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Moonlighters Inn – New Pavis – Write Up

Write up is during the Lunar occupation of Pavis as that is when my game is set.  Who knows what it will be after they leave, so usable from 1613 to 1624.


Moonlighters Inn has been established a few years after the Lunar occupation of Pavis It has been significantly rebuilt to model a more lunar design, as it caters for Lunar officers, bureaucrats and civilians of tastes with a less formal and more relaxed approach than either  Erigio’s or the Silk & Plume.

It is owned by a lunar merchant who visits the city only rarely but is managed by Cleopae a former Lunar soldier. She was a formerly an officer of the Silver Shields who now runs a safe establishment which is very hospitable to the right kind of clientele.

Moonlighters works as informal officers mess for all of the Lunar regiments in Pavis. The common soldiers are not welcome and encouraged to frequent to Hoplites home.  Due to the nature of its core clientele Moonlighters is one of the very few establishments not affected by the Pavis curfew.

Moonlights is renowned for its white wine which is kept magically chilled by means which are a mystery to most.

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Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 1

After Clint Hills brilliant posts on the big rubble (see here) I have risen to challenge and started to create some miscellaneous encounters and plot hooks with a Balazar feel. I also did first come across these kind of encounters in Griffin Mountain many years ago.

The following are ideas for one off colour encounters or maybe hook and starting points for a whole story or campaign theme. I would suggest not rolling using random dice rolls in gaming session to select but perusing the ideas and choosing what would work for your group, or using these ideas just to spark your own.

I have intentionally left many loose ends and unexplained details to allow some creativity from both players and GM.

1. The Lost Child – Repeatable, Balazar
A small Balazaring human child can be found alone, crying and wandering in the wilds. The child is about 2 years old and understands the Balazaring tongue but is not able to speak yet. Continue reading Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 1

Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 2

The next set of miscellaneous encounters which may be found in Balazar numbers 11 -20.

11. Lost Pack Beetle – Repeatable, Anywhere
A tired , drained but fully laden pack beetle of a troll merchant is mooching and hiding in a shaded corner. It’s owner or guards are nowhere to be seen. If approached it will attempt to ram players, knock them over and run  away. However if chased it will soon tire as its in an exhausted state.

There are a large range of troll goods which are mainly disgusting,  but may include something useful or appealing to for humans.

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Lunar Names Part 1- Lodrilli, Pelandan & Pelorian Names

This is the first of number of posts on different names from the Lunar Empire, these will be by the main subcultures of the Empire.  The aim of these is to make quick is easy names lists for refs and to choose character names from.

The first list is for rural common Pendalaran and Pelorian folk, The names will have been created by searching what has been published to date, creating stems and suffixes cross referencing them to create a long varied list.

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Lunar Names Part 2 – Carmanian Names

As part of the Lunar Empire names for  Glorantha and Runequest, here is a list of potential Carmanian name ideas.

This is taken from published sources, stemming the known names and some ‘Jiggery Pokery’ from me.

Its  a cheat list and should save some time and add a flavour to your names.

I’ve merged prefixes and suffixes again so its a long list and there may be some howlers

Carmanian Mens Names Continue reading Lunar Names Part 2 – Carmanian Names

Giants of the Elder Wilds

Authors Notes

The write up of the Giants and Giant land in the original Griffin mountain (pg199 in the reprint) is excellent , and this article is suggestion for the deepening of the background . There are a couple of places where I have deviated from, the Griffin Mountain original, and this is to attempt to bring the mythos up to date and in-line with current thinking as I found it inconsistent.

The only thing which I take issue with is concept that Gon Orta was 12 meters high in the first age, due to the YGMV(Your Glorantha may Vary) concept, in my games active maturing true giants are never less than 30 meters tall, True giants and common/young/wild giants are two distinctly different races.



There are distinct groupings of active giants in the Elder Wilds and Eastern Rockwood mountains. The first is an organised grouping in Giantland  lead by Gon Orta, this group contain Gon Orta and a number of his closest associates.

The second cannot really be described as a formal grouping, they are a collection of individuals and loners. The wild giants who can be found in most places across the Elder Wilds, causing disorder and destruction either by intent or merely by trying to survive.

A much smaller third group of Giants are called twisted giants and though small in number, they are significant enough to be a cause for concern . First due to their size and then for the regularity at which these beast appear.  Almost always formerly wild giants which are mutated significantly by chaos.

