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Cyriel’s Traders Character Write Ups

Character write ups for Cyriels merchants and  apprentices.

Vestan Imtherman – Merchant, Imtherian Male 28, Etyries Initiate
Vestan is Young brown haired and bearded trader, tall thin and lean hailing from Imther. He first worked a Cyriels Imther depot and has proved himself mildly competent.

He is a good trader but also  a coward and scared of fighting men, therefore he used mainly  in the trading house and not on Cyriels Military contracts. He is also bullied by and sacred of Cyriel. Vestans attitude to conflict is to avoid at any opportunity.

Has a good knowledge of furs and pelts, and is adept at working with the Balazaring hunters. He has  an interest in mystical and shamanic items and good relationships with a few of the local shamans, he will often have a small handful of Shamanic charms available for sale.

Vestan caries and torch for Parisa Pinedaughter, but she likes him as a friend but never as a lover. He may find some courage if he ever found himself in a position to impress here.

Nature:                  Wanderer
Demeanour:         Poltroon
Physical:                 Strength 2 , Dexterity 2 , Stamina 3
Mental :                 Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Perception 3
Social:                     Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                  Alertness 1, Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Dodge 2, Empathy 3, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2
Skills:                      Commerce 4,Crafts 2, Mechanisms 2,Melee 1,Riding 3,Stealth 2, Survival 1
Knowledge’s:        Academics 2, Culture 2,Investigation 2,Languages 1,Medicine 1 ,Myth 2, Divine Lore 3, Spirit Lore 2
Essence:                 3                                             
Quintessence:      10
Willpower:            4
Runes:                    Moon 2, Communication 3, Movement 2, Spirit 2
Spirit Magic:          Golden Tongue, Befuddle, Heal, Mobility, Spirit Shield, Spirit Binding, Farsee
Rune Magic:          Runepoints Etyries 8;
Virtues:                 Bravery 1, Prudent 2, Generous 3
Backgrounds:        Allies 2, Contacts 2, Cult Status 2, Family 2, Past Lives 4,  Ransom 3, Resources 3, Status 2
Flaws & Merits:     Inferiority Complex (1pt flaw), Common Sense (1pt merit)
Equipment:           Kopis 2pt weapon, 1pt leather Armour, 4 or 5 assorted shamans charms, riding horse

Balandi Mooneyes – Merchant, Balazaring, Male 52, Etyries Initiate
A short and somewhat wiry individual, with long platted grey hair and a weathered face.

Balandi is originally from Balazar Has worked for Cyriel since Cyriels arrived in Elkoi, first as guide and guard and now a trader.  Balandi is one of Cyriels most trusted advisors and has also become a friend to the merchant.

Over the years Balandi has visited  been to both to Mrins cross and Filichet and loves to tell the stories of his travels within the empire. He is somewhat awestruck by the size and scale of the cities he has seen.

Balandi dislikes soldiers and this enables him to drive a hard bargain with them, and take a firm line when required. As such he is Cyriels principle man when dealing with the Lunar army. Balandi is universally disliked by all the military personnel who deal with him.

Also Balandis hearing is also going due to age, which he exaggerates and often uses to his advantage.

Balandi has developed a love of most things lunar including Gold Jewellery which he loves to show off and wear ostentatiously, and  the daughter of one of the lunar local farmers who he has taken as a wife and is also shown off like fashion accessory.

Nature:                  Explorer
Demeanour:         Follower
Physical:                 Strength 2 , Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Mental :                 Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Perception 3
Social:                     Manipulation 4, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents:                  Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 2,Dodge 3,Empathy 2, Intimidation 2,Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 2
Skills:                      Archery  2, Commerce 3, Crafts 1, Melee 3 ,Riding 3, Stealth 2, Survival 3
Knowledge’s:        Culture 4, Languages 3,Medicine 2,Myth 2,Politics 2, Divine Lore 2, Spirit Lore 2
Essence:                 4
Quintessence:      17
Willpower:            6
Runes:                    Moon 4, Death 2, Harmony 2, Communication 4, Movement
Spirit Magic:          Golden Tongue 3, Befuddle, Heal 2, Disruption, Mobility, Speedart 2
Rune Magic:          Rune Points Etyries: 9,
Virtues:                 Vigor 3, Trust 2, Generosity 2
Backgrounds:        Allies 2, Contacts 3, Cult Status 2, Family 1, Influence 1, Mentor 3, Past Lives 2, Property 2, Resources 3,  Status 2
Flaws & Merits:    Gall ( 2pt Merit), Hard of hearing (1pt flaw)
Equipment:           Warriors Cuibolli Armour, Kopis 2pt, weapon, Riding Horse, Self Bow 2pt weapon

Orstevin  Organson,  – Apprentice Merchant, Holayan male 21, Etyries initiate
Orstevin is the Oldest of Cyriels apprentices, then third son of a farmer from Holay Ford he feels privileged in the position he is in. He is hardworking and honest to a fault and loyal to Cyriel and his operation. Cyriels has high hopes for him and want to retain him in his organisation.

Due to his background he knows his food, grains and livestock well , and assists Balandi with the Lunar army contract. He has a helpful and open manner and a such most of the soldiers go to him to get issued resolves. However he has  a confident manner for his age and takes little attitude from soldiers, drovers or any of the other older men he deals with day to day.

He is broad shouldered and has  a plain honest farmers face. A mop of sandy hair and a thin wispy beard. A number of the local girls hold a candle for Ostervin, but he has settled with the daughter of an Elkoi potter and hopes to get married when his apprenticeship finishes later this year.

Ostervin has picked up the Balzarings love of dogs and a large fighting dog he calls ‘blackfang’ accompanies him most of the time.

Nature:                  Guardian
Demeanour:         Optimist
Physical:                 Strength 4 , Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental :                 Intelligence 3 , Wits 2, Perception 2
Social:                     Manipulation 2, Appearance 4, Charisma 4
Talents:                  Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2,Dodge 2,Empathy 2, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 2
Skills:                      Commerce 3, Crafts 2, Etiquette 1, Leadership 1, Melee 2 ,Riding 2, Survival 1
Knowledge’s:        Academics 1 ,Culture 2, Languages 3, Myth 2, Divine Lore 2,
Essence:                 2             
Quintessence:      8
Willpower:            4
Runes:                    Moon 1, Earth 2, Life 2, Commerce 1
Spirit Magic:         
Rune Magic:          Rune Points 3,
Virtues:                 Bravery 4, Prudent 4, Generous 4
Backgrounds:        Contacts 1, Cult Status 2,  Family 2,  Mentor 2, Resources 2, Status 1
Flaws & Merits:    One of us (2pt merit), Concentration (1pr merit)
Equipment:           Stave 2pt weapon, Kopis 2pt weapon, 1pt leathers

Gasgus – Apprentice merchant Balazaring male 19, Etyries Initiate
A good looking young man of obvious balazaring colouring features but with a genuinely civilized and refined demeanour. Well spoken, polite and articulate. He is tall and lean, with close cropped hair and faced fully shaved.

It is an open secret that Gasgus is the bastard son of King Glyptus, from one of the palace serving girls many years ago. He is not officially acknowledged  or recognised but is patronised by Glyptus, who asked Cyriel to take him on as an apprentice from an early age.

Cyriel has become fond of Gasgus who he treats almost like a son, Gasgus travels most places with Cyriel, and he is well travelled for a young man.  He has become a competent  merchant and has a developed a knack of languages and dialects. He has in fact developed into  a scholarly young man and is becoming well read on a number of subjects.

Queen Hectis perceives that Gasgus is a potential threat to her children’s future and is considering having him killed. Cyriel currently sees Gasgus as the only current potential heir to his fortune and is keen to see the lad continue his legacy.

Nature:                  Explorer
Demeanour:         Follower
Physical:                 Strength 2 , Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Mental :                 Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Perception 3
Social:                     Manipulation 2, Appearance 4, Charisma 3
Talents:                  Alertness 2, Artistic 1, Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Dodge 1,Empathy 2, Subterfuge 1
Skills:                      Commerce 3, Etiquette 3, Leadership 1,Melee 2,Riding 2, Survival 1
Knowledge’s:        Academics 3 ,Culture 3,Investigation 1,Languages 3,Myth 2,Politics 2, Divine Lore 2,
Essence:                 3
Quintessence:      12
Willpower:            4
Runes:                    Moon 2, Communication 3, Movement 2, Earth 1, Magic 1
Spirit Magic:          Golden Tongue 3, Detect 3, Befuddle, Healing 3
Rune Magic:          Runepoints 8;
Virtues:                 Conviction 3, Loyalty 4, Conciliation 3
Backgrounds:        Allies 1, Contacts 2, Cult Status 2, Influence 2, Mentor 4, Resources 2, Status 2
Flaws & Merits:    Enemy – Queen Hectis (4pt flaw), Natural Linguist (2pt merit)
Equipment:           2pt leather armour, 2pt kopis, sling 2pt weapon, 3 or 4 books, 3pt power storage crystal

Parisa Kinddaughter – Apprentice Merchant Balazaring female, 18, Seven Mothers and Etyries Initiate
Parisa is highly gifted and able. Born to a local lunar farmer. A former student of Electora Kindtounge, she was recommended to Cyriel by Electora.

She can read and write well and is highly numerate, and she is used to do most of the inventory at the wharehouse, and is the only other person Cyriel lets work on the books.

She was present when old priestess died. She had a great love for the Kindly priestess  and now a great hatred for Marusa, as she believes very firmly ( and is right) that Marusa poisoned the old priestess. She has to date never mentioned this to anyone as she think say something may get her killed.

She is still devout and takes her religion seriously. The life of a merchant is not what she eventually wants to be doing. She eventually wants to move into the empire proper and study at one of the larger temples. She will be happy to leave Cyriel and join up with anyone who realistically can help her achieve that goal.

Nature:                  Plotter
Demeanour:         Sage
Physical:                 Strength 2 , Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Mental :                 Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Perception 3
Social:                     Manipulation 3, Appearance 3, Charisma 4
Talents:                  Alertness 2, Artistic 2, Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Dodge 1,Empathy 2, Subterfuge 1
Skills:                      Commerce 2, Etiquette 2, Leadership 1,Melee 1,Riding 2, Survival 1
Knowledge’s:        Academics 2 ,Culture 2,Investigation 1, Medicine 2,Languages 1,Myth 2,Politics 2, Divine Lore 3
Essence:                 3
Quintessence:      15
Willpower:            3
Runes:                    Moon 3, Communication 3, Movement 2, Death 2, Life 2
Spirit Magic:          Golden Tongue 2,Befuddle, Healing 3; Dispel Magic 2
Rune Magic:          Runepoints 8;
Virtues:                 Conviction 4, Loyalty , Conciliation 4
Backgrounds:        Allies 1, Contacts 2, Cult Status 2, Influence 2, Mentor 3, Resources 2, Status 2
Flaws & Merits:    Lightning calculator (2pt merit), Intolerance – Marusa (1pt flaw),
Equipment:           1pt leathers, staff 2pt weapon, knife 1pt weapon

Cyriels Endelkars People – Overview

Cyriels People

Cyriel Endelkar – Human, Lunar citizen, Priest of Etyries
Cyriel is rich, connected, greedy, a close friend of King Glyptus, occasional lover of the queen and probably the richest man in Balazar.

