Trilus Timeline 1617 – 1625

To Supplement the Elkoi timeline I published a few months ago. Here is a draft of Trilus timeline to bring us up to 1625.

The aim is to create a citadel with a very different feel to Elkoi. So Trilus is strong, prosperous, stable and well run. It makes a good place for a storyteller/ref/gm to base the players if they want them to have a safe stable base from which to explore the rest of Balazar.

Characters from Old campaigns start to make an appearance in this timeline now. I hope thy add flavour rather than dominate the background, enjoy and feel free to comment. This is a draft version so comments may get amalgamated into a final version.


  • Balazar as presented in the Griffin Mountain book
  • Remnant of the Redrock  clan of  Votanki Tribesmen settle in Trilus and convert to Worship of Orlanth.


  • Rhegus Whitehair killed by Trilus by Redrock Clan stating he was tainted with chaos. Tensions rise between Trilius  and Elkoi and Lunar occupation forces as a result. Torath Manover speaks for the Redrock clan. However the most radical members Redrock clan leave the citadel for a number of seasons.
  • Lunar patrols sent across Trilus lands. Yalaring ordered them left alone. One patrol is found slaughtered further increased tensions with Lunars.


  • Spring Season; – Raids on Lunar Convoys from Soldier Ferry, Elkoi & Trilus Elmwood Clans aided by Redrock Clan. Metal weapons and armour much more common in Trilus.
  • Yalaring send delegation to Eryptus declaring had no part in the raid, and promises to apprehend the ringleaders.
  • Dark Season – Redrock Clan claim to have discovered the Windsword in the Elder Wilds.  Retuning to a cold reception from most in Trilus.
  • 3 Elmswood clans break away from Elkoi and pay allegiance to Trilus instead. King Yalaring forgets promise to apprehend ringleaders of Elmswood raids. Representatives from Eryptus and Glyptus politely received but ignored.


  • Redrock Clan fight local clan and Lunar garrison at Tarshford. Most taken prisoner but later to escape, believed to have headed south into Dragon Pass.
  • Blueface’s death is reported amongst the clans, Trilus clans in mourning.
  • A former apprentice  of Blueface, Namara starts to gain popularity in some southern Clans


  • Great winter reaches southern Balazar, Many southern Trilus migrate north away from traditional hunting grounds. King Yalaring holds tribal conclave traditional hunting grounds suspended and hunting rights reassigned. Minor clan squabbles over hunting rights continue through the year.
  • Last visit of Joh Mith to Trilus marked with extended stay throughout great winter.
  • Tusk rider raid into Trilus Hunting grounds , met by Citadel warriors South of Split Hills and driven off back into Elkio territory
  • Trilus clans hunt into Imther territory, Imther clans object and starts  the Imther war, which is a series of skirmishes running over 3 seasons.
  • Elkoi citadel warriors raid southern Trilus clans as part of the Imther Trilus war, slaves taken and sold to the Lunar Empire.
  • Citadel warriors and Orlanthi allies launch punitive raid into Elkoi lands, defeat Elkoi citadel warriors at the Battle of Burning Tree.
  • Highbridge standoff where forces of Trilus and Dykene faced off. Matter resolved by an honour duel of champions on the bridge. Trilus won and the Dykene forces agreed to stay on their side of bridge.


  • Great winter, Clans continue to  Migrate North.
  • Truce with King of Imther. Imther agrees to pay Trilus tribute in metal goods, grains, textiles and exotic goats cheese for next 5 years
  • Lunar sage and petty noble Quintas Von Ortlas buys and sets up residence in the former Red Bear inn. Re-establishing a permanent Lunar presence in Trilus.
  • Blueface reappears, reportedly in Dykene lands
  • Elkoi descends into Civil war. Trilus supports and continues to court the Elmswood clans.


  • Elmwoods clans raid citadel Elkoi supported by Orlanthi, Hunters from Trilus and maybe the odd citadel guard, defeating the Elkoi loyalist faction.
  • Trilus allies driven out of Elkoi and back to their  traditional lands.
  • Elements of Redock Clan re-appear in Trilus now as Windlords and Priests. Take residence in Lightbringers hall.
  • Dushi Sone declares that Quintas Von Ortlas is under her protection.
  • The shaman Namara leads many of the southern balazaring clans in rejecting the kings, the citadels, metalwork and foreign Gods. Declaring themselves Votanki not Balazarings
  • Namara is outlawed in Trilus lands


  • Ongoing skirmishes between northern Elkoi clans and Elmswood clans. Elmswood clans have support from Trilus Orlanthi.
  • Lan of the Redrock clan arrives a Trilus with escort of 20 Bison riders, is refused access. He leaves to the east with the Redrock clan already in Trilus and an a number of other Lightbingers heading towards Dykene.
  • Namara closes the Southwood to all but her followers, declaring the worshipping of foreign Gods(including Yelmalio and Balazar), use of metal , farming,  animal husbandry and sleeping in permanent building Taboo in Balazar. King Yalaring puts price on Namaras head. 
  • Battle of Shamans,  Namara casts Blueface down and spiritually binds him.


  • Peace made with Cyriels Elkio & Trade relations opened. Agreement that no retribution be made towards the Elmwood clans that changed allegiance. Agreement that Trilus would not seek to influence any remaining Elkoi clans to change allegiance.

Citadel of Trilus in 1625

  • The citadel of Trilus stands strong, the pigs are still outside the walls, and Trilus outside the walls grows.
  • Well run by King Yalaring looking to protect the Hunting clans
  • Tradesmen have prospered under yalaring and now the citadel can boast a redsmith, weaver, potters, brew master, butchers, lamp maker, leatherworkers, boywer and fletcher.
  • The rule of law stands and is mostly fair
  • Lightbringers have a stronger permanent presence with many more local converts within the citadel than 1617
  • Quintas Von Ortlas is a well respected and liked lunar presence within the citadel, with his own retinue, under the protection of both King Yalaring  & Dushi Sone.
  • The Redrock clan though occasional allies are not welcome as permanent residents of Trilus
  • The citadel is stable, prosperous and well run.

Tribe of Trilus in 1625

  • Significantly  strongest tribe in Balazar gaining all of the Elmswood tribes and other tribes from Dykene and Elkoi
  • 2 Southwood clans have renounced the tribe and are following Namara
  • Tribal shamans are worried about the influence of Namara with local spirits
  • Trilus is still receiving Tribute from Imther

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