WOD:Glorantha Significant Family Events

Significant Family Events  aim to do  a number of things,

  • It helps define a character
  • It ties a character to the game world giving a sense of being part of something larger
  • It allows players to come up with significant personal plot seeds for the storyteller to use at later points
  • Allows players to write a significant part for recent clan/village/town history

The events are not a full family history but players deciding the events which are significant to their character and who he is today.

As a players considers there concept, nature and demeanour, decide on three to five events regarding your family ( or character) history which are important to your characters story.

They usually relate to close family members ( grandparents, parents, siblings ) but can relate to more distant relatives if a players decides that is what would be significantly important to his character

The definition of each event  contains three elements;

  • the family member involved
  • the nature of the event
  • the outcome of that event


  • My father fought at Boldhome in 1602 and was eaten by the crimson bat.
  • My uncle fought for the Lunars at Moonbroth and was well rewarded.
  • My Grandfather was at Elkoi when the Lunars attacked and was driven mad
  • My mother was eaten by a dark troll in a raid when I was 9
  • My grandmother was a early Lunar missionary to our clan

At this point these have events have no effect on  game in terms of stats or the creation mechanic.

However the player then creates their character stats, flaws, merits, backgrounds and runes with these events in mind.

And the end of the character creation process the storyteller reviews them and can award up to 7 extra freebie points, if they think the historic events are well represented in the character creation.

eg.Tying  “My Grandfather was Elkoi when the Lunars attacked and was driven mad” to the character  would be taking the flaws and merits  ‘Hatred Lunars’, ‘Vengence Lunars’ or ‘Phobia Lunes’.

“My uncle fought for the Lunars at Moonbroth and was well rewarded.” could be introduced by the taking of artefact or wealth backgrounds., or even by a mentor background

These freebie points are then spent on extra traits.

Listed below are the potential events and some possible outcomes for a Balazaring character.

Historical Balazar Events

As Balazar lacks significant historical events as other parts of Balazar the lists is quite slim, however it is suggested that each player takes at least one significant event from historical events;

Rebuilding of Dykene, 1550 – spoke against it, spoke for it, helped to rebuild, owned a house, befriended the dwarves, sabotaged the building, performed in the celebrations

Elkoi Clans Raiding Of Lunar Lands, 1550 to 1562 – raided often, successful raider, captured slaves, became rich, died,

Fall of Elkoi, 1564  died, driven mad, captured, executed, fought with Lunars, fled, hid, maimed,

Lunar Occupation of Elkoi, 1562 to Present – Supported, learned from, took their Gods, resented, resisted, was killed by, raided, stole from them, married a lunar

Fought for Lunars in the Battle of Grizzly Peak,1582 – unused warrior, fought well, hero, died, maimed, injured, ran, gained great wealth, found magical treasure

Fought for Lunars in the Fall of Boldhome, 1602 – unused warrior, fought well, hero, died, maimed, injured, ran, fought with Jareel, gained great wealth, found magical treasure, became famous

Part of Redlands Rebellion, 1614 – was crucified, fled, gained loot, imprisoned, sold into slavery, raided both sides, got rich, killed a hero, met Jareel, met Beat Pot , never came home

Last days of Gadaringer Dynasty 1610 -1613 supported the family, was victimised, was imprisoned by, killed by, employed by,  defended the family

Rebellion in Trilus 1614 – Was a friend with Yalaring, died, fought for Yalaring, fled the fighting, maimed, fought for Gadaringer dynasty, switched sides, stole something valuable in the fights

Generic Balazaring Events

These events can be dropped into any year or some happen over a number of years;

Troll Raid   – eaten, killed, captured, fled, escaped, fought, fought bravely, saved the day, saved a friend, sought revenge, sounded the warning, lost a child

Prophesied over by Blueface – prospered,  cursed, confused, vanished, lead, died, found significant destiny, had many children, great Hunter, mother of destiny, blessed by the ancestors, chosen by the totem

Prophesied over by Other Shaman – prospered,  cursed, confused, vanished, lead, died, significant, destiny, many children, great Hunter, mother of destiny, blessed by the ancestors, chosen by the totem

Travelled to Foreign Places – never came back, returned rich, returned broken, returned with many tales, never spoke about it, returned with knowledge, returned with new magic, returned with bad magic

Came from Foreign Lands – and settled, and died, and went back again, and brought his God, and brought strange magic, and trouble followed.

Giant Raid – Was squashed, lead the giant away, fought the giant, was killed by the giant, ran away, warned us, found a place to hide, saved the children.

The Clan Argued – Split the clan, spoke peace, killed the troublemakers, told lies, killed the enemy, sought wise council

Visited by foreigners -drove them off, helped them, they helped us, traded, someone got pregnant, killed by them, stole their magic, defeated them in a test, was beaten by them in a test, married them

Great Hunt – Won, Caught nothing, was slain, cheated, was murdered on, refused to hunt,  caught a great animal and lost, was cheated, was laughing stock

Became Citadel Warrior – became famous, flew a hawks, fell off a hawk, died, was disgraced, slew a monster, slew a traitor, turned on his own clan, saved the king, rescued someone, saved a clan, traveled deep into the Elder wilds

Went Deep into the Elder Wilds – never came back, visited giant land, stole from the trolls, would not tell what they saw, brought back magic, fought chaos, rescued a friend or lover, was slain, was maimed, eaten by trolls, turned to chaos, visited elf woods, hunted thunder lizards, saw a great magical sight, knows where treasure is burred, found old ruins.

Outlawed by Clan – falsely, for murder, for rape, for offending the spirits, for cowardice, for act of heroism misunderstood, for worshipping banned gods, for bad magic, for loving an enemy, for a mistake that got someone killed, because a shaman said so, for offending a leader, for challenging the Elders.

Became a Shaman – looked after the clan, left the clan, became insane, upset the totem, found new magics, pleased the spirits, found bad magics, was possessed by foul spirits, taught a hero, murdered the innocent

Ravaged by Disease – saved the clan, died, was maimed, almost died, had a vision, healed someone significant, found s a cure, found the cause, fought off the disease spirit, was the only survivor, was orphaned.

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