A lean and charismatic man in his late forties, with salt and pepper hair and beard. Has a very well defined and proper posture and moves gracefully. His manners are exquisite, his accent refined , his discourse educated and this is all but wasted on most people in Balazar.

His manner is brusque with servants  menials and lower spending clients but will turn the charm on with potential clients he perceives are willing to spend a considerable amount.

He hails from from Mrins Cross and has good connections in the Lunar Provincial army supply core which got him this lucrative contract to supply the Elkoi garrison.

Highly organised efficient and effective businessman. With a controlling nature. His motivation is to always continually gain more control of the environment round him. Cyriel can suffer from avarice and will spend huge amounts of resources to obtain rare and unusual items which catch his eye.

Cyriel has been working with Halycon and Marusa to destabilise non-lunar Balazar, with an eye to creating inroads into new markets and to turn a profit. He sees the Balazaring Orlanthi as a specific threat to the long term profitability of his business dealings, and will pay handsomely for useful information he could use against them. He would pay more for their deaths.

Nature:   Conniver
Demeanour:  Autocrat
Physical:   Strength 3 , Dexterity 4, Stamina 3
Mental :  Intelligence 5, Wits 5, Perception 5
Social:   Manipulation 5, Appearance 4, Charisma 4
Talents:   Alertness 4, Artistic 3, Athletics 3, Brawl 3,Dodge 3,Empathy 4,Expression 4,Intimidation 4,Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 5
Skills:    Archery 3, Commerce 5,Etiquette 4,Leadership 3, Melee 3,Riding 3,Stealth 3
Knowledge’s:   Academics 3 ,Culture 4,Investigation 2,Languages 4,Medicine 2 ,Myth 4,Politics 4, Divine Lore 5, Spirit Lore 4
Essence:   5
Quintessence:  24
Willpower:  6
Runes:  Moon 4, Communication 5, Movement 4, Magic 4, Earth 2, Truth
Spirit Magic:  Detect 3, Fireblade 3, Dispel Magic 4, Befuddle 2, Farsee, Strength, Golden Tongue 4  
Rune Magic:  Etyries Runepoints – 13.  Dismiss Magic, Extension, Warding, Multispell, Pathwatch, Reflection, Matrix Enchantment, Worship Etyries, Reflection, Exchange Spells, Pathwatch
Virtues: Conviction 5, Loyalty 2, Conciliation 3             
Backgrounds: Allies 4, Artefact 4, Contacts 5, Cult 4, Status 4, Influence 4, Property 5, Ransom 4, Resources 5, Status 4
Flaws & Merits: Cynical Nature – 2pt merit, Intolerance bad manners – 1pt flaw, Lightening calculator 2pt merit
Equipment:  Power Storage Crystal 6, Healing potions 5 ( * 3), Light padded armor 1pt, Kopis 2pt, Staff 2pt, composite bow 3pt

Allied Spirit: Night Watch
Essence: 4
Quintessence: 12
Runes:    Moon 3, Communication 3, Movement 2,
Spirit Magic: Heal 4, Mobility 2, Disruption, Invisibility, Light , Bladesharp 2, Bludgeon 2

Bound Spirit: Blackie – Bound in Raven:
Essence: 2
Quintessence: 7
Runes:    Darkness 2,  Magic 2, Death 1
Spirit Magic: Counter Magic 4, Protection 3,

Jasela Ca Tibera, Cryiel’s Woman,Human, Initiate of the Seven Mothers
Jasela was once the daughter of a Carmarthen petty noble family, sold into slavery after father rebelled against his Lord. She was bought by Cyril three season ago for the whorehouse, but never made it there.

A lithe and pretty girl, who knows that her position is dependent upon her looks.  She takes great care to ensure she is always well presented and goes to considerable length to avoid any manual work

She seems to enjoy her status and position as Cyriel’s woman. But has an odd love hate relationship with him. She is free to go if she wishes, but chooses not to a she is scared of life on her own. She is however bitter about her life story and blames Cyriel for his part in it. She is possessive of him and knows about his illicit affairs with the Queen.

Jasela is feisty, strong willed but lacking friends.  She had been drawn towards Marusa’s worship of Jackeel the witch, but the queens interest stops her from joining the convern.

She is  looking for a source of power and validation in her life. She is alo looking to maintain her relative privilege and get out Elkoi if she can. Has no loyalty to Cyriel and will ditch him if a better offer comes along.

Nature:   Survivor
Demeanour:  Reveller
Physical:  Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Mental :  Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Perception 3
Social:   Manipulation 2, Appearance 4, Charisma 3
Talents:   Alertness 2, Artistic 2, Athletics 1, Brawl 1 ,Dodge 2,Empathy 4,Expression 3, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 4
Skills:  Commerce 2, Etiquette 3, Riding 3
Knowledge’s:  Academics  2,Culture 3,Investigation 1,Languages 2,Medicine 2,Myth 2,Politics 2, Divine Lore 2
Essence:  2
Quintessence:  3
Willpower:  4
Runes:  Moon 2, Man 3, Fertility 2
Spirit Magic:  Golden Tongue 3, Detect 2. Befuddle
Rune Magic:  Rune Points: 4
Virtues:  Conviction 3, Loyalty 2, Conciliation 5
Backgrounds:  Allies 2, Cult Status 2, Destiny 2,  Influence, Mentor, Ransom 2, Resources 2, Status 2
Flaws & Merits:  Weak willed – 2pt flaw
Equipment:  Expensive clothes and Jewellery, dagger 1pt

Cyriels People;

The following are Cyriels staff who are usually working out of Elkoi;

Traders & Apprentices

  • Vestan Imtherman – Merchant, Imtherian Male 28, Etyries Initiate
  • Balandi Mooneyes – Merchant, Balazaring, Male 36, Etyries Initiate
  • Orstevin Orlagson,  – Apprentice Merchant, Holayan male 21, Etyries initiate
  • Gasgus the younger – Apprentice Merchant, Balazaring Male 19, Etyries Initiate
  • Parisa Kinddaughter – Apprentice Merchant Balazaring Female, 18, Seven Mothers and Etyries Initiate

Guards & Enforcers

  • Karvann Trueface – Chief Enforcer, Balazaring Male, Initiate of Seven Mothers
  • Aman ‘the fox’- Tax collector, Human, Male, 26 Seven Mother Initiate
  • Baddock ‘the weasel’ – Tax collector, Balazaring, Male 29, Seven Mothers Initiate
  • Shahin Longspear – Guard, Vaunchite, Male 26, Initiate of Seven Mothers
  • Wulanthi Brighteyes – Scout/Guard, Balazaring Male 43, Devotee of Foundchild
  • Dastal – Guard, Vanchite Male 26 – Initiate of Seven Mothers and Thed
  • Darisuh Spearsun – Trashite male 28, Initiate of Seven Mothers

Cyriel will have 3 to 6 other armed men guarding slaves and stock as required, this will be hired on and ad hoc basis from the guards arriving from the caravans.


Warda runs the whorehouse for Cyriel, looking after the girls usually with Dastal as his enforcer.

  • Warda the Pimp, Sairdite Male, 32, Initiate of Seven Mothers
  • Gelari Pineneedle, Balazaring Female 17, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Naskia Tentricks, Balazaring Female 19, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Ruhka Redberry, Balazaring Female 23, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Yelka Snowbrow, Balazaring Female 15, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Starel Redface , Imtherian Female 16, Lay Member of Seven Mothers
  • Runi Nohair, Lunar Female 19, Lay Member of Seven Mothers
  • Bera the Fat, Holayan Female 18, Lay Member of Seven Mothers

Labourers & House Slaves

Cyriel keeps between 3 and 6 Labourers on his books and 2 to 4 house slaves. Noteable characters are;

  • Morori, Labourer, Balazaring, Male 48, Initiate Etyries
  • Gaszar, Labourer, Balazaring, Male 22, Lay Member Sow Mother, Foundchild, Etyries, Seven Mothers
  • Olia Elfbolt, House Slave, Balazaring 28, Female, Lay Member Etyries
  • Seruya, House Slave, Sairdite 24, Female, Lay Member Etyries

Cyriel’s Endelkars Business Interests

Cyriel Endelkar is a Lunar merchant based in Elkoi and the most prosperous private citizen in Balazar;

Business Interests

Cyriels business in Elkoi are interests are both diverse and substantial;

Supplier of the Imperial Garrison – Cyriel is responsible for the supply caravans  which come from his depots in Soldier Fort, Holay Fort and Tashford.  He is also responsible for paying for the guarding of these caravans which is sometimes done by local contacts, mercenary irregulars or regular lunar troops.

This is both his most lucrative business interest and his greatest expense, he has at least three full time staff at each of his depots responsible for buying, logistics and the hiring or mercenaries for the caravans.

Payments come from the provincial army logistics office in Filichet to Elkoi every season and payments then move out to suppliers through the depots. Promissory notes are often used from Cyriel to suppliers around the depots and are seen as good currency, and he is well trusted because his regular imperial funding.

Military provisions are always delivered directly the Fort at Elkoi and are managed by Eryptus quartermasters. However many similar items do end up in Cyriel’s warehouse but this he assures Eryptus is because they buys his own trade stock from the same sources.

Collector of the Kings Commercial Taxes

Cyriels is also responsible for the collection of the kings business taxes for all business operating in Elkoi lands. He charges what he can from tradesmen, independent merchants, and the inns that operate in Elkoi and the Lunar compound.   He does not even attempt to pursue the clans for any form of taxation or payment, and he thinks he picks up the taxes from the two villages when they trade in the citadel.

From the taxes collected the king is due a fixed sum each seasons, he chooses to pay the lunar civilian administration a contribution, and the rest he can keep for his own personal profit.

Aman and Baddock are the two hirelings responsible for the collection of these taxes.

Importer and Merchant of General Goods

Cyriels trading house at the front of his compound is the only place which imported goods can be bought in Elkoi. He imports farming goods, seeds, metal tools, textiles, clothing,  glazed pottery, dyes, luxuries, large quantities of lunar gin and all manner of general civilised goods. In addition to weapons, mounts and armour which are available but not kept at the front of house.

These are sold at vastly inflated prices, local goods are bought cheap and sold at standard prices. This monopoly and profiteering is making Cyriel unpopular with the lunar farmers struggling  in the villages.

Slave Master

Due to the death of Rhegus Whitehair in Trilus and the arrival of the slavers from Oraya province Cyriels slave business has taken a significant hit. However Cyriel still purchases what slaves he can from Glyptus  and directly from the Elkoi Clans when possible.

