Using WOD:Glorantha Stats in Runequest

WOD:Glorantha is an in house system I have developed for Glorantha based off the white wolf storyteller system I used extensively in the 90’s.

Why I use WOD:Glorantha stats?

Ok why am bothering to publish Glorantha stats in a  bespoke in house system?

  • The stats are primarily for my own gaming so I write in the system I use.
  • The system used helps me define the character
  • I think the system used defines and explains characters very well
  • Its a decision based system so there is not a lot of sums or calculation involved so I can define quickly.
  • There currently is an not RQ system published i’m happy to use

Understanding the stats

For a quick understanding of all stats( bar quintessence and willpower) run on a 1 to 5 scale for normal human capacity. With 2 being an average stats for normal human.  However more detail below.

Using WOD: Glorantha NPC stats in Runequest

So some explanation on how to understand or use these character stats as written in an RQ) any version) without doing a hard conversion may be useful.

You can use this article to allow yourselves to spend the time to a sit down hard conversion and that is probably needed if you are doing a hard crunch game where statistical fairness is really important to the players.

But if you run a more plot focused  game the aim of the article is to allow you use the WOD: Glorantha stats on the fly with little or no prep time.


The stats will convert reasonably easily some obviously with some there is a little more flexibility where you can use the definition given by wider range WOD stats in the game.  Looking at stats equivalents to be used for understanding and resistance roles;

WOD Glorantha Stat RQ Stat
Quintessence * POW
No Stat* SIZ


For Size for humans either make up a stats that works for you or average STR and CON for a ballpark figure,  make allowances for flaws and merits if they exists.

When understanding what the stat values mean use the following table, quick definitive value in brackets for off the cuff resistance roles and the like.

WOD Glorantha Score RQ Stat Stat/Skill Level
1 Under 7 ( 6 ) Poor/Novice
2 8 to 12 (11) Average/Competent
3 13 to 15 (14) Talented/Professional
4 16 to 17 ( 16) Exceptional
5 18 to 20 (18) World Class
6 21 -23 (21) Enhanced Human
7 24 -26 (24) Super human
8 27+ Demi God


For Quintessence a more direct scale is probably appropriate, with minor adjustments at the bottom and top ends and to ensure priest have required values etc.

Skill & Weapon Rolls

The storyteller system works off a skill system where;

dicepool  = Stat + Skill

I would still use this for RQ mechanic and use

Skill  = (Stat + Skill) * 10 %

Example: Karl the Humakti has STR 3 and melee 3, which would easily convert to a sword attack skill of 60%

This may need some slight tweaks at the low end where NPC’s have no skills, but works a quick fire rule of thumb.

Battle Magic

Battle magic remains the pretty much the same, but you may want to make variable spells levels the same as rune + spell.

Rune Magic

This designed to closely represent the RQ Glorantha system that will be published soon. Rune points and spells should directly translate.

For runes score 50% + ( WOD level * 10) is a good place to start

Armor For armour make armour cover all locations and usually points * 1.5 (rounding down),

Hit Points

For total hit points use the converted STA number.

For location hit points use the crib sheet below

  • Arms = STA
  • Legs, Head & Abdomen = STA + 1
  • Chest = STA + 2


Use standard RQ weapon stats from whatever version you are using;

This post will be chnagedand improved over time*

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