Moonlighters Inn – New Pavis – Write Up

Write up is during the Lunar occupation of Pavis as that is when my game is set.  Who knows what it will be after they leave, so usable from 1613 to 1624.


Moonlighters Inn has been established a few years after the Lunar occupation of Pavis It has been significantly rebuilt to model a more lunar design, as it caters for Lunar officers, bureaucrats and civilians of tastes with a less formal and more relaxed approach than either  Erigio’s or the Silk & Plume.

It is owned by a lunar merchant who visits the city only rarely but is managed by Cleopae a former Lunar soldier. She was a formerly an officer of the Silver Shields who now runs a safe establishment which is very hospitable to the right kind of clientele.

Moonlighters works as informal officers mess for all of the Lunar regiments in Pavis. The common soldiers are not welcome and encouraged to frequent to Hoplites home.  Due to the nature of its core clientele Moonlighters is one of the very few establishments not affected by the Pavis curfew.

Moonlights is renowned for its white wine which is kept magically chilled by means which are a mystery to most.


Moonlighters is situated on the north side of Sword Street, very close to city court and the administrative buildings. This is close enough to the administrators and far enough from the common soldiers to ensure the right kind of clientele


Patrons enter through heavy double doors into a shaded entrance hall that immediately is a relief from the heat of the street outside. Two large doormen ensure the wrong clientele of not enter and a female usher will offer the right clientele the use of an antechamber where chilled water, and anointing oils await to allow them to cool and freshen themselves up before entering the Inns main room.

The inn’s main room takes up most of the ground floor and the central 8m by 8m area is an open courtyard, but partly shaded by canopies to create a  light and airy space, This aided by the high ceilings in the parts covered by the second story. However, the lack of windows in the side and back of the building mean that are large contrast of light with bright and shaded areas.

Parts of the central area are left free of tables for entertainers in the evening and for patrons weapons practice & wrestling (Greco/Roman style not WWF ) in the day time.  Betting on these activities is very common.

The kitchens and ovens are separated from the main room by curtains and counters and run across the front of the building allowing heat to escape into the street at the front through large windows. The east of the ground floor is taken up by storage and staff rooms, including the chill room which kept magically cold, and stores moonlighters fabled chilled wine.

The first floor (second floor for you colonial types) comprises of a square balcony with 11 rooms of good size, 3 of the rooms are for staff, one is kept to one side for use of some of the freelancers that are allowed to ply there trade within the establishment. Which leaves 4 superiors rooms and 3 private rooms which are rented out to Patrons.

Parts of the flat roof are covered by canopies, couches and seating. The roof is more often used in the busy evenings when scented braziers are often used to keep the chill away.


Cleopae managers moonlighters and lives onsite and will be working at least 5 days a week.  She is an attractive lady who has a flirtatious rapport with her clientele but has not been known to date any of her patrons.

There are 4 doormen all ex-lunar servicemen of some bulk, 2 of which will be on duty at any time after lunchtime, they are polite but threatening in stature alone.

The bar and serving staff are all attractive young females, though are conservatively dressed and Cleopae ensures a ‘hands-off’ policy from her patrons. There is a mix of local Pavis girls and those of a Lunar background. However, fluency in New Pelorian is required.

The kitchen is run by ‘Mama Grasin’ a strong-willed and foul-mouthed old lady who was born and raised in the old city. She runs her 3 assistant ragged in the kitchen and never seems to be happy. It does, however, produce some of the best food in Pavis.

Moonlighters has no prostitutes on staff, but Cleopae allows 5 ladies of required beauty, discretion and taste to practice there trade within the establishment. She also has a ‘pleasure room’ which she will rent out to them at an hourly rate.


Moonlighters acts as de-facto mess for the 120 odd lunar officers stationed in the River of Cradles and Prax, it is a rare time when they’re not at least 10 of them in the Inn at any one time, with 20 – 30 and their guests in most evenings.

The inn is also popular with administrators and bureaucrats from both the Lunar and city administrations, as well as affluent Lunar and Pavis citizens from the pro lunar factions.

Trolls, enlisted men, praxian barbarians and those bearing obvious Orlanthi tattoos are turned away at the door.  As are those known to be of dubious character.

