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The new residents of what once was the Red Bear Lodge in Trilus

Barons Blackshields – Mercanary Company in employ of Halycon Von Enkorth

  • Baron Tyler
  • Trishana Salma
  • Big Howarth
  • Tolar Blackheart
  • Telina
  • Kalis

Lunar Hunting Party – Nobles Hunting in Balazar

  • Aetius Agga Rufelza
  • Marcus Agga Rufelza
  • Nerva Ven Varse
  • Petronius
  • Scaevola
  • Calia
  • Wuylar Distantheart
  • Nasir Longknife

Lunar Slavers – Party from plabar in Oraya Provinces Hunting for Slaves

  • Batrus Ven Irayal
  • Etic ap Tolarn
  • Shama Sixarms
  • Kadem Tallflower
  • Hamid Kara
  • Musra ap Nasuh
  • Davindo ap Nasuh
  • Dodjan
  • Traska
  • Hoca Mursel

Lunar Patrol – Lunar Army Patrol out of Elkoi

  • Racius Agga Tarnis
  • Keso ‘the knife’
  • Felkenna Moondaughter
  • Barsheen Blueeye
  • Dinkha the Quiet
  • Domara Brokenshaft
  • Yomadan the Smoke
  • Varanthi Redeer

Cyriels People

Traders & Apprentices

Guards & Enforcers


  • Warda the Pimp, Sairdite Male, 32, Initiate of Seven Mothers
  • Gelari Pineneedle, Balazaring Female 17, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Naskia Tentricks, Balazaring Female 19, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Ruhka Redberry, Balazaring Female 23, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Runi Nohair, Lunar Female 19, Lay Member of Seven Mothers
  • Yelka Snowbrow, Balazaring Female 15, Initiate of Heart Mother
  • Starel Redface , Imtherian Female 16, Lay Member of Seven Mothers
  • Bera the Fat, Holayan Female 18, Lay Member of Seven Mothers

Labourers & House Slaves

  • Morori, Labourer, Balazaring, Male 48, Initiate Etyries
  • Gaszar, Labourer, Balazaring, Male 22, Lay Member Sow Mother, Foundchild, Etyries, Seven Mothers
  • Olia Elfbolt, House Slave, Balazaring 28, Female, Lay Member Etyries
  • Seruya, House Slave, Sairdite 24, Female, Lay Member Etyries

Stand Alone NPC’s


I currently have no plans for Lunar encounters but you never know.