Troll Encounters – Clan Patrol

Culture:  Barbarian and some Hunter Clans

Cults: Zorak Zoran, Kygor Lytor, Zong

Found: Troll Lands

Many trolls clans patrol their lands, these tend to be the larger more civilized clans. Patrols are more usual when a threat is anticipated, but some clans patrol more regularly out of habit.

A patrol will be usually be led by a mid-level dark troll warrior, who will usually be supported by a number of warrior caste trollkin, dependent on clan strength and threat level they may also be supported by more dark or great troll warriors, or dark troll militia. Most patrol leaders will be worshippers of Zorak Zoran or Kygor Litor.

A Patrol will usually try to drive a party away from the clan village or stronghold. If the party looks too strong for the patrol the will shadow the party and send for reinforcements from the Clan. Only if a party appears weak will try and all-out assault.

Dialogue with Patrols will be limited to continued demands that the party leaves the clan lands, the patrol will in no circumstances give permission for the players to cross clan lands until a more senior leader comes from the Clan village.

If the trolls encounter the players resting at night they will launch a night raid unless they are obviously out matched. Upon receiving serious casualties they will flee, If all the dark trolls are put down, all the trollkin will flee.

Tactics will usually be the trollkin using missiles out of the darkness , and after some damage has been done the dark trolls charge from hidden positions to close with the enemy from the front with the trollkin then coming in to flank what opponents are left standing.

Culture:  Civilized

Cults: Kygor Lytor, Zorak Zoran, Zong

Found: Troll Lands


  Weak Patrol Strong Patrol
Dark Troll Raiders 1 1 -2
Great Troll Raiders 0-1 0 – 1
Dark Troll Hunters 0 -2 0 -4
Great Troll Hunters 0- 1 0 – 1
Raider Trollkin 2 -4 3 – 6
Hunter Trollkin 2- 4 3 – 6

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