Lunar Names Part 2 – Carmanian Names

As part of the Lunar Empire names for  Glorantha and Runequest, here is a list of potential Carmanian name ideas.

This is taken from published sources, stemming the known names and some ‘Jiggery Pokery’ from me.

Its  a cheat list and should save some time and add a flavour to your names.

I’ve merged prefixes and suffixes again so its a long list and there may be some howlers

Carmanian Mens Names

Amcar, Amdakar, Amkar, Ammack, Amman, Ammar, Ammarkus, Ammas, Ammash, Ammaskus, Ammos, Amran, Amsan, Amshan, Amstan, Amstar, Amtan, Amtar, Amvar, Asacack, Asacan, Asacar, Asacarkus, Asacas, Asacash, Asacaskus, Asaccar, Asacdakar, Asacdar, Asackar, Asacmas, Asacmos, Asacos, Asacran, Asacsan, Asacshan, Asacstan, Asacstar, Asactan, Asactar, Asacvar, Assacack, Assacan, Assacar, Assacarkus, Assacas, Assacash, Assacaskus, Assaccar, Assacdakar, Assacdar, Assackar, Assacmas, Assacmos, Assacos, Assacran, Assacsan, Assacshan, Assacstan, Assacstar, Assactan, Assactar, Assacvar, Bisocar, Bisodakar, Bisodar, Bisokar, Bisomas, Bisomos, Bisoran, Bisos, Bisosan, Bisoshan, Bisostan, Bisostar, Bisotan, Bisotar, Bisovar, Careshack, Careshan, Careshar, Careshas, Careshash, Careshcar, Careshdar, Careshkar, Careshmas, Careshmos, Careshos, Careshran, Careshsan, Careshshan, Careshstan, Careshstar, Careshtan, Careshtar, Careshvar, Cargack, Cargan, Cargar, Cargarkus, Cargas, Cargash, Cargaskus, Cargcar, Cargdakar, Cargdar, Cargkar, Cargmas, Cargmos, Cargos, Cargran, Cargsan, Cargshan, Cargstan, Cargstar, Cargtan, Cargtar, Cargvar, Carmanack, Carmanan, Carmanar, Carmanas, Carmanash, Carmancar, Carmandar, Carmankar, Carmanmas, Carmanmos, Carmanos, Carmanran, Carmansan, Carmanshan, Carmanstan, Carmanstar, Carmantan, Carmantar, Carmanvar, Carmasack, Carmasan, Carmasar, Carmasas, Carmasash, Carmascar, Carmasdar, Carmaskar, Carmasmas, Carmasmos, Carmasos, Carmasran, Carmassan, Carmasshan, Carmasstan, Carmasstar, Carmastan, Carmastar, Carmasvar, Carshanack, Carshanan, Carshanar, Carshanas, Carshanash, Carshancar, Carshandar, Carshankar, Carshanmas, Carshanmos, Carshanos, Carshanran, Carshansan, Carshanshan, Carshanstan, Carshanstar, Carshantan, Carshantar, Carshanvar, Cartaack, Cartaan, Cartaar, Cartaarkus, Cartaas, Cartaash, Cartaaskus, Cartacar, Cartadakar, Cartadar, Cartakar, Cartamas, Cartamos, Cartaos, Cartaran, Cartas, Cartasan, Cartashan, Cartastan, Cartastar, Cartatan, Cartatar, Cartavar, Endack, Endan, Endar, Endarkus, Endas, Endash, Endaskus, Endcar, Enddakar, Enddar, Endkar, Endmas, Endmos, Endos, Endran, Endsan, Endshan, Endstan, Endstar, Endtan, Endtar, Endvar, Harack, Haran, Harar, Hararkus, Haras, Harash, Haraskus, Harcar, Hardakar, Hardar, Harkar, Harmas, Harmos, Haros, Harran, Harsan, Harshan, Harstan, Harstar, Hartan, Hartar, Harvar, Kadack, Kadan, Kadar, Kadarkus, Kadas, Kadash, Kadaskus, Kadcar, Kaddakar, Kaddar, Kadkar, Kadmas, Kadmos, Kados, Kadran, Kadsan, Kadshan, Kadstan, Kadstar, Kadtan, Kadtar, Kadvar, Karamack, Karamamas, Karamamos, Karaman, Karamanas, Karamancar, Karamandar, Karamankar, Karamanos, Karamanstan, Karamanstar, Karamant, Karamar, Karamaran, Karamasan, Karamash, Karamashan, Karamatan, Karavar, Massacar, Massadakar, Massadar, Massakar, Massamas, Massamos, Massanack, Massanan, Massanar, Massanas, Massanash, Massancar, Massandar, Massankar, Massanos, Massaran, Massas, Massasan, Massashan, Massastan, Massastar, Massatan, Massatar, Massavar, Nacar, Nadakar, Nadar, Nakar, Namas, Namos, Naran, Nas, Nasan, Nashan, Nastan, Nastar, Natan, Natar, Navar, Sahack, Sahan, Sahar, Saharkus, Sahas, Sahash, Sahaskus, Sahcar, Sahdakar, Sahdar, Sahkar, Sahmas, Sahmos, Sahos, Sahran, Sahsan, Sahshan, Sahstan, Sahstar, Sahtacar, Sahtadakar, Sahtadar, Sahtakar, Sahtamas, Sahtamos, Sahtan, Sahtar, Sahtaran, Sahtas, Sahtasan, Sahtashan, Sahtastan, Sahtastar, Sahtatan, Sahtatar, Sahtavar, Sahvar, Samack, Saman, Samar, Samarkus, Samas, Samash, Samaskus, Samcar, Samdakar, Samdar, Samkar, Sammas, Sammos, Samos, Samran, Samsan, Samshan, Samstan, Samstar, Samtan, Samtar, Samvar, Sassack, Sassan, Sassar, Sassarkus, Sassas, Sassash, Sassaskus, Sasscar, Sassdakar, Sassdar, Sasskar, Sassmas, Sassmos, Sassos, Sassran, Sasssan, Sassshan, Sassstan, Sassstar, Sasstan, Sasstar, Sassvar, Suranack, Suranan, Suranar, Suranarkus, Suranas, Suranash, Suranaskus, Surancar, Surandakar, Surandar, Surankar, Suranmas, Suranmos, Suranos, Suranran, Suransan, Suranshan, Suranstan, Suranstar, Surantan, Surantar, Suranvar, Yanisack, Yanisan, Yanisar, Yanisarkus, Yanisas, Yanisash, Yanisaskus, Yaniscar, Yanisdakar, Yanisdar, Yanishan, Yaniskar, Yanismas, Yanismos, Yanisos, Yanisran, Yanissan, Yanistan

