Rubble Runners 2

Another Volume of Pavis Personalities

Review Rating 5/5

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Another collection 15 highly detailed character descriptions for Runequest Glorantha. Set in the locations of New Pavis, the Big rubble and the Zola Fel valley. These Characters are designed to add depth, realism, their own cadance and a maybe a hint of whismy to a beloved and classic setting.

Written for the years 1625 -1627. Each character is written with a detailed description, full stats, a character illustration, a short summary of supporting characters and character specific encounters/plot hooks.

  • 16 Characters
  • 91 Supporting Characters
  • 83 Encounters & Scenario Hooks
  • 39 pages

Character List

  • Krula Khan – Dark Troll Merchant, Fixer of Devotee of Argan Argar.
  • Tik Tak – Trollkin boatwoman on the Zola Fel.
  • Orvost the Brave, Reckless Alcoholic Chalan Arroy Healer
  • Tasakt the Shieldless, Seasoned Mercenary, Initiate of Humakt
  • Visher of the Long Knife, Bitter & Vengeful Sable Rider Scout
  • Ristral The Searcher, Esrolian Relic Hunting Priest of Lhankor Mhy
  • Tarelis, Trader in Antiquities, Godtalker of Issaries
  • Turra the Relentless, Stormbull Thug ,Bully & Warrior of the White Bull
  • Korus Halfhand, Shaman of the White Bull, and spiritual Guardian of Argarath
  • Nora’Jira Lifewalker, Jilted Paps Priestess at large in the city
  • Ria Tulell, Elf Noble of the Garden causing trouble in suntown
  • Kaleb Berrina, a shadowy figure returned from the past
  • Hensar Stormwise Housecarl Orlanthi, Unreliable, but charming
  • Joral the Younger, an ernest young swordsman wanting to make a name for himself
  • Tala Errio, missing Priestess of the Red Goddess
  • Alvani Skyspeaker, A wandering Balazaring looking for a place to belong.
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