Cyriel sends what slaves he can purchase to Holay for sale in either Mrins cross or Filichet

Brothel Owner

Cyriel has been running  a brothel to service the needs of the Lunar garrison for a number of years now. Previously he had worked with numerous local girls from balazaring citadel dwellers and Lunar backgrounds. However upon the advice of warda  more recently he has put 6 or 7 purchased slaves to work in his brothel.

This practice though highly profitable has brought condemnation from some local tribes and his former employees who are now plying their trade at the White Eubeck.

Cyriels Compound

Cyriels compound is by the far the biggest structure in Elkoi outside the walls, and is the size of some fortified settlements. It compromises of the following components;

Stockade – a 10 foot tall wooden palisade which runes in a loop from the side of the warehouse forms the back of the slave pens and coral and connects to the whorehouse on the other side of the compound. A large swing gate between the whorehouse and the trading house completes the perimeter. This gate is usually shut and access is commonly made through the trading house.

Warehouse – A large three story mud brick building which can only be entered from either through the trading house or doors inside the compound.  The ground floor contains bulks stores and perishable goods, the middle floor rarer goods of some value, and more trusted staff accommodation. and  Cyriels apartments on the top floor, with safe room of his most of his cash reserves and most valued  goods.

Trading House – Small one story building at the front of the main Warehouse. Textiles, seeds, food, tools, simple weapons and everyday wears are on display here.  More valuable goods such as weapons, magic, slaves and horses will be brought out from the warehouse & compound if there is a requirement.

Whorehouse – The brothel is a single story building on the other side of his compound, with a porch, entrance hall with counters and four small dirty bedrooms. The back of the brothels connects to the slave pens.

Stables – A small corals where Cyriels keeps his domesticated animals for sale, they are not well looked after, and when the lunar military purchase off him they buy mounts soon after it has arrived in Balazar.

Slave Pens -a reinforced wooden cage is capable of comfortably containing 20 – 30 slaves, with room to move, eat and sleep. It is split into 4 equal compartments.

Yard – all these surround  an oval yard which from time to time may contain animals for slaughter,  bulk loads or caravans arriving or preparing to leave.

Dara Happen Names – Lunar Names Part 3

After raiding the fortunate succession and then hacking some  Babylonian names  I have come up with a list of Dara Happen names.

The longer the name generally the higher status of the individual. Note women’s names are much shorter than men’s names.

Names are often appended with titles, honorifics or family names as suits the tradition of a family.

Dara Happen Mens Names


Dara Happen Womens Names


Carmanian Names – Lunar Names Part 2

OK based on limited sources and some ‘Jiggery Pokery’ from me.

Here is  a list of possible Carmanian names for characters form refs and players.

I’ve merged prefixes and suffixes again so its a long list and there may be some howlers.

Carmanian Names

  • Ammack
  • Amman
  • Ammar
  • Ammarkus
  • Ammas
  • Ammash
  • Ammaskus
  • Amcar
  • Amdakar
  • Amkar
  • Ammas
  • Ammos
  • Ammos
  • Amran
  • Amsan
  • Amshan
  • Amstan
  • Amstar
  • Amtan
  • Amtar
  • Amvar
  • Asacack
  • Asacan
  • Asacar
  • Asacarkus
  • Asacas
  • Asacash
  • Asacaskus
  • Asaccar
  • Asacdakar
  • Asacdar
  • Asackar
  • Asacmas
  • Asacmos
  • Asacos
  • Asacran
  • Asacsan
  • Asacshan
  • Asacstan
  • Asacstar
  • Asactan
  • Asactar
  • Asacvar
  • Assacack
  • Assacan
  • Assacar
  • Assacarkus
  • Assacas
  • Assacash
  • Assacaskus
  • Assaccar
  • Assacdakar
  • Assacdar
  • Assackar
  • Assacmas
  • Assacmos
  • Assacos
  • Assacran
  • Assacsan
  • Assacshan
  • Assacstan
  • Assacstar
  • Assactan
  • Assactar
  • Assacvar
  • Bisocar
  • Bisodakar
  • Bisodar
  • Bisokar
  • Bisomas
  • Bisomos
  • Bisoran
  • Bisos
  • Bisosan
  • Bisoshan
  • Bisostan
  • Bisostar
  • Bisotan
  • Bisotar
  • Bisovar
  • Careshack
  • Careshan
  • Careshar
  • Careshas
  • Careshash
  • Careshcar
  • Careshdar
  • Careshkar
  • Careshmas
  • Careshmos
  • Careshos
  • Careshran
  • Careshsan
  • Careshshan
  • Careshstan
  • Careshstar
  • Careshtan
  • Careshtar
  • Careshvar
  • Cargack
  • Cargan
  • Cargar
  • Cargarkus
  • Cargas
  • Cargash
  • Cargaskus
  • Cargcar
  • Cargdakar
  • Cargdar
  • Cargkar
  • Cargmas
  • Cargmos
  • Cargos
  • Cargran
  • Cargsan
  • Cargshan
  • Cargstan
  • Cargstar
  • Cargtan
  • Cargtar
  • Cargvar
  • Carmanack
  • Carmanan
  • Carmanar
  • Carmanas
  • Carmanash
  • Carmancar
  • Carmandar
  • Carmankar
  • Carmanmas
  • Carmanmos
  • Carmanos
  • Carmanran
  • Carmansan
  • Carmanshan
  • Carmanstan
  • Carmanstar
  • Carmantan
  • Carmantar
  • Carmanvar
  • Carmasack
  • Carmasan
  • Carmasar
  • Carmasas
  • Carmasash
  • Carmascar
  • Carmasdar
  • Carmaskar
  • Carmasmas
  • Carmasmos
  • Carmasos
  • Carmasran
  • Carmassan
  • Carmasshan
  • Carmasstan
  • Carmasstar
  • Carmastan
  • Carmastar
  • Carmasvar
  • Carshanack
  • Carshanan
  • Carshanar
  • Carshanas
  • Carshanash
  • Carshancar
  • Carshandar
  • Carshankar
  • Carshanmas
  • Carshanmos
  • Carshanos
  • Carshanran
  • Carshansan
  • Carshanshan
  • Carshanstan
  • Carshanstar
  • Carshantan
  • Carshantar
  • Carshanvar
  • Cartaack
  • Cartaan
  • Cartaar
  • Cartaarkus
  • Cartaas
  • Cartaash
  • Cartaaskus
  • Cartacar
  • Cartacar
  • Cartadakar
  • Cartadakar
  • Cartadar
  • Cartadar
  • Cartakar
  • Cartakar
  • Cartamas
  • Cartamas
  • Cartamos
  • Cartamos
  • Cartaos
  • Cartaran
  • Cartaran
  • Cartas
  • Cartasan
  • Cartasan
  • Cartashan
  • Cartashan
  • Cartastan
  • Cartastan
  • Cartastar
  • Cartastar
  • Cartatan
  • Cartatan
  • Cartatar
  • Cartatar
  • Cartavar
  • Cartavar
  • Endack
  • Endan
  • Endar
  • Endarkus
  • Endas
  • Endash
  • Endaskus
  • Endcar
  • Enddakar
  • Enddar
  • Endkar
  • Endmas
  • Endmos
  • Endos
  • Endran
  • Endsan
  • Endshan
  • Endstan
  • Endstar
  • Endtan
  • Endtar
  • Endvar
  • Harack
  • Haran
  • Harar
  • Hararkus
  • Haras
  • Harash
  • Haraskus
  • Harcar
  • Hardakar
  • Hardar
  • Harkar
  • Harmas
  • Harmos
  • Haros
  • Harran
  • Harsan
  • Harshan
  • Harstan
  • Harstar
  • Hartan
  • Hartar
  • Harvar
  • Kadack
  • Kadan
  • Kadar
  • Kadarkus
  • Kadas
  • Kadash
  • Kadaskus
  • Kadcar
  • Kaddakar
  • Kaddar
  • Kadkar
  • Kadmas
  • Kadmos
  • Kados
  • Kadran
  • Kadsan
  • Kadshan
  • Kadstan
  • Kadstar
  • Kadtan
  • Kadtar
  • Kadvar
  • Karamack
  • Karamamas
  • Karamamos
  • Karaman
  • Karamanas
  • Karamancar
  • Karamandar
  • Karamankar
  • Karamanos
  • Karamanstan
  • Karamanstar
  • Karamant
  • Karamar
  • Karamaran
  • Karamasan
  • Karamash
  • Karamashan
  • Karamatan
  • Karavar
  • Massacar
  • Massadakar
  • Massadar
  • Massakar
  • Massamas
  • Massamas
  • Massamos
  • Massamos
  • Massanack
  • Massanan
  • Massanar
  • Massanas
  • Massanash
  • Massancar
  • Massandar
  • Massankar
  • Massanos
  • Massaran
  • Massaran
  • Massas
  • Massasan
  • Massasan
  • Massashan
  • Massashan
  • Massastan
  • Massastan
  • Massastar
  • Massastar
  • Massatan
  • Massatan
  • Massatar
  • Massatar
  • Massavar
  • Massavar
  • Nacar
  • Nadakar
  • Nadar
  • Nakar
  • Namas
  • Namos
  • Naran
  • Nas
  • Nasan
  • Nashan
  • Nastan
  • Nastar
  • Natan
  • Natar
  • Navar
  • Sahack
  • Sahan
  • Sahar
  • Saharkus
  • Sahas
  • Sahash
  • Sahaskus
  • Sahcar
  • Sahdakar
  • Sahdar
  • Sahkar
  • Sahmas
  • Sahmos
  • Sahos
  • Sahran
  • Sahsan
  • Sahshan
  • Sahstan
  • Sahstar
  • Sahtacar
  • Sahtadakar
  • Sahtadar
  • Sahtakar
  • Sahtamas
  • Sahtamos
  • Sahtan
  • Sahtar
  • Sahtaran
  • Sahtas
  • Sahtasan
  • Sahtashan
  • Sahtastan
  • Sahtastar
  • Sahtatan
  • Sahtatar
  • Sahtavar
  • Sahvar
  • Samack
  • Saman
  • Samar
  • Samarkus
  • Samas
  • Samash
  • Samaskus
  • Samcar
  • Samdakar
  • Samdar
  • Samkar
  • Sammas
  • Sammos
  • Samos
  • Samran
  • Samsan
  • Samshan
  • Samstan
  • Samstar
  • Samtan
  • Samtar
  • Samvar
  • Sassack
  • Sassan
  • Sassar
  • Sassarkus
  • Sassas
  • Sassash
  • Sassaskus
  • Sasscar
  • Sassdakar
  • Sassdar
  • Sasskar
  • Sassmas
  • Sassmos
  • Sassos
  • Sassran
  • Sasssan
  • Sassshan
  • Sassstan
  • Sassstar
  • Sasstan
  • Sasstar
  • Sassvar
  • Suranack
  • Suranan
  • Suranar
  • Suranarkus
  • Suranas
  • Suranash
  • Suranaskus
  • Surancar
  • Surandakar
  • Surandar
  • Surankar
  • Suranmas
  • Suranmos
  • Suranos
  • Suranran
  • Suransan
  • Suranshan
  • Suranstan
  • Suranstar
  • Surantan
  • Surantar
  • Suranvar
  • Yanisack
  • Yanisan
  • Yanisar
  • Yanisarkus
  • Yanisas
  • Yanisash
  • Yanisaskus
  • Yaniscar
  • Yanisdakar
  • Yanisdar
  • Yaniskar
  • Yanismas
  • Yanismos
  • Yanisos
  • Yanisran
  • Yanissan
  • Yanishan
  • Yanistan

