Balazaring Encounters & Happenings – Part 4

Hopefully these will maintain a nice flavour of Balazar. For the repeating encounters in all posts change the details and the form for each version of the encounter.

31. Brass Horseman – unique, plains

The players encounter a bronze statue of a horseman placed on plinth in the middle of open plains. The rider holds and lance aloft and is his style is pentian. He has a royal and regal demeanour.  Two herds of horses can be seen in close proximity to the statue.

Any players riding horse will notice that his horse suddenly seems more alert and to not be affected by any of the fatigue of the days travel.  In fact close proximity to the statue will remove all feelings of fatigue from any horse mounted or not.

The statue is of Sheng Seleris. Anyone seeking to damage to the statue will get a deep sense of foreboding as they approach it, this increases and they have to make a power(willpower ) role between every blow, a failed roll means they will run away till they drop from exhaustion.

32. Monkey Business – repeating, rivers

A raft full of panicking baboons is floating down one of Balazar major rivers, followed by a  number of members of the troops following along the opposite shoreline. The baboons are looking for a way off the raft but as they either can’t swim or don’t want to get wet they are just screeching at each other and the baboons on the bank.

As the raft moves into deeper water the baboons shrieks are become loader and more frenzied.

The baboons did not build the raft and it has been ‘liberated’ from some people further up the river who may or may not be giving pursuit.

33. Old Trap – unique, anywhere

A dead scavengers surround the rotted corpse of  in deer  a vaguely square shape.  The deer carcus has long since lost all its meat. However scavengers have come to feast on the corpses of other scavengers, and are being struck by a  magical effect and usually dying.

A detect magic will show 4 warding posts planted into the ground around the original deer carcus. This is a warding trap which has been set up and seems abandoned. The warding posts cast warding 3 with a power of 18.

The former scavengers include, foxes, wolves, vultures, crows, badgers and weasels. In various states of decay.

34. Cave Painting -hills, unique

The players encounter a cave when looking for a campsite towards the end of days travel, the outer cave is very normal, but if they push deeper back into the darkness the cave opens out into a wider expanse.

The large cave has larger wall, with a large (10m by 5m) painting of bison roaming across a plain and hunters chasing them. However two things distinguish this painting the first is that its paints are luminous and the painting can be seen in the dark without any lighting, and the second is that it is animated, taking 12 minutes to show the story of a clan hunt, before looping back to the beginning.

The paintings detect as magic, and was created by binding large numbers of spirit shards, one into each figure on the painting.

35. A Troll Family – repeating, anywhere

The rotting corpses of a troll mother and six trollkin decompose where they fell,  the bodies contain arrow holes, and it looks like the group was ambushed. Scavengers have part eaten 3 or four of the corpses.

No arrows are left but an observation by  a trained eye would suggest the wounds were made by Aldyrami  not flint arrows. Good tracking roles will eventually confirm that this was an ambush by elves.

The corpses have been dead for over a week, the bodies were not looted, but they have little that would be of value to a human. A loot hungry party may be able to salvage a few blogs and a couple of passable slings.

36. The Ground Bleeds – unique, by river

The players will first notice a blood red stream joining a major river, if they go looking for a body or the source of the blood they will find a bleeding wound in the earth.

A stream of blood pumps from the top of an earth bank, pouring down the bank and turning the stream at the bottom red with blood, the stream runs a diluted red for few hundred meters, before joining larger river and being washed away.

The plant life around the bled and stream is lush, and it seems the blood adds vitality to the surrounding those tasting the blood will recognise it as blood but not of any known species. It does have a peaty or earth taste to it.

A cloud of earth, life and fertility spirits surround the bleed.

37. The Prophecy – unique, anywhere

One of the players falls into a trance a repeats the following;

“Guard you Soul for

Death is broken, Luck is shattered,

The flame is quenched,The tide expands,

The dragon will roar, the moon will break.

Blood will flow, breath will pause.

The stars move

You are on the outside, free, unshackled

Destiny does not hold you, The times do not control you.

Spend yourself ….. with wisdom.”

The player will not know where that came from or the truth of it, they will not it was not there God or themselves.

38. Swirling  Mist- repeating, anywhere

In a still air mist moves in from high ground and swirls around the players, it gets thicker and thicker till the players have to keep talking or hold each other to keep track of each other positions. Safe forward movement becomes impossible.  Gigantic shapes loom through the mist, tower over them and then move away again.

When the mists then part the players have then moved many miles from where they have started, in whatever way the storyteller(ref)  thinks will most aid the story.

39. Standing Bison – unique, plains

The players encounter a small heard of 8 bison of various sizes. From a distance they are all standing still and all facing due north. Closer examination will find them to be dead , mummified and erected on wooden frames to keep them standing. Parts of some have started to decompose.

40. Crystal Spike- unique, plains

A blue crystalline spike protrudes out of the plains, It stands about 12 foot tall and is 2 foot wide at its base, its irregular shape spirals to the sky. It emanates a low humming sound.

It seems to serve no know function and does not register on any detect spells.  It is made of a unknown substance to hard to scratch and is immune to magical effects.

The spike is slowly growing and if returned to will have grown a foot in height each season

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