WOD:Glorantha Character Creation Example

A  run through of an example  character creation with the NPC Garnst the Chaos Tracker, as he is both interesting and powered at not a dissimilar level to starting character.

  • His demeanour is that of loner, his nature is that of caregiver.
  • His stats are easily grouped as physical primary, mental secondary and social tertiary.
  • His physical stats are evenly split with 3 dots in strength and stamina, and the extra dot used to bring dexterity up or 4
  • His mental stats are average apart from perception which is moved up to 4 dots
  • Social is clear Garnst is a social misfit and all stats go into appearance leaving him as a pretty boy but as awkward as hell, with 4 dots in appearance and none in manipulation and charisma.

Garnst Character sheet 1

  • Abilities take a little time to work out as I want more than I have points for , however I opt for skills as primary, talents as secondary and knowledge as tertiary.
  • Knowledge’s are easiest to place with culture 1, Investigation 3, medicine 1(which is light), spirit lord 1, and myth 2( to reflect his chaos law).
  • Traits are straight forward as alertness 3, athletics 2, brawl 2, and dodge 2 is the best I can do and I think those abilities need to be higher, buts that is what freebie points are for.
  • Skills are limited because I want to put more than 3 points in some that I can’t at this point. But it means I get a good spread. We end up with Archery 3, Crafts 1, Melee 3, Stealth 3, Survival 3.
  • We have to leave things there right now, but I have 5 dots I want to add to my skills later.
  • Like all starting characters his essence is to which means we cannot assign runes scores above 2 at this point.
  • He has been raised a member of Foundchild and the death rune suits him well, but his life experiences have shattered any association with the harmony rune. This elemental rune would be air, and I think mobility is very suitable for him as a character. He ends up with death2, mobility 2, air 1. I’m happy for that for him as character and as he isn’t magical probably won’t spend any freebie points on runes .
  • His spirit magic spells I choose spells which will work well with his runes and cover the areas of attack, defence and movement. I would like to cover healing and missile weapons as well but don’t want to spread the magic too thin, and it to areas where the runes won’t support. So I opt for bladesharp 2, shimmer 2. mobility 3, and look to develop healing and speedart going forward.
  • His cult is Foundchild due to culture and lack of local option, his status is initiate or whatever it becomes once I sort spirit magic out.

Garnst sheet 2

  • Backgrounds which can be chosen are limited due to Garnst’s Separation from his clan. Allies 1 is a must with Cela. Blueface however i’m going to save for a merit.
  • This leaves artefacts, past lives, destiny and contacts as possibilities I opt for Contacts 1, Artefacts 2 and past Life 3.
  • Virtues for a balazaring male are vigor, trust and generosity.
  • We apply the points to them to reflect his mental imbalance and get vigor 5, trust 2 and generosity 3
  • Flaws and merits I have gone overboard on this NPC in a way I would not let players do on a PC , but I think its suits the character and its balanced.
  • Looking at merits we have Guardian Angel – Blueface(5pt), I have allowed it because Blueface is powerful but not always present, Acute senses (1pt merit), and Fleet of foot 2pt merit. 8pts total
  • Flaws could be numerous, Hatred Chaos – 2pt , Driving Goal – Protect all Balazarings from chaos – 3pt, Separated – 1pt, Black and White – 1pt and Derangement sociopath – 3pts. 10pts total.
  • That leaves 18 freebie points to be spent, 12 points go straight in extra dots in athletics, Brawl, Dodge, Melee, Stealth and Survival. Leaving 8.
  • This not really enough for more rune levels or essence, so battle magic and skill seem the best places. Myth and medicine are the two skills to boost. Leaving 2 point for battle magic which are added to Mobility and shimmer.


  • Willpower is now calculated at 5 and quintessence 7


3 thoughts on “WOD:Glorantha Character Creation Example

  1. I took the material you put together. I respect all the time and effort you went to. For my game, for players who have never played any Runequest or Gloranthan themed game before, but were big Storyteller system fans, I wanted to keep things as simple and as familiar as possible. I had to rewrite some of your material. I have rules that quantify how Spirit and Rune magic is acquired. I have a write-up of Rune Spells. I extended the virtues, mimicking Vampire, having a PATH score. This could be cultural, or cult. When asking for something from the Cult, your Path may be rolled against. Plus, failing virtue rolls could lead to loss of Path points. Your Spirit Spells, your Runic affiliations, your Merits and Flaws – all remain intact. Thank for those. Generally my players couldn’t buy spells unless they also had one of the Runes listed. It worked wonderfully. Plus, Rune + Spell worked so well. If you want to see my material, and my version of the character sheet, just let me know. Thanks.

    1. Cheers, chris nice to know it was worth publishing. I’m very happy the rune-spell thing, it just seemed the right way to do it in this system.

  2. Very interesting discussion. Please write more, both of you 🙂
    I will be doing a Character Sheet based on more skills, coming from different RPG, but all pertinent to Glorantha. I definitely have to read your other articles.

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