True Giants

True giants are mythic beings who existed early in Godtime and are the compatriots of true Dragons and the Gods themselves, some being parents of the earliest of the Gods. Few of these beings are active in time. Gon Orta a very young and inexperienced true Giants is the only one his kind who is perceived as being currently active in this part of the world. And only a handful have been chronicled within time.

The 11 giants who by Myth and Legend form the  Big Giant Mountains, are all true giants. They are considered inactive by most, and the trolls who burrow in there mountains doubt they are giants at all. Younger common giants often claim ancestry from one of the Mountains but scholar cannot see how this is possible.

The giant cradles which have through time passed down the Zola Fel river are all the babies of true giants. Where these go and what they do after passing down the Zola Fel river has been un-documented, but there have been no well supported myths of adult true giants returning to Giant Land  within recorded time.

True giants are subject to a spiritual journey which they call the Inner Path, this starts with the journey down the Zola Fel and time with Magasta, but will continue through a True Giants life. When asked Gon Orta has explained it would be pointless to try to explain this path to a non giant, and even says common giants cannot comprehend it.

However true giants have a spiritual discipline called Gentling which changes the nature and the intellectual capabilities of common Giants.  This is the teaching of a much watered down and simplified version of the inner path.

Blueface the shaman has been known to say that the big giants are very real and only inactive on this plane. They are spiritual beings that mainly exists and act upon the hero plane at this moment in time. The mountains are only physical shadows of powerful spiritual entities which are active elsewhere.

Gentled Giants

A gentled Giant is a common or young giant who has been disciplined by a true giant for a number of decades and has had their natural associated with the disorder rune broken.  The only gentled giants within the Elder wilds are those who have been taught by Gon Orta.

Gentled Giants act in many ways like oversized humans due their main runic association now being man. They can worship human gods, join and form societies and groups without significant ranchor or strife.

There are a limited number of Gentled Giants within the Elder Wilds known giants are Boshbisil, Hen Cik, Sa Mita and  Bunscoto being the notable ones (all described in Griffin Mountain).

Gon Orta has a desire to mentor more of the Giants of Giantland but the process seems to require willing co operation from the Giant involved which isn’t always forthcoming.

Wild Giants

Most common or young Giants, still have their associations with the disorder rune and  roam the Elder Wilds alone or in small and temporary( for giants ) groups. They are aware and are in awe of Gon Orta, but really have little appetite to follow his rules for any other reasons than fear of the consequences. As such they tend to avoid his castle and have as little to do with him as possible.

They claim ancestry from true giants only because they have heard of Giants do that, and have no real concept on what their relationship with True giants actually is.

They are commonly found in Elder Wilds plains, mountains, non elven forests  and troll strongholds,  They are avoid elf forests and mostali Mountains.  They are highly destructive in nature, but some do seem to  be able to co-exist with and in troll society.

Wild Giant Write ups

  • Ripper
  • Kolsa ta
  • Kanbra Lizard Rider

Twisted Giants

There are a very small number of  giant have succumbed to the taint of chaos, every decade or so one of the Wild Giants seems to be completely consumed by Chaos and transforms itself into a chaotic horror. This are often hunted down by Gon Ortas giants or by the trolls but a few survive hiding out in the mountains or outer  reaches of the Elder Wilds. Occasionally raiding more populated lands.

Gon Orta is deeply concerned about this but currently has no understanding of how or why this is taking place. It is in fact Granny Keeneyes who when she can is luring giants to festering isle, to be corrupted with the lagoon.

Twisted  Giants who are currently known are;

  • Raslan the Melted One – 8 meters tall giant whose flesh seems to be melting and drops an throw gorps form his body.
  • Annis the One Eye – 7 meter giant, with one eye in his head, and very heavy armour plating.

Chaos in Balazar & the Elder Wilds;

A summary of a study by Bluebird ,Grey Lord of Lankhor Myh

My Lord this text is a summary of what to my knowledge is the most complete and accurate study of the extent of Chaos which lies within the Elder Wilds, its history and probable extrapolations into the nature of what else we may find.

As requested I have interviewed as many living experts as I can on the subject, referred to my previous studies on the subject and spent time in the Lankhor Myh temple in Pavis referencing the best documents they have on the subject.


