Running Deer Clan – Votanki

Clan Name:  Running Deer

Clan Hearth: Caves and lean to in the forest. Have moved from traditional clan hearth in the past year.

Hearth Location:  Close to where the Seronde meets the Arcos river, on the south bank in the Dangerground. 

Hunting Grounds: North East Dangerground

Clan Spirit:  Running Deer – move fast, evade, perception

Population:  312 people  94 Men,  102 women , 116 Children,  54 hearths              

Tribe: Independent Votanki

river picSummary:

The Running Deer clan are an Independent Votanki Clan, traditional hunters but also with boatmen who could fish and cross the Seronde river. They have sheltered but good hunting lands, in their history they have seldom been put under significant pressure, and there independent nature suits them as the citadels are far too far away to be any use.

The clan successful defended itself against giant 25 years ago and this story has been retold just about every night since that point. However recent history is not as good.

The clan has lost its hunting lands to the north of the Seronde, due arrival or horse nomads recently in that area. The nomads captured two full hunting parties and party of gatherers  on the north shore, and these clan members have not been seen since.

Also two Baboon troops have moved into the area and clan has been feuding with them unsuccessfully and where driven out of the clans traditional hearth just before dark season last year.

The clan has also been hit by disease and has been hit by disease and in total has lost over 30% of the clans population in the last 2 years

Quirks and Traits:

Like most Votanki clans the running deer clan is very conservative

They are also a nervous people on the most but get very animated and agitated on the subject of giants.

The Clan is known for eating and coking with garlic onions which are found in this area


Gavani Leatherskin – Clan Chief – Who is moving into his dotage he was a great clan leader once, but has been past his prime for 10 years now, he is desperate for his son to follow in his footsteps.

Takandi Kindheart – Gavanis son a Goodman and respectable hunter who  wants to follow his father’s footsteps, but is  a wise and peaceable man who most can see would be wrong leader for the clan at this point.

Natia Talltree – The wife of Gavanis who desperate to wife of the clan chief for the power and prestige that brings. She is tall and has striking good looks but is a harsh pushy woman with few friends, her husband regrets marrying her.

Agata Ten Tricks – A strong  charismatic leader, who has picked up the warriors mantle after the death of her husband last year, she has shown herself to be fine warrior and has saved the clan from significant defeats on more than one occasion. Conservative members of the clan do not like the role which she has taken, but see no alternatives at the moment.

Wilska Five Eyes A young apprentice shaman, whose mentor died and she has now been left to fulfil the clans needs. She is too young and inexperienced, and as far as she is concerned  not ready for the job. She is a close friend of Agata who encourages her whenever possible.

Vomor Shouts too Much -A good hunters, but one of life’s malcontents. Vomor is constantly complaining in these troubled times, he means no harm but he is destabilising the clan.

Morozar Riversnake – An older man, who has a  connection with Seronde and is the clans best boatman, he usually ferries people from one side of the Seronde to the other when needed. he is also a keen fisherman.


Clans Relationships

The running deer  have the following relationships with clans

Allies;  None

Friends;   Snow Owl(Votanki),

Conflict;  Badhead Troop (baboon),  Bloodclaw troop(baboon)

Plot Hooks & Ideas

The campaign plot for characters from the clan is a save the clan, and place it on a stable footing

Monkey Fight – The clan is attacked by two troops of baboons do all you can to defend it and drive the baboons off, with minimal casualties.

Monkey Puzzle – The players are asked to stage a deception to set the two Baboon troops fighting each other, and this take the pressure off the clan.

No man left behind – Agata wants her younger brother back, defy the elders and the players go off to Polaris to find out who bought the prisoners and then rescue them from nearby a  rice farm. However this needs to be done with no common language. Throw in an encounter with a small group of horse nomads on the way back.

Cat Fight – Natia accuses Agata of disobeying the clan elders in the rescue attempt for the slaves, and wants her thrown out of the clan. the players must intervene.

Unexpected Guests – 12 Praxian Bison riders show up in the clans lands offering to pay the clan 5 silvers per head for each Baboon they help kill.  This is against the clans traditions of isolation but would be very helpful in the current situation. The players need to investigate and weigh in on the argument, and then negotiate a price more useful than silver. Research and conversation will suggest than these guys are followers of Lan Stormson, who has set up camp at swim here.

Monkey Hunt – Raiding both baboon troops with the bison riders.

Home Sweet Home – A raid to push the Badhead clan out of the clan hearth which is caves with a pile of stones, which look they were placed by a giant rather than fell naturally. If it is too easy have them counter struck by the remains of the blood claw clan

Meet the neighbours  – The players must cross the Seronde a create a dialogue with the Horse riders to negotiate safe passage and  hunting rights on the clans old hunting grounds.

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