Griffin Mountain Information & glossary

Characters from Griffin Mountain

These characters are mentioned in the ‘Griffin Mountain’ supplement

Bluebird – Lanchor Myh Sage. Page 71
Blueface – Most famous Shaman in Balazar, hundreds of years old. Page 79
Cyriel Endelkar – Lunar merchant in Elkoi Page 74
Djimm Mith – Son of Jo Mith runs the stuck pig tavern in Trilus Page 47
Dushi Sone – Chalana Arroy Priestess in Trilus. Page 71
Euryptus the Bold – Commander of the Lunar Elkoi Garrison Page 55
King Glyptus the Good – King of Elkoi and Lunar Puppet. Page 54
Gon Orta – very old very big, very famous giant.
Queen Jocetis of elkoi – Queen of Elkoi and Lunar by Birth, wife of Glyptus Page 54
Marusa the Shrew – Priestess of Jakeel the Witch, in Elkoi. Page 55
Halycon Von Enkorth – Lunar Bureaucrat and Spymaster. Page 55
Joh Mith – Issaries merchant from Satar, who travels over the mountain to trade. Page 72
Pay Surney – Orlanthi Runepriest from Satar. Page 174
King Skillfil Heartpearcer – King of Dykene, Yelmalio Worshiper who keeps giant hawks. Page 61
Starnia Stormrender – Hawk Flying female Lightson of Yelmalio, Daughter of King Skilfil. Page 163
Taklong Woodheart – Aging Priest of Yelmalio Page 74
Torath Manover – Orlanthi Runelord, from Satar. Page 74,170
King Yalaring Monsterslayer – King of Trilus, Former Hunter. Page 47,72

Characters from Glorantha

These are characters noted elsewhere in Glorantha, most will be mentioned in ‘The Guide to Glorantha’.

Arkat – Great hero of the first age revered by trolls.
King Bryon – Orlanthi King of Whitewall.
Cragspider – Troll Demi God who lives south of the Rockwood Mountains.
Kallyr Starbrow – Orlanthi Warrior and Satarite rebel against Lunar Empire.
Red Emperor – God King of the Lunar Empire, Son of the Red Goddess

Places in Balazar

These will be mentioned in greater detail in the Griffin Mountain Supplment

Balazar – Open untouched hunting lands populated with nomadic hunters.
Bear Hills – Hills to the north of Dykene, contain bear woods and firepoint
Bear Woods – Woods that are to the north east of Dykene and are the borders of Balazar they contain elves and trolls.
Dangerground – An open plain which is the border between Balazar and the Elder Wilds
Dykene– Citadel in the south east of Balazar, also a tribe of the same name.
Dwerrow river – Large river that split the west and east plains of Balazar
Elder Wilds – Untouched wilds to north east of Balazar occupied by trolls , elves and other monsters.
Elf Sea – Large freshwater lake to the north of Balazar with no elves in it.
Elkoi – Citadel in the west of Balazar, also a tribe of the same name, Currently under Lunar occupation.
Festering Isle – A chaos infested island on the river of the damned.
Firepoint – Holy site to the cult of Hearth Mother in the Bear Hills.
Gork Hills – Hills in the northern elder wilds which are a troll stronghold.
Greatway – Mostali city in the western Rockwood Mountains.
Griffin Mountain – Large lone mountain in the Elder Wilds home to less Griffins than before.
Lightbringers hall – A base of operations for the Orlanthi in Trilus.
Rockwood Mountains – Giant mountains to the south of Balazar.
Troll Hills – hills in the eastern elder wilds which are a troll stronghold, the trolls call them Tork hills.
Swim Here – Ford on the northern edge of the Dangerground, new settlement of Orlanthi.
Trilus – Citadel in central Balazar, also a tribe of the same name.

Places and Cultures in Glorantha

These are places in Glorantha which will be further detailed in the Guide to Glorantha.

Aldryami – A forest borne culture of Elves, Dryads, Runners and Pixies.
Blue Moon Plateau – Troll Queendom within the Lunar Empire.
Boztakangs Empire – Rumoured Troll Empire of the North.
Broo – Evil rapacious chaotic goat men.
Blue Moon Plateau – Troll stronghold north of Prax and Satar.
Esrolia – Kingdom of civilized Orlanthi to the south of Satar, and part of the Holy country.
Elder Races – A term for the elves, trolls, Mostali, Dragonewts and a number of minor older races.
Filichet – A city which is the capital of Holay.
Glamour – Metropolis and Capital of the Lunar empire.
Heartlands – This term is used to refer to the heartlands of the Lunar Empire.
Holay – Orlanthi Kingdom to the west of Balazar, has been pacified by the lunars for a long time.
Hurtplace – Troll name for the surface world.
Imther – Kingdom to the north west of Balazar, has been pacified by the lunars.
Lunar Empire – Dominant Civilized Empire to the north west of Balazar.
Mostali – A race of immortal Dwarves.
Mrins Cross – This city is the Capital of the Lunar provinces.
Newtlings – A minor race of humanoid newts which are small and timid.
Orlanthi – Clan based people, who worship the storm gods opposed to lunar empire, also the worshippers of Orlanth
Pavis – Orlanthi City, next large ruins on the Zola Fel river in Prax.
Pent – Large Land of steppes to the north full of horsemen.
Prax – Desert and Chaparal land to the south of the Rockwood mountains, East of Satar.
Redlands – Region between Lunar Empire and Pent.
Saird – Region of the Lunar Empire.
Satar – Orlanthi Kingdom to the south of the Rockwoods Mountains.
Shadow Plateau – Troll Stronghold south of Satar, and part of the Holy country.
Tarsh – Orlanthi Kingdom to the south west of Balazar, has been pacified by the lunars.
Tusk Riders – Race of cruel and violent half troll mercenaries.
Whitewall – Last Orlanthi City to stand against the Lunar Empire.
Uz – Trolls name for themselves.
Votanki – Traditionalist humans of the Elder Wilds.


This is a list of Gods and cults mentioned, these can be found in lots of old RQ and Heroquest supplements

Aldyra – Chief Goddess of the elves
Areana – Spider God of the trolls
Argan Argar – Trader God of the trolls
Cacodemon – Destructive Chaos god
Chalana Arroy – Healer God of the Storm Pantheon
Dog brother – Dog spirit and companion of Foundchild
Foundchild – Hunter God of Balazar
Gorakki – Troll Insect God
Hearth Mother – Womens God of Balazar
Humakt – Warrior god of Storm Pantheon
Krasht – Chaos of God of deceit, consumption and corruption
Issaries – Trader and Messenger God of Storm pantheon
Kygor Litor – Chief Troll Goddess
Lhankor Myh – Knowledge God of Storm Pantheon
Orlanth – Chief God of Storm Pantheon
Seven Mothers – Most popular cultof the Lunar Empire
Stormbull – Chaos fighting God of the Storm Pantheon
Yanafal Tarnis – Lunar God of war
Yelmalio – Warrior God of the Solar Pantheon
Xiola Umbar – Healer God of the trolls
Zong – Troll Hunting God
Zorac Zoran – Troll War God