Carmanian  Womens Names

  • Anahita
  • Anaha
  • Arezoo
  • Charma
  • Charmana
  • Chamar
  • Charmanda
  • Charmeen
  • Charmeena
  • Charmela
  • Charmenda
  • Charmsala
  • Charmsana
  • Charmseena
  • Charmsela
  • Charmsuza
  • Charmszar
  • Charmuza
  • Charmzar
  • Charshala
  • Charshana
  • Charshanda
  • Charsheen
  • Charsheena
  • Charshela
  • Charshenda
  • Charshuza
  • Charshzara
  • Enda
  • Eri
  • Eriala
  • Eriana
  • Erianda
  • Erieen
  • Erieena
  • Eriela
  • Erienda
  • Eriuza
  • Erizar
  • Esfir
  • Esta
  • Estra
  • Esteri
  • Hamar
  • Hamana
  • Himi
  • Harala
  • Harana
  • Haranda
  • Hareen
  • Hareena
  • Harela
  • Harenda
  • Haruza
  • Harzar
  • Heena
  • Jasala
  • Jasana
  • Jasanda
  • Jaseen
  • Jaseena
  • Jasela
  • Jasenda
  • Jasuza
  • Jaszar
  • Kadala
  • Kadana
  • Kadanda
  • Kadeen
  • Kadeena
  • Kadela
  • Kadenda
  • Kaduza
  • Kadzar
  • Kardala
  • Kardana
  • Kardanda
  • Kardeen
  • Kardeena
  • Kardela
  • Kardenda
  • Kardi
  • Karduza
  • Kardzar
  • Ked
  • Kedi
  • Kedala
  • Kedana
  • Kedanda
  • Kedeen
  • Kedeena
  • Kedela
  • Kedenda
  • Keduza
  • Kedzar
  • Kodeen
  • Kohi
  • Lerala
  • Lerana
  • Lereen
  • Lereena
  • Lerela
  • Leri
  • Leruza
  • Lerzar
  • Meena
  • Menda
  • Mina
  • Minela
  • Minu
  • Nima
  • Paresi
  • Paresa
  • Shahi
  • Shahala
  • Shahana
  • Shahanda
  • Shaheen
  • Shaheena
  • Shahela
  • Shahenda
  • Shahuza
  • Shahzar
  • Shamala
  • Shamana
  • Shamanda
  • Shameen
  • Shameena
  • Shamela
  • Shamenda
  • Shamuza
  • Shamzar
  • Shari
  • Sharm
  • Sharma
  • Sharmi
  • Sharmala
  • Sharmana
  • Sharmanda
  • Sharmeen
  • Sharmeena
  • Sharmela
  • Sharmenda
  • Sharmuza
  • Sharmzar
  • Shaseen
  • Shaseena
  • Shassala
  • Shassana
  • Shassanda
  • Shassela
  • Shassenda
  • Shasuza
  • Shaszar
  • Shiri
  • Shira
  • Yasa
  • Yasala
  • Yasana
  • Yasanda
  • Yaseen
  • Yaseena
  • Yasela
  • Yasenda
  • Yazza
  • Yazzi
  • Yasuza
  • Yaszar
  • Zahleh

Lodrilli, Pelandan & Pelorian Names – Lunar Names Part 1

This is the first of number of posts on different names from the Lunar Empire, these will be by the main subcultures of the Empire.  The aim of these is to make quick is easy names lists for refs and to choose character names from.

The first list is for rural common Pendalaran and Pelorian folk, The names will have been created by searching what has been published to date, creating stems and suffixes cross referencing them to create a long varied list.

Then some manual edit  to take out the stuff that clearly doesn’t work and adding some bespoke names to either add variation or fill in some of the obvious holes left by the stemming process.

The first is looking at the Pelendalan culture, this is a rural, plain spoken and and simple culture that sits alongside more urban and complex Dara Happan culture. Names tend to be short and plainer than those of the surrounding cultures.

Single names are the commonly used form, clan names and nicknames can sometimes be added to distinguish people with more common names, in larger villages and small towns. The nature of these second names varies wildly by region and can often be influenced by the practices of the dominant parallel culture.

Mens Names

  • Benf
  • Benbiso
  • Bendarsh
  • Benfor
  • Benius
  • Bemin
  • Bemon
  • Benos
  • Benrata
  • Benros
  • Bentus
  • Benurvo
  • Benus
  • Benvis
  • Bisbiso
  • Bisdarsh
  • Bisvus
  • Bisius
  • Bismin
  • Bismon
  • Bisos
  • Bisosh
  • Bisrata
  • Bisros
  • Bistus
  • Bisurvo
  • Bisus
  • Bisvis
  • Danbiso
  • Dandarsh
  • Danfor
  • Danius
  • Danmin
  • Damon
  • Danos
  • Danrata
  • Danros
  • Dantus
  • Danurvo
  • Danus
  • Danvis
  • Darbiso
  • Dardarsh
  • Darfor
  • Darius
  • Darmin
  • Darmon
  • Daros
  • Darros
  • Dartus
  • Darurvo
  • Darus
  • Darvis
  • Enbiso
  • Gatren
  • Gatrenbiso
  • Gatrendarsh
  • Gatrenius
  • Gatrenos
  • Gatrenrata
  • Gatrenros
  • Gatrenus
  • Haran
  • Harant
  • Harant-biso
  • Harant-darsh
  • Haranfor
  • Harantius
  • Harantmin
  • Harantmon
  • Harantos
  • Haranrata
  • Harantros
  • Harantus
  • Haranturvo
  • Harantus
  • Harantvis
  • Hurbiso
  • Hurbisos
  • Hurdarsh
  • Hardash
  • Habiso
  • Hurfor
  • Hurius
  • Hurmin
  • Hurmon
  • Huros
  • Hurrata
  • Hurros
  • Hururvo
  • Hurus
  • Hurv
  • Hurvis
  • Idobiso
  • Idobisos
  • Idodarsh
  • Idofor
  • Idomin
  • Idomon
  • Idos
  • Idor
  • Idorata
  • Idoros
  • Idotus
  • Idourvo
  • Idous
  • Idovis
  • Isibo
  • Insibiso
  • Inibisos
  • Insidarsh
  • Insifor
  • Insius
  • Insimin
  • Insimon
  • Insios
  • Insirata
  • Insiros
  • Insitus
  • Insiurvo
  • Jeo
  • Jeon
  • Jeobiso
  • Jeobisos
  • Jeonbiso
  • Jeondarsh
  • Jeonfer
  • Jeonius
  • Jeonmin
  • Jeonmon
  • Jeonos
  • Jeonrata
  • Jeonros
  • Jeontus
  • Jeonurvo
  • Jeonus
  • Jeonvis
  • Kenbiso
  • Kendarsh
  • Kenfer
  • Kenfor
  • Kenius
  • Kenmin
  • Kenmon
  • Kenos
  • Kenrata
  • Kenros
  • Kentus
  • Kenurvo
  • Kenus
  • Kenvis
  • Ketan
  • Ketbiso
  • Ketdarsh
  • Ketfor
  • Ketius
  • Ketmin
  • Ketmon
  • Ketos
  • Ketrata
  • Ketros
  • Kettus
  • Keturvo
  • Ketus
  • Ketvis
  • Lenbiso
  • Lendarsh
  • Lenfor
  • Lenius
  • Lenmin
  • Lenmon
  • Leno
  • Lenos
  • Lenrata
  • Lenros
  • Lentus
  • Lenurvo
  • Lenus
  • Lenvis
  • Turobiso
  • Turodarsh
  • Turofor
  • Turoius
  • Turomin
  • Turomon
  • Turoos
  • Turorata
  • Turoros
  • Turotus
  • Turourvo
  • Turous
  • Turovis
  • Turo
  • Turobiso
  • Turodarsh
  • Turofor
  • Turoius
  • Turomin
  • Turomon
  • Turoos
  • Turorata
  • Turoros
  • Turotus
  • Turourvo
  • Turous
  • Turovis
  • Urvo
  • Morkartos
  • Parendos
  • Pererlotil
  • Navestos
  • Urder
  • Alfostios
  • Ostevius
  • Enverinus
  • Hyraos
  • Lokarnos
  • Oroypsus
  • Ulkamoon
  • Gerendetho
  • Deseeti
  • Vantestos
  • Urengerum
  • Durbaddath
  • Ergesh

Womens Names

  • Bua
  • Buda
  • Buna
  • Bunda
  • Bura
  • Busara
  • Busarda
  • Busenya
  • Buseria
  • Busi
  • Busida
  • Busina
  • Busina
  • Businda
  • Businda
  • Busira
  • Busissa
  • Busiya
  • Bussa
  • Bustara
  • Bustarda
  • Bustenya
  • Busteria
  • Bustina
  • Bustinda
  • Buya
  • Denara
  • Denarda
  • Denenya
  • Deneria
  • Denina
  • Deninda
  • Derara
  • Derarda
  • Derenya
  • Dereria
  • Derina
  • Derinda
  • Elo
  • Eloda
  • Elohara
  • Eloharda
  • Elohenya
  • Eloheria
  • Elohina
  • Elohinda
  • Elona
  • Elonda
  • Elora
  • Elossa
  • Eloya
  • Eri
  • Erida
  • Erina
  • Erinda
  • Erira
  • Erisara
  • Erisarda
  • Erisenya
  • Eriseria
  • Erisina
  • Erisinda
  • Erissa
  • Eriya
  • Orara
  • Orarda
  • Orenya
  • Oreria
  • Ori
  • Orida
  • Orina
  • Orina
  • Orinara
  • Orinarda
  • Orinda
  • Orinda
  • Orinenya
  • Orineria
  • Orinina
  • Orininda
  • Orira
  • Orissa
  • Oriya
  • Orogara
  • Orogarda
  • Orogenya
  • Orogeria
  • Orogina
  • Oroginda
  • Sada
  • Salara
  • Salarda
  • Salenya
  • Saleria
  • Salina
  • Salinda
  • Sana
  • Sanda
  • Sara
  • Sassa
  • Saya
  • Sayara
  • Sayarda
  • Sayenya
  • Sayeria
  • Sayina
  • Sayinda
  • Tayara
  • Tayarda
  • Tayenya
  • Tayeria
  • Tayina
  • Tayinda
  • Teda
  • Tena
  • Tenda
  • Tera
  • Tessa
  • Teya
  • Uryarda
  • Erenbaya
  • Thilla
  • Busenari
  • Memenari
  • Selshena
  • Pela
  • Everina
  • Jeirina
  • Oria
  • Injerina
  • Denegeria
  • Erissa
  • Hyrosa

Lunar Patrol – NPC’s or Pregen Characters


The following group has really been written as a test of the character creation system, for NPC’s and as pre gens for a game I may run in the future. However if a ref has a need of a detailed and interesting lunar patrol for interaction, or recurring NPC’s these guys may make an interesting group.


