Redrock Clan – An Introduction

Eight years ago the remnants of the Redrock clan travelled down through the Elder Wilds and into Balazar. They were really only a handful of young hunters and warriors and their families who were the survivors of a inter clan conflict on the borders of the Redlands.

Quickly taking to the worship of Orlanth the Redrock clan the preceded to tear up Balazar for the next 2 years, they  approached  there new faith with a zeal and an energy that put their foreign Orlanthi mentors to shame.

They killed the Ogre spy Gondol Holst, cleared out Festering Isle, stormed Griffin Mountain, fought the Lunars and recovered the Windsword. Then most of the clan went south to learn more about the ways of Orlanth, but things went wrong at the border and the clan separated.

In the last few seasons members of the clan have returned to Balazar with allies and followers and seem to be congregating out on the borders of the Elder Wilds. Currently most members of the clan are congregating with there followers at swim here back under the leadership of Lan.

The known adults of the Redrock clan are;

The Redrock clan are sometimes known as the Balazaring Orlanthi, others do belong to this grouping the leading lights and core members are the Redrock clan.

Those Balazarings of an older generation will be aware that a clan known of the Redfox clan whose leader Rauis worshipped Orlanth, were exiled from Dykene tribal lands and disappeared into the Elder Wilds some 12 years before  the Redrock Clan moved into Balazar. It is very likely that the two groups are closely related if not the same.

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