Thrax Halfface

Balazaring Adventurer and Scout, Lates 20’s
Runes: Air, Illusion, Movement
Traits: Bitter, Calm, Perceptive, Decisive, Generous

Two things are striking  when a person meets Thrax, the first is the mask he wears over half of his face and the acid burn marks visible underneath it and the second is his refusal to wear cult markings of any sort.

As regards his cult affiliations this is not  a matter he comments on, but he was known to be one of the Balazaring Orlanthi at some point in the recent past. he is a member of Redock clan and is working hard to help Lan establish a community at Swim Here.

His demeanour comes across a man who is in control, highly efficient, aware, friendly but highly dangerous if he decides to be.  Usually when people get to know him Thrax is positive, generous and funny, not many people see that side of him quickly. However sometimes his mood turn darker and he becomes a bitter man you seems to  feel that he has been cheated in life, or that he has done something to deserve a dark fate.

He dresses well and looks more like a rich tarshite warrior than a votanki hunter.  Often he goes my moniker of Anthon of Dykene, especially when travelling around Elkoi.

Thrax and Lan were close friends through there teenager years, and comrades in arms as young men. Thrax is a both a competent hunter and proficient warrior. However after the windsword was found they became more distant and some unspoken tension lies between them.

As well as being a competent warrior, Thrax is the scout and information master for the Redcock clan and for Lan in particular. He has a spy and information network which covers most of the major centres of Balazar and spends a lot of days in the saddle travelling between contacts.

He trades information with Torath and Pay as a matter of course, is open with King Yalaring when it suits both parties and occasionally deals with  Dykene and the Yelmalio temple through Starnia.

He often will hire people for little jobs where he gives little information about himself or the larger picture, people who perform well get brought into his circles. He has become a skilled herbalists who is very skilled in the use of poisons and antidotes.


When they came down from the North Thrax had a young wife called Marka, she like the rest of them was a survivor of a massacre and a refugee. Where others recovered Marka never did. She became disturbed and distant, seeking after answers where there were none.  She changed, during the Festering Isle quest it became apparent that the change was significant. She had embraced chaos*.

She left them and there were many discussions in the clan of whether she should be caught or killed, healed through magic or death. Thrax did what he felt he must and sort her out and pleaded with her to turn away from her bitterness and finding healing. She appeared to accept and kissed him. Her saliva burnt his mouth. She spat in his left eye and burnt it out. She licked all of one side of his face scaring it and she left him burned and tortured alone in wilderness.

Since that point Thrax felt no love for Gods, no trust in them. He acknowledges them but refuses to worship them.

He still seeks his ex wife for reasons and plans he does not know or understand. She is out there somewhere in the wilderness.

Thrax’s is other secret is that whilst Lan and Rahkal were apart, he had a ongoing relationship with Rahkal and feels deeply for her. This has never  spoken about by any of the three since Lan and Rahkal connected, but is an unspoken truth that all are aware of.  Also most people close to the three of them know and make a point of never mentioning it publically.

It is very possible if Lan was to seriously mistreat Rahkal feelings would be expressed and a fight would ensue.

*Ref note it is very possible that Marka is a new incarnation of Granny Keeneyes.

Nature: Plotter
Demeanour: Manipulator
Physical: Strength 4, Dexterity 6, Stamina 5
Mental: Intelligence 5 , Wits 6, Perception 5
Social: Manipulation 5,  Appearance 0, Charisma 5
Talents: Alertness 4, Artistic 2, Athletics 5, Brawl 5, Dodge 5, Empathy 4, Intimidation 4, Streetwise 5, Subterfuge 5
Skills: Archery 4,Commerce 2,Crafts 2,Etiquette 4,Leadership 4,Mechanisms 2,Melee 5, Riding 4, Stealth 5, Survival 4
Knowledge’s: Academics 3,Culture 4,Investigation 5,Languages 4,Medicine 4, Myth 3, Politics 5, Divine Lore 2, Spirit Lore 3
Essence 6
Quintessence: 27
Willpower: 8
Runes: Air 5, Movement 6, Illusion 4, Disorder 3, Death 3
Spirit Magic: Befuddle 4, Bladesharp 4, Healing 4, Babel 3, Shimmer 4. Mobility 2, Countermagic 3, Disruption 3
Rune Magic: None
Virtues: Vigor 5, Trust 3, Generosity 4
Backgrounds: Allies 4, Artefact 3, Contacts 6, Destiny 4, Dogs 3, Influence 4, Mount 4, Ransom 5, Resources 4, Status 3, Witta 3
Flaws & Merits Curiosity (2pt Flaw), Cynical Nature (2pt flaw), Disfigured (2pt Flaw),Daredevil (3pt Merit), Hared Trolls – 2pt Flaw
Equipment: Quality Cavalry Horse, Fine Clothes, 3* Javelins -3pt, Iron Headed Battle Axe – 4pt, Kopis -3pt, Numbers of spirit charms, a range of poisons and antidotes.

For RQ players there is a post on how to understand and convert these stats on the fly.

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