The core of the group area half crescent(different terms for file) from a mercenary company  of Peltasts called the Sons of the Moon, who usually recruit and operate in Vaunch and Holay and are often hired by the provincial army.  They are currently being rotated through Balazar on garrison duty.

These mercenary’s are lunar worshippers and are loyal to the Empire, they are also a cohesive unit and have been working together for some years, like most units they are prone to resent outsiders.

Attached to these are a young regular provincial army lunar officers who is leading the patrol, and a local guide.

Racius Agga Tarnis – Aged 20, Lunar Officer  Initiate of Yanafal Tarnis

Racius is a younger son of minor noble household from the Raibaith in the heartlands. He signed up to the provincial army as he wants to see combat is keen to make a name himself. Though well connected Racius is keen to make his mark on his own merits. As such wishes he was posted further south where the action is, and is somewhat frustrated with his current assignment.

However he is a very young and junior lunar officer leading a patrol of experienced mercenaries, and feels his lack of experience acutely. He feels somewhat out of his depth with the men, he also has little loyalty to them as he sees them as beneath him.

He is somewhat idealistic and sees that the ‘Sons of the Moon’ are much more practical and grounded . As such he does not know if he can trust his men or his file leader yet. However he has know and worked with a Varanthi number of times before and trusts him.

Racius has used family connections to do a couple of favours for Eryptus so is in the good graces of the garrison commander.

Personal traits: haughty, ambitious, energetic, optimist

Nature:  Praise seeker
Demeanour:  Traditionalist
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental : Intelligence 3, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:  Manipulation 2, Appearance 3, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 3, Artistic 2, Athletics 3, Brawl 2, Dodge 3, Empathy 2, Expression 1,  Intimidation 2, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1
Skills:  Archery 2, Etiquette 2,Leadership 3, Melee 3, Riding 3, Stealth 1, Survival 1
Knowledge’s: Academics 2, Culture 2, Investigation 1, Languages 2, Medicine 2, Myth 2, Politics 2, Divine Lore 2
Essence: 3
Quintessence: 10 
Willpower: 4
Runes: Moon 3, Truth 3, Death 2
Spirit Magic: Farsee, Befuddle, Glamour, Shimmer, Bladesharp 2, Speedart 2
Rune Magic: Yanafal Tarnis – 7pt pact;
Virtues:  Conviction 4, Loyalty 4, Conciliation 3
Backgrounds: Status *** Resources *** Influence **, Cult status ***, Ransom ***, Mount **
Flaws & Merits:  Favour 2pt- from Eryptus, Geas – Never Lie to a friendly cultist 2pt flaw,  Code of Honour
Gear:  5pts Hoplite Plate Armor,  buckler, kopis 3pt,

Keso  ‘the knife’– Aged 34, Sons of the Moon File leader,  Initiate of Yanafal Tarnis

Keso is a an experienced and hardnosed mercenary from Vaunch, who has been part of the company for 15 years.

He is a capable and highly efficient, who is a good leader and cares for his cresent well, knows his men well and has a good sense how to get the best out of them. He resents the presence of the young officer in with the patrol and believes he could lead this easily himself

His name came as he used to be one of the better knife fighters in the company, however since he has been promoted to file leader, he hasn’t been known to engage in off the books competition.

He is very suspicious of anyone who isn’t part of his crescent, or company. he sees the locals as subhuman savages and not to be trusted, but he takes that view about most people.  However he starting to find a liking for the local dogs.

Personal traits: Aggressive, Loyal, Leader, Suspicious

Nature:  Autocrat
Demeanour:  Guardian
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:  Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Empathy 1, Expression 1, Intimidation 3, Streetwise 3,
Skills:  Archery 3, Leadership 3, Melee 4, Riding 1, Stealth 3, Survival 3
Knowledge’s:  Culture 2, Investigation 2, Languages 2, Medicine 2, Myth 1, Divine Lore 1
Essence: 4
Quintessence: 10 
Willpower: 5
Runes: Moon 2, Truth 1, Death 4
Spirit Magic:  Bladesharp 2, Speedart 2, Protection 2
Rune Magic: Yanafal Tarnis – 7pt pact; True Weapon, Shield
Virtues:  Conviction 4, Loyalty 5, Conciliation 2
Backgrounds: Status ** Resources ** Contacts **** Cult status ***, Ransom **
Flaws & Merits:  Gift –  Killer Instinct, Geas – Mistrust all orlanthi  2pt, Hatred Horseman – 1pt flaw
Gear:  3pts Peltast armor,  buckler, kopis 3pt, 3 javelins 2pt weapons

Felkenna Moondaughter Aged 26, Sons of the Moon Peltast,  Devotee of the Seven mothers

Now in her mid 20’s. Felkenna Is a  former street kid from Mrins cross who has served with the company for 8 years.

She has started to take religion very seriously since a couple of close calls in combat on previous campaigns, and now spends a lot of her off duty at the temple. In the last year she has started to get premonitions and visions when she sleeps near temples and holy sites, the meanings of these dreams are sometimes obvious and sometimes incredibly obscure.

She bores other members of the file with her religion and is openly critical of those she does think are following the lunar way fully and merely paying lip service. Otherwise her demeanour is pleasant and is well liked.

However she has become the files main healer and someone other members turn to in times of stress. Most see her as a religious figure and will give her extra protection if need be.

Personal traits: Spiritual, Judgemental, Patient, Attentive

Nature:  Fundamentalist
Demeanour:  Fanatic
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:  Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 3, Empathy 2, Expression 1, Intimidation 1, Streetwise 2,
Skills:  Archery 2, Leadership 1, Melee 2, Riding 1, Stealth 3, Survival 2
Knowledge’s:  Academics 1, Culture 3, Investigation 2, Languages 3, Medicine 3, Myth 3, Divine Lore 3
Essence: 4
Quintessence: 12
Willpower: 5
Runes: Moon 4, Life 3, Death 1
Spirit Magic:  Befuddle, Heal 3, Protection
Rune Magic: Seven Mothers – 8pt pact; Reflection, Mindblast, Summon Lune
Virtues:  Conviction 5, Loyalty 4, Conciliation 4
Backgrounds: Cult Status **, Allies **, Contact *, Resources **, Ransom **
Flaws & Merits:
hero worship – priests of the lunar empire – 1p flaw, precognition – 4pt merit
Gear:  3pts peltast armor,  buckler, kopis 3pt, 3 javelins 2pt weapons

Barsheen Blueeye – Aged 31, Sons of the Moon Peltast,  Initiate of the Seven mothers

Originally from Farmland near to Mrins cross, and often described by Kesso as a ‘first rate  pain in the ass’. He is constantly complaining and working military and company protocol to his advantage. Also he is adverse to boring and workmanlike elements of being a soldier.

Barsheen is actually an excellent fighter who never takes a step backwards in combat, but he fights for personal pleasure and not the file or the wider cause

He has little to no loyalty to his God or culture and is just trying to get by in life and he has no sense of the greater beyond his own needs.

Barsheen is however funny, and though that humour may be barbed, he also offer people a way out and light entertainment, so he is surprisingly popular amongst the crescent.

Personal traits: Lazy, Aggressive, Unreliable, Dishonest

Nature:  Bravo
Demeanour:  Curmudgeon
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Perception 3
Social:  Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Empathy 1, Expression 1, Intimidation 2, Streetwise 3,
Skills:  Archery 3, Leadership 1, Melee 4, Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledge’s:  Culture 2, Investigation 2, Languages 1, Medicine  2, Myth 1, Politics 2, Divine Lore 1
Essence: 2
Quintessence: 8 
Willpower: 4
Runes: Moon 2, Death 2, Disorder 2
Spirit Magic:  Disruption 3, Bladesharp 2, Protection 3
Rune Magic: Seven Mothers – 4pt pact;
Virtues:  Conviction 4, Loyalty 2, Conciliation 3
Backgrounds: resources **, contacts *, past lives **, cult status *, ransom *
Flaws & Merits:
Cynical nature -2pt merit, marked man flogged – 1pt flaw,-1 social with all lunar officers and Officals, Compulsion – argue with authority 2pt merit.
Gear:  3pts peltast armor,  buckler, kopis 3pt, 3 javelins 2pt weapons

Dinkha the Quiet – Aged 28, Sons of the Moon Peltast,  Initiate of the Seven mothers

Dinkha has proved himself to be a sold and reliable a solid and reliable soldier after a short but notorious as a bruiser for a criminal element in Filichet.  He was sentenced to jail time or signing onto a mercenary company  working for the Lunar provincial army for 7 years.

Has he now only got 2 years to go and is making sure he keeps his nose clean before he leaves. He still finds life in the company constraining and wants to leave as soon as he can. He hopes to go home and go straight if he can. The company see him as a valuable member and are doing all they can to get him to stay on.

His mannerisms are the quiet withdrawn one, but who people lsiten to when he says something.

Dinkha left a girl back home and though he thinks it is unlikely, he still hopes she is still waiting for him In these intervening years he has changed a lot as a character and  developed strong self control.

Also there is another criminal family in Filichet who would still be keen to see him dead, and has yet to come up with a plan to solve that issue.

Personal traits: Reserved, Controlled, Brave, Generous

Nature:  Penitent
Demeanour:  Survivor
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 4
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 2
Social:  Manipulation 2, Appearance 3, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Empathy 2,  Intimidation 2, Streetwise 2,
Skills:  Archery 3, Leadership 1, Melee 3, Stealth 3, Survival 2
Knowledge’s:  Culture 1, Investigation 2, Languages 1, Medicine  2, Myth 1, Politics 2, Divine Lore 1
Essence: 2
Quintessence: 8 
Willpower: 4
Runes: Moon 2, Mastery 2, Death 2, Man
Spirit Magic:  Protection 2, Bladesharp 2, Disruption
Rune Magic: Seven Mothers – 4pt pact;
Virtues:  Conviction 4, Loyalty 5, Conciliation 2
Backgrounds: Contacts ***, mentor *, cult status *
Flaws & Merits:
Outlaw 2pt flaw, Light Sleeper 1pt merit, Blood Feud 2pt flaw.
Gear:  3pts Peltast Armor,  buckler, Kopis 3pt, 3 javelins 2pt weapons

Domara Brokenshaft – Aged 20, Sons of the Moon Peltast,  Initiate of the Seven mothers

Dorma recently joined after growing up on his family farm near Mrins cross, he is keen to see more of the world than his parents and grandparents did.

