Miniature Review: Runequest Glorantha Pregen Characters by Mad Knight

We have a quality set of Runequest specific PC character figures available for the first time since the Citadel box sets of the 1980’s years. Currently available on Kickstarter for £30.00 from Mad Knight Castings are a great set of 9 figures modelled on the pregens characters from Runequest Glorantha and there animal sidekicks.

I have set of the Runequest these figures provided for review, and will do my best to do give them the positive description they rightly deserve.

All the  pregens are available as a complete set comprising of  Yanioth, Sorala, Nathem with shadow cat, Vasana, Vishi Dunn with baboon sidekick, Vostor and Harmast, and the representations are directly based upon the artwork that can be found in the Runequest Glorantha rulebook.

The figures are great sculpts, cast in metal and in most cases reflect the delicate nature of the characters as depicted in the original artwork. Vostor is a more robust figure that reflects how the character has been drawn.

Sculpts are clear and the figures come well defined with either no or very little flash and no visible mold lines. The level of detail is excellent and I definitely feel that time has been taken to create miniatures that are interesting and challenging to paint.

The gender split with 3 female characters out of 7 is good, and the mix of priestess, sage and  warrior giving the figures good scope of usage. The 4 males figures with Lunar and Orlanthi warriors hunter and shaman cover a good range of uses but are themes that have been well worked before.

One of the infesting things for a guys who usually buys plastic figures mainly is the size difference between the figures, it is obvious the design team put thought and time in sizing these figures to reflect the stats in RQG books.

Vostor is a wide, solid and  chunky figure ( strangely reminding me of the first citadel paladin figure I bought in 1983.) Yanioth this tall and elegant, but a surprisingly weighty miniature. Vasana, Solara and Vishi Dunn are slighter, smaller more delicate figurers as befits their characters. Nathem is tall sculpt and Harmast is a slight but mid sized figure.

Vishis baboon and Nathems shadow cat are welcome additions to the set

I find the set of 9 very reminiscent of the Citadel figures boxes of the 1980’s. As well as being direct representations of the pregens they also are a nice cross section of character figures that can be found in Glorantha and I think can have a much wider usage.

If I was to have one criticism it would be that the face details isn’t as consistently of the same standard i’d expect from the plastic miniatures I usally buy, but I think the expectation that it would be in is unrealistic.  The standard and feel is very similar to or a slight improvement from the Mad knight Babeester Gor warriors I picked up in a kick starter last year.  

I’ve had a lot of fun trying to get these guys painted but seeing as they are works in progress. I will leave it with the excellent Mad Knight pics at the moment.

Also as part of this Kick starter are Humakti Ducks. Agimori Hunters and Pikemen, and the Lunar Standfast Regiment both mounted and on foot.

Also available of those backing the kick starter are many of mad knights previous releases including Lunar Assasins, Many varieties of Lunar Troops, Babeester Gor warriors,  Trollkin, Trolls, Troll Caravans and much much more.

The kick starter ends on the 22nd of April and can be found here. I would heartily recommend getting on board.

2 thoughts on “Miniature Review: Runequest Glorantha Pregen Characters by Mad Knight

  1. Check out ‘miniatures for rpg / tabletop games such as dnd and runequest’ on Ebay. Heaps of minis you can buy / use for RQ

    1. Yes but when an official supplier roles out a range of figures it would be rude not to give them some love.

      If you not aware there a Facebook group dedicated to Runequest Miniatures called ‘Miniature Adventures in Glorantha.’

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