The Clans of Balazar

stream picThe Clan is the key social unit of Balazaring society. Clans are comprised of numerous family groups called hearths, which often have close extended family ties to each other. A clan is governed by a  council of 5 to 11 elders.

Clans average 420 people but can be as small as 200 or the citadel clans can be up to 1500 members in size. With an average clan size being 420 people and there being 130,000 humans in the Elder wilds this means there are roughly 310 different clans of humans including the three citadel clans.

The clans do come together to form the three Tribes of Balazar. A clans allegiance to a tribe is earned and not deserved, but there are many Clans who have been part of the same tribe since the three tribes formed.

However other tribes move allegiance between tribes regularly, others move between being part a tribe and  being independent, and some have always remained independent from the tribes as a matter of choice.

The current splits is as below;





Firmly Associated 16 34 24
Moderately Associated 18 26 27
Loosely Associated 12 32 14
Total 46 92 65 68 39 310
Approx population 19320 38640 27300 28560 16380 130200

A firmly associated clan is fully committed to its tribe and its tribes current leaders. They respond positively to requests from tribal king, support tribal raids, hunts and initiatives. They will respond positively to other clans in the same tribe. They tend to be have hunting lands close to the citadels, visits their citadel often and have close ties between clan and tribe leaders.

A moderately associated clan is comfortable with its role in the tribe, but any not have close ties with the current king of Dynasty. It will make sure they do not upset the King or other clans in the tribe.  Responses will be varied, and clan issues are much more important than tribe issues. They usually have hunting lands further removed from the citadels, and ask for aid from Citadel warriors much less frequently.

Loosely associated clans have little interest in the tribe at all, but are not willing to take the risks needed to  leave the tribe and sever ties with the king. The try to isolate themselves from the affairs of the tribe as much as possible. This tends to be for reasons of geography, decisions of the clan elders or incompetence of the current King.

Independent clans are clans which have been part of a tribe before but currently have broken all ties with tribes and are self governing. they share very similar culture and outlook as clans in tribes and tend to be related within Balazar proper.

Votanki clans tend are independent and have never been part of tribe. They are much more conservative that the other clans and reject the tribal system and the worship of foreign Gods just as Yelmalio and Balazar. They are situated on the fringes of Balazar, across the Dangerground and towards the northwest of the Elder Wilds.

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