Balazar is not a hotbed of chaotic activity. However there are permanent chaos scars and sites within this land which have been a constant presence since the dawn.


The Balazarings have very few surviving specific myths which relate to the pre dawn, however there are some detailed stories  from the trolls which relate to the period which have been written down by the Sages of Llankor Myh in Esrolia.

In those stories in Godtime before the dawn after the unity battle in which the devils horde was repelled for the first time. The hordes of chaos moved though the Elder Wilds as they moved towards Generts Garden. It would seem for the most part the trolls that inhabited the Elder Wilds fell back and avoided the chaos horde for the most part but its seems as if some minor battles were fought.

Two documented instances which seem to have had ongoing consequences for the region are;

Firstly that a chaos creature not well documented before similar to a colossal Gorp which had been badly injured at the unity battle succumbed to its wounds and died, its body started to eat away at the very substance of the earth burning a hole in reality. The Seronde River sent a tributary to wash it away and heal the Land, but troll legends say it was corrupted as it washed the last of the body away.

It would seem sensible to equate these legends with the existence of both Festering Isle and the River of the Damned and would give good explanation to some of the current behaviours we have documented from within the area. These being

  • The frequent restoration of Chaos to the site throughout recorded history
  • The large supply of Gorps locally
  • The emanation of chaos beings from the site as a matter of local legends amongst all races through the last ages.

Secondly that after battle a wounded Cacodemon fell and bled profusely upon the earth cursing the earth marking it with chaos and changing its nature. This would seem to strongly correlate with the site with Gondor Holst’s had referred to as the chaos holy ground.

However it would seem that the site has been magically structured, enhanced and protected from that point in time. This would suggest that intelligent chaotic beings of significant magical power and have been in operation in the Elder Wilds since the dawn.

There are no other instances from the troll stories of the pre dawn that we can correlate to any other activity which has been documented since or  witnessed by any of sources. However there are some items documented which may present hidden threats.

First troll myths refer to a number of the Devils horde that tried to burrow under or through the Rockwood mountains and were caught in combat with trolls underground.  We have no corresponding myths that to relate to them breaking out of the other side. Therefore we have to be aware that some may still be under the Rockwoods.

Second troll and Votanki myths tell of other chaos creatures wounded and falling on the march away from unity battle. It is possible that other sites, caves or cairns contain the taint, ancestors or the physical presence of these creatures. No evidence has been gathered which could correlate to this, but it should not be ruled out as it has been experienced in other regions.

Thirdly is a claim made in one troll legend that ,it was Genert himself cursed the “Ten Good Giants” into mountains because they stood aside and let the chaos hordes into his land. This both frightening , weakly supported and highly speculative, but if true would have incredibly far reaching consequences.

There is one strongly supported story of Chaos gaining a significant presence in Balazar and the Elder Wilds since the dawn is that of the infamous Vampire of Gork’s hills.

Each local culture has stories relating to it going back to EWF period and beyond, the stories are confused and would seem that vampire has been apparently destroyed many times only to come back in different forms.

We have at least one troll version of the vampire, several Votanki vampire stories at different times, there is a pentian version of the legend, the best documented story which relates to the EWF period and where he is a civilized human vampire, and there is even a story in which the vampire of the Gorks hills is a broo.

So we have many versions of similar vampire myths with different description vampires all of which are killed only to often reappear a generation or two later.

This can only lead us to one of two theories if a significant number of the myths are based upon some kind of reality;

The first is that vampire of Gorks hills is a vampire of  considerable age and strength who can move between bodies and wishes to have bodies of different races, but is of limited power so that he can be defeated by reasonably modest hero’s of the relevant age and culture.

I would deem this very unlikely for two reasons, the first is that this patterns of existence matches nothing which has been documented yet in terms of  vampires behaviour or capabilities, the second is that I think it is highly unlikely that a vampire 1000 years of age would be as fragile as some of these legends suggest.

The second is that these vampires were individual vampires of limited age and power. Each distinct in there undeath and final demise. This would suggest either an item, place or being in the Gork Hills which attracts or creates these creatures.

The fact that most of these vampires are from local stock and race suggest they would be more likely created than attracted . The lack of any physical castle of Vivamort discovered or documented with the area despite their rumours to the contrary, suggests a  place is unlikely.