He generally is pleased to be living the soldiers life He is strong and fit, though raw and untried. Howevere he has a confidence in his ability to succeed and be a good soldier

His easy manner allows him to get on well with most people and has already found a local girlfriend in Elkoi.

Domara has a great fear or dragonewts, due to brother disappearing in drangenewt ruins a number of years ago

Personal traits: Positive, Impulsive, Brave, Dependable

Nature:  Explorer
Demeanour:  Follower
Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 3
Social:  Manipulation 2, Appearance 3, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 2, Empathy 2
Skills:  Archery 2, Leadership 1, Melee 3, Stealth 2, Survival 3
Knowledge’s:  Culture 2,  Medicine  2, Myth 2, Spirit Law,  Divine Lore 1
Essence: 2
Quintessence: 8 
Willpower: 4
Runes: Moon 2, Life 2, Death 1, Earth 1
Spirit Magic:  Protection 2, Heal 2, Strength 2
Rune Magic: Seven Mothers – 5pt pact;
Virtues:  Conviction 4, Loyalty 3, Conciliation 2
Backgrounds: family  **, cult status *, status *, resources **, ransom *
Flaws & Merits: Luck 3pt merit,  Acute Hearing, 1pt merit
Gear:  3pts peltast armor, pole axe 4pt weapon, buckler, kopis 3pt, 3 javelins 2pt weapons

Yomadan the Smoke – Aged 26, Sons of the Moon Peltast,  Initiate of the Seven mothers

Once was a scribe in Filichet he lost his job due to excessive Hazia smoking, he was also feft by his wife and young family due to his addiction.

Was recruited when the company was short of men, however he has become a fair soldier when not smoking.

Is consider ‘the educated one’ by all the men and does all the writing for the file, he has even managed to learn passable balazaring in the few weeks he has been here.

Most of the time is likeable and friendly, but unreliable when smoking he drifts into himself and becomes both unengaged and unreliable to those round him.

Personal traits: Cerebral, Unfocused, Optimist, Friendly

Nature:  Survivor
Demeanour:  Deviant
Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental : Intelligence 4, Wits 3, Perception 2
Social:  Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2, Empathy 1, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2
Skills:  Archery 2, Commerce 1, Etiquette 2, Leadership 1, Melee 2, Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledge’s:  Academics 3, Culture 2, Languages 4, Medicine  2, Myth 2, Divine Lore 2
Essence: 3
Quintessence: 8 
Willpower: 4
Runes: Moon 3, Life 1, Death 1, Truth 2
Spirit Magic:  Befuddle, Heal 2,  Speedart 2, Detect 2
Rune Magic: Seven Mothers – 5pt pact;
Virtues:  Conviction 3, Loyalty 3, Conciliation 4
Backgrounds: family  *, cult status **, status *, resources **, ransom *
Flaws & Merits: Addict Hazia 2pt Flaw,  Lost Love 1pt Flaw
Gear:  3pts peltast armor,  buckler, kopis 3pt, 3 javelins 2pt weapons

Varanthi Redeer -30 Balazaring Guide, Initiate of the Seven mothers

A native Balazaring who has  scouted for the Lunars for 6 years and is well respected by the local garrison.

He was a membere of the  blackniosed deer of a Trilus clan says he fell out with a who fell out with a new clan chief . The real story is that he killed a close friend and fellow clan member in a fight over a woman, which still haunts him to this day.

He knows Balazar well and can lead Lunar Patrols deep into Balazar and the Elder wilds, he does understand New Pelorian but his speaking of it is poor.

As a result he often gets poorly treated by the mercenaries on rotation. he is even tempered enough to deal with usually but has been known to lose his temper  if anyone mistreats his dogs.

Personal traits:

Nature:  Wanderer
Demeanour:  Follower
Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Perception 4
Social:  Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Empathy 1, Intimidation 2, Streetwise 1,
Skills:  Archery 4, Melee 3, Stealth 4, Survival 4
Knowledge’s:  Culture 1, Languages 1, Medicine  3, Myth 2, Politics 2, Divine Lore 1, Spirit Lore 2
Essence: 3
Quintessence: 8 
Willpower: 4
Runes: Moon 2, Death 3, Harmony 2, Movement 2
Spirit Magic:  Mobility 2, Multimissile 3, Speedart 2, Bandits cloak, Peaceful Cut; Farsee
Rune Magic: Foundchild – 5pt pact; Seven Mothers – 2pt Pact;
Virtues:  Vigor 4 Trust 3 Generosity 3
Backgrounds: Dogs **, Status *, Ransom *, Resources *, Cult Status **
Flaws & Merits: Dark Secret (murdered a clan mate in fight over a woman) 1pt , Nightmares 1pt flaw
Gear: 1pts leathers, sling 2pt weapon, bolas, kopis 3pt, traps and snares

Refuza – NPC Lunar Priest

One of the reasons for the slowdown in posts is I have been spending more time playing than writing, however I have had the need to generate a few new NPC’s for the campaigns so I thought I would share, here is the first…

Refuza, 38 year old Human,  Priestess of Seven Mothers

A trim thin, somewhat harsh featured middle aged priestess of the Seven Mothers. She has a somewhat frightening appearance. With a strong lock of white hair running through her brown hair, and the pupils of her eyes being of a milky white colour.

However she has a gentle softly spoken manner and an attentive patient nature. Which puts people at ease when speaking to them for just a short amount of time.

In a previous life she was a warrior, part of Jareel’s warband in the Satar campaign of 1602.  However she was traumatised by the magics of the Crimson Bat and grievously injured in body, mind and spirit at the fall of Boldhome.

Her body was quickly healed by the priests of Deezola. However it took many years for her spirit to be restored by the gentle ministrations of the priestesses of Teelo Norri. She has since worshipped that aspect of the Seven Mothers cult and has now progressed into priesthood.

She has a nature that will take time for people, and often listens for hours to the most obscure people. This sometimes upsets those of a more self-important nature who wish her time.

She has taken vows of celibacy and not to take life needlessly. Though she can use the violence if it is  absolutely required, and still maintains the capacity to do so. She disdains chaos and sees it as an aberration within the lunar way, which needs to be balanced if it cannot be removed.

Over the years Refuza has developed a great love of children and it her great regret in life that she cannot be a mother, as such she takes a maternal approach to just about everyone she meets. Which she has found can usually disarm even the most belligerent of warriors.

Though gentle in manner Refuza retains a soldiers ruthlessness, and though her methods may have changed she will pursue her goals with a unswerving commitment.

Refuza has been introduce to the Elkoi temple of the Seven Mothers to replace Electora Kindtounge who sadly passed away and Marusa who is currently on the run wanted for questioning in the death of the former preistess.

Traits: Patient, Pious, Passive, Humorous, Warm

Nature:  Guardian
Demeanour:  Caregiver
Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4
Mental : Intelligence 3, Wits 4, Perception 3
Social:  Manipulation 2, Appearance 1, Charisma 4
Talents: Alertness 3, Artistic 1, Athletics 3, Brawl 2, Dodge 3, Empathy 4, Expression 3,  Intimidation 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 3
Skills:  Archery 2, Etiquette 3,Leadership 4,Melee 3, Riding 3, Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledge’s: Academics 2, Culture 3, Investigation 2, languages 3, Medicine 4, Myth 5, Politics 2, Divine Lore 5, Sorcerers Lore 1, Spirit Lore 3
Essence: 5
Quintessence: 29
Willpower: 6
Runes: Moon 5,  Movement 4, Magic 4, Harmony 4, Life 5, Fire 3
Spirit Magic: Heal 5, Befuddle 3, Dispel Magic 4, Counter Magic 4, Sleep 2, Glamour 3, Mobility 3, Ignite 2
Rune Magic: Teelo Norri – 13pt pact;   Reflection, Summon Lune, Mindblast, Madness, Heal Wound, Heal Mind, Heal Disease, Dismiss Magic, Extension, Warding, Multispell
Virtues:  Conviction 5, Loyalty 4, Conciliation 4
Backgrounds:  Allies 4, Contacts 2, Cult Status 4,  Influence 4, Mentor 5,
Flaws & Merits: Loyalty Teelo Norri – 2pt, Charmed Existence; Startling appearance, easy manner.

Allied Spirit: Glowline
Essence: 3             
Runes: Moon 3, Fertility 3, Harmony 2, Magic 2
Spirit Magic: Babel 3, Becalm 3, Vigor 2, Detect

Lunar Slaver Gang

A gang of slavers from Palbar in Oraya province has started to capture Balazarings for use in gladiatorial rings as skirmish fighters or as slaves soldiers.  They have been operating out of Elkoi for 2 seasons now and have already caused issues with the locals and other lunars.

King for Glyptus has sanctioned this activity as long as they are not capturing balazaring from closely allied clans and that he gets a significant cut of profits. Cryiel Endelkar is unhappy with the arrangement as he feels it undermines previous arrangements he has had the lunar authorities at Mrins Cross.

The group is feuding with Byrons Blackshields, after a pub brawl in the Kings Inn in Elkoi, There camp was raided 3 days later and one member of the slaver gang was killed in the resulting skirmish.

The group is not popular in Elkio and is already running out of ready available mercenaries who will work with them  in Elkio area, and will look to hire any available help they can get.

Batrus Ven Irayal ,  Lunar Slaver, Initiate of the Seven Mothers

The leader of the group is a former famous Gladiator from originally from Irayal,  who lived long enough to earn his freedom from the ring. He has been free for close to ten years now, working as a slaver out of Palbar for eight of those.

Despite his fearsome appearance and quiet efficient demeanour masks a cold and heartless man. He is a child of lunar slaves from rice plantations sold from his parents at the age of 8, who desires to find a sense of belonging, but has no idea how and where to find it.

Batrus is starting to develop a liking Balazar and the wilds even if it is more difficult than he intended.

He still wields his old gladiatorial weapons of a long sword staff and large spiked weight on a chain in combat.  Also he is still proud of martial skills and may practice for 2 to 3 hours  day if not working.

Traits: Calm, Brave, Vicious, Clever, Stubborn

Nature:   Gallant
Demeanour:  Bravo
Physical: Strength 4  , Dexterity 5 , Stamina 5
Mental : Intelligence 3, Wits 4 , Perception 3
Social:  Manipulation 3, Appearance 4 , Charisma 4
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 4, Brawl 5 ,Dodge 5,Expression 2,Intimidation 5, Streetwise 4
Skills: Archery 2 ,Commerce 3 ,Leadership 3,Melee  5,Riding 2,Stealth 2 ,Survival 3
Knowledge’s: Culture 3,Investigation 3,Languages 2,Medicine 3,Myth 2, Divine Lore 1,Spirit Lore 1
Essence: 5
Quintessence: 17
Willpower: 6
Runes: Moon 3, Death 5( Effective 7 ), Mastery 4
Spirit Magic: Bladesharp 5, Protection 5, Disruption 3, Befuddle, Counter Magic 3
Rune Magic:  8pts (4 current )
Virtues: Conviction 5, Loyalty 4, Conciliation 2
Backgrounds: Allies 2, Artefact 5, Contacts 2, Cult 3, Destiny 4, Influence 2, Mentor 3, Property 4, Resources 4, Status 3, Witta 3
Flaws & Merits:   Overconfident (1pt flaw), Graceful (2pt merit), Killer instinct (5pt Merit), Reputation (2pt Merit)
Equipment:  4pt light plate armour, Sword staff 4pt weapon, Spike chain – 2pt rune focus death

Etic  ap Tolarn, Acolyte of Etyries

A tall well groomed and attractive man. A Etyries cultist and the commercial brains of the operation.

