WOD:Glorantha – Character backgrounds

Character backgrounds in Glorantha is a very simple bit of rewrite. With no  significant system changes, just a selected, tweaked and sometimes re titled character backgrounds.

My Initial selection is as follows

  • Allies – Key NPC allies and walking plot devices
  • Artifact – Magical item or heirloom defined with GM
  • Contacts – Contacts for information and resources
  • Cult Status – Status within your cult
  • Destiny – The magnitude of the sense of fate that the character has upon him. The game effect extra floating bonus dice pool role per session, for any challenges relating to the characers sense of Destiny.
  • Family – Characters family connection to, the power and/or size of their family
  • Homestead – The ownership of land and home
  • Influence – The ability to influence society and people of power
  • Mentor – A useful and insightful mentor(s)
  • Past Lives – The ability to call on the ability perceptions and knowledge of those that have gone before. The game effect is floating dice pool per sessions where players  have no natural ability .
  • Resources -The ability gather money and use physical resources
  • Status – Your characters Status in his home culture
  • Witta/ Communal Spirit – Your characters spiritual connection to the community or group spirit, also contributes to the spirits power and abilities

Open to suggestions, additions and improverments

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