Rubble Runners – Vol 2 Preview 1

Orvost the Brave

Adventuring Healer, Initiate of Chalana Arroy

Male, 26 Satarite in New Pavis

Orvost presents himself as the traditional Orlanthi Hero – strong, boisterous, boastful, amorous, and full of life. And he really likes a drink or three!

An initiate of Chalana Arroy, Orvost claims that he emphasises the Lightbringer aspect of the goddess, the quester who risked all to bring healing into the dark and dangerous places of the world. He is  recent arrival from Sartar following the liberation of Pavis, he regularly joins and assists the various expeditions into the Big Rubble.

On these expeditions he always wears a stylized version of the healer’s white robes over metal armor and carries a large shield. He has never worn or used an offensive weapon, but has a reputation for bravery to the point of foolhardiness. Often wadding into midst of combat to heal comrades and defending the fallen with his armored body. Many think this behavior unbecoming of a follower of Chalana Arroy.

Orvost is at odds with the local temple hierarchy, who do not always agree with him about the way he chooses to follow the White Lady.  However, his Goddess has neither revoked his magic nor sent the cult spirits of reprisal to attack him.

Orvost’s boisterous and optimistic manner hides an inner turmoil. In 1619, his older brother Orvack , a warrior, was fed to Crimson Bat when it visited Sartar. Since then he has harbored a deep antipathy towards Lunars and Chaos, feeling a great a great pressure to fight in wars of liberation and to fulfill his older brother’s role in the family. Unfortunately, neither his calling nor his cult vows will let him – he is a man torn between family loyalty and cult vow, and he is only in Pavis in order to avoid Lunars at all cost.

Whatever role Orvost may appear to play, he is the penitent trying to be both a healer and replace his brother. He drinks heavily, and has a  self destructive streak. With a  faith is beset by doubt that even though he is a healer he has a mind which is so troubled and a heart so divided. He cannot reconcile the two.

His knows his drinking is becoming problematic and he is wondering if it would be better if he didn’t come back from his next rubble expedition. Orvost is a private man who tries  not to let even his closest friends know of his inner turmoil. He wrestles his problems alone,  presenting a more happy, positive and generous persona to the outside world.


STR 14       CON  16    SIZ 13        INT 13       DEX 17

CHA 15      POW 15     Hit Points:17                Move: 8

DEX SR: 1   SIZ SR: 2

Runes: Air 73%, Life 85%, Harmony 70%, Movement 65%

Rune Points: 7 ( Chalana Arroy )

Rune Spells: Cure All Disease, Cure Poison, Heal Body, Restore Health, Harmony, Shield, Analyze Magic

Spirit Magic: Befuddle, Sleep, Light, Heal 6, Protection 4

Magic Points:15

Passions: Honor 78%,Love Family 66%, Devotion Chalana Arroy 76%, Hate Lunars 78%, Hate Chaos 68%

Reputation: 28%

Damage Bonus: +1d4

Spirit Combat Damage:1D6+1

Right Leg1-43/6
Left Leg5-83/6
Right Arm13-153/5
Left Arm16-183/5
Lrg Shield78NANA16

Armor: Heavy Scale Cuirass & Skirt, Closed Helm, Cuirboilli Vambraces & Greaves

Skills: Dodge 76%, Charm 45%, Orate 47%, Cult Lore Chalana Arroy 56%, First Aid 85%, , Plant Lore 32%, Survival 49%, Treat Disease 63%, Treat Poison 53%, Meditate 45%, Spirit Combat 72%, Worship Chalana Arroy 58%, Insight Human 43%, Listen 48%,  Scan 75%, Hide 68%, Move Quietly

Languages: Heortling 48%, Tradetalk 45%, Esrolian 34%, Praxian 20%

Magic Items: Power Storage Crystal POW 7, Bronze Medallion With Glamour Matrix

Ransom: 380L from the Chalana Arroy Temple

Associates & Contacts

  • Karnal Broken-Bow – A long time friend and companion of Orvost. This sell sword is somewhat in awe of his friends bravado and bravery. Both have saved each other lives many times and trust each other fully. he has no idea of his close friends inner turmoil.
  • Kenest Furrowbrow – A Warrior yet a placid and scholarly individual, though by no means to most orthodox of dwarves. Kenest is a peculiar dwarf who is known for his fascination for observing what he calls ‘broken things’. He has taken a great delight in  Orvost since he came to town and often accompanies his parties into the rubble.
  • Dalsa Jael – (Vol1 pg 19 ) This fellow healer is perturbed by Orvost behaviour and style. However she feels that he makes her look good in comparison around the temple. She is warm and friendly to him and is always keen to make sure he centre stage whenever possible.
  • Janku Parh – Is a prominent Orlanthi farmer, who sees himself as a influential  man in town. He is upset by this very un-healer like behaviour from Orvost. The reason behind his deep antipathy is unclear, but speaks against Orvost often and publically and complains to the temple continually. 
  • Yoltaka Brighteye – A young Grazelander warrior who travelled over with Orvost from Dragon Pass. She  thinks she is in love with him , but only knows his outer self and is unaware of his inner demons. They are occasional lovers but Orvost keeps her at a safe emotional distance.
  • Kar the Prophet  – (Vol1 pg 7) He has seen Orvosts pain. He watches, wondering whether to say something that will to ease it or to increase it to force him to face his demons.

Plot Hooks & Encounters

  • A Chalana Arroy healer in party will receive a number of dreams from there goddess regarding Orvosts mental state. It should become clear over a short space of time the Goddess wants to ease her followers state of mind and is asking her cult member to  tend to his mind. If this means it is best for him to leave the cult the Goddess is happy.
  • Janku Parh approaches the players, grumbling that such an affront to the goddess Chalana Aroy will bring Orlanth’s judgement down on all around him. He strongly hints that he thinks the protection of healer should not  extend to such an obvious apostate. He also hints unsubtly that there would be something in it for whoever could persuade the healer to alter his way’s or leave town.
  • A party in trouble in the rubble has Orvost and a selection of his friends come to their rescue and out of trouble.  Orvost is very generous and says very loudly that the players owe him nothing for the act. His compatriots are not as convinced and subtlety state that they desire recompense. If players refuse to take the hints there cults and cult spirits of retribution will apply pressure for them to make proper restitution to the healer and friends.
  • Orvosts praise is being sung in Gimpy’s by a group he has encountered and helped in the rubble. Janku and some hangers on are there  who start to publically criticise and berate. A melee  of shouting, barging and aggravation ensues. Orvosts  leaves quietly amid the commotion seeming quite embarrassed.
  • The players are hailed by a distressed and injured Yoltaka whilst they move through the rubble.  She implores the party that her group including a healer are trapped in a ruin assaulted by trolls/broos/other foes. Will they help?
  • The players encounter Orvost drunk insensible shouting and raging and looking for a lunar to fight. Maybe accusing one of them of being a lunar and trying to fight them. He will have no memory of the event at all when he sobers up.  But will be riddled with remorse if convinced he acted that way.

Orvost is a preview of Rubble Runners Volume 2 – A Collection of Runequest Glorantha NPC’s for Pavis. Vol 1 can be found here;–A-collection-of-Pavis-Characters

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