A possible resolution this theory may also provide an answer to the question of who has magically strengthen , altered and structured the magic at the chaos Holy Ground. Which interestingly now  has a functionality which could be described as vampiric.

greenlight pic

If asked to suggest a single solution to the riddle of the vampire of Gorks Hills, I could put forward this theory.  That there is no record of evidence or any story of any interaction with the most powerful of the vampires of Gorks Hills.  The vampire which have been encountered are younger less powerful vampires, who serve the Vampire of Gorks Hills, who remains a powerful figure who is never seen.

As regards origins I believe that he predates the EWF period and can see no reason why such a being would come to the Elder Wilds since the dawn. Though Vivamort himself cannot be placed with the devil on his march through the Elder Wilds, a number of his most powerful followers can be.

It has been speculated by some of the most educated minds on the subject that older more powerful vampires need to feed not from peoples lifeforce, but from other vampires who have already consumed and processed the life force of others.

I think we should be prepared for the source of the vampire of Gorks Hills Myths to be much older, more diabolical and a deep secret than any may dare to fear.

Up until recently there is no documented or oral evidence of any significant new chaos incursion into Balazar or the Elder Wilds.

The final source of chaos in the Elder Wilds is the Lunar Empire. Though they have not stationed chaos troops within the confines of Balazar yet. We do know that there priest consorted with Gondor Holst and directed him to Chaos holy ground. Elkoi is within the lunar provinces so it is very possible that it may receive a visit from the Crimson bat

Current Threats

As far as quantifying  threats from and abilities to strike against Chaos in the Elder Wilds and Balazar regions we can make the following conclusions;

Festering Isle is a wound in Glorantha herself and will continue to let chaos seep into the Elder Wilds unless it closed. It will also attract creatures of chaos to it, and increase the chaotic mutations of those chaotic creatures that spend long there.

We could expect to see any of the following chaos manifestations emanating from the area dragonsnails, giant gorp, indefinable chaos monsters, walktapi and corrupted animals.

We should expect it to attract organised groups of  broo, scorpion men and ogres. It also does act as a holy site for the primordial worship of Chaos.

The only course of action to seek to close it would be to Heroquest to gain the knowledge to find out what we must do to close it, no living being to my mind would have that knowledge. It would then probably require further dangerous heroquests to heal the wound.

The chaos holy ground will continue to attract powerful priests of chaos from outside the area who would seek to use it for their own ends. I would draw special attention to the activities of the Lunar empire who have  documented knowledge of the site and have directed chaos priests there already.

It would not be remiss to expect any and all priests of chaos seeking to make pilgrimages to the site, and such it should be watched often  and its location guarded as much as possible.

Also if the  vampire of Gorks hills become active again I would suggest he may make use of the site, in creating the power to aid the creation of new vampires.

On the matter of the Vampire of Gorks hills do not be surprised if a vampire reappears in the region as it has been the pattern for the last few hundred years, but be very aware that there may be a more powerful figure lying in the background.

if a new vampire was to appear I would suggesting quickly against it, as it will be a young vampire which has not attained significant power as yet.

As regards lesser threats it is always possible we may encounter other small pockets of chaos which are not as significant as the ones mentioned,  and we should bear in mind the possibility of some of the more obscure threats without committing valuable resources to countering them.

Written Sources

  • From Wonderhome to the Castle of Lead,  a pre history of the Uz.  Unta the Devout – 1248
  • Legends of the Unity Battle – Rajesh of Esrolia, 2nd Age
  • Wounds of Glorantha – Volume III – Unknown Author – 1542
  • A summary of Chaos sites within southern Peloria – Bluebird, Esrolia 1611
  • Vivamort collected myths and Legends – From the Pavis Rubble

Living Sources

  • Torath Manover
  • Garnst ‘the chaostracker’
  • Lan Stormson
  • Blueface
  • Gerag Midem

Mystic Sources

  • The Lady Seronde

Sea Otter Clan – Balazaring Clans

Clan Name:  Sea Otter

Clan Hearth:  Dwerrowfall Caves, Cave with entrance under waterfall, with other sub entrances and some worked tunnels.


