List of items found on a Troll Trade Beetle

OK earlier tonight I asked for inspiration for items on a troll trade beetle, here is the list of items that we the group came up with,  I got round to using most of it . Its all not magical and just colourful items to spice up the game.

I’ve split into general item’s that could be refused, religious stuff I particularly wanted and silly stuff that just some fun. So thanks everyone for the input and i’m still willing to add more to the list.


  • Pungent aromatic herbs
  • Sunglasses
  • Parasols made from insect chitin
  • Dried Mushroom of Various varieties and effects
  • Lead ingots
  • Crushed Beetle Dye in blues, blacks , purples and greens
  • A jar of grubs
  • Troll Grog
  • Elf steaks (stakes?)
  • Spools of spider silk
  • Jars of bee Honey
  • Wasp Sting Rapiers
  • Chitten Costume Jewellery
  • Low Value Costume Jewellery
  • Giant Insect wings
  • Grub Liquidised Meat
  • Giant fruit from the Vale of flowers
  • Crunchy beetle nuts
  • Chewed bone art
  • Beetle Carapace Shields
  • Interlinking Erotic Icons of Kyger Litor
  • Royal Jelly
  • Insect eggs
  • Beetle juice
  • Special mushroom compost made from dried aldryama
  • Blue beads
  • Ham Beetle Ham
  • Puppets made out of Skeletons
  • Trollball Paraphernalia


  • Lead icons of various troll Gods
  • Ceremonial two handed spiked maces made out of stone, carved with the darkness rune
  • Troll reading bones/sticks with sayings of Kyger Litor written in Braile Darktounge
  • Skulls of Giant subterranean monsters painted with glyphs and runes
  • Other Skulls
  • Drums
  • Drumsticks made from human bones
  • A rang of highly fragrant incenses
  • Mummified hand of the Elven prince
  • The heart of Arankact – the mumified remains of a heart of First age light son, in a display case
  • Copper and pottery plates, vases, jugs and amorpha
  • Religious Chewed Bone art
  • Ceremonial robes in troll sizes


  • Gar Gar’s Crunchy Tasting Stones
  • Grbo’s Crunchy Beetle Nuts
  • Amphorae filled with rancid trollkin urine
  • Stuffed trollkin
  • Lead balloons
  • Swarm of Insects in a Sealed jar
  • Sunscreen made from dried bison dung
  • Insect Lure made from the sex glands of a Giant Queen Wasp
  • Dwarf Bread
  • Troll Aphrodisiac made from the Salavia of a praying mantis

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