the form of a shambling oozing giant humanoid mess, with Gorps like creatures coalescing on its torso and limbs and sliding off in its wake. He currently stands at 8 meters in height and is slowly loosing body mass.

If engaged in combat  he emits a vociferous odour and characters must make stamina roll to be able to approach to attack, he is also capable of launching Gorps as missile weapons 4 times a day, is capable of fully regenerating damage bit must ‘use’ of one its Gorp attacks to do so.

Rasulan is not a creature who has embraced chaos he has just been corrupted by it, he is not particularly evil or vicious, he knows that his nature is an affront to Glorantha, he is just not ready to end yet.

He  tries to find uninhabited regions to skulk off into to hide from all, but even in the Elder Wilds he cannot be far from everyone all the time. However when hunted, pressed or attacked he defends his megre life with a vicious rage that comes from deep within.

Hated by trolls who  call him ‘stink’ and actively hunt him, but he has so far killed 3 Zorak Zoran war parties which have tracked him  down. Since which point there has been a fair bit of hunting, but not a lot of finding going on.

Nature:  Survivor
Demeanor: Loner
Physical: Strength  8*, Dexterity 1, Stamina 8
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 1, Perception 3
Social:  Manipulation 1, Appearance 0, Charisma 1
Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 1, Brawl 3*, Intimidation 4
Skills:  Missile 3, Melee 3*, Survival 2
Knowledge’s: Myth 1, Spirit Lore 1
Essence: 2
Quintessence: 6
Willpower: 6
Runes: Earth 1, Disorder 2, Man 1
Spirit Magic: Heal 2, Slow
Higher Magic: None
Virtues: None
Flaws & Merits: Extra health levels * 5, Throw/Create Gorp, Stink, Regeneration, Acid Touch