Quintas Ven Olartas

Lunar Priest of Irippi Ontor
Runes: Moon, Truth, Harmony
Traits: Passive, Humorous, Mental, Generous.
Threat Level *****

An old but hale scholar, who seems independently wealthy who has set up home in Trilus, in the old Lunar establishment which used to be called the Red Bear lodge.

He appears to all a nice guy (and is), he has a fatherly demeanour and has a generous spirit to most if not all. He is illuminated which he sees as just a philosophical position, but he is sensible enough to be quiet about this in these lands.

At a surface level he seems a very mundane scholar interested in very mundane things, but those who spend time talking to him will occasionally see evidence of more esoteric law, knowledge of deeper magic’s and an interesting history.

He works independent of the lunar government, and has little interest in politics or political conflict. However he is starting to acknowledge that Balazar is becoming more dangerous and political than he realised.

He is in Trilus researching Balazaring and hunter culture and religion, only because he wants to and thinks it is an enthralling subject and a much understudied region.

He is spending good money round Trilus on his research project and has good reputation because of it.  He has hired a few guards and servants, and will often run short expeditions to the local clans for research purposes.

He is currently housed in what used to be the Red Bear Lodge, which is far to large for his parties needs, he often ends up hosting visiting lunars when he is convinced they wont bring dishonour or discord to his house.

Gets on very well with Dushi Sone, and wants to meet Bluebird (who isn’t keen). Torath Manover has even been heard to say that he ‘Is a decent chap for a Lunar’.

Plot Uses: He is a classic lunar illuminates can be nice guy character. He can be a source if employment, interesting information, and maybe the odd interesting item if the character are so inclined.

Hopefully ads complexity to the way Lunars are viewed by some characters, this guy is genuine and people have little reason to dislike him.

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