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Cyriel’s Traders Character Write Ups

Character write ups for Cyriels merchants and  apprentices.

Vestan Imtherman – Merchant, Imtherian Male 28, Etyries Initiate

Vestan is Young brown haired and bearded trader, tall thin and lean hailing from Imther. He first worked a Cyriels Imther depot and has proved himself mildly competent.

He is a good trader but also  a coward and scared of fighting men, therefore he used mainly  in the trading house and not on Cyriels Military contracts. He is also bullied by and sacred of Cyriel. Vestans attitude to conflict is to avoid at any opportunity.

Has a good knowledge of furs and pelts, and is adept at working with the Balazaring hunters. He has  an interest in mystical and shamanic items and good relationships with a few of the local shamans, he will often have a small handful of Shamanic charms available for sale.

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Cyriels Prostitutes

The final characters in the series describing Cyriel Endalkar and his entourage. This section looks over the major characters who work on his whorehouse.

It is a little grim and its tones based on the film ‘The whistleblower’. It is intended to shock, be difficult, and provoke thought. If that is not why you and your players game I would politely suggest passing this over.

A synopsis is that Warda has persuaded Cyriel to ditch his traditional girls, and use slaves from his own stock or specifically bought for the whorehouse. Dashin who Guards the girls is also a follower of Thed and is also abusing them and using the trauma to spread passion spirits of rape around the citadel.

Stats will be added at a later date.

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Cyriel’s Endelkars Business Interests

Cyriel Endelkar is a Lunar merchant based in Elkoi and the most prosperous private citizen in Balazar;

Business Interests

Cyriels business in Elkoi are interests are both diverse and substantial;

Supplier of the Imperial Garrison – Cyriel is responsible for the supply caravans  which come from his depots in Soldier Fort, Holay Fort and Tashford.  He is also responsible for paying for the guarding of these caravans which is sometimes done by local contacts, mercenary irregulars or regular lunar troops.

This is both his most lucrative business interest and his greatest expense, he has at least three full time staff at each of his depots responsible for buying, logistics and the hiring or mercenaries for the caravans.

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Lunar Names Part 1- Lodrilli, Pelandan & Pelorian Names

This is the first of number of posts on different names from the Lunar Empire, these will be by the main subcultures of the Empire.  The aim of these is to make quick is easy names lists for refs and to choose character names from.

The first list is for rural common Pendalaran and Pelorian folk, The names will have been created by searching what has been published to date, creating stems and suffixes cross referencing them to create a long varied list.

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Lunar Names Part 2 – Carmanian Names

As part of the Lunar Empire names for  Glorantha and Runequest, here is a list of potential Carmanian name ideas.

This is taken from published sources, stemming the known names and some ‘Jiggery Pokery’ from me.

Its  a cheat list and should save some time and add a flavour to your names.

I’ve merged prefixes and suffixes again so its a long list and there may be some howlers

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Lunar Names Part 3 – Dara Happen Names

After raiding the fortunate succession and then hacking some  Babylonian names  I have come up with a list of Dara Happen names.

The longer the name generally the higher status of the individual. Note women’s names are much shorter than men’s names.

Names are often appended with titles, honorifics or family names as suits the tradition of a family.

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Lunar Names  Part 4 -Saird, Vanch and Holay

I wanted to do a distinct set of character names for the Saird area of the lunar empire, once because it is close to Balazar and thus my campaign.  Two because I think it has a distinct feel and culture.

The suggestion was made of using Persian names, which worked out well on a lunar patrol I created from Saird. So I have curated a list of ancient and modern Persian names.

I have tried to take the most popular and obviously arab names out and give a list which to most western eyes would suit a fantasy setting.

Mens Sairdite Names

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Lunar Names  Part 5 – Imperial Lunar Names

As well as the regional and cultural names of the Empire, those who are devoted  to the Lunar Way either take up or are given fully lunarised names. These show an individuals commitment to the Lunar Way and their decision to  forsake cultural ties and norms for the Lunar path.

My starting point list for these names is the HQ supplement Under the Red Moon – The Imperial Handbook part 2, the Guide to Glorantha and a few published Lunar names to date. Apart from the Guide to Glorantha, a lot of these publish and suggested names had a faux roman feel to them, and though that is no longer the preferred approach, these published names stand.

To bridge this delicate balance of wanting to acknowledge what had gone before I have curated a list of published and suggested names, and supplemented them with latin versions of middle eastern names, removing ones which have become part of popular western culture. This should keep one foot on what has come before, but hopefully satisfy the new direction.

Mens Lunar Names

Abisai, Achaicus, Alanthorne, Ananias, Arimtasus, Aronius, Belial, Bellese, Brutus, Brygesus, Carpus, Cephas, Cleopas, Cormanius, Cyriel, Cyrush, Daerius, Dalamides, Darscion, Daryli, Dismas, Doskalos, Elias, Erglyptus, Eryptus, Eutychus, Festus, Foranum, Habacuc, Halycon, Hapzar, Helius, Herodes, Horsensus, Ithamar, Ivex, Jacobus, Jairus, Johel, Krendathus, Krentius, Michas, Mnason, Neemias, Obed, Odendas, Peridas, Pharatees, Phares, Poleus, Quintas, Reskil, Samael, Sidus, Silas, Silvius, Talius, Taticus, Thadus, Undrendum, Vakthan, Yoritasus

Womens Lunar Names

Adina, Aelia, Agar, Alba, Antonia, Astarte, Asvedava, Aurelia, Balbina, Bethania, Bindesa, Bruta, Cardea, Daere, Damaris, DenesKerva, Dido, Dina, Diovena, Elissa, Ephrath, Estara, Ester, Eva, Felkenna, Gordasta, Greya, Hortensa, Iovita, Iula, Jezra, Jorgeva, Junia, Kevenna, Lia, Liva, Neemia, Nesseve, Pomena, Quinta, Rahel, Rhoda, Ruvallena, Saffira, Sarra, Sila, Silvia, Tharkal, Thersa, Valere, Varna, Vella, Yoritase, Zelpha


Lunar names are often suffixed by the following phrases;

  • Agga (glory of)….
  • Dava (victory to)…..
  • Suren (light of)…..
  • Ven (dedicated to)….

Followed by the name of Lunar deity or Hero. For example “Elias Suren Rufelza” would be an example of this extended name.