Solina Garhound and Company

Solina Garhound, Female Thief, late 20’s, Lanbril Cult member


Threat Level ****

Runes: Darkness, Life, Illusion

Traits: Sexy, Cautious, Patient, Greedy, Stubborn

A professional thief from Pavis region, she was expelled from Sun Country in mid-teens for various misdemeanours. Her style is theft via seduction and she  masquerades as a noble daughter of the Garhound clan from Pavis Country.

With fair skin brown hair with green eyes she is stunningly beautiful. Pleasant  light and fun company with a  good time mentality. Also she is completely and utterly amoral in most situations most of the time.

She followed Lan Stormson up from Prax. Employed by GimGim the Grim to retrieve the Windsword and  took a hefty advance. So she fears for her life if she returns without the sword. She has no real political or spiritual ideology to drive her forward.

When she arrived at swim here Lans wife Rahkal took an immediate dislike to her and threw her out of the community. She has since travelled to Trilus and Dykene, but does not know how to proceed with her quest at the moment. She is frustrated and is not used to failing at things she sets out to do.

She loves horses and is a natural rider and is currently travelling with two bodyguards.

Plot Uses: Will probably try to recruit the players to help her steal the Windsword, either knowingly or more probably as mindless dupes.

If not she will see the characters as possible marks and try to get close to relieve them of some of their more interesting possessions.

Gerak Garhound 27 Pavis, Lanbril Member

Threat Level ***

Runes: Darkness, Disorder, Man

Traits: Aggressive, Calm, Suspicious, Dour

Gerak grew up in Cheapside in Pavis and became a gang enforcer as an initial careers choice. He has known and worked with Solina for about five years, poses as her brother. Gerak has romantic feelings towards Solina but its unrequited and leads to some awkward moments.

His job is to work as her heavy which he can do reasonably well in an urban environment. He is not comfortable in the wilds. He is a competent fighter, but not a warrior. He is especially  fond of long knives and the gladius style shortswords.

Plot uses: Gerak has a short temper and is likely to pick a bar fight for no good reason

 ‘Dusty’ Rinan, 30 Pol Joni, Orlanth Initiate

Threat Level ***

Runes: Air, Movement, Beast

Traits: Stubborn, Brave, Adventurous, Dishonest

A praxian barbarian from the Pol Joni Clan, who signed on to be there scout,  guide and guard through the deserts of Prax. He is comfortable out in the wilds and is enjoying his time in Balazar.

He is not aware of what the details of their mission, but is wise enough to know the type of people he is travelling with and what kind of mission they are on.

Dusty is bored with a mercenary existence and  is looking for something a little bit more substantial in his life but he is unaware what that is at this moment. It may a more serious spirituality, a cause, a true love or just a plot of land.

Plot uses: Dusty is someone who could suddenly attach himself to the characters for various reasons and though he maybe unsightly and rough round the edges could become a useful friend.

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