Trollkin Miniatures by Mad Knight Castings, A Review

It’s a pleasure to review this figures which I can only describe as delightfully Gloranthan. The team who conceptualised, designed and created these miniatures have the same love and knowledge of Gloranthan than everyone else in the forum and it is clear to see.

I have never really done the kick-starter thing, so now regret only dipping my toe into the water with this wonderful kick-starter from Mad Knight miniatures, and only ordering the trollkin.

The ‘Enemy’s of Satar’ Kickstarter came with Trollkin, Queen Bogtrix – A mistress race scorpion Queen, Scorpionmen, , Trollkin battering ram and Cuthbert the broo.

I just jumped in for 20 trollkin and Neepson Leadheart, Mantis Rider and am now regretting not being more deeply involved. Just for clarity’s sake the images i’m using are those from the kickstarter not those from my own paints jobs which though fair are both inferior and not fully finished.

Normal Trollkin first … just delightful…  20 figures that capture gloranthan trollkin perfectly for me. Trollkin have always potentially been an area of humour in Glorantha, and these figures capture that levity perfectly without reducing them to banal silliness which other genres have lowered Goblins and similar too.

We get a fine range of trollkin, from well equipped superior trollkin, trollkin warriors, through rural hunters and skirmishers, worker trollkin to snivelling food trollkin. Each with a degree of personality which doesn’t take itself too seriously, but do remain very usable gaming figures.

Personal favourites of mine are the trollkin with the trolls head and pot, and the one hiding the short-sword behind his back.

The design and sculpt is excellent and the casting is clear, showing  fine detail. We also do not suffer from excessive flash or visible mould lines. Scaling compared to my human figures appears right and the figure are consistent with each other. The general quality far exceeds that of another miniature kick-starter I joined recently. I short brilliantly designed and executed to a high professional standard.

On slight gripe is that one the figures was designed more for fun than robustness, so the trollkin pole vaulting on the spear I never excepted to have a long shelf life, but was surprised when it didn’t even survive the basing process. A fun figure bit not overly practical, but in wider context a very small gripe indeed.

And as the trollkin are priced at about £1.00 each they represent very fair value for money.

Now  Neepson Leadheart is a beautiful figure that I haven’t had the time  or patience to fully construct yet, and probably should not till I have a clear plan on how i’m going to store it so it doesn’t get damaged. It pretty sure it will delicate if beautiful when fully constructed

But again from design to implementation it is faultless, well crafted and just so wonderfully Gloranthan. Again reasonably priced as part of the kick starter.

Even better news is that Mad knight castings are planning numerous other kick-starters for Gloranthan Minatures over the next few months, the next I believe is imminent and will be covering the following;

  • ZZ Trolls
  • Troll Skeletons (???)
  • Troll Beetle Riders
  • KLTroll Shieldwall
  • Broo
  • Lunar assassins as an add on

I believe this will be live in the next few weeks but will confirm later. Anyway I will watch with interest and back this in one way or another.

* All artwork and photographs used are provided by Mad Knight Castings. No Freebies or kickbacks were offered for this review, but I am open to bribes in future.

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