Ristarl the Searcher

This post is a sample character from Rubble Runners Vol 2 which can be found here .

Relic Hunter & Wildsage, Rune Priest of Lhankor Mhy Male, 43, From Nochet Resident in Pavis  


Clever, Intense, Creative. Lighthearted

Ristarl is a travelling Wildsage who has come to Pavis.  He believes the Rubble has opened now the Lunars have left and that there is opportunity from profit, knowledge, and fame. He seeks to exploit this opportunity with his wife and business partner Tarelis a follower of Issaries.

A charismatic man. He has ragged features, long hair and unkept beard. But what stands out about him is his restlessness, intensity, and personal energy. Both a trained sage and rugged adventurer he has told himself that this is his one last expedition before he settles down to a more subdued life. However, he is also aware has said that before.

A scholar and expert on the Empire of Wyrms Friends and is very keen to experience of the buildings, relics and artifacts of the EWF in which can be found in the Rubble.

The local Lhankor Myh priests and the sages at the Pavis temple are very frustrated at his presence, believing that he is encroaching within their territory. Neither will publicly act against him, but also neither see the need to make his stay in Pavis a comfortable experience.

He has developed a strange understanding of the world through an understanding of the dragon rune, he has become Left-handed in the process, but tries to hide it with strangers.

Has developed a way of using the find air spell to locate previous unfound rooms and chambers in ruins and complexes which is novel and has made him a good treasure seeker with the ability to find chambers previously undisturbed for centuries.


STR 11       CON  14    SIZ 12      INT 17     DEX 15 CHA 14     POW 18    

Hit Points: 14               Move: 8

DEX SR:  2                    SIZ SR: 2

Runes: Water 60%, Truth 95%, Harmony 67%, Man 78%, Dragon 24%

Rune Points: 8

Rune Spells:  Analyze Magic, Knowledge, Mind Read, Translate, Truespeak, Clever Tounge, Restore Health, Find Air

Traded Runespells: Path Watch, Lock

Spirit Magic: Farsee, Detect Magic, Detect Life, Detect Undead, Detect Trap, Extinguish, Fireblade, Befuddle, Demoralise

Magic Points:  43 (18 + 11 + 14)

Passions: Devotion Lhankor Mhy 87%, Loyalty Temple 69%, Hate Authority 68%

Reputation: 31%

Spirit Combat Damage: 1D6+1

Right Leg1-46/5
Left Leg5-86/5
Right Arm13-156/4
Left Arm16-186/4
Large Shield721D6724

Armor: Heavy Scale Hauberk, Plate Greaves & Vambraces, Closed Helm

Skills: Evaluate 67%, Cult Lore Lhankor Mhy 94%, Dodge 65%, Draconic Lore 78%, Homeland Lore Pavis 71%, Homeland Lore Esrolia 93%, Celestial Lore 38%, Read Write Esrolian 93%, Read Write Old Pavic 45%, Read/Write Auld Wyrmish 54%, Dodge 65%, Jump 74%, Charm 56%, Customs Esrolian 67%, Customs Pavis 54%, Library Use 54%, Insight Human 65%, Spirit Combat 65%, Listen 58%, Scan 63%, Search 89%,

Languages: Esrolian 87%, Tradetalk 48%, Heortling 67%, Old Pavic 46%, Auld Wyrmish23%

Magic Items: Large Iron shield, POW Storage Crystal 11pt

Treasures: 45L carried with him, Letters of Credit worth 2400L with the Issaries Temple, 650 L of jewelry.

Ransom: 800L from Tarelis or 1250 from Nochet Lhankor Mhy temple

Seeker –Allied Spirit,

INT:  15 POW:  14 CHA: 13

Spirit Magic: Heal 4, Shimmer 4

Associates & Contacts

  • Tarelis – (Rubble Runners 2 pg 19) Is both his lover and his business partner. He loves her deeply but worries about the age difference and how much she will love him when he no longer turns her a healthy profit.
  • Hoftakt IronBeard – A quiet polite, reserved, educated and discrete individual. Hoftakt makes the perfect bodyguard for man of Ristarls Tastes. An esrolian yelmalian warrior who never served with the Sun Dome Templars, has looked after his master’s safety for the last 7 years.
  • Kalste the Beardless – This young man works as Ristarls apprentice and personal servant. Embarrassed by his inability grow a proper beard, he is forced to wear a leather beard like a female sage. He is a somewhat lazy and dishonest individual out to line his own pockets at his master’s expense.
  • Kenyr Quickstep – A charming and pleasant young lady who Ristarl employs to gather information about the rubble from local bars, adventurers, and other miscreants. A native of Nochete she is finding Pavis more difficult to navigate than she expected.
  • Broosta – Responsible for exploring, retrieving, and recording the history of the rubble for the Pavis and Lhankor Myh temples. She finds Ristarls presence an affront and will find a way to be offended and upset by anything that he does.
  • Wind Whistler – A Yelm worshipping venerable Wyrm that hunts the Zola Fell Valley and vultures’ country. Ristral has conversed with him numerous times over the years, but now goes out of his way to meet with him every season.

Plot Hooks & Encounters

  • The players are hired to guard Ristral on one of his rubble expeditions the rubble. pay is good but loot shares are poor.
  • The players are hired by Taleris to protect Ristral from a similar group of hired thugs employed by rivals in either the Pavis or Lhankor Myh temple.
  • Vega Goldbreath wants the players to find everything they can out about Ristral, as she sees him as a draconic threat.
  • Vega Goldbreath wants Ristral kidnapped and taken to Sun County for questioning.
  • Priest from either Pavis/Lhankor Myh temple want him Ristral to leave town. The players are hired to help him decide to leave. A similar group will be hired to protect him from the PC’s.
  • Players are sold a scroll by Ristral, which outlines a long forgotten Heroquest that will give a Yelmalain worshipper a magical advantage over the draconic.

    It is a fake created to draw Vega Goldbreath into a vulnerable position, where Wind whistler can attack her.  It is believed with good reason that Vega will do all within he power to Gain access to the scroll, and she will attempt the ‘ritual’ at which point she will be vulnerable.

    If the players have been the source of the scroll for Vega they will be in the firing line whatever transpires.

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