Broos of Balazar and the Elder Wilds


The broos of the Elder Wilds differ from those found in more civilized parts of Glorantha due to differences in the breeding choices made by local broo’s.  The first is that there is a lot less human stock within local area leading to the broos being more bestial than usual.

The other is that the lack of domesticated animals means that the animals stock of broo within the Elder wilds is much more varied, goats and sheep are still present but are less significant as bison, elk, all kinds of deer, hyena or even rabbits make up the lineage of many of the broos of the Elder wilds.

The broos are also surrounded by enemies on all sides, none of the elder races or the local humans wishes to treat with them in any way. This has two effects the first that they are even more aggressive and more hostile to outsiders  than others, the second is that they are a little more likely to co operate with their own kind than normal.

Broos have been in the Elder Wilds since the dawn. Most are descendants of broos who were part of the devils army that crossed Balazar in the great darkness. Others are the descendants of humans who have been corrupted by the Chaos rift at Festering Isle.

On more than one occasion in history Balazarings have cleared Festering Isle of chaos, only to find the guards they left at the site have become foully mutated servants of chaos not a season later.  It has also been noted that the clans which dwell at Festering Isle seem to accumulate a greater range and strength of chaotic characteristics than those normally expected.

Within balazar Broos have become stronger in periods of conflict between the Elder Races, their numbers have waned in periods of structure peace.

Two historical events allowed for a particular spike of Chaos activity within the Elder wilds,

The first was the conflicts end of the Arkat stories created great devastation and voids that chaos creatures managed to fill. It took 3 or 4 generations after that point that broos and chaos numbers returned to a normal level.

The second was only a couple of centuries ago when a particularly virile Broo by the name of Happy Jack impregnated thousands of herd beasts over a 30 year period, this brought a large increase in broo populations and made the Dangerground incredibly dangerous for the next 70 years.

Elves, Troll and the Tribe of Dykene raged specific campaigns against the broos through this period and it was and Uzko hunter by the name of Nahum Longchuck who eventually killed happy Jack.

Legends & Myth

All of the Broos of the Elder Wilds know of Festering Isle and have a good idea that is situated on the river of the Damned and the location of the river. However access to it jealously guarded by the strongest leaders and gangs in the Elder Wilds.

It is seen as the centre of  broo power in the area and is often fought over by the  gangs. When other chaos creatures take possession of the island broos will fight hard to regain it.

Cacodemon is much more important and prevalent in legends in the Elder Wilds than anywhere else. He is the most notable chaos entity who left permanent marks upon the region, which means the worship of Cacodemon  to a certain extent challenges the worship of Thed within the broo population of the Elder Wilds.

The Chaos Holy Ground is a well know site in the Elder Wilds which is known to broos, orgres, chaos, trolls, humans and elves.  It is where a wounded Cacodemon fell to the ground and cursed it with his blood.

However a secret known only to the worshippers of Cacodemon is a place called the cave where Cacodemon crawled to recover from his wounds. It is a place and safety and sanctuary for chaos, deep magics of concealment  and wardings are in action and strangely for  Cacodemon by tradition  it is a place of peace.

The final legend is of the broo vampire of Gork hills, this story has done the rounds like many of the other stories of the vampires of Gork Hills. There were stories for a good 100 years regarding a Broo vampire in the Gork Hills but new stories seemed to have ceased about 200 years ago. Though other vampire stories relating to Gork Hills have continued since.



The broos of the Elder wilds dwell in the spaces left by the major races, and in small clusters around the Chaos sites of the elder wilds.

This means they dwell round the river of the damned as a central location, but also across the danger ground, the north plain, Nandwood, the Redlands borders  and some of the foothills of the Rockwood Mountains.  They tend to avoid aldyrami woods, troll hills and human populated portions of Balazar as being too dangerous for permanent residence, however they often travel into such areas for raiding.

Key Groups

Broos gangs do not tend to be large organised or stable due to their nature, but a number of the more notable and long standing gangs of the Elder Wilds are;

  • Half Horns – A prominent larger raiding group, much travelled across Balazar and other human lands. They are worshippers of Thed and have a wide mix of animals types represented. They have been the broo gang who have been controlling festering isle for most of the last 10 years.
  • The Damned – River of the damned based broo gang with, newtling, aquatic and frog broos, these broos have lots of unusual chaotic features. They usually ally with key festering isles broos of any particular time. These broos mainly worship Malia and monster of the river. They are in conflict with Lady Seronde the river spirit.
  • The Muthas – A cacodemon worshipping band of broos who raid across the North Plain and into the Redlands. They are known to be willing to act as guides for ogres searching for the Chaos Holy ground found in the wilds.
  • Mad Dogs -A gang of vicious and violent hyena based Thed worshipping Broos, who raid across the dangerground and occasionally into Balazar proper. Brother Dog hates this gang with a passion and hunters will seek this gang out whenever they can.
  • Blood Monkeys – The blood monkeys are a band of Cacodemon worshipping broos who stay close to the chaos holy ground and try to hire themselves out as guards and mercenaries to any chaos priests trying to use the site. They also are very keen on taking sentient captives which they can trade with the priests, usually for magic.
  • Bison Boys – A group of large broos from bison stock who wander the north plain without any real purpose or goal. They are not the brightest of creatures, and recently after meeting one have decided they are minotaur’s not broos.  They have historically worshipped Thed, but have now appointed a confused minotaur called Mantan as there gang leader, but he is as much as mascot and prisoner as a leader.
  • The Scarred Hand – A group of incredibly old and powerful broos who operate out of the cave. Some are over 200 years old and incredibly powerful as a result. They all worship Cacodemon.

They are unknown to humans , elves or trolls and only a legend amongst the broos and chaos of the Elder Wilds. They are cautious and wily and will sneak out in ones and twos take sentient victims captive.

Key Leaders

Leadership amongst the broos is a fluid thing, however a number of Leaders have been in place long enough to be notable.

  • Gargood Halfhorn

The leader of the half horns and notable broo raider. He has progressed since stated in Griffin Mountain, he has gained 2 or 3 new chaotic features and is a Runelord of Thed.

  • Kassa Mad Dog

Leader of the Mad Dogs and a prodigious tracker. Kass ensures that his gang is always on the move and hard to find.

  • Tibirus the Dragon

A sable headed broo and leader of the Blood Monkeys. Tibirus positions himself as the ranking talon of Cacodemon in the Elder Wilds. He is somewhat reasonable and willing to deal and negotiate for a broo.

  • Farahic Puskin

This newt headed broo is the Leading shaman of Malia in the Elder wilds area, does not have his own gang but works with and for numerous broo gangs when he feels the need.  He haunts the lands around the river of the damned.

  • Niza the Black

This 200 year old broo is a Talon of Cacodemon and guardian of The Cave. Very few know of its of his existence and he wishes to keep it that way. He runs his pack with a rod of iron and great discipline as he demands the Cave be kept secret.

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