Exceptions can be made if an individual is accompanied and vouched for by a known lunar officer of sufficient rank.

Notable people who have been known to frequent Moonlighters include from the Pavis priesthood Harnasti, Benderri, Cyrilius Harmonius. The weapons masters Serena Jonglure and Darius Oranius. Kolli the Portly, Halarax the Singer and many notables of the ‘city peacers ‘and ‘imperial’ factions will occasionally spend time here. AS will may of the younger members of the Patroma family.

The evening’s entertainment is often provided by Chukan Chanteyman, Halarax the Singer, the Blonde Piper or Sakuro the mystic.

Food & Drink

Moonlighters is famed for its chilled white wine, which is kept in a chill room kept cold by a block of ‘perpetual ice’ which was imported some years ago.  The white wines are of varying quality and source. A good range of other quality beers, wines and spirits are available.

Hot high-quality fresh food of Lunar and Pavic palette are available throughout the day and is of a high standard and fair price.


There are 7 rooms for hire, all of a decent size. The three standard rooms are slightly smaller with the only windows pointing into the inner courtyard. The 4 superior rooms are larger, with exterior windows and a bathtub in the room.

Interesting Characters

Cleopae – Manager of the bar and former junior officer in the Silver Shields. Cleopae is a very well managed, groomed and fastidious individual. She is friendly with her clientele and gives very few reasons to dislike her in the city.

She is an attractive lady, wealthy single lady and as such has many admirers within the Lunar officer class(and wider) but has not been known to date soldiers so far, and there is a book running on which officer will successfully court her first.

Cleopae is usually armed with a Kopis and is a skilled swordswoman who will still engage in practice bouts with some of the officers. However, should she ever be in any danger there will a rush of lunar officers vying to defend her honour.

Cleotric – The younger brother of Cleopae, who she invited here from the empire to help her run the bar area. He is a good looking man but young, self-interested and vain. If he wasn’t the managers younger brother would be out of a job.

Cleopae is blind (perhaps willfully so ) to the fact that he uses his position to sell Hazia from the establishment. She is very loyal to her brother and will defend him even when his actions do not deserve it.

Sedatara Patroma -The 2nd daughter of the Patrome family and regular at moonlighters. This attractive young lady is a flirt and likes nothing better than making the young lunar officers fight over her. Cleopae would like to bar her but she is a niece of the establishment’s owner.

Jezra Raus – A good friend to Sedatara. Moonlighters is where Duke Raus’s daughter parties when she is Pavis and wishes to avoid her father eye.

She is usually rude and badly behaved and had been barred more than once. However, her family name and her popularity with the other patrons means this never lasts for long.

Phares – This old man and former lunar soldier works as a cleaner, handyman and pot collector in moonlighters. He respectful of all and popular with most. Chatting and being polite as he goes about his business.

Phares is actually a spoken word agent, who is used to pick up signs of dissatisfaction and possible insurrection with the lunar officer core.

Possible Encounters/Scenario Hooks

  • Some lunar officers goad an obvious warrior in the party that they couldn’t beat an innkeeper in a sword fight, a large wager is placed on a practice bout with Cleopae.
  • Young Lunar Officer violently confronts Honest Hermosius about poor amour sold that meant a friend of his was killed on patrol. The party have a chance to intervene before the watch gets there.
  • Sedatra Patroma claims that one of the characters insulted her honour, a young lunar officer challenges them to a duel ( to the death maybe).
  • Jezra Raus is falling over drunk, has had an argument with her beau and is alone, outside and in a vulnerable position, what do the players do? Hopefully honourable or kidnap.
  • The players get a tip-off that there is a significant amount of Hazia on the premises
  • Someone wants the ‘Perpetual Ice’, the players are approached to acquire it
  • The Ingili family want the ‘Perpetual ice’ destroyed, can the players do it?
  • Last night during the curfew someone daubed “Lunars Go Home” in bad New Pelorian across the front of Moonlighters in six-foot letters. Cleopae wants the characters to find out who and to ensure it doesn’t happen again, without obvious bloodshed.
  • Someone wants moonlighters burnt down. Will the players do it? This is a sting operation from the spoken word, which will be used to blackmail the players into being double agents for Lunars within the free Pavis or Orlanthi factions

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