Glorantha Name Generator

The following tool suggests a number of randomly generated names relevant to a particular Gloranthan Culture

The following Cultures i’m happy are fully developed.

  • Balazaring
  • Orlanthi
  • Grazelander
  • Lunar – Imperial

The following cultures have first names but are lacking wider naming conventions.

  • Lunar – Dara Happa
  • Lunar – Sairdite
  • Lunar – Peldaran/Pelorian
  • Lunar – Carmanian

Going forward I would like to add the following cultures

  • Esrolian
  • Praxian
  • Orlanthi – Tarshite
  • Orlanthi – Tarshite

Some names may be a little strange due to the nature of the tool so we suggest creating a few and then choosing from a list for your PC’s and NPC’s

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Sources – Guide to Glorantha, Griffin Mountain, The Glorious Succession, Imperial Lunar handbook Vol 1 & 2, The Coming Storm, King Of Satar, History of the Heorting People. RQ various versions. HQ Glorantha

In addition extrapolations have been made, real world influences added, and some fun made up stuff thrown into the mix for colour