Gloranthan Calendar – Editable File

I had to created a editable Electronic version of the Theylean Gloranthan Calendar to work out Joh Miths Itinerary on the previous post.

It is a resource I will use more and more as I run my sandbox campaigns to keep track of the different plot streams , creating separate tabs for each group of NPC’s or plot arcs as I see fit.

I’m sure there are prettier version out there, but I thought it may be an interesting resource to share, as it may save people 20 mins when creating there own timelines.

I have placed it in a google sheets format, but can add an excel format if anyone requires. Oh yes i’ve forget to say if you want to use it take a copy.

Link to editable Gloranthan Calendar

Gloranthan Calendar – Excel Document

For those who are not aware the Gloranthan Calandar is significantly different from our own.

There are seven days in a week

  • Freezeday
  • Waterday
  • Clayday
  • Windsday
  • Fireday
  • Wildday
  • Godsday

Eight weeks to a season;

  • Disorder Week
  • Harmony Week
  • Death Week
  • Fertility Week
  • Stasis Week
  • Movement Week
  • Illusion Week
  • Truth Week

Five seasons to a year;

  • Sea Season – Equivalent of late spring
  • Fire Season – Equivalent of winter
  • Earth Season – Equivalent of autum or fall
  • Dark Season – Equiqualent of winter
  • Storm Season – Equivalent of late winter, very early spring, violent, stormy and unpredictable

and the sacred time.

  • Luck Week
  • Fate Week


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