Myths & Tales of Balazar

Here are suggested titles for myths, tales and stories of Balazar to expand upon for your campaign. 

They will be told to children and over campfires late at night, sometimes they will be acted out by members of the clan. Some are sacred, some are folk lore, some morality tales for children and some are just funny stories to pass an evening. Many stories are well known across Balazar, others are known only to your clan, some are known across multiple clans with different names and details.

  • Ancestors of the Hearth Fire
  • The Grey Owl & the Midnight Stag
  • The Black Bear of Bent Mountain
  • Three Flint Arrows for an Shaman’s staff
  • The White Hound and the Infant
  • Brother Dog and long hunt
  • The Child and the Pup
  • Foundchild and the Tigers Claw
  • The Chief, Gelert and the Wolf
  • The All Mother makes the first fire
  • The Calm Nymph and the Angry Bear
  • The Child lets the embers die
  • The Lady hunts the Hunter
  • Votank tracks the Lady of the Wild
  • Votank and Drunken Giant
  • Votank sleeps through the seasons
  • Tulani jumps the River Seronde
  • The Elder and the long rain
  • Foundchild blinds the unnamed demon
  • Faragi riddles the Dryad
  • Mazra speaks the Forbidden Name
  • Blueface hides a giant
  • A lost Elf at Sea
  • Having the Trolls for Dinner
  • The Wise Giant confounds the Red Wyrm
  • Taka rides the Angry Boar
  • The Ghost of the Weeping Willow
  • Baskus and the Black Eel
  • Trilus Burns the Dwarf Lords beard
  • Okki tricks the Chaos Goats
  • Wings on a spear’s point
  • The Red Witch and Old Shaman
  • Gobi the Hungry eats the Bison
  • Two halves of a rabbit’s tail
  • Three red berries for a hunters heart
  • A dryads song stills the soul
  • Three dwarves and a lonely goat
  • Talka dances on a trolls nose
  • The hunters blood melts the ice
  • Fresh Blood for the Dirty Old Crow
  • The Fool of Elders Rock
  • Listening for the ghosts of Firepoint
  • Singing calms the Dwarf of Flinthill
  • Healing of the Hearth Fire
  • Three days from Redwyrm
  • The Otter of Taksmound
  • Three angry giants topple the stone
  • Balazar and the Griffins Claw
  • The Lady of the morning mists

Have fun making these into something more substantial.

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