NPC’s Lunar Fighting Men

Three quite different fighting men from the Lunar Provinces

Fazzar the Relentless

Sairdite Bounty Hunter – Initiate of Urvairinus
Threat Level  ****
Runes: Earth, Death, Fate
Traits: Cold, Hard, Calculating, Implacable

With a Balding head and long beard which is starting to turn grey. Fazzar is a large Strong man in his late 30’s.

Originating from Saird, he is an Ex Soldier who likes to wield a large axe. He currently works as a bounty hunter. Marusa and Halycon Von Enkorth have brought him to Elkio, to try to track down The Lhankor Myh priest Bluebird. Due to bluebird not being findable at the moment Fazzar is trying to find some other work in the mean time

He considers himself a righteous man. Fazzar likes to know that that his targets are criminals, as he does not consider himself an assassin. He is a fatalistic man and believes many things which happen are destiny.

He has a love the open country and being outdoors, so prefers country jobs to city jobs in most instances. He is always keen to talk with strangers to see if he can find anything out about the location of Bluebird. His fee must be large for him to persevere with a chase which has gone so cold.

Gessi Gabinius

Lunar Assassin,  Initiate of Krarsht
Runes: Moon, Death, Disorder
Threat level ****
Traits: Patient, Calm, Reliable, Charming

From Mrins cross, Gessi is an assassin who has completed contracts in a number of dart completions. he has currently been hired to kill Aetius Agga Rufelza which has brought him into Balazar.

He was supposed to be recruited into Aetius’s guards in Mrins cross but things have not gone to plan and he has had to follow his mark out to Balazar.

He is posing as mercenary for hire by the name of Gera and hopping to get close enough to make his kill. His favourite technique is poison, but he think he may have resort to other means for this job.

He is known and disliked by Fazzar who has recognised him in the area and knows his trade, but has no knowledge of his true nature. Therefore uncomfortable and wants to do the job and get out of Elkoi as quickly as possible, but is also waiting for Fazzur to move on first.

Gessi comes across as a very charming person, and he knows how to make people like him. He is however calm and cold, and willing to kill without thought. Gessi has the chaotic feature of being undetectable by use of magic.

Gessi is his 30’s now, he was recruited to the cult of Krasht when he was an apprentice to a bureaucrat in the lunar government. Only after his chaotic feature became apparent was he  used for his current line of work.

Regnar Ven Voran,

Head of Elkio light skirmishes, Initiate of Yanafal Tarnis
Runes: Moon, Truth, Movement
Threat Level  ****
Traits: Brave, Aggressive, Charismatic, Honourable

In his late 20’s, a lithe, quick but rugged man, Clean shaven  with roguish good looks.

Originally a street urchin from Darleep in the Lunar heartlands. He served with distinction as an head of file in Imther garrison for 5 years. Before he was brought to Elkoi as an officer working under Euryptus the Bold.

He is currently forming and training the Balazar light skirmishes a militia unit of native skirmishes designed to support the lunar regulars and mercenaries based in Elkoi. He is a popular commander and has been successful in his work. He is highly trusted by Euryptus who treats him as his right hand man.

If Euryptus needs a job doing well Regnar is the man he will send. Regnar has a tendency to bend the rules to get things done, he is competitive and likes to win in all situations. He has a romantic streak to him and has a strong sense of natural justice which means he can be an honourable and merciful foe.

Though popular Regnar is a somewhat solitary individual, who seems content with his own company. When not on duty he enjoys the company of the ladies, but does not seem to have a permanent attachment.

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