One off Special … Pavis NPC

Going back many years this is a version of the first RQ character I who I could call truly my own. Now polished, brought up to date and provided with both RQ and WOD Glorantha stats. I’ve dipped out of Balazar and to the mean streets of Pavis.

Often to be found quietly drinking and doing business in Gimpy’s in a evening, this unassuming figure could be of benefit to many groups of characters.

Tulina, Human Female, Aged 20,  Senior Apprentice of Lhankor Mhy

First impressions of Tulina depend upon where she is met. If about official temple business she comes over a diligent slightly stressed apprentice with many things to do and neither the time or the organisational ability to fulfil them all.

If met in the evening at Gimpy’s she looks like one  of a small number of Griselda wannabes.  With no sign of her grey robes or leather beard,  she sports leather amour a short sword.  Holding a cocky attitude, but a softer easier manner.

Neither immediately striking or physical imposing, Tulina can fade into the crowd and become part of the background. With a small frame, slight build and mousy shoulder length hair. However engaging with her on conversation and she comes alive, is animated, quick witted, informed and quite enthralling.

Tulina grew up on the streets, one of a number of unclaimed children who roam the streets of New Pavis. Who her mother was is now just a very blurred memory, and question she sees no point in finding the answer too.

Noticed as a bright young thing by the Lhankor Mhy priests, she became an apprentice because it put a roof over her head and food on her plate. Since that point she has impressed as a  mercurial student who has impressed at every step.

She is very happy to do unofficial evaluation in Gimpy’s for a fraction of the temple rates, will also inform of who the best fence is for the item and can set up a meet if her clients want, for the right price.

She isn’t as knowledgable as the masters at the temple, but has a reputation of being honest when she doesn’t know an items history or value, and suggesting where her clients could get better information.

She has connections to the Lanbril cult, but has never joined any family and deals with all with respect and tries to stay out of any arguments between the families.

Tulisa is allowed to continue because she provides her superiors in the temple with details of what items are unofficially coming out of the Rubble, there history, what properties they may have and who owns them. Unknown to Tulina the Pavis authorities have moved twice against criminals based information passed to her superiors, when it suited the temples purposes.

When engaged in conversation her tone softens, and she comes across as having a gentle helpful manner ,  as she actually has the desire to help most people she meets and at times can even appear eager and idealistic.

However she is also incredibly intelligent, stubborn and ambitious. However she doesn’t know what she is ambitious for and just often wants more, whether it is money, knowledge, position, affection or power. This isn’t something she sees in herself or acknowledges but is a primal urge that drives her on and can make her a dangerous person.

She is prone to over attach to the wrong individuals, and has caused her problems in the past. She is currently free of such entanglements, and surrounded by good friends.

She has three distinct social groups which she tries to keep very separate. First the other apprentices with whom she usually take the role of an older sister and she is very protective of them.

Then there are her friends from childhood most of which are involved in some kind of petty crime within the city, she looks after these people when she can and they are her main connections into the criminal underworld.

Then there are the rogues, adventures and miscreants who frequent Gimpy’s. These are people she wants to impress and be accepted by. She is prone to ape there behaviours and styles, but at heart is not the violent risk taking adventurous type.

She has been in the rubble once, and lost her left arm in the expedition. It has mostly grown back thanks to  ministrations of the Chalana Arroy temple, but she is still trying to settle her debt with them. After this experience would need a very good reason to go back into the rubble again.

In her temple life she is firmly part of the Old Pavis faction and is mentored by the Faction leader, she has also alienated and upset numbers of the pro lunar apprentices, with various comments she has made.

She is a more than competent academic and her study of the artefacts and history of Pavis has led to a side research project ,into “Whether the disasters that befell the city of Pavis were natural consequence of the fall of the EWF, or were they rooted in a yet unknown Cosmic Dynamic reaching out against all aspects of the EWF?”

She currently has no idea how to research this in further depth, but is caught by the idea that events were not just natural consequences, and if provoked can talk at length for hours on the subject.

Nature: Confidant
Demeanour: Rogue
Physical: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 2
Mental: Intelligence 5, Wits 4, Perception 4
Social: Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Charisma 3
Talents: Alertness 2, Artistic 1, Athletics 2, Brawl 2,Dodge 2,Empathy 3, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 2
Skills: Commerce 3,Etiquette 1,Leadership 1, Melee 2, Stealth 3
Knowledge’s: Academics 3 , Culture 2, Investigation 2, Languages 2, Medicine 2, Myth 2, Politics 1, Divine Lore 2
Essence 3
Quintessence: 13
Willpower: 5
Runes: Air 3, Truth 3, Magic 1, Law 1,Communications 2
Spirit Magic: Detect 2, Mobility 2, Befuddle, Healing 2, Counter Magic 2, Befuddle
Rune Magic: Pact Lhankor Mhy 4pts
Virtues: Wisdom 3, Prudence 3, Mercy 5
Backgrounds: Allies 2, Contacts 4, Cult Status 2, Mentor 3, Ransom 1, Resources 3
Flaws & Merits One of Us (2pt Merit), One Arm (3) , Faction Favorite (2pt Merit)
Equipment: 2pt leather amour, leather armour, leather beard, grey sages robes

RQ2 Stats

STR:  10    CON: 12   SIZ :9      INT: 18    POW:14

DEX:16     CHA:13    Move:9  HP:12    Defense: 23

Shortsword    SR6 Att: 55%  1d6+1    Par: 50

Battle Magic Spells:  Detect Magic, Detect Life, Detect Gold, Detect Gems, Mobility 2, Befuddle, Healing 2, Counter Magic 2, Befuddle

Skills: Evaluate Treasure 85%, Read own Lang 55%, General Knowledge 20%, Jumping 45%, Climbing 50%, Listen 65%, Spot Hidden 70%, Hide in Shadows 60%, Move Silently 55%,  Oratory 40%, Fast Talk 45%


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