Pavis NPC’s for Runequest Glorantha: Part 1 – Veteran Templar

Harkar is one a number of NPC’s I am developing to fit in 1625 Pavis. He is one that fits well to be an hireling, companion, drop in or pregen character for an existing game.

Harkar Goldbeard

Mercenary, Initiate of Yelmalio.
Male, Age 48. Pavis

Born in Sun Town, New Pavis and served his 21 year term with the Sun Dome Templars with some distinction.

Harkar spent many years as file leader, fought at the first battle of  Moonbroth and was one of the few Sundomers who fought his way onto the deck of the cradle and survived.

Harkar has left the farm he got for his service in Sun County and come back to Pavis to work as a mercenary.  He claims he is a bad farmer but the  real reason  is he was left by his younger wife, and now feels shamed and his honour challenged. This has lead to a dislike and even hatred of women

He is a practical not a spiritual man, who worships God out of custom and duty, he has no desire for spiritual advancement , and pays as little attention as he can to cult matters and current intrigues.

Known as a very experienced and quality warrior who knows how to fit into a team  and support the other members, he is well respected around  Pavis as a safe pair of hands and competent warrior. He trains hard to maintain his strength and health, but has felt himself loose significant speed over this last few years

Harkar does love to complain & is only really happy when he is moaning, and tell everyone that the sun dome templar’s did things better, but has no real desire to lead or take over, he just likes to tell people he knows better, and often does.

Sporting a bald head and his once Golden Beard now mostly gray, which is platted in an Orlanthi manner. He is tall and  well muscled , but somewhat bulkier than in his youth.

In his years in and around Pavis, Harkar has developed a good practical  knowledge of the region and the rubble. He was wide range of friendships one of the closest and most notable is with Darinbal Rockhammer a Flintnail dwarf, who can be found both in Dwarfside and the rubble.

Like most soldiers he is robust company, prone to dicing and can drink to excess when off duty. He is not a happy drunk and bitter rants often follow his drinking. He is also a talented players of read pipes and can play slow haunting, melancholy  and eerie melodies when he sets his mind to it.

Harkar  is drifting and has no real goals and aims in life, he is troubled by this and he could be persuaded to find a new cause or direction in life


STR  15 CON 14  SIZ 15  INT 14
DEX 10  POW 15  CHA 15
Hit Points: 15  Move: 8
Runes: Sky 90%, Truth 80%, Death 80%, Stasis 60%
Rune Points: 6
Rune Spells: Sunbright, Cloudclear, Catseye, Heal Body, Bless Crops
Spirit Magic: Lightwall, Disruption, Light, Farsee 2, Repair, Bladesharp 2, Heal 2
Magic Points: 15 + 6
Gifts: Gift of Languages
Geases: Never Lie to a Sky Worshipper, Always wield weapon in right hand,
Passions: Honour 90%, Devotion(Yelmalio)70% , Loyalty Belvani (60%), Hate Women (80%)
Reputation: 29%
Skills: Battle 75%, Listen 80%, Scan 80%, Search 70%, Intimidate 60%, Play Pipes 80%, Orate 60%, Worship Yelmalio 55%, Spirit Combat 65%, Dodge 70%, Insight Humans 65%
Languages: Pavic 60%, New Pelorian 30%, Firespeech 45%, Mostali 30%, Praxian 30%, Tradetalk 30%
Armour: Full Helm, Plate Greaves, Vambraces, Cuirass & Heavy Scale Skirt
Magic Items: Power Storage Crystal Pow 6, Golden Helm with Dispel Magic 2 Matrix
Ransom: 350L

Weapon % SR Damage Pts
Pike 85% 5 2d6+1+1d4 12
Large Shield 95% 8 1d6+1d4 16
Short sword 70% 8 1d6+1+1d4 12
2 Handed Spear 80% 5 1d10+1+1d4 10
Composite Bow 75% 3/11 1d8+1 7

Scenario & Plot Hooks

These plots work best when Harkar is a friend or close associate of the party. Rather than an employer.

  • The players are asked to accompany Harkar into Sun County to help settle a debt of honour, at some point in the trip the players should realise they are on a mission of secret murder of Harkars former wife and her new man.
  • Due to being noted for his service with the Sun Dome Templars for the Lunars, Harkar is accused of being a Lunar collaborators by Orlanthi Zealots, the players have to find witnesses and create a defence that he was not.
  • A duel between Harkar and a Yelornan has been arranged due to drunken insults in a bar, friends of both sides are trying to persuade both parties to back down and apologise.
  • Darinbal Rockhammer has been captured in the rubble by Tusk Riders/ Sable Riders/Bandits/Baboons and Harkar would prefer to use his random money to pay the characters to join him on a rescue and revenge mission than hand it over to his captors.
  • Harkar is annoyed and feeling threatened, about being consistently watched and followed by a teenager from badside . Players are asked/paid to investigate who he is. Upon careful investigation it would appear that the youth is Harkars Son, from a short regrettable dalliance with a Badside prostitute.  Bad, precipitous or overly vague information could lead to accidental kin slaying.


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