Random Encounter Motivations

An extract from something i’m writing for the forthcoming Balazar 1625 Jonstown Compendium supplement that has much wider application. So I thought i’d share it.

Adding Spice to Encounters

If as a gamemaster you are looking for something to add an extra twist or nuance for an encounter, we list several different motives for interactions which can add variation to stop encounters becoming too familiar. Maybe even make a random encounter the kernel of a major plot

Friendly Interactions

  • They want to befriend the party
  • They want to bless the party
  • They need to deliver message to the party
  • They have a desire to educate the party
  • They want to exchange knowledge or news
  • They want to offer healing to the party
  • They want to help the party in practical ways
  • They wish to inform the party of some news
  • They mistake the party for known friends
  • They want to protect the party
  • They require protection and aid from the party
  • They remind the party of an oath or promise
  • They wish the party to protect a child/priest/old person
  • They require healing and/or aid
  • They want to prophecy over the party
  • They want to buy, sell, or trade Items
  • An individual wants to woo, court, or seduce a member of the party
  • They wish to warn the party of nearby danger

Neutral Interactions

  • They seek to avoid the party
  • They want to beg from the party
  • They want to boast to the party about feats they have accomplished
  • They wish to criticse and disapprove of the players for their actions or beliefs
  • They wish to preach to or convert the players to their religion
  • They want to delay and distract the players
  • They are infectious with disease
  • They feel they need disarm the players or neutralize their threat
  • They issue the players with a formal challenge
  • They seek to stoically ignore the players
  • They seek to introduce themselves to the players
  • They are lost and may or may not admit it to the players, (dependent on gender)
  • They wish to search the players because they are looking for a missing item
  • They wish to dishonestly direct the players towards a hostile foe which is pursuing them

Hostile Encounters

  • They want to eat the players
  • They want to drive the players away
  • They want to enslave the players
  • They want to kill the players
  • They want to humiliate and insult the players
  • They want to follow the players
  • They want to extract information from the players
  • They want to con the players
  • They want to haunt the players
  • They want to rob the players
  • They want to frame the players for an ill deed
  • They want to toy with the players, before killing them
  • They want to arrest the players
  • They want to con the players
  • They want to turn the players against each other
  • They want to curse the party
  • They want to sacrifice the party to their Gods
  • They want to extract a bribe from the players

Fearful Interactions

  • They flee from the players
  • They hide from the players
  • They engaged in an ill thought through and panicked attack on the players
  • They panic around the players
  • They surrender to the players
  • They off the players bribes and tribute
  • They offer one of their own as a propitioniary sacrifice or food to the players
  • They freeze, shake, and cannot react meaningfully to the players
  • They act submissive to the players
  • They try to scare the players with a show of inappropriate bravado

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