Carmanian  Womens Names

Anaha, Anahita, Arezoo, Chamar, Charma, Charmana, Charmanda, Charmeen, Charmeena, Charmela, Charmenda, Charmsala, Charmsana, Charmseena, Charmsela, Charmsuza, Charmszar, Charmuza, Charmzar, Charshala, Charshana, Charshanda, Charsheen, Charsheena, Charshela, Charshenda, Charshuza, Charshzara, Enda, Eri, Eriala, Eriana, Erianda, Erieen, Erieena, Eriela, Erienda, Eriuza, Erizar, Esfir, Esta, Esteri, Estra, Hamana, Hamar, Harala, Harana, Haranda, Hareen, Hareena, Harela, Harenda, Haruza, Harzar, Heena, Himi, Jasala, Jasana, Jasanda, Jaseen, Jaseena, Jasela, Jasenda, Jasuza, Jaszar, Kadala, Kadana, Kadanda, Kadeen, Kadeena, Kadela, Kadenda, Kaduza, Kadzar, Kardala, Kardana, Kardanda, Kardeen, Kardeena, Kardela, Kardenda, Kardi, Karduza, Kardzar, Ked, Kedala, Kedana, Kedanda, Kedeen, Kedeena, Kedela, Kedenda, Kedi, Keduza, Kedzar, Kodeen, Kohi, Lerala, Lerana, Lereen, Lereena, Lerela, Leri, Leruza, Lerzar, Meena, Menda, Mina, Minela, Minu, Nima, Paresa, Paresi, Shahala, Shahana, Shahanda, Shaheen, Shaheena, Shahela, Shahenda, Shahi, Shahuza, Shahzar, Shamala, Shamana, Shamanda, Shameen, Shameena, Shamela, Shamenda, Shamuza, Shamzar, Shari, Sharm, Sharma, Sharmala, Sharmana, Sharmanda, Sharmeen, Sharmeena, Sharmela, Sharmenda, Sharmi, Sharmuza, Sharmzar, Shaseen, Shaseena, Shassala, Shassana, Shassanda, Shassela, Shassenda, Shasuza, Shaszar, Shira, Shiri, Yasa, Yasala, Yasana, Yasanda, Yaseen, Yaseena, Yasela, Yasenda, Yasuza, Yaszar, Yazza, Yazzi, Zahleh

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