The Orlanthi in Griffin Mountain as written were a group of Satarite rebels who had fled after Starbrows rebellion.  Based in Trilus they quickly become movers and shakers within the Balazar region . They were some of the central NPC’s of the source book and reading between the the lines were intended to be the friends and allies of most PC’s.

I have added to that a trimmed down, scaled back and rounded out version of our PC’s from many years ago. Who were a group of Vontanki coverts to Orlanth, who have the zeal or new converts. There are the Redrock Clan.

Also there are other Orlanthi groups that have moved into the region after the discovery of the Windsword, and a new wave of Balazaring converts.

Redrock Clan

Trilus Lightbringers

Foreign Orlanthi