Pavis 1618 – 1621 Rumors

I’m back to gaming with my guys so, inspired by MOB’s Casino Town rumours I created a list of rumours/plot list and silly fun for my guys as they explore Pavis again. I hope you enjoy.


  • (t) – True
  • (f) or (u) – False or Untrue, unless you think it makes a nice plot hook
  • (b) – Broadly True, but has untrue, embellished or imprecise elements
  • (p) – Possibly true if it makes you game more fun
  • (a) – To awful to even contemplate
  • (m) – so vague its meaningless


  • Bobs Bison Burgers contain unsavoury meat which is more Bob than bison (a)
  • The Blood Knives of Badside are feuding with the Fine Fellows, from rich hill (t)
  • Fist fights have broken out between elderly Lankhor Myh and Irripi Ontor scholars about access to the library(b)
  • Anti Lunar Graffiti has been appearing round town in badly written New Pelorian (t)
  • The ‘Magic Needle’ is a hidden reference to Byrgga Scissortongues elicit but very talented lover……. *insert name here* (f)
  • 2 promising Pavis Initiates have recently died whilst searching Near the Balistors Barracks for his Axe (t)
  • The Lanbril guild has infiltrated a number of city cults (p)
  • A trickster has been publicly flogged, after assaulting lunar guards with 2 bananas and a finely pointed mango (p)
  • The free Pavis faction has split into 3 rival factions which are fighting amongst themselves (f)
  • Moonlighters keeps an ice demon in its cellar to chill the wine (b)
  • Benderri, Son of Pavis is pro lunar because they provide for his many various vices (f)
  • Pavis will return to point out to his priests that he doesn’t want to marry the Red Goddess (a)
  • There is an ancient alliance between trolls and the giants (t)
  • Cyrilius Harmonious is an assassination target for radical Orlanthi factions of the Free Pavis Movement (p)
  • Fleeter Nemm will pay well for any incriminating information of Hargan the Dirty (t)
  • The Blonde Pipers songs have mystical meaning and she is performing a very long trickster ritual (f)
  • Sakuro the Conjurer is a God learner Come to find the secrets of RobCradle (b)
  • Many of the robberies in the city are being performed by a family of intelligent raccoons from Dragon Pass (p)

A Racoon riding an alligator whats not to like? I


  • The Crimson Bats is coming soon to Pavis (u)
  • Soreel the Short is about to get replaced by much harsher Lunar Governor (u)
  • Duke Rauss is daughter is pregnant and the father is not known (p)
  • Duke Rauss is daughter is pregnant and Duke Rauss has put a price on the head of the Father (p)
  • Duke Rauss was banished from the empire for consorting with demons (u)
  • A baboon shaman called Kraw-Ki is prophesying the end of the Empire at Tourneys Altar (t)
  • The Lunar priestess Tala Errio, is not keen on marrying Pavis as she has found another local local lover (p)
  • A Plot is a foot to kidnap a prominent member of the Patromas family (p)
  • The Lunars want the Yelorans to move there temple inside the walls of New Pavis so they can keep a  closer eye on them (f)
  • GimGim the Grims men are willing to pay good money for any information that will compromise Byrgga Scissortongue (p)
  • GimGim the Grim is a worshipper of a subtle and secret chaos god who can’t be named (p)
  • Soreel and Duke Rauss have great enmity for one another(t)
  • GimGim will sell information for the right price (p)
  • There have been fights between the lunar sables & and local sable riders over whose sables have the curviest horns (t)
  • Radak the Iron Centurion is partial to small boys (f)
  • Newly Minted Lunars has been offered for plans to Jotoran Longsword’s residence and details his security arrangements (b)
  • The Priestess of Teelo Norri, Berene Pavalava is really a worshipper of Cacodemon, and her orphanage and poor house is designed to collect people to feed the bat (a)
  • A lunar patrol killed 9 people indiscriminately in Badside last week (b)
  • Erigios has started to serve Imported newtling tail much to the disgust of the Zola Fel cult (m)


  • The herds of the bison/rhino/sable etc tribe have contracted a chaos disease and they suffering, The lunar are about the keep them away from Pavis (f)
  • Since trouble after the marriage of a Khans daughter, and the ensuing celebrations The city officials wish to ban the bison riders from the city as they pose a threat to good order (t)
  • The sable clan will use its position with the lunars to threaten the city (p)
  • Warriors of the Rhino tribe are looking for Griselda (m)
  •  A Morokanth has started a chain called Bisons Bob Burgers (a)
  • A Brave of the bison tribe is mortified that his bison rolls over and plays dead whenever it sees a duck (p)
  • Morokanth have been seen abducting people late at night (f)
  • A party of priestesses from the paps will be visiting the Pavis Temple next week, to discuss urgent issues of import (p)
  • A swarm of killer bees are heading out of the wastes towards the city, people are advised to hide inside or leave the area (f)
  • A High llama rider accidental shot and killed his mother in law, when his arrow bounced of a rubble runner with what foraging in their camp (t)


  • There is fierce competition between the Yelornanas and a group of Yelmalion adventurers  to find a holy artifact rumoured to be hidden in the rubble. (t)
  • Sundome Mercanaries are too stupid to cheat at dice. (f)
  • Consevative Sundomers want the Uleria temple shut down or moved. (p)
  • 3 residents of Suntown have been poisoned by unknown assailants in the last week. (p)


  • There is a vicious and protracted conflict within the Zole Fel cult on whether should marry the God into the lunar pantheon (b)
  • The dolphins are paid thugs of the Ingilli family (t)
  • There are arguments between the Ingilli family and non human members of the Zola Fel cult (t)
  • The Giants will come to break any dams made in the zola fel (p)
  • A pack of killer Geese have been released from the Puzzle canal (f)
  • The zola fell cult is protecting numerous ducks from the Lunar Empire a secret location downstream from the rubble (b)
  • You can lose a lot of money at the  fish fights in Gooldfangs Grottto. (m)
  • A lizard large enough to eat a  bison whole has been spotted on the river, boatmen are scared and charging much higher fees for passage (b)

The Rubble

  • The ghost of balistor walks the rubble and haunts the trolls in the night(f)
  • A troll chieftain in the rubble is so upset by the empowered trollkin of the city watch, that he is planning to eat them one by one (b)
  • A trollball match between a  team from the rubble and Dragori Inkarnth is rumoured to be imminent(p)
  • A Mistress race troll lives beneath trolltown and commands the trolls of the rubble. (a)
  • Some of the alydrami have turned to chaos to fight the Trolls (f)
  • A dragon has slept under a ruined temple in rubble from the time of the EWF (a)
  • Rubble temples dating back to the EWF, hold secret magics which the dragonewts wish to keep out of human hands. (p)
  • A party of adventures cowered in the rubble for a full day last week hiding from a slightly damaged but 800 year old statue of a Griffin (b)
  • Strange green lights are seen at night moving around Ogre island. (t)
  • The elves plan to keep expanding further into more of the rubble. (b)
  • The troll fight amongst themselves (m)
  • The dragonewts are trying to wake the Pavis Dragon (f)
  • A vicious chaos tainted rabbit has killed people in the rubble last week (a)
  • The trolls prophecy the return of Gerak Kag, to finally push humans out of the rubble. (p)

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  1. There are a couple of tags that would be useful to explain:

    (u) – untrue, or unknown?
    (m) – maybe true? Mostly true?


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