Hearth Location:  South shore of the elf sea, on the estuary of the Dwerrow  River

Hunting Grounds: Dwerror River Estuary and Elf Sea coast

Clan Spirit:  Sea Otter – fast swimming, hold breath, water sense

Population:  480 people  166 Men, 184 women, 130 Children,  84 hearths             

Tribe: Trilus


The Sea Otter Clan has been at its current clan hearth for hundreds of years and as such  are one of the most settled and advanced clans in Balazar. there clan hearth is a permanent community as through fishing and hunting they can usually feed themselves without a nomadic lifestyle.

Though other clans fear the river, the clan totem and worship of the spirit of Dwerrow seem to keep the Sea otter Clan out of most harm.

They are mainly fishers who use bow and spear as well as boats and nets. They are also pearlers collecting  freshwater mussels from beds in the Dwerrow estuary.

This has made them  traders with good standing, and thus a rich clan with lots of metal tools, pots and blankets. Even the trader Joh Mith visits yearly to buy pearls.

The clans only feud is with The leaping Salmon clan, a breakaway clan 12 miles up the coast, the clan broke away for the usual reason of growth about 6 years ago, but there were also disagreements about the change of kings in Trilus and the sharing of wealth and hunting grounds which have made the separation bitter .

The Sea Otter Clan was close to old king and clan chiefs were tied by blood to the Gadaringer dynasty, and because such the clan is still being actively courted by King Yalaring who is keen to keep them loyal.

They are friendly with the local newtling communities and join them in their sacred time rites in the river estuary, which usually keep the sea monsters away from the clan and newtling communities.

Quirks and Traits:

A sea otters are a very tactile people who like to be in physical contact with other people whenever possible. It is very common for clan members to hold each other’s hands when in the same physical vicinity. It is not a sexual contact and to refuse or pull away or to withdraw is seen  as rude behaviour.

The clan is famous throughout balazar for its otter fish stew, which contains a number of fish, shelfish, herbs, root vegetables and no otters.

The clan has few dogs but keeps otters in a similar way as the rest of the Balazarings keep dogs.


Balori Bluestone – Clan Chief a mature patient man, well respected leader and a competent trader

Yotarni Burning Spear – Master Hunter and defender of the clan. He likes to hunt oversized sea monsters and the kill he is most famous for is the killing of Giant Crab he fought on the beach near Dwerrowfall caves.

Goomor Turtleback – Goomore is the master boatbuilder for the clan, he usually builds small coracles out of hide and wood, but his best boats have coracles made from Giant Turtle shells. He is resposnible for showing the clan how make , keep and repair their boats.

Inia Goodwife – Inia is the heart mother priestess and also in charge of ensurng the women of the clan make and keep the clans nets in order. She is hard taskmistress to the younger girls, but more relaxed with the older women.

Kaska the Pearlmother  – A shaman responsible for the magic that protects and preserves the pearl beds, she is relatively young and new to the role but seems competent. Kaska struggles with the otherness than comes from her roles and often feels lonely.

Altus Boldface – A young hunter who thinks a clan of this size and riches should be able to protect itself, and does not think the clan in martial enough.  He is considering  going to Trilus to join the citadel warriors. He will be keen to show his bravado to any warriors for outside and will be hostile to any who do not seem suitably impressed.

Takanthi  Cliffleaper –  A young brave who has just been initiated into adulthood, he is a careless thrill seeker who  will put himself in danger for the fun of it. He can usually be found cliff diving , rapid swimming or dodging dangerous animals, so far without incident.

Tashka Icewalker – The daughter of Balori and a good friend of Takanthi. She gets caught up in Takanthi’s craziness  but is more usually dragged along. her head is now turned to marriage and she hoping for something that will get her out of the clan and into new experiences, she also sees all of the clan boys as beneath her.


Clans Relationships

The sea otters  have the following relationships with clans

Allies;  Treefrog (Trilus), Yellowback (newtling)

Friends;  Greenridge(newtling), Black boar (trilus), Crocodile (Trilus)

Conflict;   The leaping Salmon clan (Independent)


Plot Hooks & Ideas

Campaign idea is for a small group of citadel warriors sent from Trilus to aid the Sea Otters in dealing with a number of problems, however most of these ideas can be run as a one off story idea for any

Deadfish – Large numbers of dead fish are being found in the clan waters which border the Leaping salmon clan. Party are sent to investigate cause, find that Greenridge newtlings are similarly distressed and annoyed.  Leaping salmon clan deny all knowledge.

Mad Neighbours – Leaping salmon clan start to raid their neighbours waters and attack boat and nets and steal fish, they need to be repelled.

