City and Trade Builder for Glorantha

The following tool creates a guide for what tradesmen, temples, communities, etc are likely to be present in a particular culture and with a certain population.

For the purposes of this tool we have defined tradesmen in the following brackets

Laymen These are people who are skilled and known within communities to be talented at a task, but work in this capacity in a part time basis only. They are usually less skilled than full time craftsmen, and are usually found in rural locations
Tradesmen These are full time professionals who will probably be based in a town or city. Recognised tradesmen who have served apprenticeships and often members of guilds. Their home and place of work will be one and the same.
Artisans These are established business with multiple employees, apprentices and are the centres of guild activity.

We suggest only using this tool only as guide to help give an initial overview of a regions population and then modify the results to to suit needs.

Culture (Select most appropriate culture.)
Population (Total number of people in populated region.)
Urban Laymen (Default 20% in urban areas.)
Urban Tradesmen (Default 50% in urban areas.)
Urban Artisans (Default 80% in urban areas.)
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