Brokat – Heortling Emissary

Brokat the True

Heortling Noble Issaries Initiate.
Runes: Water, Harmony, Trade
Threat Level ****
Traits:   Self Important, Over Courteous , Curious, Friendly

Brokat is an Emissary of King Bryon of Whitewall, a younger son of a thane of Bryons, he has been sent  to request the bearer of the Windsword to join Kallyr Starbrow and King Bryon at Whitewall for the inevitable campaign against the Lunar Empire. He is a follower of Issaries in the aspect of diplomat and herald and would see trading as beneath his station.

Has been sent as he is suspected as being a lunar spy and this quest is seen as a long shot that keep him away from important matters happening in the south. He is loyal, but his diplomatic ways means he has a more cultured approach to dealing with Lunars that is appreciated by some in these more violent days. However due to these suspicions and the difficult position he finds himself in he does not want to return back to Whitewall  empty handed

He is a man of some maturity and a competent warrior. Likes to Drink and discuss stories of lands people(including himself) may have visited. He is also a keen falconer and has a hawk with him on the trip.

He is currently located at Trilus in the company of Torath Manover and Lightbringers hall. He is waiting for some sign of the bearer of the Windsword, but is frustrated in the meantime. He has spent some time with King Yalaring, but has been kept at arm’s length because the king believes him to be a boring windbag.

Plot uses: Makes characters aware of the greater political plot in dragons pass, tie into those parts of the world. Explore the area of divided loyalties, and bigger ponds elsewhere.

Endal the Calm

Humakti Initiate and Bodyguard
Runes: Fire, Death, Beast
Threat Level ****
 Traits: Vicious, Angry, Energetic, Expressive

Endal is a housecarl in the service of King Bryon, who is currently assigned to Guard Brokat the true on his trip north. he has been ordered to watch Brokat for King Bryon, if Brokat shows any sign of treacherous behaviour he is to Kill Brokat on the spot.

He is much more prominent and outspoken that bodyguards tend to be. He is runetouched by the rune of death and as such people struggle to connect with him, and he is feared by many round Trilius.

Endals reaction to most problems is disproportionate violence and aggression. he sees this as a normal reaction and cannot understand why others do not appreciate these traits of character.

Endal dresses and  is armed in the more civilized fashion of Esrolia and is very proud of his  weapons and armour which he keeps in pristine condition. He is also clean shaven and keeps hair cut short.

Plot Uses

  • A reminder that Humakti can be psychopathic tools
  • Persuading him not to hurt someone for little reason

Angorri  Blackspear

Humakti Initiate & Bodyguard
Runes: Darkness, Death, Mastery
Threat level ***
Traits:   Cheerful, Friendly, Funny, Aggressive

A young friendly man,  who is tall and lean. He wears his fair hair and beard in Plats in the way of Satarite Orlanthi.  He wields a spear made from an unknown black material which has been a  family heirloom for at least 3 generations, as well as his Humakti sword.

He is the Junior partner to Endal, but he usually does most of the communicating as his demeanour is much less challenging for most people.

He has  a girl near Whitewall who is with child and wants to go home as soon as he can.

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