Those Meddling Kids – Takanthi and Tashka get trapped in a cave by a water wyrm, pcs have to extract them without offending the Dwerrow river spirit by killing the wyrm.  if you want to make it more tense have the tide coming in and filling the cave.

Mad Newtlings –The Greenridge newtlings now start to attack the clans fishing grounds, talk with yellow backs suggest they are also having trouble with the green ridges. Newtlings can be driven off but they do seem fenzied and disturbed.

Gomoors Turtle – A magnificent giant turtle has been spotted and Gomoor wants to make a coracle out its shell, the PC’s track it down to find out it is an intelligent turtle. Soup or no soup?

Dead Neighbours -Pc’s are sent to deal with the Leaping salmon tribe, on the way they skirmish with a sea monster, it does not press the attack home.  They arrive to find the entire village dead and rotting, the sea monster attacks them in the village but again doesn’t press the attack home.

See Monster – Yotarni Burning Spear declares the Sea Monster the source of the problem and leaders the players in a hunter, the monster will skirmish and flee, before being cornered where it will fight to the death.

The Chaos Effect – It is realised that the sea monster wasn’t creating the problems after they continue after its death,  further scouting or divination will bring to light a powerful walktapus which poisons the water as well as the air. Creating violent madness and aggression, before killing its victims.

Troll Leaders of the Elder Wilds

Here are notable political troll figures and leaders of tribes, it is unlikely that pc’s will interact directly with these  figures, but they should in the background adding colour and moving events that may  affect the characters.

Great Old Mother

Leader of the Trang Clan and Mistress Race troll high priestess of Kygor Litor, who never leaves the temple of Kyger Litor at Black Spire Gorge

Her agenda  is to control the religious life of the trolls of the Elder Wilds  but she uses political and religious power very directly, not in a subtle manner. She has been known to deny’s clans and tribes who are out of favour access to major temples. She also has an elite war gang called the Sons of Trang.

She has had an ongoing feud with Cragspider for centuries and the two ancient trolls despise each other with a passion. She claims to have met Arkat and has detailed knowledge of some of the events surrounding the Gbaji wars.

‘The Spider’

The Head of the Gar Tola Tribe and High Priestess of Gorakki, Priestess of Areana. She does everything she can to make her form a mystery, but she is actually a very old uzko who has morphed into part troll part spider form via hero questing

A subtle politician and great gather of information she sits at the centre of a great web of relationships and intrigue she is by far the best informed troll leader in the Elder Wilds.

She always ensures the great Old Mother believes her to be an ally, but she also communicates on a semi regular basis with Cragspider.


The Uzuz leader of the Bone Gnashers and the Guardian of the Wailing Place. He presents himself as a simple Zorac Zoran beserker warlord, but has a much deeper aspect and is a knowledgeable magician and sorcerer, is a devotee of Arkat.

He is an elf killer and the troll leader the Aldryami want slain more than any other. He was present at the burning of the great tree of what is now the  Dangergound. He sees it as his responsibility to stop the elves expanding their forests ever again.

Gorks Daughter

Gorks daughter is a powerful uzko shaman and mystic, also priestess of Kygor Litor. She is often used a channel for Gork himself a powerful darkness spirit.

Is over 300 years old so many believe her to be a uzuz, but is actually an uzko. Her prime motivation is to protect Gork from the Great Old Mother, who Gork believes wants to bind the spirit, and control the worship of Gork.

She rules the tribe of Gork well, but is an isolationist who only really has contact with a number of independent clans the tribe of Danar Tol. She has studied the ruins in Gorks hills extensively and has some knowledge of the magic so the EWF.

Mama Di

The Leader of the Bara Du is an Uzko priestess of Kyger Litor and one of the most fertile troll in living memory. Mama Di is beautiful in troll standards as well as being mother to over 20 healthy uzko

She swears by the effects of the Black Plinth and ensures her tribe controls the lands round it. She also  keeps a harem of male lovers and is jealous of her breeding rights

She is scared of the Grand Old Mother and would never do anything to offend her. A very good practical politician, and the tribe is doing well under her.

Kieger Ba

Zorac Zoran warlord from Dragori Inkarth who  usurped of the  previous leaders Guttuz Tribe, after being hired to lead their raids.