He was raised a Trader in Palbar city on Oraya his parents  merchants  from the heartlands who set up a well known slave auction in the city. Has travelled to Kralorea twice as part of the great lunar caravans that leave Palbar and  enjoys telling tales of strange lands to the East.

However as a strikingly good looking man he ended up having  an affair with the wife of a powerful noble of the Red Hair tribe. He led  the Red Hair Place and the caravan because of it, but is still being sought by some of the  nobles retainers.

Not learning form mistakes Etic will still persue women with gusto , not caring who they are married too.

Traits: Charming, Greedy, Courteous, Preened

Nature:   Rogue
Demeanour: Sensualist
Physical:  Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Mental :   Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Perception 3
Social: Manipulation 4 , Appearance  4, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 2, Artistic 2, Athletics 3, Brawl 2,Dodge 3,Empathy 3,Intimidation 3,Streetwise 3,                                Subterfuge 3
Skills: Archery  2,Commerce 4 ,Etiquette 3,Leadership 2, Melee 2 ,Riding 3,Stealth 2,Survival 1
Knowledge’s: Academics 2 ,Culture 2,Investigation 3,Languages 3,Medicine 1,Myth 2,Politics 3, Divine   Lore2,
Essence:  5
Quintessence: 11
Willpower:  4
Runes: Moon 3, Commerce 5, Man 4, Movement 2
Spirit Magic:  Befuddle 3, Abacus 2, Demoralize 2, Glamour 4, Mobility 3
Rune Magic:  8pts ( 4 current ) –
Virtues: Conviction 3, Loyalty 3, Conciliation 5
Backgrounds:  Allies 2, Contacts 3, Cult Status 3, Family 3, Influence 3, Resources 4, Status 3, Witta 2
Flaws & Merits: Hunted (2pt flaw), Charmed Existance (5pt Merit), Honeyed Tounge (2pt merit)
Equipment: Composite bow 2pt, Kopis 2pt, Light Scale Armour 3pt

Shama Sixarms, Business Partner, Acolyte of  Yana Arnis

A member of a Noble House from Palbar and a Devotee of Yara Arnis. She has provided much of the finance for this expedition.

A slight pretty girl with a pretty face and a disarming manner. Most people think her association with her God is strange, but her connection is clear due to her obvious gits of her four extra arms.

Bored of her younger husband from an arranged marriage who she has left in Palbar she has backed to expedition to add some kind of excitement into her life.

She has grand dreams of expanding/defending the lunar empire and is starting to form a dream of a civilized prosperous Balazar under the Empire with her as its liberator. However for the moment  she wants to make some money, build up a powerbase and increase her magical powers.

She has thrown herself into the defender of the empire aspect of her cult, and will surprise the group by insisting they take action to defend nay lunar citizens or interests .

Traits: Patient, Calm, Reliable, Charming, Fickle

Nature: Architect
Demeanour:  Thrillseeker
Physical: Strength 2 , Dexterity 4 , Stamina 3
Mental : Intelligence 4 , Wits 5 , Perception 3
Social: Manipulation 4, Appearance 4, Charisma 4
Talents: Alertness 3, Artistic 3, Athletics 3, Brawl 2 ,Dodge 4, Expression 3, Subterfuge 3
Skills: Commerce 2, Etiquette 4,Leadership 2, Melee 3 ,Riding 2,Stealth 1,Survival 1
Knowledge’s: Academics  3, Culture 2 ,Languages 3, Myth 4 ,Politics 4, Divine Lore 4, Spirit Lore 2
Essence: 5
Quintessence: 19
Willpower: 5
Runes: Moon 5, Death 4, Earth 3,
Spirit Magic: Fireblade 4, Protection 4, Disruption 3, Counter Magic 3(Effective 6)
Rune Magic: 9pts (8 Current)  – TBC
Virtues: Conviction 4, Loyalty 3, Conciliation 4
Backgrounds: Allies 3, Artefact 6, Contacts 4, Cult Status 4, Family 4, Influence 4, Property 4, Resources 4, Status 4, Witta 3
Flaws & Merits: Arms of the Gods, Curiosity (2pt flaw), Offensive to animals (2pt flaw), Soothing Voice (2pt Merit)
Equipment: Countermagic Focus 3, Power Storage Crystals 3pt ,4pt, 5pt. Light Scale Armor 3pt, Kopis 2pt, Sling 2pt

Kadem Tallflower, Follower of Jackeel the Witch

Threat level ****

Kadem hails from Imther and has been part of Marusas’ Coven for a number of years .  She joined the group after he became Bratus’ lover. Though she performs no clear function in the group she has a lot of influence over Bratus’ decision making.

At a surface level she is a funny and witty woman.  who seems to want to be liked by most senior members of the group.

Kadem is a sadist who is sexual active and abusive to with a number of the slaves of both genders. Other group members think this is dangerous as she risks ‘damaging the goods’, but she seems to get what she wants from Bratus.

She wears a felt eye patch over her left eye, she has never told anyone how she lost the eye.

Kadem joined the group to spy on Shama for Marusa, but is enjoying the position she finds herself in. She hasn’t found anything out one way or the other about Shama who is wary of her.

Her opinion of Kalis from the blackshields is low as  she doesn’t consider him  either a  valid shaman or valid follower of Jakeel.

Traits: Lusty, Amoral, Sadistic, Funny, Generous
Nature:  Monster
Demeanour:  Deviant
Physical:  Strength 2 , Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Mental : Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Perception 4
Social:  Manipulation 4, Appearance 3, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 2, Artistic 2, Athletics 2, Brawl 1,Dodge 3,Empathy4 ,Expression 2 ,Intimidation 4,Subterfuge 3
Skills: Crafts 3,Etiquette 2,Leadership 3, Melee 3 ,Riding 2 ,Stealth 2,
Knowledge’s: Academics 1 ,Culture 4,Languages 2,Medicine 4,Myth 4, Divine Lore 2, Spirit Lore 4
Essence: 5
Quintessence: 17
Willpower: 6
Runes: Moon 5, Spirit 4, Darkness 3, Magic 2
Spirit Magic: Befuddle 4, Second Sight 3, Spirit Bane 3, Heal 3, Dispel Magic  4
Rune Magic: 12pts – (4 current) TBC
Virtues: Conviction 4, Loyalty 3, Conciliation 4
Backgrounds: Allies 2, Artefacts 2 Contacts 3, Cult Status 3, Mentor 4, Past Lives 5, Resources 3, Witta 3
Flaws & Merits: One Eye
Equipment:  6pt Power Storage crystal


Hamid – Chief Enforcer, Intiate Yanafal Tarnis

The chief enforcer and leader of the group From Palbar, he server for served for 20 years in the city regiment as a phalanx man. However being a poor farmer he left his retirement plot and has gone back to making his living as warrior. He has been working for Bratus for some  4 years now.

Hamid’s role in the group is to organise all of the guards, the defences of the group and keep the slaves under control. He enjoys his role and will happily put his life at risk for the good of the group. Somewhat dismayed at the level of Guards the party brought over form Palbar, he thinks the locals will make better Guards.

Highly loyal to Bratus, and really can’t stand Kadem. He has no idea why and he thinks he has developed an deep and irrational mistrust of the woman. He presents as somewhat dull, dour and limited individual but thought lacking formal education is a bright and perceptive man.

A capable red smith Hamid makes repairs and modifications to all of the groups weapons and armour.

Traits: Solid, Implacable, Loyal, Brutal
Nature: Guardian
Demeanour: Guardian
Physical: Strength 5  , Dexterity 3 , Stamina 5
Mental : Intelligence 2 , Wits 3 , Perception 3
Social: Manipulation 1 , Appearance 2, Charisma 4
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 3, Brawl 5 ,Dodge 3, Intimidation 4 ,Streetwise 4,
Skills: Archery 2 ,Commerce 2 ,Crafts 4,Leadership 3, Melee 4 ,Riding 3 ,Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledge’s:  Culture  2,Investigation 1,Medicine 2 ,Myth 2, Divine Lore 2
Essence: 4
Quintessence: 14
Willpower: Conviction 4, Loyalty 3, Conciliation 4
Runes:  Death 4, Moon 3, Truth 3, Man 3
Spirit Magic:  Protection 4, Bladesharp 5, Counter Magic 3, Disruption 3
Rune Magic: 10pt – (6 current) TBC
Virtues: Conviction 5, Loyalty 5, Conciliation 2
Backgrounds: Allies 1, Artefact 2, Contacts 3, Cult Status 3, Property 3, Resources 3, Status 2, Witta 3
Flaws & Merits:Huge Size (4pt merit), Gease never flee horsemen,
Equipment:  4pt armour, 3pt long spear,  2pt Kopis, 2pt Tower Shield


Musra Lunar Guard, Initiate of Etyries

An experienced and capable guard From Palbar who left the family farm at the age of 19 after losing in love. He has worked as Caravan Guard across the heartlands for the last 10 years

Mursa brought both his brothers as guards on the trip when their farm failed. One of his younger brothers died in a bar fight with the Blackshields last season. So he is very keen to make sure Davindo makes it back to his family alive.

Traits: Stubborn, Dour, Suspicious, Loyal
Nature: Child
Demeanour: Renunciate
Physical:  Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 2
Social: Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 3 ,Dodge 3, Intimidation 2,Streetwise 2
Skills: Commerce  1,Crafts 2, Melee 3 , Riding 1, Stealth 2 ,Survival 2
Knowledge’s:  Culture 3, Investigation 3, Languages 2, Medicine , Myth 2, Divine Lore 2,
Essence:  2
Quintessence: 8
Willpower:  4
Runes:  Moon 2, Trade 1 , Movement 2, Death  1
Spirit Magic:  Bladesharp 2, Befuddle 2, Shimmer 2, Heal 2
Rune Magic: 3pt – none
Virtues:  Conviction 4, Loyalty 3, Conciliation 3
Backgrounds:  Contacts 2, Cult Status 2, Family 2, Past Lives 2,  Resources 2,
Flaws & Merits: None
Equipment: 3pt light scale armour, spear 2pt, shield 2pt, Kopis 2pt

Davindo,  Lunar Guard, Initiate of Seven Mothers

A farmer from the Palbar Region and a younger brother of Musra  took to guarding when the Farm failed. His wife and children waiting at his in-laws farm for him to return with the pay from the trip to start the farm again.

