Lan Stormson

Stormkhan, Favoured of Orlanth, Balazaring Warrior and Chief of Men

Runes: Air, Movement, Death

Traits: Proud, Aggressive, Impulsive, Deep, Conflicted

Tall and wiry warrior, with long scraggly brown hair and unkempt beard, he wear iron chain over furs and leather, he rides a Praxian Bison, and is usually escorted by group of praxian Bullmen from the Bison tribe. He is a man in his late 20’s who is living life fully,  but who seems to be driven to achieve, to risk, to fight and to kill.

He is the current wielder of the Windsword.

Ten years ago he was just one of a number of young Votanki hunters who were part of the Redrock Clan. Today he is much travelled, a leader of men, the wielder of the Windsword, Heroquester, the killer of chaos, a hammer against the Lunars and is unfulfilled still striving and pushing for something that evades him.

Upon meeting Lan mist people are impressed with him and want to impress him. he has an energy and dynamism  that people find engaging, but after spending time with him the shine wears off and he just seems very self absorbed.  He strives to be great and as such often wounds many close to him.

He loves dogs and hunting which he considers a joy, he loves women and has made many bad choices in that area of his life. He dreadful husband to Rahkal his wife and a poor father to his three children. He loves them deeply but has not the emotional capacity to consistently express that in any meaningful way.

He is touched by Orlanth, and is a clear manifestation of what is good and what is challenging about the god.  As a younger man his only desire was to become a windlord. However when  his wife became one before him, he turned to the cult of Stormbull instead. Surprisingly he has never been afflicted by the cults spirit of reprisal.

Lan is currently trying to form a permanent community in the Dangerground close to Swim Here which comprises of warriors seeking a Lord, Orlanthi farmers who have travelled up from Pavis country on the promise of freedom and farming land, Bison riders from Prax who are checking out this green land to see if a larger group could prosper here and Balazaring hunters  who are drawn to his rising star.

He is finding it hard but old friends from the Redrock tribe and allies from elsewhere are drifting back to him, and as a community something is coming together.

Lan has a poor view of baboons and has put a price of a wheel on the head of every baboon brought to him, and 50 Wheels for Gareeki Chaz’s head.

Nature: Architect
Demeanour: Bravo
Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 6, Stamina 5
Mental: Intelligence 4, Wits 5, Perception 5
Social: Manipulation 3, Appearance 4, Charisma 5
Talents: Alertness 5, Artistic 2, Athletics 5, Brawl 4, Dodge 5, Empathy 3, Expression 2, Intimidation 5, Streetwise 4, Subterfuge 4, Sense Chaos 5
Skills: Archery 5, Commerce 2, Crafts 2,Etiquette 2, Leadership 4,Melee 6, Riding 5, Stealth 5, Survival 4
Knowledge’s: Academics 2, Culture 4 ,Investigation 2, Languages 3, Medicine 3,Myth  5, Politics 4, Divine Lore 5, Spirit Lore 2
Essence 6
Quintessence: 34
Willpower: 7
Runes: Air 6, Movement 5, Beast 4, Death 5, Mastery 4, Eternal Battle 4
Spirit Magic: Bladesharp 4, Healing 4, Disruption 3, Speedart 2, Shimmer 4, Mobility 4, Farsee, fanaticism 2
Rune Magic: Pact Stormbull 9pt; Beserker, Summon/Dismiss Air Elemental, Face Chaos, Shield
Pact Orlanth 15pt; Bless Woad, Flight. Lightning, Shield, Wind Words, Wind Warp, Summon Air Elemental,  Increase/Decrease Wind, Dismiss Air Elemental, Detect Honor
Virtues: Vigor 5, Trust 4, Generosity 4
Backgrounds: Allies 4, Artifact 5, Contacts 3, Cult Status 5, Destiny 5, Dogs 3, Family 4, Homestead 4, Influence 5, Mount 4, Ransom 5, Resources 5, Status 3, Witta 4
Flaws & Merits Favoured By Orlanth -6pt merit,  Compulsive Speech -2pt flaw, Gall – 2pt merit,  Intolerance baboons – 1pt flaw, Killer Instinct – 5pt merit,
Equipment: Bison -with allied spirit,  Partial Iron Plate Armor & Furs – 6pt, Windsword ** Special** see below, Lance 4pt, Medium Round Iron Shield -3pt, 3*javelins – 3pt
Spirits: Trouble: Allied Spirit
Essence: 3 Quintessence:8 Runes:  Beast 1, Air 2, Spirit 2 
Spirit Magic: Spirit Block 4, Countermagic 4, Dispel Magic 4
Krugor the Axe: Ancestor
Essence: 2 Quintessence:6 Death 2, Earth 2 
Spirit Magic: Strength 3, Vigor 3
Windsword Iron Broadsword 4pt ( 5pt vs. chaos)
Guardian Spirit: Essence:5 Quintessence:12 Runes:Air 5, Law 5
Pact: 17 Summon/Dismiss Air Elemental, Flight, Extension, Impede Chaos, Face Chaos
Power Storage: 11

For RQ players there is a post on how to understand and convert these stats on the fly.

Plot Uses

  • If you running a Lunar based campaign this guys should be you key adversary, he will fighting killing ambushing and raiding Lunars at every opportunity and causing others to do so.
  • If you are running  a Balazaring hunters campaign this guy and his actions will make interesting political ripples which players will need to ally with , negotiate round or oppose.
  • If your campaign is Yelmalian based he will be a difficult customer and potential foe.
  • If your campaign is Orlanthi based he will be a rival, a friend or an employer.

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