Dykene Timeline 1617 – 1625

Part 3 of the series of bringing he Balazar timeline up to 1625.

The aim was to create a citadel with a different flavour which was a religious dictatorship, with a capable religious king who had got so ill and paranoid he no longer knew friend or foe.

The old PC’s should be easy to spot but go with it, but I have hopefully stepped away from aren’t the old PC’s great vibe, and rewritten them as potential agent provocateurs, mentors, employers and antagonists to make other peoples games great.

So the 4th of this series will be the history of the Redrock clan.


  • Balazar as presented in the Griffin Mountain book
  • Remnant of the Redrock  clan of  Votanki Tribesmen arrive in Dykene
  • King Skilfuls Kamara son is kidnapped by Ghondol Holst
  • Son is rescued by Redrock Tribe


  • Increased raiding by broos in Northern Dykene lands
  • Redrock Tribe claim to have abated it by cleansing festering isle


  • Increase raiding by trolls in Bear Woods. Some clans leave traditional hunting grounds
  • Many Griffin allies of King Skillful murder by Redrock clan. Redrock clan outlawed in Dykene lands and flee to Trilus


  • Taklong Woodheart and the other priests move the main Yelmalio Temple in Balazar to Dykene
  • Praxinia the kings concubines murdered by poisoning.
  • Blueface’s death is reported amongst the clans, Dykene clans in mourning.
  • A former apprentice  of Blueface, Namara starts to gain popularity in some southern Clans, is declared outlaw in Dykene lands


  • Great winter reaches southern Balazar, Many southern Dykene clans migrate north away from traditional hunting grounds.
  • Dykene Citadel Warriors push into Dangerground to make it safer hunting territory
  • King Skillfull holds tribal conclave traditional hunting grounds suspended, clan hunting rights expanded into Dangerground.
  • Last visit of Joh Mith to Dykene.
  • Slyvanthi Brighteyes , Priest of Yelmalio disappears.
  • King of Imther pays Dykene to attack Trilus
  • Highbridge standoff where forces of Trilus and Dykene faced off. Trilus agrees to pay Dykene tribute


  • Worshippers of all Lightbringer cults are banned in Dykene
  • Great winter, Dykene Clans continue to  Migrate North.
  • Blueface the shaman reappears, in Dykene lands.


  • End of Great winter Dykene Clans revert to southern hunting grounds
  • Death of Tayclon Woodheart his follower, Kararni Twelvespear, New High priest of Yelmalio
  • King Skillful calls on all hunters to worship Yelmalio instead of Foundchild
  • Lan of Redrock clan set up permanent camp and fortification at swim here, with Praxian Bison Riders and Orlanthi refugees from Pavis area. Start to patrol and pacify Dangerground area
  • Zorack Zoran war parties raiding in Bear woods, Clans in Bear woods supported by Citadel Warriors and war parties from Swim Here at different times.


  • Dwarven Masons start to rebuild lower Bailey of Dykene
  • Redrock war band travels to from Swim Here to Trilus and back through Dykene lands. More Lightbringers gather at Swim Here including Eucleua Stromfollower .
  • King Skillfull sends large party of citadel warriors under Starnia to clear Redrock Clan from swim here. They met by mixed group of Orlanthi Warriors and Bison Riders. They retreat when realise they are outnumbered and would be overpowered.
  • Starnia exiled from Dykene for Treason.
  • Namara closes the Southwood to all but her followers, declaring the worshipping of foreign Gods(including Yelmalio and Balazar), use of metal , farming,  animal husbandry and sleeping in permanent building Taboo in Balazar. Kind Skillful puts price on her head
  • Battle of Shamans,  Namara casts Blueface down and spiritually binds him.


  • 2 clans of Elmswood Hunters migrate to Dangergound area
  • 2 Dykene dangerground clans start to seek protection Redrock Clan
  • Dykene increases size of Citadel Guard significantly
  • The Sundome temple at Ever-Victorious Glory agrees to exchange military aid to Dykene for 2 breeding pairs of Vrock Hawks
  • King Skillfil taken ill, ruling from sickbed, aids will not call for Chalana Arroy healers from Trilus

Citadel of Dykene in 1625

  • King Skillful is seriously ill.
  • His son Karazar is just turned 17,a young a studious devout man, but no warrior or leader is not ready to rule in his stead.
  • The Yelmalio cult is dominate within the citadel. High priest Kararni Twelvespear is one of the most powerful men in the tribe, especially in the citadel.
  • The citadel is subdued and fearful, ruled over with a strict Yelmalio moral code, with some zealots and some highly resentful.
  • Lower Bailey is still partially built, but the dwarves are making good progress

Tribe of Dykene in 1625

  • The tribe is fractured
  • With a larger group of very loyal Yelmalio worshipping clans, with high loyalty and are very supportive of the King and the priesthood.
  • Most non Yelmalian tribes are slowly and subtlety becoming more distant from the citadel.
  • A few  conservative south wood clans have moved to support Namara
  • A handful of clans in the dangerground have started to support the Redrock clan

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