Trilus Updated Lightbringers

In this version of Griffin Mountain changes have happened as regards the Lightbringers hall in Trilus.

They are broadly speaking as follows;

  • Torath and Pay have got married and combined there teams.
  • Some of their original teams have joined the balazaring Orlanthi.
  • They have recruited some Balazarings into the cult and there team.
  • Bluebird is now with the Balazaring Orlanthi and not resident in Trilus to avoid Lunars.
  • Dushi Sones training of local Balazarings in the ways of Chalana Arroy is going well.

So now the current Lightbringer residents of Trilus are;

Pay and Toraths Orlanthi Group

Native Orlanthi

  • Domio – Redrock Orlanthi Acolyte
  • Katilin – Redrock Orlanthi Initiate

Chalana Arroy


  • Djimm Mith Pg 47

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