Currently is perusing a damaging conflict with the elves and humans of the bear woods and gets his tribe to raise large numbers of un-dead, especially from the corpses of their own fallen.

He terrorises his tribe and often inflicts atrocities upon his own people. Worshippers of Zong and Kygor Litor are waiting for a leader who could challenge him and the tribe will explode into civil war.

Troll Personalities of the Elder Wilds

Here are a  few of the troll personalities of the Elder Wilds which may be met by characters in a non violent encounter and who hopefully could provide some fun plot twists and turns along the way.

I will do another post for politically and culturally important troll figures later on but thought it best to split them.

Breath of Zong, The Huntsman, The Day Shadow

A mythic figure even amongst the trolls of the Elder Wilds, a solitary Uzuz hunter who has hunted the region alone since before the dawn. He lives for the hunt always looking for harder and more exotic prey to catch, and ways to further test his skills as a Hunter.

Few have seen him, none can remember talking with him, but when we wants to be seen the steam of his breath will be noticed for a second maybe two, before he silently fades away.

He is the guardian of the hunters and watches over all the hunters of the Elder Wilds, troll, man even baboon. He is never seen to intervene but he has saved many hunters from meeting a sticky end without revealing himself.

He is also the self appointed guardian of the hunt and those who kill without following the sacred ways of the peaceful cut, can find themselves in deep trouble in his presence.

The hunt can take him away from the Elder Wilds for seasons as he hears of a beast he must catch or challenge he must face. As the hero wars start he may feel the need to start to communicate with hunters of all kinds.

Worshipper of both Zong and Foundchild will find themselves in spiritual awe him without fully understanding why.

 Ta Cassa , The shadow mother

A noted and powerful ukzo shaman of the western troll wild hunters clans, and a friend of the Blue Dog Eaters. She travels between the clans and is well respected.

Many spirits have talked to her of Blueface the Shaman , and it is her desire to meet and emulate him.  However even she is unsure whether she wants to treat him as a friend, rival or enemy.

She is very aware of the presence of Chaos in the Elder Wilds and knows the locations of both festering isle and the chaos holy ground

Toola Barg

A uzko Argan Argar Worshipper and trader from the Trang tribe, who has run a number of caravans south of the mountains but who believes that trade with the citadels would be quicker than travelling  south.

In the past he has traded with Joh Mith once on his trips into the Elder Wilds, and has gained a map of Balazar and has some basic understanding of the human situation.

He is trying to identify troll goods from the Elder Wilds humans would be interested in. He is interested in clothes, spices, and pungent and tactile luxuries. He is  currently interested in developing a rapport with humans who can introduce him to one of the citadels.

Kol Serap – ‘The Mapmaker’

An uzko Argan Argar priest  Mapping the Elder Wilds with a map of scents, he has moved to the Elder wilds after he complete mapping Dragori Inkarth, where his map of scents gained him some wealth and fame.

He finds life in the Elder Wilds tough and wants to get the region mapped as quickly as possible and move onto the Shadow Plateau or Blue Moon Plataeu, he is not aggressive in nature and is often willing  to parley and negotiate with humans. he is keen do what he can to collects distinct smells and will often pay for ones which would be dangerous for him to collect, such Aldryami sap. He travels with small group of guards

Bassa Rak

A uzko warrior of  the blue moon plateau, holding the rank of Boztakang’s a Son( subcult of Kygor Litor) has travelled to the Elder Wilds to find potential allies and prepare the way for his mistress to come and recruit support for Boztakang’s Empire.

However Bassa  is paying only lip service to his mistresses wishes and is making the most of his time without supervision. He controls a small war party of powerful , well trained well armoured trolls and is currently happy to roam the Elder Wilds doing what he wishes. He knows he needs to get on with the task at hand soon, but keeps putting it off till next season.

Xara Kiri, Watching Mother

An uzko priestess, who runs a small temple to Xiola Umbar a few miles away from Offas Pile. She used to run the temple within the community but felt that trollkin were getting too wild in their behaviour  and was gaining deep concerns about the spirit known as the Eater.

She has moved the temple a few miles away and still cares for the needs of the trollkin of the community as best she can. She is attended by a  group of 30 permanent trollkin attendants and guards who are fanatically loyal to her.

She is currently pondering how to investigate and combat ‘the eater’  without involving troll war parties which will slaughter and eat most of the trollkin.