WOD:Glorantha Classic Storyteller System for Glorantha

Hi All,

I ran a really fun gloranthan game for a bunch of old friends who I used to play Whitewolf games with last night. I used the classic whitewolf storyteller WOD system because everyone knew it and it was quick dirty character gen and straight into gaming.

It worked well and as our style is more plot and character than crunch, the system didn’t get in the way. However it didn’t push the magic and the cult angle as strongly as I would of liked and at times I felt like it was ‘Cadfael’ the role playing game.

So my intent was to convert all characters into RQ2 or RQ3 and go with a native gloranthan system in the long run so I didn’t have to recreate gloranthan  magic and work out that Monster. However this morning a few things seemed flat on the old RQ3 character sheet, and for our style of play the Whitewolf core system may be a better starting point.

So i’m about to create a Gloranthan skin for the storyteller system, I thought id share this process in a few posts, so people can laugh at my trials tribulations, false starts and failures.

Ideas will be gratefully reviewed, constrictive criticism will be resisted and then assimilated when no one is looking, and debate is a fun part of the creative process.

Currently what I think we will get in the WOD system is;

  • Better characterisation around social and mental stats and skills
  • A built in character background system which is easily converted and developed
  • A flaws and merits system which
    • Aids character definition
    • Can be used to incorporate gifts and geases, rune touched and feats
    • Can be modified to reflect changes as runic affinities become stronger

What I will need to create or significantly change is;

  • Trim combat to make it fast, quick and deadly as Jeff suggested an Glorantha combat system should be.
  • Create a magic system(s) that reflect Gloranthan Runequest which is quick easy and simple with the classic WOD system
  • Look at how runes would work in the system
  • Look at how virtues would work in the system

So I will make at least one posts  covering each of these areas, some may need three of four attempts.

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