Pavis NPC’s for Runequest Glorantha: Part 2 – Lunar Deserter

‘Sarro’, Farhad A Yanafal

Lunar Deserter, Initiate of Seven Mothers.

Male, Age 27, Lunar Empire

Farhad was a mercenary serving in a smaller company for  the Lunar Empire in Pavis. Had served for 10 years, being a street kid in Mrins Cross before joining up.

He survived the fall of Pavis, and has got separated from his company, and has no intention of returning to the Lunar Empire.

He Is currently aiding working as a farm hand for a young widow in Waterby, Pavis County. He plays mute and slightly stupid to hide his thick lunar accent. Local folks have taken to calling him ‘Sarro’.

Still a capable fighter but is wanting to turn his back on violence as a way of life. Having an  thoughtful intense nature and he is an introvert, happy with his own company and only really opening up with a  select group of people.

With short red brown hair and a new beard, Farhad has an attractive face. He dresses as a local peasant or cottar, however he has buried this armour and weapon in a close safe place if he feels they are needed.

Wanting to farm and find a community, he is looking for validation, belonging and a place to call home. Has collected a stray dog ‘Arrow’ as company and it is now is loyal companion.

Completely disillusioned with the Empire but equally cynical of those wishing to fight against it. He does not want to change sides, as he has seen and rejects endless cycles of relentless violence which are coming in the hero wars.

A thoughtful, gentle and kind man, he never really fitted in as a soldier. However he will risk himself for others, if he sees the oppressed and those in need threatened.

As an attractive man there is mutual respect and a romantic tension with the widow he is helping, but the a suitable period of  mourning and him being an outsider have kept any romantic entanglements from happening yet.

She has worked out his secret but has not told Farhad or anyone else about it as of yet.


STR  14 CON 13  SIZ 13  INT 15
DEX 16  POW 14  CHA 16
Hit Points: 15  Move: 8
Runes: Moon 80%, Life 70%, Harmony 70%
Rune Points: 4 – 2 used
Rune Spells: Madness, Reflection, Regrow Limb, Summon Lune
Spirit Magic: Shimmer 2, Speedart, Healing 2, Bladesharp 2, Befuddle
Magic Points: 14
Passions: Honour 70%,
Reputation: 12%
Skills: Dodge 70%, Disguise 50%, Battle 50%, Farm 45%, First Aid 55%, Survival 45%, Insight Human 80%, Scan 65%, Hide 45%, Move Quietly 40%
Languages: New Pelorian 50, Tradetalk 30%, Heortling 10%, Praxian 10%
Armour: Usually none. Hidden – Open helm, light scale hauberk, cuibolli greaves, & vambraces.
Magic Items: None
Ransom: None

Weapon % SR Damage Pts
Spear 1-H 60 5 1d6+1+1d4 10
Kopis 65 5 1d8+1 12
Medium Shield 70 6 1d4+1d4 12
Javelin 75 3 1d10 8

Scenario & Plot Hooks

Most of these hooks assume the players are linked in some way to the white bull faction.

  • Players discover or are brought to the buried kit of a lunar soldier, they suspect he is hiding out or spying nearby.
  • The players find Sarro tied, bleeding and left for dead on the road. After he has been caught by White Bull Bison Riders and dragged along after one of their Bisons for a few miles. Do the players save him or leave him to die?
  • Farhad tries to sell the players the location of a buried lunar pay chest in return for money for food and seed crop, and the blessing of an Ernalda priest. The information is true, but the site is being watched by White Bull Warriors.
  • Players encounter Farhad put up a spirited defence of the farmstead from raiders (duck/praxian/baboon) using just a spear.
  • A jealous clan member tells the players that the stranger at the widows stead is of dubious past and morals, or worse chaos or a Lunar.

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