Fan Material Submission & Publishing Policy

As there is currently no apparent fan publishing platform for Glorantha Material at the moment, and I’m slower than I would like in my own writing. I have decided to open Back to Balazar up as a fan publishing platform, and will happily publish other peoples material for the wider benefit of the Runequest and Gloranthan communities.

As such individuals are free to submit material for consideration for publishing on the site. Criteria for publication will be;

  1. The material is Gloranthan
  2. The material broadly matches Jeffs and Chaosium’s vision of Glorantha
  3. Scenarios, cult write-ups, NPC’s, plot ideas, background, artwork & fiction are all valid
  4. Opinion pieces and contentious debate is valid, but it needs to well mannered and respectful to both Chaosium and other people in the community
  5. The material should benefit the Gloranthan community
  6. The material should look to expand upon and complement, not present a competing vision with the official Chaosium releases
  7. The material is your own or if it’s a collaboration in which you have all parties permission to submit
  8. Its standard of English at least as good as mine. ( I am dyslexic so it is not a high bar to pass. )
  9. I will pass on material that I think is harmful or distasteful

The terms are as follows;

  1. The copyright for any material provided remains your own
  2. Content will be attributed to you
  3. If you change your mind material will be removed ( within a reasonable period. )
  4. There will be no payment for articles ( Neither will I ask you to share in loss I make on the site each month. )
  5. Editorial decisions on whether to publish material lie with myself and is final
  6. Items will usually be published as received, if I feel editorial changes are needed we will discuss and agree before publication
  7. Any material which is considered defamatory or puts me in legal jeopardy of any kind will be refused or removed.
  8. Please provide written material in word document format

Until I come up with a better way of submitting stuff message me on facebook via the Runequest Group to get stuff over to me.