However he has enjoyed the travel and the lifestyle is unsure if he wants to go back to farming. He also developed an diverting  relationship with one the citadel dweller daughters.

Traits: Curious, Unreliable, Pessimistic, Brave

Nature:   Deviant
Demeanour:  Follower
Physical:   Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Mental : Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Perception 2
Social: Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 2
Talents: Alertness 1, Athletics 2, Brawl 2 ,Dodge 2, Intimidation 2,Streetwise 2
Skills:  Agriculture 3, Commerce 1, Crafts 2, Melee 2 , Riding 1, Stealth 2 ,Survival 2
Knowledge’s: Culture 1, Investigation 1, Languages 2, Medicine , Myth 2, Divine Lore 2,
Essence:  2
Quintessence: 5
Willpower:  3
Runes: Moon 1, Life 2 ,
Spirit Magic:  Heal 2, shimmer
Rune Magic:  3pts – none
Virtues:  Conviction 3, Loyalty 3, Conciliation 4
Backgrounds: Cult Status 2, Family 3, Past Lives 2, Property 2  Resources 1
Flaws & Merits:  None
Equipment:  3pt light scale armour, spear 2pt, shield 2pt, Kopis 2pt

Dodjan – Chief Trapper

An older experienced man who has had a long and varied career as a lunar scout in the axillaries, a farmer, a mercenary and bounty hunter. Initially from the thunder delta slingers.

His role is setting of man traps which allow the capture of victims without doing significant damage to them, for this he has a range of different man traps he can create in the wild and he uses a bolas to great effect to bring victims down.

Dodjan is very impressed with woodcraft and hunting skills of Balazarings, and is trying to learn their culture. He has a deep hatred of Pentians as his young family was killed by a Pentian raid in the Redlands a number of years ago.

Dodjan is a keen game player and is a skilled dice player who is considerably better than the rest of the  group.

Traits: Dour, Composed, Curious, Bitter
Nature: Plotter
Demeanour:  Survivor
Physical:  Strength  3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
Mental :  Intelligence  2, Wits 4, Perception 4
Social:  Manipulation 4, Appearance 2 , Charisma 2
Talents: Alertness  4, Athletics 4, Brawl 4, Dodge 4, Empathy 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 3
Skills:  Archery 5 ,Crafts 4 ,Mechanisms 4,Melee 3 , Riding 2,Stealth 4, Survival 4
Knowledge’s: Culture 2 ,Investigation 4 ,Languages 2 ,Medicine 3 ,Myth 2, Divine Lore 2, Spirit Lore 2
Essence:  3
Quintessence:  10
Willpower:  5
Runes:  Moon 3, Movement 2, Mastery 2
Spirit Magic: Trappers Boon 3, Befuddle 2, Farsee 2, Speedart 3 (5 effective), Push/Pull 2
Rune Magic: TBC
Virtues: Conviction 4, Loyalty 4, Conciliation 3
Backgrounds: Artefact 3, Contacts 3, Cult Status 2, Past Lives 2, Witta 2
Flaws & Merits: Hatred of Pentians (1pt flaw)
Equipment:  Bolas Spirit Focus – Speedart 2, Kopis 2pt, Light Armour 2pr

Traska the Scout Redlander

Traska joined the group recently in Haar Zaal, his job to scout and track down possible targets for the gang. He is finding the job difficult and has developed significant respect for Balazarings over the past 2 seasons.

He has been a hunter in Red lands for many years, he has been hunting on the north plain before and knows how to get on with the troll hunters of the Elder wilds. Whilst in the Elder Wilds developed a strong dislike of baboons from encounters with them

Whilst in Balazar Traska picked up a couple of balazaring hunting dogs and likes them.

He is a complete loner and cares little for the rest of the group and he is driven by mercenary sentiment.

Traits: Patient, Calm, Optimist, Wily
Nature:  Loner
Demeanour:  Survivor
Physical:  Strength 3 , Dexterity  4, Stamina 4
Mental :  Intelligence 2 , Wits 3, Perception 5
Social: Manipulation 2 , Appearance  , Charisma 1
Talents: Alertness 4, Athletics 3, Brawl 3, Dodge 4 ,Intimidation 2, Subterfuge 2
Skills: Archery 3,Leadership 2,Melee 3, Riding 2 ,Stealth 3, Survival 4
Knowledge’s: Culture 2,Languages 3 ,Medicine2 ,Myth 2, Divine Lore2, Spirit Lore 2
Essence: 3
Quintessence: 11
Willpower: 6
Runes: Moon 3, Movement 2, Plant 2
Spirit Magic:  Bandits Cloak 4, Befuddle 2, Clear Path 2, Mobility 3
Rune Magic:  5pt – None
Virtues:  Conviction 5, Loyalty 2, Conciliation 3
Backgrounds:  Artefact 3, Cult Status 2, Property, Resources 3, Witta
Flaws & Merits: Hatred baboons 2pt
Equipment:  Power Storage crystal 6pt

Hoca Mursel, Trainer of Gladiators, Initiate of the Seven Mothers

Threat Level  ***

Orignally a slave from a plantation in the heartlands but was bought and fought as a Gladiator in Palbar for 6 years, after being seriously wounded has been an instructor of Gladiators for close to 20 years.

He trained Batrus when he was still fighting and the two became friends, when Bratus was set free he purchased  Musel and set him free, they have been close friend ever since.

The training and well being of the slaves is Mursel’s responsibility and he fulfils his duty’s diligently. He is driven by finding and training great warriors for the arena, and he is desperate to find the next  Batrus.

He has lost a sever limp in this right leg which means he isn’t much use in a fight any more, but he knows combat intimately, and  loves to tell and hear stories of great duels and fights .

Traits: Aggressive, Cunning, Patient. Stubborn
Nature:  Pedagogue
Demeanour: Perfectionist
Physical:  Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4
Mental :  Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Perception 3
Social: Manipulation 2, Appearance 2, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 3, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Dodge 3, Empathy 3, Intimidation 4, Streetwise 3,
Skills:  Archery  2,Commerce 2,Crafts 2,Instruction 5,Leadership 4 ,Melee  5, Riding 3,Stealth 2, Survival 2
Knowledge’s: Culture 2 , Medicine 4,Myth 3,Politics 2, Divine Lore 2, Spirit Lore 2
Essence:   4
Quintessence: 14
Willpower:  6
Runes:  Moon 3, Death 3, Mastery 4
Spirit Magic: Dispel Magic 2, Bladesharp 2, Demoralize, Fanaticism, Disruption 4, Heal 3
Rune Magic:  6pt – none
Virtues: Conviction 5, Loyalty 5, Conciliation 2
Backgrounds:  Allies 2, Artefact 3, Contacts 2, Cult Status 3, Destiny 4, Property 3, Resources 4, Status 2,  Witta 4
Flaws & Merits:    lame( 3pt flaw)
Equipment:           Kopis with heal 2 spirit focus

Plot Ideas

The range of plotlines for this group is interesting;

  • A party wanders into the slavers man traps and then have to talk or negotiate their way out of being slaves.
  • Party needs to rescue a Balazaring who has been caught by the slavers
  • A clan pays/asks/persuades the party to remove the slavers from it lands
  • The party is paid by Cyriel to sabotage the slavers mission
  • The slavers have been surrounded and hemmed in angry Balazarings, the players are sent by lunar authorities to relieve the slavers.
  • One of the lead slavers has been captured by the Balazarings and the party has to negotiate a release.
  • Escaped slave comes to the party for protection
  • Hamid pays the players to investigate/kidnapp/kill Kadem

NPC’s Lunar Fighting Men

Three quite different fighting men from the Lunar Provinces

Fazzar the Relentless

Sairdite Bounty Hunter – Initiate of Urvairinus
Threat Level  ****
Runes: Earth, Death, Fate
Traits: Cold, Hard, Calculating, Implacable

With a Balding head and long beard which is starting to turn grey. Fazzar is a large Strong man in his late 30’s.

Originating from Saird, he is an Ex Soldier who likes to wield a large axe. He currently works as a bounty hunter. Marusa and Halycon Von Enkorth have brought him to Elkio, to try to track down The Lhankor Myh priest Bluebird. Due to bluebird not being findable at the moment Fazzar is trying to find some other work in the mean time

He considers himself a righteous man. Fazzar likes to know that that his targets are criminals, as he does not consider himself an assassin. He is a fatalistic man and believes many things which happen are destiny.

He has a love the open country and being outdoors, so prefers country jobs to city jobs in most instances. He is always keen to talk with strangers to see if he can find anything out about the location of Bluebird. His fee must be large for him to persevere with a chase which has gone so cold.

Gessi Gabinius

Lunar Assassin,  Initiate of Krarsht
Runes: Moon, Death, Disorder
Threat level ****
Traits: Patient, Calm, Reliable, Charming

From Mrins cross, Gessi is an assassin who has completed contracts in a number of dart completions. he has currently been hired to kill Aetius Agga Rufelza which has brought him into Balazar.

He was supposed to be recruited into Aetius’s guards in Mrins cross but things have not gone to plan and he has had to follow his mark out to Balazar.

He is posing as mercenary for hire by the name of Gera and hopping to get close enough to make his kill. His favourite technique is poison, but he think he may have resort to other means for this job.

He is known and disliked by Fazzar who has recognised him in the area and knows his trade, but has no knowledge of his true nature. Therefore uncomfortable and wants to do the job and get out of Elkoi as quickly as possible, but is also waiting for Fazzur to move on first.

Gessi comes across as a very charming person, and he knows how to make people like him. He is however calm and cold, and willing to kill without thought. Gessi has the chaotic feature of being undetectable by use of magic.

Gessi is his 30’s now, he was recruited to the cult of Krasht when he was an apprentice to a bureaucrat in the lunar government. Only after his chaotic feature became apparent was he  used for his current line of work.


Head of Elkio light skirmishes, Initiate of Yanafal Tarnis
Runes: Moon, Truth, Movement
Threat Level  ****
Traits: Brave, Aggressive, Charismatic, Honourable

In his late 20’s, a lithe, quick but rugged man, Clean shaven  with roguish good looks.

Originally a street urchin from Darleep in the Lunar heartlands. He served with distinction as an head of file in Imther garrison for 5 years. Before he was brought to Elkoi as an officer working under Euryptus the Bold.

He is currently forming and training the Balazar light skirmishes a militia unit of native skirmishes designed to support the lunar regulars and mercenaries based in Elkoi. He is a popular commander and has been successful in his work. He is highly trusted by Euryptus who treats him as his right hand man.

If Euryptus needs a job doing well Regnar is the man he will send. Regnar has a tendency to bend the rules to get things done, he is competitive and likes to win in all situations. He has a romantic streak to him and has a strong sense of natural justice which means he can be an honourable and merciful foe.

Though popular Regnar is a somewhat solitary individual, who seems content with his own company. When not on duty he enjoys the company of the ladies, but does not seem to have a permanent attachment.